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SIM Failure on iPhone – The Reasons and Different Fixes 2024!


Written by Jack Lin

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SIM Failure iPhone

The last thing you want is a SIM failure on your iPhone before making an urgent phone call.

If you are bothered due to such an error and looking for a solution, this article is your guideline.

So, keep reading and learn the reasons and solutions to SIM card failures on your iPhone.

Reasons for SIM Failure on iPhone 

Before we look into the solutions to fix the SIM failure on iPhone, let’s learn the possible reasons for it.

Obviously, the reasons can either relate to the hardware or software of the faulty iPhone.

That said, we intend to list down the most common reasons for your iPhone to experience SIM failures.  

  • In some cases, the issue may relate to nothing but the SIM tray itself. For instance, if your device’s SIM tray has dust or if it is placed incorrectly, there can be issues. In addition to that, SIM failure on iPhone can occur when the SIM tray hasn’t closed properly. The iPhone cannot recognize the SIM even if you insert it.
  • If your SIM card has some physical defects (damages), you are likely to experience issues.
  • If the iPhone has other isolated errors, it can lead to SIM failure errors. In order to check if the respective error is related to iPhone itself, you should force restart the device.
  • The OS version may have several bugs that may lead to various SIM card errors. In that case, you can either downgrade or upgrade iOS issues and check the potential glitches.
  • Your iPhone itself might have some hardware issues, and those errors will eventually trigger SIM card malfunctioning.

Besides, if you come across SIM not provisioned for voice on your device and looking for solutions, we explain the most appropriate fixes you can try.

Many iPhone owners are frustrated by the “SIM failure” warning. Is your iPhone giving errors like “SIM card failure,” “no SIM card installed,” or “Invalid SIM“? If so, try the following common solutions.

If you’re having trouble with your iPhone’s SIM card, try the following.

  • Check if you have an active plan with your network carrier. If it is not active at the moment, you are likely to experience SIM failure on your iPhone.
  • Check if you have any new updates from your service provider. In many cases, outdated iOS devices are likely to give various errors, including SIM failure on iPhones. So, it is mandatory to update your device to the newest possible version to prevent unwanted errors. Go to “Settings” and select “General.” Then, go to “About.” Now, you will see any available updates. If you don’t see any updates, make sure that you install them.  
  • Turn your iPhone off. After that, switch it on again.
  • Inspect the iPhone’s SIM card slot. There are issues with the phone’s closure if you use a SIM tray designed for a different version. Try re-inserting your SIM card after you’ve removed it and double-check that the SIM slot is closed properly.
Solutions for SIM-Related Issues on Your iPhone
  • You must check for available updates in your iOS version. For instance, if there are carrier updates, you better install them. Updating the iOS to the most recent version will help you fix many minor issues, including SIM failures.
  • Make sure that you use a different SIM if none of the above solutions have worked for you. In some cases, the issue can be directly related to the SIM’s physical condition. For instance, your SIM may have small dents or cracks in it that can hardly be seen. If you cannot find an extra SIM, you can request a new one from your carrier. Then, you should see if it works with the iPhone.

And those are the most basic solutions you can try if you experience SIM failure on your iPhone.

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What if the SIM Failure Has Occurred Due to a System Issue in Your iPhone?

A SIM card may or may not cause issues with your iPhone. As is often the case, the issue lies inside the system itself. The iPhone’s inherent flaws are the primary cause of SIM failures on the device. What if the respective iPhone is having issues because it is not recognizing the SIM card?

If that is the case, fixing your device’s iOS system is all that’s required. There’s a chance that jailbreaking your iPhone will cause your SIM card to stop working.

In addition to that, it can happen due to jailbreaking as well. The best part is that it can be quickly fixed by either restarting or entering recovery mode.

Nevertheless, you should remember that SIM failures could be the result of a serious flaw in the system. In this case, you will have to go for a system repair. But you don’t have to get too intimidated by the term “system repair,” thanks to the tools mentioned below.

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Option 01: Use Tenorshare ReiBoot to Repair Your iOS System

This is something that Tenorshare ReiBoot is able to take care of. It’s a reliable and popular program that’s used by professionals all around the world for restoring iOS devices.

To learn how to use ReiBoot to fix your iOS device, read this comprehensive tutorial.

