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Solutions for “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” Error on Your Mobile


Written by Jack Lin

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SIM Not Provisioned For Voice

SIM not provisioned for voice is not a common issue that relates to your mobile. In fact, this issue can appear on phones that operate with the assistance of SIMs.

Also, you may experience this specific error when you insert or replace a SIM card on the device.

Interestingly, some devices experience this device more regularly than others. So, if you come across “SIM not provisioned for voice” on your device and looking for solutions, keep reading.

In this article, we explain the most appropriate fixes you can try to fix this error.

Introduction to “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” 

Before learning about this specific error, you can go ahead and learn what it is. If you experience this error on your device, that will prevent you from making phone calls. However, it may allow you to use all the other features on the same device.

For instance, it will let you use the mobile device to access the internet, play games, record videos, etc. That means this error relates to the functionality of your SIM card or the network service provider.

With that said, let’s go ahead and learn the main reasons for this error to appear.

  1. As a result of swapping your SIM cards.
  2. You are trying to insert a new SIM card.
  3. The servers of the respective SIM card provider are down.
  4. There are some errors pertaining to the network (harsh weather or weak network coverage).
  5. You are transferring contacts to the brand-new card (SIM).

Also, it is noticeable that this error is so popular among the devices that use Wi-Fi networks.

PS: if anyone wonders can you track a SIM card on another phone, here is the right guide you should check out.

Practical Solutions to Try if You Experience if Your SIM Not Provisioned for Voice

Now that you have a general idea about this error. Let’s learn the fixes. In fact, there are several fixes to try, so you can go ahead and learn them. You don’t have to try all these fixes. Instead, just go ahead and try one fix after the other and stop when it works. So, let’s go ahead and learn them.

Besides, if you wonder what this number is no longer in service text means, read this article carefully to figure out why this happens when you call someone?

Solution 01: Restart the Device

One of the simplest yet most effective fixes is performing a restart. In fact, this specific solution can fix many minor errors and glitches related to your device. Interestingly, many users have found this fix to be highly effective. Please note that the way you restart an Android device might vary based on the brand and the model.

You will be able to experience a variety of benefits by restarting your device. Basically, restarting is always a handy option to clear up the memory of your device and prevent potential crashes.

Also, restarting might prolong the life span of the battery and may help your device to perform smoother.

Restart device to fix SIM not provisioned for voice error

So, if your device has started to give SIM not provisioned for voice error, restart the device first. Since it is a very convenient fix to try, it is always worth trying this method. Restart the device and see if it works as expected. If that doesn’t work, you can go to the next solution.

Solution 02: Get Your SIM Card Activated

There can be some issues pertaining to the activation of SIM cards as well. That means not all SIM cards are designed to be plug-n-play. With some SIM cards, you will have to perform some configuration work.

However, in many cases, you’re just supposed to put the SIM card in and wait for a day or so. The activation will happen automatically from their end, and it is more of an automatic process.

If the activation doesn’t take place automatically, you will have to call a certain number. That number is an automated one, and it will allow you to activate the SIM.

Also, some SIMs require you to send an SMS or even to sign to the carrier’s page. That means the way you log in might vary based on the service provider. After activating the SIM card, you will be able to use the SIM card.

Solution 03: See If Your SIM Card is Inserted Correctly

For many readers, this might sound like a pretty basic idea. However, a surprising number of users get this error due to improper SIM card installation. Improperly used SIM cards will not transfer data correctly, so no calls can be made. The method is very simple and manual. What you should do is switch on the phone before proceeding with SIM removal.

Then, you should remove the respective SIM card from the phone carefully. Check if the SIM is damaged, scratched, stained, or cracked. Anyway, gently wipe the SIM properly with a clean piece of cloth before reinstalling it. Then, carefully reinstall the SIM in the appropriate slot.

See if your SIM card is inserted correctly

Once the SIM is reinserted, you should switch the device on. After that, you will be able to see if it works. Check if the error is fixed. Please note that the method to remove and reinstall the device may depend on your phone’s brand and model.

