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How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone Simply?


Written by Jason Lin

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How To Turn Off Autocorrect On Iphone

Auto-correction can sometimes be frustrating in iPhones as it corrects out wrong phrases and words.

If you want to disable the autocorrect feature on an iPhone but are not sure how to do it, this article could be really helpful to you.

Here, you will get to know how to turn off autocorrect on your iPhone so that you can type whatever you want without worrying about your phrases being changed automatically.

What Does “Autocorrect” Mean?

Autocorrect is one of the great features that one gets in phones. It is even referred to as text replacement, as it replaces words as you type.

This feature is commonly found in smartphones and tablets. Its basic function is to correct typing or spelling errors, saving the user time.

It is software that makes changes or suggestions automatically to whatever one types in and corrects it immediately if one has made any grammatical or spelling error. Due to the advancement in technology, autocorrect can identify more grammatical mistakes effectively and efficiently.

Autocorrect was released in 2007 and is becoming more advanced now and then. Apple’s autocorrect feature is Auto-Correction, which becomes active on every application that uses your iPhone’s keyboard. These applications include Notes, Messages, Emails, and various others.

So, when you think of disabling the autocorrect feature on an iPhone, it will automatically apply to all other applications that use the device’s keyboard, not only the Messages application.

Why Turn Off Autocorrect Function?

Autocorrect is a helpful feature for all on any device. As you know, no one likes to send messages with numerous typos as it appears unprofessional and unclean. Auto-correction is a blessing for people like these.

However, the autocorrect feature in iPhones has been charged with causing problems rather than being helpful. Auto-correction of iPhones matches your contacts, the dictionary, and the words you often use.

It fixes typos in your sentence but changes the meaning of the text altogether, which does not make any sense in most cases.

Sometimes, words that were autocorrected turned out to be so funny. The growing use of the feature of autocorrect on phones has led to the creation of a website called Damn You Auto Correct, where users share and post embarrassing or humorous cases of shocking auto-corrections.

To get rid of situations like these, you need to know “how to turn off autocorrect on iPhone.”

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How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone?

How to turn off autocorrect on your iPhone? The process of turning off Auto-Correction is not much difficult.

You can perform this easy task in some simple steps using Settings on your iPhone.

Steps to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone:

To turn off the feature of autocorrect on iPhones, you need to follow some simple instructions as listed below:

Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone

Step 1: Visit Settings

Initially, you need to visit the settings of your device.

Step 2: Click the Option “General”

After that, you have to click on the option “General” from the settings.

Step 3: Tap on “Keyboard”

From there, look for the option “Keyboard” and tap on it.

Step 4: Click “Auto-Correction”

In the “Keyboard” section, you will find the option of “Auto-Correction.”

Step 5: Switch It Off

Next, you have to slide off the option “Auto-Correction.” It will turn off the feature of autocorrect on your device.

Now, you have successfully turned off autocorrect on your device. By doing so, you no longer have to worry about being autocorrected when using the keyboard of your iPhone.

On the other hand, you can turn on the feature of autocorrect anytime. For this, you have to visit ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’ and, after that, ‘Keyboard.’

From there, tap on the switch of Auto-Correction. Auto-Correction will be back to work on your device.

So, “how to turn off autocorrect on iPhone” is quite easy.

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While autocorrect has its benefits, it’s not for everyone. Luckily, Apple provides options to customize or disable autocorrect to best suit your typing style. So, go ahead and give these settings a try – and take control of your keyboard!


  1. Can I turn autocorrect back on?
    • Yes, just follow the steps above and toggle ‘Auto-Correction’ back on.
  2. Will disabling autocorrect affect my other devices?
    • No, these settings only apply to the device you change them on.
  3. Can I set autocorrect options for different languages?
    • Yes, autocorrect settings can be adjusted for each keyboard language separately.
  4. What’s the benefit of text replacement?
    • Text replacement allows you to create shortcuts for phrases you type frequently, saving time and keystrokes.
  5. Can I still have spell check if I disable autocorrect?
    • Yes, you can turn on ‘Check Spelling’ to underline misspelled words without auto-correcting them.


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