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Kinemaster Review

In this comprehensive Kinemaster review, we cover the most appropriate alternatives to it.

That is in addition to explaining the overall functionality of this application. So, let’s dig deep and learn what those Kinemaster alternatives are.

For many of us, the KineMaster video editor is a familiar name in mobile video editing. 350 million people have used this app since its release in 2010. KineMaster Pro is a subscription-based version of the open-source application KineMaster.

Despite its widespread popularity, KineMaster’s products have many competitors. In our review, we’ll go over the basics of KineMaster, and explain some excellent alternatives.

Part 1: Introduction to Kinemaster

KineMaster is a powerful video editor for smartphone devices running mobile operating systems, such as smartphones and tablets. It is accessible on both the iOS and Android app stores and your ChromeOS for Chromebooks.

As a browser extension, there is also a PC version. As a browser extension, there is also a PC version.

Videos can be edited and beautified with stickers or overlays using the app’s basic functions. It’s possible for your device to handle multi-layered video content if it is powerful enough.

Downloading Kinemaster on Your Device

This Kinemaster review explains how to install KineMaster on different devices.

  • For Android users, you should go to Google Play and search for KineMaster. Then, download the app.
  • iOS device users should go to the App Store and search for KineMaster. After that, choose the most appropriate option and download it.
  • You can download KineMaster through the Play Store if you are a Chromebook user. It’s based on Android, so it works perfectly on ChromeOS.

Besides, if you wonder how to make the video look like a film, you should check out these guides.

Part 2: Kinemaster Review 

Now that we know where and how to download KineMaster. Let’s learn more about it. You can go ahead and learn pretty much everything about it.

On top of that, we will explain some excellent Kinemaster alternatives after this review. We explain each of the main characteristics of this application to give you a better idea.

● The Main Interface of the App

Kinemaster Review - Main Interface of the App

As we’ve seen, a big limitation of KineMaster is that it doesn’t have a built-in media library. It uses your smartphone’s Gallery / Camera Roll to store videos and other files.

Its Media Panel acts as a command center for KineMaster’s main functions like audio and video recording.

Also, the same becomes handy for multilayer controls, audio, and media management. And it is still stunning in its minimalist design. You may simply use KineMaster on any device.

In simplest terms, KineMaster’s interface is fairly comparable on iOS and Android devices.

● Main Features of KineMaster 

Kinemaster Review - Main Features

All of KineMaster’s basic functions are available for free, as we explained in the previous section. Editing options like cropping and trimming, speed control, and the ability to reverse videos are included.

Additionally, KineMaster’s Asset Store has a lot of free stuff that may be downloaded for free. For example, transitions and effects can be used for free, as explained in our next paragraphs. There is no need to upgrade to the premium version unless you want some professional work done.

The premium version has advanced capabilities like keyframe manipulation for motion animations. Because the functions are easy to identify and use, this is a key part of the user experience.

Also, let’s figure out how to remove watermarks from Kinemaster.

● The Transitions it Provides

KineMaster Transitions

Now, in this Kinemaster review, let’s also learn about the transitions. Between video segments, KineMaster offers a wide variety of transitions.

As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about closing any gaps within clips because of a handy feature. If you cut off a portion, the part on the right immediately joins with the other piece.

Afterward, the transition can be inserted between the clips. A plus sign will appear between those clips, and tapping it will bring up a variety of transitions. Indeed, you can’t regulate the length and the speed of a transition.

Therefore, the only drawback is that it’s all or nothing. Even for those who don’t want to spend money, it has no shortage of professional-looking transitions. Those transitions can be downloaded for free and categorized into categories.

● The Main Effects it Offers

KineMaster Effects

Before we look into a good Kinemaster alternative for PC, let’s also learn about some effects. KineMaster also has a wide range of filters and effects that may make your films stand out.

As you may already know, saturation, temperature, monochrome, and other such settings are standard in most picture editors.

Those features are available in KineMaster as well. The gaussian blur, for example, is included even in the free version. For the timeline located below the primary timeline, certain effects or filters are applied.

However, this timeline does not have the primary timeline’s default snap-to-previous capability. In contrast, you can’t necessarily add an effect or filters to a video after it has finished playing.

● Other Notable Characteristics

It’s possible to add other features to the video, such as audio tracks and recording voiceovers. This allows you to make video memes and other sorts of material for social media. It does allow you to modify the videos with a title and subtitles. The vocal recording and audio functions are excellent.

Nevertheless, the built-in microphone will gather plenty of background noise if you’re using a high-end device. That is more likely to make your recordings sound abnormally loud when played back. So, that’s exactly what we have to say about its features in this Kinemaster review.

