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SwiftKey vs. Gboard: A Comparison of the Best Android Keyboard Apps


Written by Jack Lin

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SwiftKey vs. Gboard

There is no shortage of apps developed for Android by Google. These apps are used to give you an improved user experience. One of the most useful and promising apps introduced by Google is Gboard (AKA Google Keyboard).

However, Gboard is not the only keyboard app for Android. There are plenty of other similar apps, and SwiftKey is one of the best among them. So, what if you make a comparison between SwiftKey vs. Gboard? Which of those options is better?

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Word Prediction

The meaning of the term ‘word prediction’ is the keyboard’s ability to predict the next word of a sentence. That means when you type a sentence, the keyboard will analyze it and predict suitable words. The keyboard will use the past data you have used on the same device to do this successfully.

If the prediction is accurate, the user will be able to type at a better speed. So, for modern-day individuals who are really busy, using a smart keyboard is a pretty useful approach.

When it comes to comparing SwiftKey vs. Gboard, there are several aspects to consider. In fact, SwiftKey can record the words you type more quicker. Also, the suggestions will be offered to you in a quicker manner compared to Gboard.

On the other hand, Gboard checks the frequency of the word you type on the keyboard. If you type a certain word pretty frequently, the respective word will be recorded. If not, the word will not be recorded.

So, in this case, Gboard features a pretty ‘stingy’ approach to memorizing words. In addition to that, SwiftKey can provide a number of suggestions as well. So, when it comes to word prediction, we consider SwiftKey to be the best option.

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Search Engine

As of today, pretty much every individual uses their mobile device to browse the internet. In this case, a keyboard app like Gboard becomes very handy. That is because Gboard has a built-in button that allows you to perform Google searches.

In other words, Gboard is an integrated Google search button. With the assistance of this button, you can search for anything and then send the information as message. On the other hand, SwiftKey has a Bing search button that can be changed to Google.

In fact, there is a difference between these two keyboards when it comes to searching the web.

With Gboard, the search results will replace the keyboard. So, the web results will display in the form of shareable messages.

On SwiftKey, however, it opens a separate window, and it occupies about three-fourths of the entire screen. Also, in SwiftKey, you will see the same webpage you see in the browser.

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Themes

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Themes

Themes are another important aspect, especially if you are looking for a personalized appearance. With SwiftKey, you can enjoy more than 300 themes, and they are free. Depending on your requirement, it allows you to add background images and add or remove borders. In addition to that, it allows you to add or remove a number line,

When it comes to Gboard, however, the number of themes is pretty big. You can use background images and styles, but there is a limitation. One unique thing about Gboard is that it has a customizable keyboard.

On the other hand, it comes with a few themes, background images, and styles. However, you can customize the overall interface of Gboard. To do that, you can customize each button in terms of size and space within.

If you are using a small-screen device, this will be a beneficial option. So, in general, Gboard has some extensive features compared to SwiftKey.

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Languages Supported

Both Gboard and SwiftKey support more than 500 languages. Well, at a glance, 500 is a pretty large number for languages. SwiftKey, however, allows users to type in five languages simultaneously.

To move across the languages and pick the desired one, you should swipe the spacebar. Gboard offers the option of typing in multiple languages too.

Both of these keyboard apps allow different types of input. The type of input may vary based on the language you use to type. So, in a nutshell, both keyboards perform pretty similarly.

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Accents and Special Characters

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Accents and Special Characters

When it comes to adding accents and other special characters, it has become a pretty compulsory aspect these days. Many individuals tend to use accents and special characters when typing messages.

Well, in that case, both keyboards have different functionalities. Most modern keyboards have hidden accents under each key. To show those hidden characters, you should hold the respective key.

On the SwiftKey keyboard, the functionality is better. It is disabled in the settings by default. However, you can see those accents and other special characters by merely holding a key.

When it comes to Gboard, however, Gboard shows one character on each key except for the full stop. Swiftkey has a very slight edge in this aspect.