  • First, you should download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer through the official website.
  • Now, you should connect the iPhone to your PC. When the device is correctly recognized and you can use it, tap on the button labeled “Start.” This will allow you to use the iOS system recovery tool of ReiBoot with your device.
Tenorshare ReiBoot
  •  Once you have done that, you should select the method that matches your requirement. Once the respective method is selected, you should read the instructions carefully so you can avoid potential failures.
Tenorshare ReiBoot - Standard Repair
  • After that, you should download the firmware package to proceed. Click on the option called “Download” so the software will download the most recent firmware package. Please note that this will take a couple of minutes to complete.
Download Firmware
  • When the firmware package is installed, you should click on the button labeled “Start Repairing.” That will start the system recovery process. This process will take a couple of minutes to get completed too. Once the repair is completed, the iOS device will reboot automatically.
Fix SIM Failure on iPhone using Tenorshare ReiBoot

Option 02: Use iToolab FixGo

If you suspect that SIM failure on iPhone is caused due to an iOS error, here’s another option. This is iToolab FixGo, designed specifically to address various issues on your iOS device. This tool has the ability to identify more than 200 issues on your iOS device.

For instance, this application can detect errors like the spinning circle, black screen, restoration issues, and so on. It works with all the latest versions of iOS. Moreover, it comes with the ability to exit or enter recovery mode with a single click.

FixGo will be able to reset unresponsive iPhones even if you don’t have their passcodes. Also, you can perform downgrades to your iOS while retaining the data.

Fixing SIM Card Failure Issues Using FixGo

In this section, let’s learn how to fix SIM failure on iPhone using the FixGo tool. The process is very easy compared to other standard methods.

Step 01: Download and Install FixGo

As the first step, you should download FixGo on your PC and install it through the official website. The process is very easy, thanks to the convenient user interface.

Step 02: Connect Your iPhone to the Same PC

Now, you should use a lightning cable and connect your iOS device to the same PC. After that, you should open the FixGo application and select “Standard Mode.” That will take you to the next screen.

iToolab FixGo
Step 03: Download the Firmware

Now you should start repairing the device. To make it happen, you must download the most recent firmware version. Click the button labeled “Change.”

Then, you should define a path to save the firmware. After that, you should click the button labeled “Download.” That will start downloading the firmware on your device. To accomplish this task, you are supposed to have a solid, strong internet connection.

Download Firmware using FixGo
Step 04: Start Fixing

Now that the download is completed, you should click on the button labeled “Repair Now.” That will help you finalize the repair process. Then, all you need is to wait for the download bar to reach its end.

Fix SIM Failure on iPhone using FixGo

Get in Touch with Apple Support

If you still experience the same issue after trying all those methods, you can simply contact Apple Support.

They will go through the nature of the issue and find an appropriate solution to address it. Apple will dedicate one of its representatives to attend to your matter and help you.

Also, in this article, let’s figure out how to change caller ID on your iPhone effortlessly and what you can do if your caller ID is not working.


Q1: Can a damaged SIM card be repaired?

A1: Unfortunately, physical damage to a SIM card cannot be repaired. If your SIM card is damaged, it’s best to contact your service provider for a replacement.

Q2: Will resetting network settings erase my personal data?

A2: No, resetting network settings will not erase your personal data. It only removes saved Wi-Fi networks and their passwords.

Q3: How often should I update my iPhone’s iOS?

A3: It’s recommended to keep your iPhone’s iOS up to date by installing the latest updates whenever they become available. This ensures you have the latest security patches and bug fixes.

Q4: Can a network problem cause SIM failure?

A4: Yes, network problems, such as weak signals or service disruptions, can result in SIM failure. If you suspect a network issue, contact your service provider for assistance.

Q5: Can I fix a SIM failure issue myself, or do I need professional help?

A5: You can try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article to resolve SIM failure issues on your own. However, if the problem persists, it’s advisable to seek professional help from Apple Support.


Well, the above article can be considered as your guide if you experience a SIM failure on an iPhone issue.

There are several different methods to try, as mentioned in our article. Some of those methods are standard, and others are somewhat advanced.

The two professional tools mentioned above (Tenorshare ReiBoot and iToolab FixGo) can make things a lot easier for you. Those tools can save you plenty of time and guarantee a higher success rate than other options.


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