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iPhone Emails Disappeared

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’re certain an important email was in your inbox but now it’s just… gone? As weird as it sounds, you’re not alone. This article will delve into the enigma of iPhone emails disappearing and equip you with solutions to counteract this issue.

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Understanding the Problem: iPhone Emails Disappeared

Before diving into the solutions, let’s understand the issue at hand. Imagine this scenario: you are looking for an important email you received a while ago, you know it’s there, you’ve seen it, but suddenly, poof! it’s gone. It’s like your emails decided to play hide-and-seek with you.

Reasons behind the Disappearance of Emails

Like a detective solving a mystery, you might wonder: why did my emails disappear? There could be several reasons. For instance, an iOS update might not have gone smoothly, causing glitches. Or your email settings might have changed unintentionally.

Impact of iOS Updates on Emails

Remember when you last updated your iOS? Did your emails disappear after that? Sometimes, updates may not install correctly, leading to unforeseen issues, like your emails pulling a vanishing act.

The Role of Email Settings

Sometimes, your iPhone may be set to sync only the most recent emails, making older ones seem to disappear. Alternatively, you might have accidentally moved or deleted the emails.

Diagnosing iPhone Email Problems

Now that we’ve played detective, it’s time to put on our doctor’s hat. Let’s diagnose the problem.

Email App Glitches

Email apps are not immune to bugs. These sneaky bugs can cause your emails to disappear mysteriously.

Network Connectivity Issues

Without a solid internet connection, your email app might not sync properly, leading to missing emails.

Server Issues

Sometimes, the problem isn’t your iPhone, but the email server. If the server is down or experiencing issues, your emails might not show up.

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Best Fixes for This iPhone Emails Disappeared Problem

Now that you clearly understand this iPhone email problem, it’s time to fix it. We have detailed 5 of the best solutions below.

Fix #1 – Force Restart Your iPhone

We find that force restarting an iPhone will fix most of the issues you may encounter. Unlike a standard iPhone restart, force restarting completely shuts down iOS and reboots it.

Use the relevant steps below to do this.

Restart iPhone to fix iPhone Emails Disappeared

iPhone 7 and Later

#1 – Simultaneously hold the “Lock” and “Volume Down” keys.
#2 – Hold these keys for about 8 seconds.
#3 – When the Apple logo appears, release both keys.

iPhone 6S and Earlier

#1 – Press and hold the “Lock” and “Home” buttons.
#2 – Continue holding these buttons for around 8 seconds.
#3 – Release the buttons when the Apple logo is shown.

Fix #2 – Remove Your Email Account and Add it Back

If the problem is with the mail server connection, simply removing and adding your email account to your iPhone will do the trick.

Follow these steps if you don’t know how to do this.

Remove Email Account to fix iPhone Emails Disappeared

#1 – Open the “Settings” app and tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”
#2 – Tap on your email address on the list and tap “Delete Account” from the next menu.
#3 – When your iPhone prompts you, tap “Delete from My iPhone” to verify.
#4 – Head to the settings menu and tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” again.
#5 – Select “Add Account” and sign in to your email address.

After doing this, all your emails will have to download, but it will likely fix iPhone emails disappearing. If it doesn’t fix the issue, try another solution.

Fix #3 – Change Mail Settings to “No Limit.”

Another possibility is that you’ve set your email account to delete after a certain time.

Some people do this to prevent their storage from filling up emails, but it will result in disappearing emails. Change this setting using the steps below.

Change Mail Settings to No Limit to fix iPhone Emails Disappeared

#1 – Go to the “Settings” app and tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”
#2 – From the list of accounts, locate your email address.
#3 – Swipe down and tap the “Mail Days to Sync” setting.
#4 – Change this to “No Limit” and check the Mail application.

This will force the Mail app to download all of your emails. After you refresh the Mail app, all your emails will be available.

Fix #4 – Change POP3 and IMAP Settings

We previously mentioned that email services use different protocols for communicating. Your email provider’s protocol will depend on what platform you are signing in to your email.

Generally, iPhones use the IMAP protocol, which means that your emails aren’t downloaded to your iPhone but synced. However, changing this setting without realizing it (or because you think it’s the right thing to do) could cause some problems.

Checking and fixing this problem will vary depending on the email service. For example, below, we’re going to be using Outlook Mail.

Change Pop3 and IMAP Settings to fix iPhone Emails Disappeared

#1 – Sign in to your Outlook account on a computer.
#2 – Press the “Settings” icon at the top-right and click on “More mail settings.”
#3 – Under the “Managing your account” header, press “POP and deleting downloaded messages.”

Note: when changing this setting, select “Don’t let another program delete messages from Outlook.”

#4 – Click the “Save” button and check if this fixes the issue.

You can easily adapt this method for different mail services. It might seem a bit complex to change POP3 and IMAP settings, although this should fix iPhone emails disappearing.

Fix #5 – Use FoneLab – iOS System Recovery

The chances are that if none of the fixes above help to resolve the issue, it goes deeper. In this case, your best bet is to use FoneLab.

Using FoneLab will reinstall iOS without affecting your data. To use this program, follow the guide that we have provided below.

#1 – Download, install, and launch FoneLab – iOS System Recovery on your computer.

#2 – Connect your iPhone via lightning cable.

#3 – From the left menu, click “iOS System Recovery.”

#4 – Read the information and click “Start” to proceed.

FoneLab - iOS System Recovery

#5 – Choose the relevant iPhone tab (depending on which iPhone model you have), and follow the on-screen instructions to put it into DFU mode.

Enter Recovery mode

#6 – After you enter DFU mode, ensure all the information about your device is correct. Click “Repair” to proceed.

Fix iPhone Emails Disappeared

#7 – The required firmware will be downloaded and then automatically installed.

FoneLab won’t delete your data, and this is the most efficient way to fix any iOS issues you face.

Common problems that it can fix are restart loops, iPhones stuck on a black screen, and, most importantly, it can fix iPhone emails disappearing.

You’ll also find that FoneLab has some other helpful features to try out. To check out these features without purchasing FoneLab, download the free version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why have my emails disappeared from my iPhone? There could be several reasons including faulty iOS updates, incorrect email settings, or email app glitches.
  2. How can I retrieve my disappeared emails on my iPhone? You can try restarting your iPhone, checking your email settings, updating your iOS, or re-adding your email account.
  3. Can iOS updates cause my emails to disappear? Yes, if an iOS update doesn’t install correctly, it can cause emails to disappear.
  4. Can incorrect email settings cause emails to disappear? Yes, if your iPhone is set to sync only recent emails, older emails can appear to disappear.
  5. What should I do if my emails continue to disappear? If your emails continue to disappear even after trying the above solutions, consider contacting your email provider or Apple Support.

To Conclude

After trying out some of these fixes, your emails should reappear. We understand the frustrations of iPhone emails disappearing, and hopefully, one of these solutions will help you out.

If none of them do, you can try a factory reset (not ideal, but it could help) or FoneLab – iOS System Recovery.

This program can fix any iOS problems; if none of the basic fixes we explained work, try using this tool.


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