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iPhone Storage Not Loading – 7 Solutions to Fix


Written by Jack Lin

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iPhone Storage Not Loading

What if your iCloud is unable to load storage info? If you have faced this issue and are looking for a solution, this article can be your guide.

Let’s keep reading and learn about those solutions.


Due to various reasons, you may require to check the available space in your iPhone.

In general, it is supposed to show the available space without necessarily showing any error. However, in some cases, you may see that your iCloud is unable to load storage info.

Instead, it will show a constantly spinning wheel with the message “Calculating category sizes….“. What can you do with that? Is it possible to overcome this error easily? Let’s find it out.

iPhone Storage Not Loading

Besides, without a doubt, iPhone messages indexing can be annoying for any user. We will explain the possible nine solutions to address this issue for you easily.

Reasons Behind This Issue

A number of factors can prevent storage from filling up, including those listed below.

It could be due to too much data to show at once. It’s taking your phone a while to load because of all the information it needs to process.

● Something is Wrong with the OS

This storage loading problem affected some people who switched to iOS 16/15. There have been numerous reports of iOS 15/16 preventing access to your iPhone storage.

They may even get completely false readings from some phones. It could reveal that files you thought were erased are still using up space.

● There’s Too Much Data in It

If your iPhone’s storage is slow to fill up, you may have plenty of files taking up space. Your iPhone’s storage being full or nearly full, could potentially be to blame for this issue. In this scenario, the problem might be easily solved by erasing a few files.

● Something is Wrong with the Network

If your iPhone storage is not loading, it can be due to an erroneous network connection. So, it is important to check if your network has any issues.

Also, if you come across a situation where no location is found on your iPhone, here, you will find its causes and the nine solutions you can try to fix.

Solutions to Try if Your iCloud is Unable to Load Storage Info 

Now, let’s go ahead and try the possible solutions if your iPhone storage is not loading.

In fact, this is a bug that is reported specifically during the beta testing of iOS 15.

You can apply the following methods and see if the issue can be resolved.

In addition, if your Truist app is not working and you are looking for reasons & a solution, this guide is what you should read. Try these simple ways to fix it easily.

01. Be Patient

Our team of experts discovered that this issue usually goes away after about 3 minutes. Until then, you should leave the device alone without operating it.

Nevertheless, you cannot guarantee that this issue will resolve on its own just because you leave it alone. But since it is a cost-free, effortless method, you may give this solution a try. But if that doesn’t work, you may go ahead and try the next solution.

02. Force Quit Settings

If the previous solution didn’t work for you, here’s another workaround. You may follow the steps below and see if you can overcome this error.

  • First, you should open the option called “App Switcher.” To do that, you should swipe up your screen or even double-click the “Home” button on older iOS devices.
  • Now, you can swipe the “Settings” option up to dismiss it using the screen. This will close the app forcefully.
  • Now, you should return to your Home Screen and open “Settings” once again.
  • You can now browse for “General” and select “iPhone Storage.”
Force Quit Settings

That’s it. You should see that the issue is fixed now.

03. Reboot Your iPhone

If you are still looking for a solution, here’s another option you can try. In this case, all you need is to force-restart the device.

As a result of force restarting, the minor glitches in your system might be gone. So, we can consider it as an effective solution to fix the iPhone storage not loading issue.

How to Do It?

First, you should tap and hold the “Volume Up” button. Then, do the same with Volume Down as well. After that, you can press the side button and hold it. You should do it until you see the Apple Logo on the device screen.

Now, you should release the button and wait so the device will be rebooted. Be sure that you enter the passcode and see if the storage loads with no glitches.

04. Connect Your iPhone to the PC

Here’s another remedy to try if iCloud is unable to load storage info and you are looking for a solution. To perform this solution, you should find your lightning cable.

Then, you should connect your iPhone to your computer (Windows or Mac). Once your iOS device is synchronized properly with your computer, the issue might get fixed.

Connect Your iPhone to the PC

05. Update the iOS

Truth be told, your phone’s functionality will suffer if the existing iOS version is outdated. That includes the ability to use storage. Let’s assume that your iOS is out of date. In that case, follow these instructions to upgrade it.

  • Select the Preferences menu from the app menu. Go to the section labeled “General” to proceed.
  • Access the option called Software Update. If an update is offered, you can get it downloaded.
Update the iOS

06. Reset all settings

You might have done something to your iPhone’s configurations that resulted in this error. Trying a factory reset is one way to verify if your iPhone is unable to load storage data. Below is how to do it.

  • First, you should tap on the option called “Settings.” Then, go to “General.” You can then scroll down to see the option called Transfer or Reset. Just tap on it.
  • Now, you should tap on the option called “Transfer or Reset iPhone.” Then, “Reset All Settings.”
Reset all settings

07. Check the Network Connection

Make sure that you check the status of your network connection. For instance, check if your Wi-Fi network has enough data and signal strength to cover your device.

Mentioned below is how to check this issue and solve it.

  • First, you should go to the option called “Settings.”
  • After that, see if you have a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Apart from checking for the availability of the network, you should browse the internet as well. That will help you verify the strength of the internet connection.
Check the Network Connection

If none of the above solutions work for you, contact Apple Support. They will help you fix the issue once you explain the situation. If not, you can even take your device to an authorized service center.

The above issue can appear due to bugs in your iPhone storage. Many individuals say that this feature comes across many different glitches, specifically during beta testing.

So, you should try if any of the above solutions help you overcome the iPhone storage not loading error.

Additional Tips to Manage iPhone Storage

To avoid storage loading issues in the future and keep your iPhone running smoothly, consider implementing these tips:

  1. Regularly clean up your device by deleting unnecessary files and apps.
  2. Optimize your photo and video storage by using cloud services or enabling the “Optimize iPhone Storage” option in Settings.
  3. Use streaming services instead of downloading large media files.
  4. Transfer files to your computer or external storage devices to free up space on your iPhone.
  5. Keep your apps and iOS up to date to ensure compatibility and security.


Dealing with iPhone storage not loading can be frustrating, but with the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can resolve the issue and regain control over your device’s storage.

Remember to follow the steps systematically and consider implementing the additional tips to prevent future storage-related problems. By managing your iPhone storage effectively, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is my iPhone storage not loading? iPhone storage may not load due to corrupted system files, insufficient available storage, or software glitches.
  2. How do I check the available storage on my iPhone? You can check the available storage on your iPhone by going to “Settings,” selecting “General,” and then choosing “iPhone Storage.”
  3. Can I recover data if I factory reset my iPhone? No, a factory reset erases all data on your iPhone. Make sure to back up your important data before performing a factory reset.
  4. What should I do if my iPhone storage is still not loading after following the troubleshooting steps? If the issue persists, you may need to contact Apple Support or visit an authorized service center for further assistance.
  5. Is there a way to expand iPhone storage capacity? The storage capacity of iPhones is fixed and cannot be expanded. However, you canconsider using cloud storage services or external storage devices to supplement your iPhone’s storage capacity.


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