Solving the Puzzle: Shared Album Not Showing Up?


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Shared Album Not Showing Up
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“My Shared Album invite not showing up and I have no clue what happened. Can someone please help me to get it back? Should I reset my device? Thanks in advance!”


Sharing media between Apple devices is a breeze if you have more than one. The same feature becomes useful if you and your loved ones all use Apple products.

Apple has always prioritized creating tools such as iCloud Shared Album that make the user experience more convenient.

However, we saw a number of inquiries regarding Shared Album not being accessible online. That is exactly why we created the following write-up.

What Exactly is Shared Album on an Apple Device?

On Apple devices, a Shared Album is a feature that allows users to create a collaborative space. This space can be used for sharing and viewing photos and videos with friends, family, or colleagues.

It is a convenient way to gather and organize visual content in a single location, accessible to all participants. Users can create a Shared Album and invite others to contribute to it, making it ideal for sharing memories. It’s useful to share vacation memories, document special occasions, or collaborate on creative projects.

With Shared Albums, participants can upload their own photos and videos. They can even comment on them, like them, and even receive notifications when new content is added. This feature promotes easy collaboration and seamless sharing of visual content among Apple device users.

Besides, what if your iCloud is unable to load storage info? Don’t worry, here are the possible reasons and solutions for you if your iPhone storage is not loading.

What Are the Solutions You Can Try if Your Shared Album Invite Not Showing Up?

Share Album is compatible with specific video and photo formats. Therefore, you should check if the photos or videos are in a compatible format with Shared Album.

If there’s nothing wrong with compatibility, there are six different solutions that may help you.

Solution 01: Turn Off Share Album and Turn It on Again

Sometimes, simply toggling the Share Album feature off and on can resolve the issue. To do this, go to the Shared Album settings and disable the sharing option. Wait for a few moments, then enable it again. This action refreshes the settings and can help if your Shared Album invitation is not showing up.

Turn Off Share Album and Turn It on Again

Solution 02: Update Your Device’s Software

Keeping your Apple device’s software up to date is crucial for optimal performance and bug fixes. Check if there are any available software updates. You can do so by going to the Settings app, selecting “General“, and then choosing “Software Update“. If an update is available, install it, as it may include fixes that address the shared album visibility issue.

Download the iOS Software Update
iOS Software Update
Download and Install iOS

Solution 03: Check if the Device Has Enough Storage

Insufficient storage space on your device can cause various issues, including problems with shared albums. Ensure that you have sufficient enough storage available by going to the Settings app.

In there, select you should select “General“, and then tap on “iPhone Storage” (or “iPad Storage“). If your storage is running low, consider deleting unnecessary files or offloading unused apps to free up space.

iPhone Storage

Solution 04: Check if You Have a Stable Internet Connection

If your Shared Album is not showing up as of now, check if there’s something wrong with the internet connection. Shared albums rely on a stable internet connection to function correctly.

Ensure that your device is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network or has a stable cellular data connection. Poor or intermittent internet connectivity can disrupt the visibility of shared albums. Restarting your router or switching to a different network can also help resolve connectivity issues.

Solution 05: Disable Low-power Mode

When your device is in Low Power Mode, certain features are restricted or disabled to conserve battery life. This can affect the visibility of shared albums.

To turn off Low Power Mode, go to the Settings app and tap on “Battery“. If Low Power Mode is enabled, toggle it off.

Turn off Low Power Mode

Solution 06: Check the System Page

In some cases, issues with shared albums may stem from problems on Apple’s end. To check if there are any ongoing service disruptions or outages affecting shared albums, visit Apple’s System Status page.

You can find it by visiting If there is a reported issue, you can be assured that Apple is working on resolving it. Also, patience may be required until the problem is fixed.

By following these solutions, you can troubleshoot and resolve the “Shared Album invite not showing up” issue. As a result, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable sharing experience with your friends, family, or colleagues.

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Use Tenorshare iCareFone as a Better Alternative to Share Photos

You may find several options to share media like photos and videos between iOS devices. AirDrop, iTunes, and Share Album are those solutions.

However, if you have many videos and music to share, you can get the assistance of a professional tool. Tenorshare iCareFone is one of those tools that can help you share media files across different devices.

The best thing about this tool is that it helps to share photos between devices with a single click. iCareFone becomes helpful in managing, creating backups, and restoring iPad/iPhone data. In addition to that, it can transfer data between devices of different operating systems.

Follow These Steps to Use Tenorshare iCareFone for File Transfer.

1. Install Tenorshare iCareFone

As the first step, download Tenorshare iCareFone from their official website. Then, install it on your Mac. Launch the software once the installation is complete.

2. Connect Your iPhone

Link your iPhone to your Mac by employing a lightning cable. Ensure that your iPhone is unlocked and trusted by your Mac.

3. Trust the Computer

Suppose prompted on your iPhone to “Trust This Computer“, tap “Trust“, and enter your passcode if required. This establishes a secure connection between your iPhone and Mac.

4. Select “File Manager”

In the Tenorshare iCareFone interface, click on the “Manage” tab located on the top menu.

Tenorshare iCareFone

5. Browse iPhone Files

On the left-hand side, you’ll find various file categories, such as Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, Messages, etc. Click on the specific category you wish to transfer files from.

Tenorshare iCareFone Manage

6. Preview and Select Files

After selecting a file category, you’ll see a list of files in the main window. Preview and select the files you want to transfer to your Mac.

7. Transfer Files

Once you’ve chosen the files, click on the “Export” button located at the top of the window. Then, choose a destination on your Mac where you want to save the files. After that, click “OK” to start the transfer process.

Tenorshare iCareFone Export Photos

8. Monitor Transfer Progress

With iCareFone, you have the ability to track the status of your file transfer. The duration of the transfer can vary, contingent on the size and quantity of the files.

9. Access Transferred Files

Once the transfer is finished, you can open the destination folder on your Mac and access the transferred files.

Tenorshare iCareFone Successfully Exported Photos

Tenorshare iCareFone simplifies the process of transferring files from your iPhone to your Mac. This process allows you to manage and organize your data efficiently. Transferring photos, videos, or music has become so convenient thanks to iCareFone’s intuitive interface and robust functionality.


Yes, you can share a Shared Album with non-Apple users. When inviting someone to join a Shared Album, you have the option to send them a link. This link can be sent via email or messaging apps.

Non-Apple users can click on the link to access the Shared Album through a web browser. This allows them to view and interact with the shared content without needing an Apple device or Apple ID.

Shared Albums have a limit of 5,000 photos and videos combined. If you reach this limit, you won’t be able to add more content until you remove existing items. It’s important to manage the content in your Shared Album to stay within the limit and ensure continued sharing.

There could be several reasons, including software glitches, network issues, or incorrect settings on your device.

Yes, restarting your device can often help resolve temporary software glitches that may be causing your shared album not to show up.

Keeping your software up-to-date can minimize the risk of bugs and glitches that can cause problems, such as your shared album not showing up.

Yes, a stable internet connection is crucial for accessing your shared albums. If your connection is unstable or slow, you may face issues like your shared album not showing up.

Keeping your software updated, maintaining a stable internet connection, and ensuring your device’s settings are correct are all ways to prevent this issue from recurring.


So, that’s what you can do if your Shared Album invite is not showing up.

If none of the standard methods don’t work, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone as a professional solution. It offers an effective approach to resolving this problem.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, iCareFone simplifies the troubleshooting process. This allows users to effortlessly fix shared album visibility issues.


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