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A good vlog app is mandatory, whether you are a novice or an expert vlogger. The application you choose must comprise all the essential features.

You can bring a professional appearance to your video blog if you have the best vlog app. This article explains the best apps for vlog editing for your convenience.

Features of a Good Vlog Editing App 

Before we go into the list, let’s look at the most notable features you should expect. In other words, the features that should include in the best apps for vlog editing.

● It Should Be User-friendly

The vlog app should be friendly to use. Too complicated apps will keep novice vloggers away and make the job tedious. So, it is better to use a simplified app over a complex one.

● It Should Have All the Required Features

The vlog editing app should not lack any essential features because it is simple. So, be sure to check if the respective app has enough features that can fulfill your requirements.

These features might include video effects, transitions, text effects, audio editing, social sharing, etc., for instance.

● Compatibility

You should check if the respective vlog app is compatible with your device. Even the best vlog app can be useless if it is incompatible with your OS.

● Budget-friendliness  

Indeed, you shouldn’t choose the best apps for vlog editing solely based on the price factor.

However, if you can go for a budget-friendly vlog editing app, that’s a bonus. So, the best approach is to check the price against the features. Then, you can determine if it can serve your requirements.

PS: if you wonder how to make the video look like a film, here are the guides you should check out.

Best Apps for Vlog Editing for iOS

Let’s get to the main point; the list of best apps for vlog editing! We prepared this list after performing good research.

So, pick the vlog editing app that precisely matches your requirement.

#1 – PowerDirector

Vlogging app PowerDirector was developed by CyberLink and is perfectly functional with all iOS devices.

Advanced features like animated headlines, stunning graphics and transitions, and distinctive effects are all included. The app also lets you produce green-screen videos, which is a bonus.

The program is supplied with instructional videos as well. Those videos assist customers in learning how to use it in only a few minutes.

Best Apps for vlog on iOS - PowerDirector


  • Includes action cameras
  • Motion track feature
  • Tools for 360° footage
  • Video stabilization feature
  • Plenty of themes


  • Simplified interface
  • Supports 1080p and 4k video resolution
  • A lot of instructional videos to support you


  • The free version produces a watermark in output videos
  • Some of its features are not that easy to find

#2 – iMovie

With iMovie loaded on the iOS device, creating a vlog is as simple as it gets. iMovie is one of the best apps for vlog editing on iPhones. That is because it provides a wide selection of advanced video effects.

For instance, it presents effects like narration, color grading, and distinctive filters like black-and-white, X-ray, and Sci-Fi.

In addition, the final output can be exported straightaway to social media and other vlog-sharing sites. That is exactly why we consider it one of the finest programs for editing vlogs.

Best Apps for vlog on iOS - iMovie


  • 4K video export
  • Video stabilization
  • Speed adjustment
  • Color configurations
  • Basic editing features are included


  • It has a free version as well
  • Plenty of unique options
  • Very clean and straightforward UI
  • It lets you share the videos easily


  • Features are somewhat limited
  • No motion tracking

#3 – Adobe Premiere Rush

In the field of video editing, Adobe is a household name. Well, everything you need to make stunning video clips with ultra-high HD is included.

In addition, it contains video-creation features that allow users to create stunning videos using only photographs and clips.

This specific application can synchronize with Adobe Creative Cloud. Therefore, this vlog app allows users to sync all of their creations across several platforms.

Adobe Premiere Rush


  • It comprises both advanced and basic features
  • Templates for motion graphics
  • Features are accessible through shortcuts
  • Timeline with magnetic feature


  • Automatic creation of videos
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Can export or share videos to different platforms


  • The free version has limited options
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not the easiest application to learn

#4 – Magisto

Edit, clip, rotate, and crop videos with a single tap using this iPhone vlog editor. Thanks to its powerful editing filters and animations, it’s an excellent alternative for any user. That’s true, particularly for those who want to add outstanding effects to their vlogs.

Best Apps for vlog on iOS - Magisto


  • Stabilization of videos
  • Object detecting feature
  • Slow-motion functionality


  • Cloud synchronization
  • Free to use
  • Automatic editing features


  • Not the friendliest interface
  • Limited options

#5 – KineMaster

There is no better tool for creating stunning color effects in your vlogs than KineMaster. Vlogs can benefit greatly from the picture-in-picture effect, thanks to this program.

Additionally, you can add subtitles and text to the videos. Users can choose between a free and a paid version of this vlog app.

And here is the comprehensive Kinemaster Review for your further reading.