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Emoji and GIF

As you know, emojis and GIFs have become very popular among those who text. So, having a keyboard that supports emojis and GIFs is mandatory. Both Gboard and SwiftKey keyboards come with a variety of emojis ad GIFs. They are integrated with GIPHY. Both tools come with a counter emoji tool as well.

With SwiftKey, you get the emojis as you type (which can be very handy at times). However, with Gboard, you see an emoji search tool. Although you get the emoji suggestions with Gboard as well, it is not as consistent as SwiftKey.

When you swipe the spacebar towards the left, emojis are opened with Gboard. In addition to emojis, you can see GIF and Sticker menus in the Gboard. Both SwiftKey and Gboard have eight sections of emojis and stickers, respectively.

With the stickers in SwiftKey, you will be able to create different collections that can be used later on. In addition to that, SwiftKey comes with a basic image editor as well. You can use it to add stickers to images.

Again, the comparison between SwiftKey vs. Gboard doesn’t give a winner in this case.

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Translation

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Translation

When it comes to translation functionality, both Gboard, and SwiftKey do an impressive job. Gboard utilizes Google Translation, and Bing does the translation job on behalf of the SwiftKey keyboard.

In fact, both of these options translate the test perfectly well. Also, they support more than 70 languages. The operation of SwiftKey can work collaboratively with Microsoft Translator.

As a result, SwiftKey doesn’t require the assistance of the internet to translate the text you type. So, even if your phone is offline, Microsoft Translator will do the job for you. In this case, we consider SwiftKey as a winner because it can translate text offline.

SwiftKey vs. Gboard – Other Features

Here are some of the other notable features associated with both of these tools. This information will be handy when you search for a good keyboard for your Android device.


  • It has the ability to record your typing habits and thereby keep a log of your typing stats.
  • You can easily send the current location (in the form of a message) using SwiftKey. To do that, you should tap the location button.
  • The SwiftKey app has a customizer row, and it helps you select various emojis, GIFs, locations, settings, etc. Also, it manages clipboards, translations, and calendars as well.


  • With GBoard, you will see that the wrong-spelled words get highlighted for your convenience.
  • The app comes with the option of providing an on-screen copy. In addition to that, it has tools to cut, paste, and select. You can access the respective feature using the G icon settings of the Gboard app.
  • With the GBoard suggestions bar, you can easily convert emojis into stickers and GIF images.

What’s Common about SwiftKey and Gboard?

Here are the common aspects related to SwiftKey and Gboard.

  • The size of both keyboards can be changed.
  • Both of the keyboards provide the option of incognito mode. More importantly, both of the apps turn on incognito mode automatically in the incognito mode of the browser.
  • SwiftKey and Gboard offer floating keyboard functionality.


1. Is SwiftKey better than Gboard?

SwiftKey excels in predictive typing and customizability, while Gboard shines in Google service integration and speed. The choice between the two depends on your personal preference.

2. Is SwiftKey safe to use?

Yes, SwiftKey, being a product of Microsoft, complies with robust data protection policies. It doesn’t access or store personal data from password fields or secure text input.

3. Is Gboard safe to use?

Yes, Gboard is safe to use. It adheres to Google’s comprehensive privacy policy and ensures user data collected isn’t accessible to other Google services or third-party apps.

4. Does SwiftKey support multiple languages?

Yes, SwiftKey supports over 300 languages and allows you to type in up to five languages simultaneously.

5. Does Gboard support multiple languages?

Yes, Gboard also supports multiple languages and provides a convenient translation feature within the keyboard.

6. Can I customize both SwiftKey and Gboard?

Yes, both SwiftKey and Gboard offer customization options, with SwiftKey providing more extensive options, including the ability to create your own themes.


So, that’s our comparison of SwiftKey vs. Gboard. As we have noticed, the differences between the two tools are minimal. In other words, there are the slightest differences between these two Android keyboards.

So, in general, we should say that there is no clear winner in this comparison. In this case, it is safer to say that both keyboards are ideal for any Android device. If you have different opinions about this article, please let us know.

Also, we are happy to hear if you know of any other keyboards that can perform impressively on Android devices. We appreciate your feedback on this article, as it helps us to grow and advance.


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