How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0xc0000098: Solutions and Causes


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0xc0000098 windows 10
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You may run into Windows 10 error code 0xc0000098 while booting the computer system. It becomes frustrating to encounter the same error code again and again on your PC.

It is intimidating to get stuck on a black/blue screen if you are trying to boot your computer system, update Windows operating system, install some software, etc. But, no worries, this is a common error, and you can fix it by yourself.   

If you encounter with 0xc0000098 Windows 10 error code and trying to find the solution to fix it, then you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, we have covered the reasons for this Blue Screen of Death error and mentioned solutions that will help you fix this problem.

Read on to know the different methods of fixing the 0xc0000098 Windows 10 error code.

What is the 0xc0000098 Windows 10 Error Code?

0xc0000098 Windows 10 error

When you start your computer, Boot Configuration Data (BCD) provides essential information to load all the data in the operating system. However, when Boot Configuration Data becomes corrupted, it causes Windows 10 error code 0xc0000098 to occur on your computer system. There are two reasons which cause this error.

  • 1. The first reason is mentioned above; when BCD stops loading data in the operating system, you encounter this error. This might happen due to power outages, disc errors, boot viruses, or manual boot processes.
  • 2. The second reason is the incompatible hard disc drive.

How to Fix the 0xc0000098 Windows 10 Error?

This Windows error is caused due to many reasons. Below we have mentioned all the possible reasons and their solution. If you do not know the exact cause, then try every solution given below and find out which one works for you.

Solution 1: Try to Build BCD Manually to Fix 0xc0000098 Windows 10 Error

It is not possible to work on your computer normally due to a BSOD error. You must use a Windows recovery drive to solve this problem. To do so, install USB media or a DVD/CD.

Following are the steps that will guide you through the installation of new bootable media and reboot your computer system. 

Step 1: Prepare Bootable Media

If you have not installed bootable media, you need to prepare the media on your own. Read on to know the process of preparing bootable media.

1. Visit Windows 10 or Windows 8 or Windows 7 download page. 

Download Windows

2. Download the bootable media and save it. 

3. Double-click on the Media Creation Toolbar to launch the operation. 

4. Choose the second option, ‘Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC.’

Create installation media

5. Choose the configurations like language, architecture, and edition for the system.

6. Select your preferred bootable media. In case you are choosing a USB flash drive, make sure to use at least 8GB of space. Plus, the flash drive needs to be blank. 

7. Follow the instructions shown on your computer system and complete the setup. 

Step 2: Fix Your Boot Order

After starting your computer in the BIOS setup, you must change the boot order in your preferred installation media. Plus, if you are using a flash drive, then make sure to select ‘Removable Devices‘ as the first boot drive.

Follow the below steps to fix your boot order.

1. Restart your computer.

2. When Windows starts the booting process, hit the function key (F12, or F2, or F8, or Esc, or Delete keys) to enter into BIOS setup. The function keys vary in every computer. 

Fix boot order

3. After entering into BIOS setup windows, visit the ‘Boot‘ sector and select ‘CD‘ or ‘Removable Devices‘ as the first boot choice. 

4. Click ‘Save‘ and exit from the Window. 

Step 3: Use a USB Flash Drive or Repair Disc to Boot the System

Follow the below guide to boot your system with installation, or USB flash drive, or repair disc to fix the 0xc0000098 Windows 10 error code.

1. Use USB/DVD/CD as bootable media to boot your computer system. 

2. Go to the ‘Window Setup‘ menu and press the ‘Next‘ button.

3. Choose the option ‘Repair your computer‘ in the below-left corner.

4. Click on the ‘Troubleshoot‘ option, then ‘Advance Option,’ and finally ‘Command Prompt.’

Command prompt

5. In the Command Prompt window, type the below commands and press ‘Enter‘ after typing each command.

  • bootrec /scanos
  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd 

If the commands properly work, type ‘Y‘ and hit ‘Enter.’

After typing the above commands, close the window of the Command Prompt and try rebooting your system. Check whether the 0xc0000098 Windows 10 error code persists.  

