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Lenovo Stuck On Boot Menu

Is your Lenovo stuck on the boot menu? Don’t be upset, as you are not the only one to experience this issue. After trying a couple of restarts, you might be frustrated now.

However, the solutions presented in this article will help you escape the situation easily.

Part 1: What Makes Lenovo Stuck on the Boot Menu?

There are various causes for the “Lenovo stuck on boot menu” error. It can relate to software or hardware. To get a better idea about this error, let’s look at the list of causes.

1. Due to a Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure is one of the most common reasons for Lenovo laptops to be stuck on their boot menu. As a result of such a failure, the system will display an error message. It might say “Windows boot error” or “No boot sector found.”

With that message, you’ll see that your Lenovo PC stops booting, and the Lenovo logo will be displayed.

Issues in Windows OS can lead to various issues in your PC. So, if your Lenovo is stuck on the boot menu, that could be linked to an OS-related issue. In some cases, malware infections can corrupt your OS and prevent it from booting.

In addition to that, your PC can experience issues like improperly installed applications and corrupted drivers. In addition, failed windows updates can cause the same issue.

Part 2: Solutions to Try if Lenovo Stuck on the Boot Menu 

Now that you know the reasons behind this issue, it’s time to look at the solutions. We believe that at least one of the solutions mentioned below will help to fix the error.

Solution 01: Get Rid of the External Devices That Are Plugged in

As the first step, we suggest you unplug all the peripheral devices that are plugged in. We suggest this method as those devices can interfere with the OS and prevent it from booting.

For instance, devices like scanners, MP3 players, scanners, digital cameras, USB drives, external hard drives, etc., should be unplugged.

If you use a laptop, make sure that you remove its battery and put it back after 10 seconds. However, if you use a desktop, unplug it from the power outlet and plug it in.

However, if you don’t want to remove the battery, just press its Power Key and hold it. Release it after 10 seconds so you can force shutdown.

Then, you should press the Power button once again. You should also press the Shift key when the PC boots up. Although it can be effective, it is associated with data loss.

Besides, let’s figure out how to repair Windows 10 without a CD.

Solution 02: Make Use of the Diagnostics

Lenovo PCs come with special diagnostic tools to address various issues. You can find this tool in “Lenovo Solutions Center.” If you are a Lenovo user, you can use these tools to overcome various issues associated with your PC. You can use these tools to resolve issues that appear in OS versions 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Lenovo tools allow you to scan the hardware of the system. It also updates your software and goes through the system information. As a result, it can get a complete understanding of speed and performance.

To launch these features, you will have to press F1, F2, F9, F10, F11, and F12. These presses can get you into the boot menu on a Lenovo PC.

Users will be able to sue Lenovo Diagnostics to test the status of the hard drive. If the hard drive experiences some issues, the respective user has to go for a different hard drive.

Solution 03: Reset Your Lenovo Laptop’s BIOS

Is your first boot device set to another disk rather than the system’s hard drive? If so, your system has a greater risk of getting stuck in the boot loop. In this case, you should reset the BIOS to its original settings. You will need to restart the PC and hit F2 to enter BIOS first.

Then, you should see the instructions on the screen to load its default settings. Then, save the changes you have made and exit the BIOS window.

Also, here are the top solutions for you to fix the file boot BCD error code 0xc00000e9 you should check out. 

Solution 04: Try an Automatic Repair to Fix Lenovo Stuck on Boot Menu

Automatic repair is a specific method that helps you repair the OS of your PC. You can use automatic repair for the Lenovo PC to get rid of this issue. To use this feature, you can use the following method.

Please note that you need a Windows installation disk to perform this task on your PC.

  • Boot your PC from a Windows installation disk.
  • Go to the option called “Repair Your Computer.”
  • Go to the “Troubleshoot” option and choose “Advanced Options.” Then, choose “Automatic Repair.”
Try Automatic Repair to fix Lenovo Stuck On Boot Menu
  • You should be patient for a couple of minutes so the laptop will be repaired.

Solution 05: Fix Any Potential Boot Sector Issues

If your PC’s boot sector has some issues (missing or corrupted boot sector), it can cause some trouble. However, you will be able to fix this issue without much trouble using the command prompt.  

Please note that this method requires a Windows installation disk.