Solution 04: Top-up the Credit

In some cases, you cannot activate your SIM card unless it is reloaded (top-up). If that is the case, you will have to activate the SIM card simply by topping it up. In some cases, you can activate the SIM card simply by topping it up by $1.

After topping it up, you can restart the device and see if it works. You can also restart the SIM. You can see that the device is working correctly without the “SIM not provisioned for voice” error. Please make sure that you wait for about 10 seconds after switching off the device to restart it.

Solution 05: Try a New Network Service Provider

This could be yet another fix you can experiment with to fix SIM not provisioned for voice. In this case, you are supposed to try a different network service provider and see if it works.

However, this option should be tried if none of the above fixes have worked for you so far. By switching to a totally new service provider, you may be able to fix this error.

In order to get this error fixed, you should simply go to a different network provider. But the good news is that you can do it without physically going out. Modern-day vendors offer network connections online.

All you need is to order a new connection online. After porting to a new service, you can see if your problem is solved. There are many options to try if you want to get the assistance of a new service. So, go ahead and find the most appropriate carrier that matches your requirement and budget.

Solution 06: Get the Assistance of the Provider of Your SIM

If you are yet to succeed even after trying all of the above methods, there’s another solution. In this case, you will have to contact the SIM provider and check what they can do. In many cases, they will provide the necessary support. There are some cases that should be fixed from their end. So, you can give it a try.

As per this solution, you will have to contact the SIM provider. Then, explain the kind of error you have. Your carrier will see what he can do.

If you experience SIM not provisioned for voice error due to server error, you should wait. Such errors will be fixed by their end, and it needs some time. The good news is that they will explain what has happened to your connection.

Solution 07: Ask the Community

Pretty much all the carriers have massive communities that are related to network services. If you don’t want to follow any of these instructions, you can seek the assistance of this community. Also, it will avoid long telephone calls. All you need is to go through the solutions provided in the online community.

That community comprises expert users as well, and they will share their expertise to solve your errors. They are not paid or hired individuals. They volunteer their knowledge. So, you are most likely to find an appropriate answer for yourself.

There are plenty of communities to find such solutions. All you need is a good search in the Google search engine.

Solution 08: Get a New SIM Card

Perhaps, this isn’t the perfect solution to address the “SIM not provisioned for voice” error. The existing SIM card might contain the numbers of friends as well as family members. However, this might be a solution that could work.

In fact, going for a newer SIM card is a pretty simple and straightforward process. In many cases, you will obtain a newer SIM card by visiting a phone shop.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long does it take to activate a SIM card?

A: The time taken to activate a SIM card can vary depending on the mobile network provider. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Q: Can I activate my SIM card online?

A: Yes, many mobile network providers offer online activation services. Visit their website or use their mobile app to activate your SIM card.

Q: What should I do if my SIM card has expired?

A: If your SIM card has expired, you will need to contact your mobile network provider to obtain a new SIM card and complete the activation process.

Q: Is the “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” error specific to certain mobile devices?

A: No, the error can occur on any mobile device that uses a SIM card for voice communication. It is not limited to any specific brand or model.

Q: Will resetting my mobile device resolve the error?

A: Resetting your mobile device to factory settings is a last resort and should only be considered after exhausting all other troubleshooting options. It may help in some cases, but ensure you back up your data before proceeding.

Q: Can I use a different SIM card in my device to bypass the error?

A: Using a different SIM card may allow you to make calls, but it will not address the underlying issue. It’s best to resolve the “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” error with the help of your mobile network provider.


If you’ve gone through the entire content, you will be able to fix SIM not provisioned for voice error. At least one of the above solutions might get you out of this situation. Some of the above methods are easier, while others are somewhat difficult. But none of the solutions are super-difficult.

After trying each of those fixes, you are supposed to switch off the device for a couple of minutes. That will help the device to restart in fresh mode. The efficiency of the solutions provided above may differ based on the device model and the brand.

Also, be sure to clean your phone in a timely manner to get rid of junk files and leftovers. Be sure to have a good antivirus app installed on it. If you have more doubts about SIM not being provisioned for voice, please let us know.


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