Your iTunes Account Has Been Disabled in App Store and iTunes


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Your Account Has Been Disabled in App Store and iTunes
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If your iTunes account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes, you can use these methods to solve the issue easily.

Most of us have been locked out of our own mobile phones; understandably, this is quite a frustrating experience. While this problem is mostly seen in Android devices, even Apple users are not spared.

When your account gets locked, and you cannot use your phone the way you should, you will likely see a message like ‘Your account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes.’ This message means:

  • You will not be able to update old apps or download new ones
  • The Apple Pay purchase option will get disabled
  • You also lose access to various other services like iCloud and Facetime

In most cases, users are often baffled by this problem, particularly if the concerned person is using an Apple device for the first time.

So, let’s figure out what to do if you find your iTunes account disabled.

Common Reasons Why Your iTunes and App Store Account Has Been Disabled

In most cases, the Apple ID is disabled in App Store, and the iTunes problem mostly takes place. Let us talk about these reasons in detail:

1. You Have Entered the Wrong Password Several Times in a Row

This is the most common reason why your iTunes account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes. It is known that iPhones and iPads offer several chances for you to type in the right password.

While it can be quite annoying, this feature has been placed as a safety precaution. Or else, a thief can potentially keep trying different combinations until they get the password right.

2. You Have Not Signed into Your Account for a Long Time

Another common reason why you may find your iTunes account disabled is that you have not signed in to your account for quite a long time.

Again, this feature has been placed as a precaution if you have not logged in for a long time.

Besides, let’s figure out how to perform the iPhone disabled bypass smartly.

3. You May Not Have Paid Your Dues

If your iTunes account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes, it could probably mean that you have some unpaid or outstanding bills.

It means that you will not be able to access iTunes and App Store until you pay the pending bills. This is quite common in long-time gift cards or disputed charges.

4. Security Measure

At times, Apple may mistake your identity for a scammer or hacker. In such cases, your iTunes and App Store accounts will be logged out automatically.

This mostly occurs if you have tried to sign in to these accounts more than the set number of tries. Hence, your accounts will get locked out.

5. Credit Card Charge Disputes

As a customer, if you have made a lot of purchases and want to dispute the charges later, you will face the disabled iTunes account problem. This means that your accounts will be blocked until you solve this problem.

As you can see, these are just some of the many reasons why your iTunes account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes. If these steps do not help in any way, you can check out some more solutions that we have provided to you.

Things You Can Do If Your Account Gets Disabled?

Perhaps the best way to deal with the Apple ID disabled in App Store and iTunes problem is to simply wait. For instance, if you have entered the wrong password several times, you need to wait for another 24 hours.

In most cases, the ban is only temporary; however, there have been cases when this problem has lasted for many days and even permanently.

In such cases, we need to look into some viable solutions, like:

1. Resetting Your Apple ID

This is the most common solution to help you reset your password if your iTunes account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes. Let us learn how you can do so:

#1: The first thing you need to try is resetting your Apple ID. You need to head over to; here, type in your Apple ID and tap on the Continue button.

#2: Type in the phone number that you used when you created your Apple ID.

Confirm your phone number on

#3: On your Apple device, you should receive a notification. Click on it to reset the password.

Reset Password on

#4: Now, take your iPhone or iPad device; here, tap on Settings, then Apple ID, and then Password and Security.

Password and Security

#5: Here, you will find the ‘Change Password‘ option. Here, you need to enter the new password of your device. Now, you simply need to follow the rest of the instructions you see on-screen to get done with the process of resetting the password.

Change Apple ID Password on iPhone to fix your account has been disabled in app store and itunes

Of course, the best way to avoid the Apple ID disabled in App Store and iTunes problem is to never forget your password.

In such cases, you can make use of third-party tools to help secure your passwords – Secure is one such app for Mac devices. This service will lock your passwords away in a vault.

You need to set up an ‘Apple ID‘ vault on the app. Here, you will find a wide range of in-built toggles and sliders to generate a secure password that will meet the password requirements for all services and websites. Once done, you simply need to tap on the ‘Done‘ button.

When you require your password, you just need to copy it from the Secrets vault and paste it anywhere you want. The app can be downloaded as a Google Chrome or Safari extension so that you can make use of the Autofill feature.

