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Ways to Fade Out Audio in Adobe Premiere With Ease


Written by Jack Lin

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Fade Audio in Premiere

Adobe Premiere audio fade-out is a very useful effect for those who edit audio files in projects.

Regardless of the type and scale of the project, fading in or out audio is often becoming handy. This effect is simple but can create a significant impact on the final output.

If you are interested in learning about fade audio in Adobe Premiere, this article explains how to do it.

Managing the audio and visuals together in a quality film production is significantly important. As a result, you’ll need sound control tools to manage and alter the audio in accordance with the scene. Audio fading is an example of a method for gradually lowering the level and muting the audio.

Adobe Premiere, without a doubt, is the most widely used video editing program in the industry. It has a variety of audio tuning options to help you improve the quality of your recordings.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to Premiere audio fade out using the three most popular audio fading techniques.

1. Creating a Fade in Audio with Adobe Premiere 

It is true that Pro CC is Adobe Premiere of most sophisticated version. With that, Adobe has provided an outstanding platform for creating and editing videos for any user. It lets you modify the audio and add the fading effect yourself.

If you want more control over how the music is faded, manual audio fading is a great way. That said, the following are some examples of how you can utilize these transitions in Adobe Premiere.

As a result, you can create premiere audio fade-out or fade-in without any complications.

  • Get Adobe Premiere CC installed on your computer and open it.
  • To fade out the sound of an audio or video, simply open the file you want to use.
  • Expand the audio track in the timeline by clicking on it and dragging it up.
  • The “<-<>->” buttons would be displayed on the left, just before the track, when the audio is expanded. These parameters can also be found by right-clicking the track and selecting customize.
Creating a fade in audio Premiere 
  • Select Add/Remove Keyframe “<>” button to add or remove keyframes upon that track. That means the respective track on which you want that fading effect to appear. Ctrl/cmd + Click is another option.
  • This time, you’ll need to add a second keyframe to expand its fading effect.
  • To fine-tune the sound, use keyframes. To fade out the audio, select the keyframe inside this final row and drag it downwards. It can also be used to introduce audio gradually at the beginning of a track.

The automated effects in the Pro CC version of Adobe Premiere allow you to quickly fade in and out. Crossfades are a great way to transition between audio clips. And that’s how to fade audio in Adobe Premiere using this technique.

2. Constant Gain Crossfade

Constant gain provides a fast fade-in and fade-out in the audio, which is also known as “constant audios transition.” The same amount of time elapses between incoming and outgoing audio clips.

Mentioned Below is How to Fade out Audio in Adobe Premiere 

  • First, you should go to the option called “Effects” and then choose “Audio Transitions.” After that, choose “CrossFade.” Then, you should select “Constant Gain,” located in the options menu.
how to fade out audio Premiere Using Constant Gain Crossfade
  • Now, you are supposed to drag it and drop it on the respective audio track. When it is attached to the track’s end, the audio will be faded out. It is possible to click on it to adjust so you can change the beginning of the transition. That’s basically how to fade out audio Premiere using Constant Gain.

3. Constant Power Crossfade

With the standard fade effect in Adobe Premiere, the transition across two audios is seamless. The audio intensity rises in the beginning and gradually decreases at the end, creating a soft audio fade.

Below are the steps to create fade-out audio in Adobe Premiere using constant power.

  • First, you should go to the “Effects” option and choose “Audio Transitions.” Then, you should choose the “CrossFade” option and navigate to “Constant Power” to proceed.
Constant Power Crossfade
  • Now, you can drag the respective effect and drop it on the “Edit” that exists between those clips. You can decide whether to place it on the right, left, or even in the middle. What you should notice is whether there’s a balance between those fading sounds to match your requirement.
  • In addition to that, you can extend or shrink your transition. After that, you can cover all those parts of your music tracks if needed. You’ll have to create a fade-out and fade-in effect that works seamlessly. This “fade out audio in Adobe Premiere” should work when one scene moves to the other.
Constant Power Crossfade

4. Exponential Fade Crossfade

Here’s another way if you wonder about creating a premiere audio fade-out effect. When using the exponential fade, the audio begins at a sluggish pace and gradually grows in speed.

