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Reset Admin Password in Windows 10 – The Easiest Methods


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Reset Admin Password Windows 10

You may want to reset the admin password in Windows 10 soon after forgetting the credentials.

When you have no clue about the password, you might feel pretty frustrated and want to reset it.

However, the truth is that there are many individuals who don’t know how to reset the admin password for Windows 10.

To help you out with this, we have composed this article with four easy methods. Let’s learn about those fixes without further ado.

Method 1: Reset Admin Password in Windows 10 using Reset Disk

Those who want to reset admin passwords in Windows 10 will find Reset Disk a very useful feature. However, the truth is that many individuals aren’t aware of the handiness of this feature. If you have accidentally lost the password or forgotten it, this tool can become incredibly handy.

In fact, Reset Disk is considered to be the most basic solution to reset the Admin password. However, this method has a very strong prerequisite. According to that, you must have first created a reset disk prior to losing the password. If the disk is not created, you might not be able to reset the password.

● Step 01

Before everything else, you should start the faulty computer to see the login screen. In this case, you will have to type any password (a wrong password) as the first attempt. Then, you will be able to see an option called “Reset Password” on the screen.

Reset admin password Windows 10 using Reset Disk

● Step 02

As the next step, you will have to insert the USB flash drive into your computer. In fact, this is the computer on which the password Reset Disk is located. Then, you should click on the option called “Reset Password” (which appears as a link).

● Step 03

Now, it is possible to reset the password simply by following the instructions displayed on the screen. You will be able to set a new password to the respective user account as a result.

Please note that this method requires you to have the Reset Disk created prior to losing the credentials.

PS: let’s figure out How to unlock a computer without a password.

Method 2: Using Passfab 4WinKey

Are you looking for a more professional and powerful tool to reset the admin password of Windows 10? If yes, Passfab 4WinKey can be considered one of the most prominent options in the market. This tool shows greater success in recovering Local Admin Passwords on all the Windows operating systems.

In other words, it is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and even XP. It’s a very user-friendly solution that can grant full access to your computer within a couple of easy steps. Thanks to the user-friendliness of this tool, it can recover any Windows password with greater convenience.

With That Said, if You Want to Reset your Admin Password in Windows 10, Follow the Instructions That Are Mentioned Below.

To begin with, you should download the Passfab 4WinKey application on your PC and get it installed. Also, you are required to insert a blank USB drive into your PC as well.

  • Next, you should choose the option called “USB Flash Drive“. Once you have done that, you can select the USB flash drive which is inserted already. After that, you will have to click on the option called “Next“. That will start the burning process. You will have to wait for a couple of minutes until the burning process is completed. Once the burning process is over, you should click on the option called “OK“. That will eject the USB drive.
Passfab 4WinKey choose usb
  • After that, the burnt USB drive should be included in the locked Windows PC. Then, restart the PC to proceed. You will have to select the PC brand and the type so you can get into the Boot Menu. You should then press and hold the key in order to access the Boot Menu. After accessing the Boot Menu, you should select the source (the burnt DVD or the USB). You can select it from the list. Then, you should hit the option labeled “Next“.
4Winkey step to the Boot Menu
  • Now, you will have to choose the Windows 10 OS from the existing menu. Click on the option called “Next“.
choose the Windows 10 OS
  • When you are on the next page, you should choose the option called “Reset Account Password“. After that, you should select the administrator account, which should be unlocked.
choose the option called "Reset Account Password"
  • After that, you should click on the “Reset” button as well and enter a fresh password. Once you have done that, it will reset the admin password for Windows 10. It will take significantly less time.
click on the "Reset" button and enter a fresh password
  • Now, as the next step, you should eject the DVD or the USB drive. Then, restart the computer. When the computer is restarted, you can simply log into it without any trouble.
reset password successfully

Method 3: Use Trinity Rescue Kit to Reset Admin Password in Windows 10

This is another decent, comprehensive method for those who wonder how to reset the admin password of Windows 10. This tool claims to have the ability even to repair and recover data on your PC.