Apart from passwords, you can also make use of Secrets to store various other types of information like notes, licenses, credit card data, bank information, etc. Additionally, you will also find a very handy Import feature if you want to switch from Secrets to another password manager.

However, if this method does not work out for you, you can try out the next solution.

2. Logging Out and Relogging to Your Apple ID

At times, the Apple system thinks that you have been logged out of your account, even though you are still logged in.

In such cases, you will face the Apple ID disabled in App Store and iTunes problem. In this case, logging out and logging into your account will have to solve this issue.

Let us learn how you can do so:

For iPhone:

Step 1: Tap on Settings on your iPhone device; head over to Apple ID and then on Sign Out.

Step 2: Enter the password of your Apple ID; next, click on the Turn Off option.

Step 3: Tap on the Sign Out option twice so that you get logged out of your iCloud account as well.

Sign out Apple ID on iPhone

For macOS:

Step 1: On the top-left corner of the navigation bar, tap on the Apple logo. From the drop-down menu, tap on the System Preferences option.

Step 2: On the upper-right corner of the screen, tap on the Apple ID, then on Overview, and then on Sign Out.

Sign out Apple ID on Mac

Step 3: Once you are logged out, you need to head over to the Settings option and then on Sign In. Here, you need to type in your Apple ID and the password.

This method commonly works well to solve the iTunes account disabled problem. However, if you are unable to solve this issue, it is possible that there is a technical problem. This means that you will have to get in touch with the professional team to deal with the issue.

3. Get In Touch with the Apple Support Team

If your account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes and none of the above-mentioned methods work out, it is time to get in touch with the Apple Support team.

When you head over to the Apple Support website, you will find a section filled with various issues with the Apple ID.

Here, you will also find the option to learn how to disable your Apple ID. You simply need to get in touch with the Apple representative for this, whether you choose to call them or do it online.

Get In Touch with the Apple Support Team

However, you also need to remember that this method should only be used as the last option. This is because the Apple representatives will have to check this problem in detail, which means that you will be left out of your account for quite some time.

Hence, it is always better that you make use of the first two methods discussed above. Additionally, always make use of a password manager like Secrets so that you avoid these problems in the first place.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Future Suspension

Keep Your Billing Information Up to Date

One way to prevent future suspensions is by keeping your billing information up to date. Regularly check your payment methods, ensure your cards haven’t expired, and that there are enough funds to cover any purchases.

Set Up Two-Step Verification

Another preventive measure is setting up two-step verification for your Apple ID. This security feature adds an extra layer of protection and significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

The Impact of a Disabled Account on Your App Store Experience

Inaccessibility to Purchased Apps

A disabled iTunes account can seriously hamper your App Store experience. For instance, you won’t be able to access your previously purchased apps, music, movies, or books.

Troubles with App Updates

In addition, a disabled account can prevent you from updating your apps, causing them to become outdated and possibly vulnerable to security threats.

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  1. Why has my iTunes account been disabled in the App Store and iTunes?
    • Your iTunes account can get disabled due to potential security threats or unresolved financial issues linked to your payment method.
  2. What can I do if my iTunes account gets disabled?
    • You can reset your password or contact Apple Support to get your account reinstated.
  3. How can I prevent my iTunes account from getting disabled?
    • Keep your billing information updated, and set up two-step verification for your Apple ID to reduce the risk of account suspension.
  4. What impact does a disabled iTunes account have on my App Store experience?
    • A disabled iTunes account will prevent you from accessing purchased content and updating your apps.
  5. What should I do if resetting the password doesn’t work?
    • If resetting your password doesn’t work, you should contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Final Thoughts

When your iTunes account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes, it can cause a lot of problems and inconvenience because all the services related to your Apple services make use of your Apple ID.

Being locked out of your Apple ID means that your entire digital world may crash down.

Thankfully, there are many methods that can help you unlock your Apple ID and help disable the Apple ID disabled in App Store and iTunes problems. Even if none of the methods work, you will have the option to get in touch with customer care support.

Additionally, make use of trusted third-party tools, like Secrets, to manage and store all your passwords in a secure vault.

Some advantage of Secrets is that it is available as Chrome and Safari extensions and has a very intuitive and snappy user interface.

That’s it; we hope we have helped you solve the iTunes account disabled problem. For more information, you can visit our blog and learn more!


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