  • First, you should boot your computer using the Windows disk. You can use Windows 10, 8, or 7 to do this.
  • Now, you should go to the option “Repair your Computer.” Then, go to Troubleshoot and select Advanced options. Then, you should go to the “Command Prompt” as well.
  • After that, you will see the command prompt window. Just input the commands mentioned below.
input the commands

Solution 06: If Your Lenovo is Stuck on the Boot Menu, Reset It to Factory Settings

If none of the above options have worked for you, the next resort is a factory reset. If not, you can even reinstall the OS. To do that, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, press your power button with F9 to activate the “Automatic Repair” program.
  • Go to “Advanced Options” and choose “Troubleshoot.” Then, you should have the option called “Reset this PC.”
Factory Reset to fix Lenovo Stuck On Boot Menu

Solution 07: Reinstall Windows

As mentioned before, the next resort is to reinstall Windows. Here are the steps you should follow to reinstall Windows.

  • First, you should restart your PC and hit F2 as it boots. For some computers, you may have to use F9, Esc, or Del key to do the same. Then, you should select a disk to boot the PC.
  • You should insert your DVD or USB flash into the PC and reboot it. Once the PC is booted into the Setup, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Choose a language as per your choice. Select currency and time as well.
  • Now, press the “Install” button to follow the instructions to reinstall Windows OS.

Solution 08: Use Recoverit If Your Lenovo is Stuck on the Boot Menu 

If all of the above methods have failed, the best option is to use Recoverit. In this case, you will have to use a data recovery tool like Recoverit and get the lost data. This excellent tool lets you recover data from any PC, even if it is unbootable.

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to recover data from your PC, even if it’s unbootable.

• Install Recoverit

First, you should download the Recoverit Data Recovery tool and install it on a different PC. Then, launch the application and select the option “Data Recovery.” You should select the option called “System Crash Data Recovery.” Then, click on the button labeled “Start.”


• Create the Bootable Disk

Now, click on “Create” to proceed. After that, you will be prompted to format the USB.

Create the Bootable Disk

So, be sure to keep a backup of that data as well. Click on the option called “Format Now.”

Recoverit Format Now

Now, Recoverit will start to create a bootable drive. Just leave the device untouched until the device is created.

create a bootable drive with Recoverit

• Change Your PC’s Boot Sequence

The application will create the bootable drive in a couple of minutes. To use it, however, you should change your PC’s boot sequence.

Now, you should restart the PC. Then, go to your PC’s BIOS settings through F12. However, based on your PC’s model, the key you should press might vary.

Change PC Boot Squence to fix Lenovo Stuck On Boot Menu

The process is now completed, and you should open the Recoverit tool using the bootable device. You can follow its on-screen instructions.

As a result, Recoverit will start to recover the data. Then, you can save the recovered data on an external hard drive or a USB flash.

recover the data with Recoverit

Solution 09: Boot in Safe Mode

You should reboot the PC using Safe Mode to fix Lenovo stuck on the boot menu issue in this method. As a result of booting in Safe Mode, your PC may overcome the potential issues.

Below are steps you should take to boot your PC into Safe Mode.

  • Restart your PC. Then, hit “F8” (in some models, it is F8 + SHIFT) when you see the logo.
  • Select the “Safe Mode” option from the screen and hit Enter.”
Boot in Safe Mode to fix Lenovo Stuck On Boot Menu
  • That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I access the Boot Menu on a Lenovo laptop?

To access the Boot Menu on a Lenovo laptop, restart your system and immediately press the key specified by your manufacturer. Common keys include F12, F11, or F8. Consult your user manual or visit the Lenovo support website for specific instructions based on your laptop model.

2. Why does my Lenovo laptop keep getting stuck on the Boot Menu?

There can be several reasons why your Lenovo laptop keeps getting stuck on the Boot Menu, such as incorrect boot device priority settings, presence of external devices causing conflicts, outdated or incompatible drivers, loose connections or issues with the hard drive, or corrupted system files.

3. Will resetting the BIOS settings delete my data?

No, resetting the BIOS settings will not delete your data. The BIOS settings are responsible for hardware configuration and boot priorities, and resetting them will not affect your files or personal data.

4. How long does a clean installation of Windows take?

The duration of a clean installation of Windows can vary depending on various factors such as the system’s hardware specifications, the version of Windows being installed, and the installation method. On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to complete the installation process.

5. Can I perform a clean installation of Windows without a USB drive?

Yes, you can perform a clean installation of Windows without a USB drive by using a DVD installation media instead. Simply create a bootable DVD with the Windows installation files and follow the same steps mentioned in the article.

The Bottom Line

The above is the most practical list of solutions to overcome the “Lenovo stuck on boot menu” error.

Any user can practice these solutions because we have explained them in detail. If you cannot boot your PC, you can use Recoverit and retrieve the data.


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