This specific effect should be played until it reaches its climax. The sound can be utilized as a frightening sound effect or a beat drop.

As a result, the Exponential fade produces the greatest fade-out audio in Adobe Premiere.

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow.

  • First, you should go to the “Effects” option and choose “Audio Transitions.” After that, you should choose “Crossfade.” Once you have done that, you can click on the option called “Exponential Fade.”
Exponential Fade Crossfade
  • After that, you can drag the exponential fade and place it at the end of your video. As a result, the video’s audio should fade out seamlessly and end up with a smooth ending. It is possible even to stretch the effects so you can adjust the fade’s timing. Once you have done that, you can experience a seamless result.

And those are the methods to create fade-in audio with Adobe Premiere. However, the truth is that not all users are familiar with a professional tool like Adobe Premiere.

Are you a novice to Adobe Premiere and looking for a more convenient method to accomplish the same task? If that’s the case, you can consider a more user-friendly tool and accomplish a professional-level result.

In the following section of our article, we explain that method for your reference.

5. Filmora – The Easiest Alternative to Fade out Audio in Adobe Premiere 

As mentioned before, Adobe Premier can be somewhat difficult, specifically if you are a novice user. So, as an alternative, you can use an application like Filmora.

It is a more user-friendly tool that matches the requirement of any video editing professional. If you wonder how to remove reverb from audio, Filmora can help too.

In fact, the main benefit associated with Filmora is the friendly user interface it has. Despite its simplicity, Filmora offers some great tools to accomplish video and audio editing tasks professionally.

The advanced features of this application are placed in a very friendly manner for you to navigate. So, let’s go ahead and try it out.

Features of Filmora

First, let’s take a look at the main features associated with this application so you’ll have a better idea.

  • Adding background music to a video.
  • Plenty of tools and effects to change the voice.
  • Fade-out and fade-in options to make your audio more attractive and effective.
  • You can use it to cut or trim audio clips effortlessly.
  • It can be used to modify the speed of your audio clips easily.
  • It gives access to multiple different audio formats.
  • You can preview all the video files before saving the final output file.

Reasons to use Filmora

Even for absolute novices, Filmora is a wonderful tool that provides a professional-quality editing experience. With the free version, users may try out some of the software’s coolest features before deciding to purchase.

In order to make your project worthwhile, you can modify films and audio effortlessly using this tool.

With that said, below are the steps you should follow to create an audio fade.

  • First, you should download Filmora and install it.
  • After that, you should import the respective audio (or even a video with audio in it). Then, you should drag the video to your timeline.  
  • After that, you should perform a double-click on your audio track. That means the audio found in the timeline. If not, you can right-click on it and choose “Detach audio.”
Fade out Audio using Filmora
  • Once the audio panel appears, you will see fade options. Just change the length of that effect. To do that, you can drag the slider. Or, you can either enter the value manually and apply the necessary tweaks to the fade effect.
Filmora Fade Effect Settings
  • That is basically it. You need to export the file with the desired audio format.
Filmora Export Settings

And that’s the easiest way to create an alternative to fade out audio in Adobe Premiere.  


Q1: Can I apply audio fades to specific sections of a video?

A1: Yes, you can apply audio fades to specific sections of a video by utilizing keyframes or applying transitions.

Q2: Will fading out audio affect the video quality?

A2: No, fading out audio does not affect the video quality. It is a technique used to enhance the audio experience.

Q3: Are these techniques applicable to other video editing software as well?

A3: While this article focuses on Adobe Premiere, many of the techniques mentioned can be applied to other video editing software with similar functionality.

Q4: Can I adjust the speed of the audio fade-out effect?

A4: Yes, you can adjust the speed of the audio fade-out effect by modifying the parameters of the applied transitions or keyframes.

Q5: Is there a way to preview the audio fade-out effect before applying it?

A5: Yes, Adobe Premiere provides real-time preview capabilities, allowing you to preview the audio fade-out effect before finalizing it.


Well, that’s exactly how to fade in audio in Adobe Premiere and the best alternative to it. That said, Filmora is a better option for those who are looking for a more user-friendly method.



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