  • Very useful blending mode
  • Color adjustments
  • Plenty of color-filtering features
  • Audio/voice editing


  • 4K resolution
  • Voiceover
  • Many sound options to consider


  • The pair version is not affordable
  • Not that friendly to new users

Choose a Vlog Editing App for Android

If you are looking for the best vlog app for an Android device, read the list below.

#1. VideoShow

Using this vlog app, users can quickly and easily create stunning videos. It has a wide range of professional editing tools, including fundamental options like cutting, cropping, and trimming.

It is true that it has gained the trust of users worldwide. Also, it does allow users to add stickers, animations, intriguing themes, or royalty-free music to their videos. GIFs can also be used to enhance vlogs.

Best Apps for vlog on Android - VideoShow


  • More than 50 themes
  • Slideshow creation
  • Transitions and graphics


  • Inclusion of royalty-free tracks and music
  • Convenient installation


  • It comes with a watermark

#2. VivaVideo

Being an exceptionally popular Android vlog editing app, the VivaVideo app is so impressive in many ways. Many basic and complex editing options are included in this software.

When it comes to creating compelling videos, VivaVideo is an excellent choice. This is particularly true for those who are just starting out and want to get their feet wet.



  • Slideshow creator
  • Slow-motion video creation
  • Blurring feature


  • Export videos straightaway to social media
  • Built-in camera
  • Friendly interface


  • Not many advanced features

#3. InShot

Some of InShot’s advanced features include slow motion, RGB, glitch, and other spectacular effects, as well as speed adjustment. So, you can create a great video blog with this app installed on any Android device.



  • 4K supported
  • Animated stickers & templates
  • A variety of editing options are available for clips


  • MP4 videos can be converted
  • Easy to use and set up
  • It is free


  • There is no slow-motion mode
  • Advanced editing features are lacking

#4. LumaFusion

When it comes to producing high-quality vlogs, LumaFusion stands ahead of many other apps. That’s because of its wide range of professional editing options.

With a magnetic timeline, this powerful tool can run up to six video/audio tracks at once. Fast motion and time-lapse options are available.

Best Apps for vlog on Android - LumaFusion


  • Layer and pixel-based effects
  • Allows for both fast and slow motion
  • A timeline with a magnetic field
  • All the essential editing tools


  • Compatible with 120-240 FPS playback
  • Free Music


  • Newbies will find it difficult to use

#5. VideoShop

When it comes to creating your own vlogs, there’s no better tool than VideoShop. VideoShop is a great alternative for both novices and pros who want to edit their vlogs quickly and easily.



  • Tilt shifts can have a significant impact
  • Include a paragraph of text
  • Changing the color of an object


  • The stock library
  • There are a wide variety of video editing tools
  • Directly post videos to social media and YouTube


  • New users may find it difficult to navigate


FAQ 1: What are the essential features to consider in a vlog editing app?

A vlog editing app should offer basic editing features like trimming, cutting, and adding music. It should also provide options for transitions, effects, and color correction. An intuitive user interface and ease of use are crucial for both novice and expert vloggers.

FAQ 2: Can I edit videos directly on my smartphone?

Yes, many vlog editing apps are available for smartphones, allowing you to edit videos directly on your device. These apps offer convenience and portability, making it easier for vloggers to create and edit content on the go.

FAQ 3: How can I choose the right vlog editing app?

To choose the right vlog editing app, consider factors such as your skill level, desired features, operating system compatibility, and budget. It’s also helpful to read reviews, compare features, and try out free trials before making a final decision.

FAQ 4: Are there any free vlog editing apps available?

Yes, several vlog editing apps offer free versions with limited features. While these apps may be suitable for basic editing, they often come with watermarks or restrictions. Upgrading to a premium version unlocks additional features and removes limitations.

FAQ 5: Can I use more than one vlog editing app?

Absolutely! Many vloggers use a combination of editing apps to leverage the unique features offered by each. For instance, you can use one app for basic edits and another for advanced effects or color grading. Experimenting with different apps can help you find your preferred editing workflow.

FAQ 6: How can I learn to edit vlogs like a pro?

To enhance your vlog editing skills, consider online tutorials, courses, and resources dedicated to video editing. Additionally, practice regularly, experiment with different techniques, and analyze the editing styles of expert vloggers to refine your own.


So, that’s all about the best apps for vlog editing. As you can see, iMovie has all the characteristics to stand as the perfect vlog editing app. It is convenient, affordable, simple, and very effective.

So, go ahead and create your perfect vlog to impress your audience.


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