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How to See WiFi Password on iPhone & iPad?


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See WiFi Password on iPhone

Do you need to know how to see WiFi passwords on iPhone or iCloud security codes for some reason or another? If so, this article would be a really handy guide for you.

So, read on if you like to know how to see WiFi passwords on an iPad or iPhone.

Almost all the WiFi networks used across the globe are protected with passwords. That is the most commonly used security protocol associated with WiFi networks.

Be it a residential or a commercial network, all those networks are secured with passwords. Many individuals use passwords instead of MAC filtering and non-broadcasting SSID strategies, particularly because of their simplicity.

If you have a password on your Wi-Fi connection, you should enter the password to use the internet. Once you enter the password on the iPhone, it will be remembered by the device.

You don’t have to reenter the password to connect to the same network. The password will remain saved unless you reset the iPhone’s network connections.

However, you can hardly see those passwords on your iPhone once they are entered. There is no feature included in iPhones or iPads to access the saved passwords directly.

Does that mean you cannot see WiFi passwords on your iPhone? Probably not! If you read this article, you can learn how to find WiFi passwords on your iPhone.

Why Doesn’t Apple Want to See WiFi Passwords on iPhone or iPad?

The sole purpose of having the WiFi password hidden on your iOS device is to assure discreteness. That means the owner of the WiFi connection should already have the password remembered.

He or she doesn’t need to see it from the settings of the iPhone. If you are already connected to the network, you can go to the router’s configuration page and retrieve the password.

However, things are different when someone else uses your phone. Even if they have your iPhone in their hands, they cannot see WiFi passwords on the iPad or iPhone.

So, in a nutshell, Apple doesn’t want you to see the WiFi password on the iPhone to ensure security. They respect your privacy and want to keep intruders away from your network.

See WiFi Passwords on iPhone or iPad

What Should You Do to See the WiFi Passwords on Your iPad or iPhone?

Despite Apple’s security measures, individuals often forget their WiFi passwords in the practical world. We have many passwords to remember nowadays – from social media to online banking accounts.

Well, if you have forgotten the password of the WiFi network you own, what you should you do? Is it gone forever? Probably not!

Picture a situation where you have reset the connections of the iPhone and forgotten the WiFi password. Resetting the network connections erase the WiFi password from your iOS device.

Also, what if you want to connect another device to the same network and hardly remember the password? You can easily forget your home WiFi password because you don’t enter it regularly.

Once it is entered on your iPhone, you continue to use it without re-entering it. Since you don’t refresh the memory, you are less likely to remember the password.

As you can realize, there are legitimate requirements for a person to view the password of your WiFi connection. In that case, there should be some way to explore through the iPhone and acquire the password.

However, once again, you should remember that there is no official system to acquire the password. Therefore, you will have to get the assistance of third-party software. There are several ways to see WiFi passwords on iPhones.

Some of the methods work on jailbroken phones, while others work normally. You can also consider using the Keychain app to acquire the password. However, it should have the mac connected to the WiFi network you are trying to explore.

Acquiring the password is a walk in the park if you can access the router’s control panel. You don’t need to use any software or complex method to see the password. All you have to do is to log into the router page and see the password.

How to See a WiFi Password on iPhone Which is Not Jailbroken?

Cydia comprises a range of apps that can find the password of the WiFi connection. However, Apple App Store doesn’t offer any of those apps. Well, the reason is quite understandable.

Why should Apple offer an app that conflicts with one of its basic security measures? In a nutshell, you cannot find an app in the App Store that reveals the password. So, forget about it.

However, on the other hand, you can use an app to store the WiFi passwords and acquire them later. You can search on the Appstore and find several apps that manage your passwords. You can open that password manager and see if you have forgotten any passwords.

How Do You See a Jailbroken WiFi Password on an iPad or iPhone?

When it comes to jailbroken iOS devices, you can use Cydia and find an app to acquire the password. After opening the app on the device, you can easily acquire the passwords of the connected WiFi networks.

Use Keychain to Find the WiFi Passwords

As you may already know, the keychain is a default feature Apple offers iOS users. This feature stores all the passwords you use within the account (including the WiFi passwords).

Acquiring the password through Keychain is simple if you have a Mac connected to the same network. You should synchronize the Keychain with the iCloud account linked with the devices to do that.

To do this, the iOS device must have iOS 11 or higher. The iOS device’s passwords will be shared with the other devices under the same iCloud account.

Use Keychain to Find the WiFi Passwords

See WiFi Password on iPhone using Tenorshare 4uKey – iOS Password Manager

If you don’t want to compromise the safety of the iPhone and still need a password finder, use 4uKey – iOS Password Manager.

This really powerful app lets you acquire all the passwords saved on an iOS device. Its capabilities aren’t limited to finding WiFi passwords. Instead, it can acquire pretty much all the passwords.

It stores your app logins, website passwords, mail passwords, social media passwords, etc., and WiFi passwords. It sores even the credit card information. This tool has a convenient interface that can be used even by a novice user.

See WiFi Password on iPhone using Tenorshare 4uKey

Main features of Tenorshare 4uKey – iOS Password Manager

  • It can find all the saved WiFi passwords on iOS devices, Macs, and PCs
  • It can recover the passwords of websites, apps, and mail logins
  • Perform a scan to view the mail accounts and credit card details you have saved
  • It reveals the Apple ID and other credentials on the respective iOS device
  • It lets you transfer the passwords to other password manager apps


1. Is it legal to jailbreak my iPhone or iPad? Jailbreaking your iOS device may void your warranty and is not endorsed or supported by Apple. It is important to consider the legal implications and potential risks before proceeding with a jailbreak.

2. Can I view Wi-Fi passwords on someone else’s iPhone or iPad? No, you cannot view Wi-Fi passwords on someone else’s iOS device without their permission. Respecting the privacy of others is essential, and it is best to seek the owner’s consent before accessing their device or sensitive information.

3. What if I forget my iCloud Keychain password? If you forget your iCloud Keychain password, you can reset it using your Apple ID. Visit the Apple ID account page and follow the instructions to regain access to your Keychain.

4. Can I view Wi-Fi passwords on non-iOS devices? The methods described in this article are specific to iOS devices. However, other operating systems and devices may have their own methods for viewing Wi-Fi passwords. Consult the documentation or support resources for your particular device or operating system.

5. How can I secure my Wi-Fi network and password? To secure your Wi-Fi network, use a strong, unique password that combines letters, numbers, and special characters. Regularly update your router’s firmware and consider enabling additional security features such as WPA3 encryption.


Well, that is how to see the WiFi password on your iPhone or iPad. We hope this information will be handy for any iOS device user who often forgets passwords.


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