Part 3: Our Verdict about Kinemaster

When it comes to video editing on the go, KineMaster has all the features you’ll need. That means it has any features you expect to create a video, bring music, and edit the output.

You can download them to your phone and post them to social media or store them in the cloud.

For pretty much all mobile video editing purposes, you can use the free edition of this application. Let’s look at a few of KineMaster’s most important features.

Main Features

  • It can merge several different layers that include content like text, video, stickers, animations, effects, etc.
  • You can use it to play videos backward
  • It has all the basic editing features like splitting, trimming, etc.
  • You can either slow down or speed up videos
  • Easy motion animation on layers with keyframe
  • Compatible with 4K videos
  • Sound effects, background music, and voiceover recording
  • Color correction and beautification options for your video clips
  • Easily editable timeline


  • Perfectly applicable for mobile users
  • The excellent interface offers smooth navigation
  • A large range of effects
  • Pro features can be accessed through a subscription
  • 4K support


  • Advanced features are accessible only through upgraded packages
  • The free version puts a watermark on the output videos
  • Layered content is compatible with high-end, powerful devices only
  • Lack of media library

How Much is It?

  • You can use the free plan if you don’t want to pay. It offers many features and a limited quantity of resources, like effects.
  • A yearly subscription to KineMaster Pro costs $39.99, while a monthly subscription costs $4.99.

System Requirements

  • It works with any iOS device that runs on iOS 10.0 or newer and has A7 or newer processor
  • Works on any Android device if it runs on Android 6.0 or better
  • Works on the latest Google Chrome using Mac or Windows

Part 4: Top Kinemaster Alternatives – What are the Best Options?

Although KineMaster is excellent mobile editing software, there are many other options available if you want. For instance, Filmora is an excellent desktop video editor. If you want a reliable Kinemaster alternative for PC, Filmora is the best option.

This specific tool is ideal for novices and amateurs who want to improve their video editing skills. On the other hand, FilmoraGo is one of the excellent Kinemaster alternatives for mobile devices. Let’s take a look at them. 

Kinemaster Alternatives – FilmoraGo for Mobile Devices


KineMaster’s iOS counterpart, FilmoraGo, is far more user-friendly. FilmoraGo includes everything you need to create videos on the move.

For instance, it includes aspects from templates that allow single-clicking video production to be intuitive and touch-friendly editing tools.

When you are done editing your videos, you can save them as a file. If not, you can even post them immediately on social media networks.

The responsive design is clear and easy to use, making it a pleasure to work with. As a result, it is considered to be a perfect mobile editor for novices and amateurs.

What Makes FilmoraGo Lite a Superb Option?

  • One-click templates for creating videos using the pre-existing content
  • Split, reverse play, trim, and speed change are just some editing options available.
  • Resize or compress videos to fit any platform.
  • Sharing videos on several social media platforms has never been so simple for novices.
  • Convenient, super-fast interface for any user

Kinemaster Alternative for PC – Filmora


Regarding video editing, Filmora should be your best Kinemaster Alternative for PC option. This is an excellent platform for those who are at the beginning of their video editing experience.

This is because of the capabilities like extensive transitions, timeline editing, effects, audio, text, screen recording, voiceover recording, etc.  

Because it’s so easy to use and there’s no learning curve, any beginner will like using it. Adults enjoy the simplicity of use. It’s easy for professionals to edit videos quickly and make them stand out in a sea of online video content.

Main Features of Filmora

  • Crop, trim, split, control the speed, pan/zoom, etc., on the timeline
  • Effects, including transitions, animations, and free audio tracks
  • The ability to import and export files in a wide variety of formats
  • You can use a voice changer to record your voice and apply it to your videos
  • Adjust the video’s brightness, color, contrast, and more
  • Allows you to fine-tune the video’s output to your exact specifications


  1. Is KineMaster Free? Yes, KineMaster offers a free version. However, it does come with a watermark and includes ads.
  2. Is KineMaster good for professional video editing? Absolutely! KineMaster has a wide array of professional tools and features that can cater to the needs of professional video editors.
  3. Can I use KineMaster on my PC? While KineMaster is primarily designed for mobile devices, there are ways to use it on your PC using emulators.
  4. Does KineMaster support 4K editing? Yes, KineMaster Pro supports editing in 4K resolution.
  5. How do I remove the watermark in KineMaster? To remove the watermark, you’ll need to subscribe to KineMaster Pro.


As you can notice, KineMaster has several shortcomings regarding user experience. On the other hand, FilmoraGo & Filmora are excellent Kinemaster alternatives because they offer comparable features.

Also, they offer excellent UI to the benefit of novice users. In simplest terms, the Kinemaster alternative for PC is Filmora, and you will be amazed to experience it.


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