Solution 2: Startup Repair to Fix 0xc0000098 Windows 10 Error

Startup Repair is a tool that helps you to diagnose common errors and repair them. To complete the process successfully, you might need to run this tool two or three times.

Below is the complete guide to carrying out this operation.

1. Use CD/DVD/USB as the bootable media to boot the system. 

2. Choose the option ‘Repair your computer‘ in the below-left corner.

3. Click on the ‘Troubleshoot‘ option, then ‘Advance Option,’ and finally ‘Start-up Repair.’

Start-up Repair

4. The Startup Repair tool will scan all the possible errors in your computer system and automatically repair them. 

5. If it fails to do so, run Startup Repair again.

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Solution 3: Run System File Checker to Fix 0xc0000098 Windows 10 Error

The corrupted or missing system files are one of the reasons that cause the Windows 10 error code 0xc0000098. To fix this problem, run System File Checker. It searches the missing or corrupted files and fixes them automatically.

The below guide will help you to do so.

1. Go to ‘Command Prompt‘ and type the following command. Do not forget to press ‘Enter‘ after each command. 

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c: \ /offwindir=c: \windows

2. After that, wait till it scans the issues and fixes them. 

Solution 4: CHKDSK to Fix 0xc0000098 Windows 10 Error

CHKDSK is an acronym for ‘check disk,’ which helps you to check disc and diagnose system file errors. To carry out this operation, follow the below guide.

1. Use installation media to boot your device and open ‘Command Prompt.’

2. Type the following command and hit ‘Enter.’

chkdsk C: /f /r /x
Run CHKDSK to fix 0xc0000098 Windows 10 error

C‘ denotes the drive where you have installed Windows. If you have used another drive, type that drive name. The letter ‘R‘ is directed to search error if any. Whereas the letter ‘X‘ is the volume that requires scanning.

3. CHKDSK will find the error and automatically fix it. 

4. Close the Command Prompt window and restart your system in order to check whether the Windows 10 error code 0xc0000098 persists. If the error does not occur then, the Window system will load normally.

Solution 5: Install New Windows

If the above solution does not solve Windows 10 error code 0xc0000098 code error, then consider installing a new version of the Windows operating system or reinstalling the same version of Windows. This will save your computer system from unwanted errors and clean the system.

Follow the below steps to reinstall the Windows system on your PC.

  1. Use bootable media like CD/DVD/USB and boot your computer system and click on ‘Next.’
  2. Choose the ‘Install Now‘ option and click on the ‘I accept‘ box. Then, click on the ‘Next‘ option and choose the ‘Custom: Install Windows Only (advance)‘ option.
  3. Delete all the partitions from the disc where you want to install the Window system. Select the partitions that you want to remove from the disc and click the ‘Delete‘ key. In the notification window, press ‘OK‘ to delete the drives/partitions.
  4. Follow the same process for every drive except the drive that is denoted as Unallocated Space
  5. Then press ‘Next.’
  6. Choose keyboard layout or language and delete the external storage drive. Click on ‘OK,’ and your system will restart again.
  7. This will help you to clean your system and run your device smoothly. 

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1. What is Windows 10 Error Code 0xc0000098?

This is an error that usually occurs when booting your computer, indicating there’s a problem with the Boot Configuration Data (BCD).

2. What causes Error Code 0xc0000098?

This error can be caused by incomplete installations, corrupt system files, or faulty hardware.

3. How can I fix Error Code 0xc0000098?

You can fix it by booting in safe mode, running the system file checker, repairing the Windows image, updating drivers and BIOS, or reinstalling Windows 10.

4. How can I prevent Error Code 0xc0000098?

You can prevent it by regularly updating your system, avoiding suspicious downloads, regularly scanning for malware, and backing up your data.

5. Will reinstalling Windows 10 fix Error Code 0xc0000098?

Yes, reinstalling Windows 10 can fix this error, but it should be your last resort as it can lead to data loss if not backed up properly.

Final Thought

We have provided you with a basic solution to fix Windows 10 error code 0xc0000098. This is a common error, and many people encounter it while rebooting their system. The above solutions are enough to fix this problem.

If you do not exactly know the cause of the error try to use every method mentioned above. If you have more questions regarding this topic, leave a comment below and let us know.


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