However, one of the most significant downsides associated with this tool is its complexity. That means you are supposed to learn how to use this tool, spending some time and effort.

In order to reset the admin password in Windows 10, Trinity Rescue Kit requires you to follow some advanced steps. For many individuals, these steps could be pretty complicated. So, if you are looking for convenience with efficiency, we suggest Method 02 for you.

If You Are Ready to Take the Relatively Difficult Path, Follow the Instructions Below.

  • As the first step, you should download the ISO file of the Trinity Rescue Kit. Then, you are supposed to transfer the same to a USB drive, which is empty.
  • After that, you should insert the same USB drive into the locked PC. Restart the PC with the USB plugged in. When your computer restarts, the Trinity Rescue Kit will be launched and loaded into the screen.
  • Now, you are required to choose the option called “Windows Password Resetting” to proceed. This option is available in the list that appears. Then, you are supposed to press “Enter“.
Use Trinity Rescue Kit to reset admin password Windows 10
  • After that, you should choose the option called “winpass prompts for username first“. Then, type the name of your administrator account.
winpass prompts for username first
  • Now, TRK will acquire the details about the operating system. You should press “1,” so the password of your administrator account will be removed.

Method 4: Use an Online Method to Reset the Admin Password

When you first use Windows 10 on your computer, you are required to create an account with Microsoft. Luckily, this Microsoft account can be used to reset the admin password Windows 10 without much hassle. Then, you can log into the Windows computer once again without any trouble and use it easily.

Mentioned below are the instructions you should follow to get it done.

  • To proceed with this online method, you should visit the following URL on any browser.
  • You will see an option called “Why can’t you sign in” as a page. This option is used by Microsoft to understand the reason why you are going to reset the password. In this case, you should follow the option called the “I forgot my password” to proceed.
Use an online method to reset the admin password
  • Then, you are supposed to enter the username of the Microsoft account and password. Hit enter so you will be inside the account.
  • You can now enter the email ID or a phone number (which is required to receive the OTP).
Recover Your Microsoft Account
  • As the final step, you can provide the OTP and then enter the new password twice. After that, you are supposed to click on the button labeled “Next“.
Change Your Microsoft Password
  • You can then restart the PC. When you are on the login screen, just enter the new password and log into it easily.


1. Can I reset the admin password in Windows 10 without any external tools? Yes, Windows 10 provides built-in options like the password reset disk, other admin accounts, and command prompt to reset the admin password without external tools.

2. What should I do if I didn’t create a password reset disk in advance? If you didn’t create a password reset disk, you can still use other methods like utilizing another admin account, using command prompt, or employing third-party password reset tools.

3. Are third-party password reset tools safe to use? While many third-party password reset tools are safe and effective, it’s important to download them from reputable sources. Be cautious and ensure that you research and verify the tool’s credibility before using it.

4. Will resetting the admin password affect my personal files and data? Resetting the admin password will not affect your personal files and data. It only grants you access to your administrator account.

5. How can I prevent forgetting my admin password in the future? To prevent forgetting your admin password, you can consider using password managers, enabling two-factor authentication, or creating strong and memorable passwords.

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, this article is written with the intention of explaining how to reset the admin password. If you use a computer that runs on Windows 10, this guide will be very useful. All of the four methods we have mentioned above are very effective.

However, all those methods have unique characteristics. For instance, Method 1 requires you to have the Reset Disk created prior to forgetting the password. Method 3 requires you to follow some advanced and complex steps, so it won’t be the easiest. Method 4 requires you to have the credentials of the Microsoft account to reset the admin password in Windows 10.

However, method 2 (Passfab 4WinKey) doesn’t have any of those requirements. That is exactly why we consider Passfab 4WinKey as the most recommended method, especially for novice users.

Passfab 4WinKey features a 100% success rate if you intend to reset the admin password in Windows 10. This tool is user-friendly as well. The steps are very easy to follow, and the process can be completed in a couple of minutes.

So, to conclude, Passfab 4WinKey is the best method to reset the admin passwords in Windows 10.


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