How to Solve the App Store Not Downloading Problem?


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Solve App Store Not Downloading Problem

Apple App Store is used mostly for its useful utilities, apps, and games to accentuate the device’s uniqueness and versatility.

Such immense multidimensionality and functionality cause the app store to crash or crop issues like “App Store not downloading,” “App Store not loading,” or “App Store not connecting” sometimes.

Our post can familiarize you with several constructive methods for permanently resolving such issues.

Part 1: Understanding the App Store Not Downloading Problem

Frequent App Store users would identify the listed errors below:

  • The app store is not downloading
  • Unable to update the apps
  • Connection problems
  • A sudden blank screen appears
  • The Apple App Store page is not loading

Why Does the App Store Stop Downloading?

Like any technology, the App Store can run into issues. But what exactly might be stopping the App Store from downloading apps? There could be various reasons, ranging from network problems, software glitches, to Apple ID issues.

How Often Does This Problem Occur?

While it’s hard to measure exactly how often this happens, it’s safe to say that if you’re experiencing it, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem encountered by many iOS users worldwide.

Part 2: Ways to Solve App Store Not Downloading or Other Dysfunctionality

App Store issues occur at the utmost critical moments, like when you call to download a trendy application or read reviews on a referred app, consequently leaving users with agitations and complaints.

Below are a few methods for taking on any sort of App Store working issues (App Store Not Downloading Included).

In addition, note that although the iPhone devices are referenced in this article, the essential principles apply to most Apple mobile devices, including the iPod touch and iPad.

Method 1: Closing and Restart the App Store

at any time when the App Store does not load by your endeavor to access it, or it appears unresponsive, your first response must be to isolate the application as the bug is in all probability local-specific to the App Store app; close the application and try once more.

Restart App Store App to Fix App Store Not Downloading

Step 1: Start by double-tapping your iPhone’s Home Button to reveal the application switcher. When revealed, bring your fingers into play for swiping the application switcher sideways until you find the App Store app.

Step 2: Following the location of the App Store application, swipe the app upwards until it vanishes from the application switcher.

Step 3: Go to the home screen to reopen the App Store. If it does load, the malfunction has been solved; if not, advance to Method two.

Method 2: Checking Network Connection

When your device faces the error of the App Store not downloading and the fix given above does not work for you, it is essential to check the internet connectivity of the iPhone.

In some cases, other apps and websites may work perfectly, while the internet connectivity may be defective for the App store. It often happens as it has used a dissimilar technology.

Check Wifi Network

In essence, there are two ways in which internet connectivity is realized on iPhone, i.e., via Wi-Fi and cellular data (4G, 3G, LTE, etc.).

In most developed nations with ample Wi-Fi coverage, it is widespread for most devices to hold access to diverse Wi-Fi networks and switch only to cellular data when needed significantly or when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Nevertheless, for this security, we recommend that your phone be linked to a Wi-Fi network.

Click on the settings tab and tap on the Wi-Fi option to open its menu. On opening this menu, if you make out a green button on the first menu, then your device was connecting or trying to, with the available networks at least; otherwise, in case the button is grey, your iPhone device never attempted joining with to be had Wi-Fi sources.


  • In simple terms, there are two sorts of Wi-Fi networks, i.e., Closed and Open. Open networks let their users connect without verification or passwords, like the ones in libraries or Starbucks. In contrast, Closed networks need some type of password verification.
  • In case there are open networks available, your device should connect automatically.
  • When you are familiar with a particular network’s password, tap the network name below the available Wi-Fi networks, and as soon as the verification page shows, insert your login credentials.
  • In case there are nil open Wi-Fi networks, you are advised to toggle off the switch and employ cellular data instead.

Method 3: Restarting iPad or iPhone

If the above two fixes yield no effects, then it is vital to restart your device instead of ending the application not loading the error message.

Simply Switch off your iPhone by pressing the power switch until you see the “Slide to power off” message on-screen.

Follow the instructions and slide the power icon in the optional direction for powering off.

Restart iPhone to Fix App Store Not Downloading

At some time, restart the device by repeating a similar process (holding down the power switch) until you see the Apple logo on the blank screen.

Once loaded fully, try connecting to App Store again. If there are nil displayed error messages, your glitches get fixed; otherwise, check Method four.

Method 4: Reset Network Settings

After attempting all the methods above without success, it is essential to reset the network itself in hopes of ending all internet connectivity setbacks.

Please remember that this method forgets the entire Wi-Fi login credentials. Hence manual reconnections are needed.

Reset Network Settings

Go to Settings, choose ‘General,’ go for ‘Reset,’ and tap on the ‘Reset Network Settings‘ option.

Method 5: Signing Out and Logging Back into the iCloud Account

In case your glitch persists, it is essential to take some further steps; sign out from your account on the App store.

Step 1: Visit Settings, choose ‘iTunes & App Store,’ and click on ‘Apple ID‘ and the ‘Sign Out’ option.

Step 2: directly following the sign-out, tap the Sign In option, enter your login credentials, and restart the App store on your device.

Re-Sign iCloud Account to Fix App Store Not Downloading

By the way, regarding the issue of ‘Your account has been disabled in the app store and iTunes,’ here are the top solutions for you.

Method 6: Fixing the iOS

In case any of such error messages as “cannot connect to App Store,” “App Store not loading,” “App store not downloading,” or “App Store not working” still endures, it is high time that you solve the iOS.

By all the persistent errors and indications, there may be a problem with the on-hand firmware, which restoring connectivity or breaking the cycle may not fix.

Hence, it becomes vital to employ specialized iOS repair programs like the Tenorshare ReiBoot for repairing the bug firmware.

Furthermore, although App Store has diverse advantages, meeting errors, and bugs while employing it can make your experience more agitating for a few users. Hence we require more secure, simplified, and dependable ways to fix the tough glitches.

For Doing So, Follow the Steps Below:

1. Download and install Reiboot on your PC.

2. Connect the iPhone to the computer. Click on Start.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

3. Choose “Standard Repair.” Read the instructions and then again click on “Standard Repair.”

Tenorshare ReiBoot - Standard Repair

4. Click on “Download” to get the firmware package.

Tenorshare ReiBoot - Download Firmware

5. Once the Firmware is downloaded, “Start Standard Repair” to make your iPhone’s battery and other features better than before.

Tenorshare ReiBoot
Fix App Store Not Downloading Using Tenorshare ReiBoot

Whether your device is stuck in recovery mode or the App Store is not downloading, this program can fix all glitches in a few clicks. This program is ideal for solving this device program related to the App Store.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is your best option in this case! You can resort to these steps and methods to solve your problem easily.


App Store not downloading problem can be frustrating, but with a bit of patience and some troubleshooting, you can solve it. By checking your internet connection, ensuring your device’s settings are correct, updating your iOS, and checking your Apple ID, you should be back to downloading your favorite apps in no time.


  1. What do I do if the App Store is not downloading apps? You can troubleshoot the problem by checking your internet connection, restarting your device, updating your iOS, and checking your Apple ID.
  2. Why is my App Store not working even though my internet is fine? This could be due to issues with your device settings or your Apple ID. Try checking these elements if your internet connection is stable.
  3. How do I reset my App Store settings? You can reset your settings by going to the “Settings” on your iOS device, then “General,” “Reset,” and finally, “Reset All Settings.”
  4. Can outdated iOS cause problems with the App Store? Yes, if your iOS is outdated, it can cause various issues, including problems with the App Store.
  5. Why can’t I download free apps on my iPhone? This could be due to several reasons, like issues with your Apple ID, device settings, or internet connection. Try troubleshooting these elements to solve the problem.

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