How to Increase the Maximum Capacity of iPhone Battery?


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How to Increase the Maximum Capacity of iPhone Battery
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Any user would love to know how to increase the maximum capacity of an iPhone battery, wouldn’t they? The content of this article explains the practical ways to get it done on any iPhone.

It’s reasonable to assume that the battery life of Apple products is a concern for customers. In fact, battery life diminishes with time, regardless of the type you use of your phone.

Because Apple’s lithium-ion batteries are encased, replacing the battery is nearly impossible for the average user.

Type of the Battery of Your iPhone and Their Performance

Generally speaking, iPhones come with a Li-ion non-removable battery. These types of batteries charge faster.

Also, they can retain their capacity for a pretty long time compared to other options. That said, mentioned below is a comprehensive rundown of the battery capacity of iPhones.

Model of the iPhoneBattery Capacity (mAh)Supported Video Playback Duration (in hours)Supported audio Playback Duration (in hours)
iPhone 13 Pro Max43532895
iPhone 13 Pro30952275
iPhone 13 Mini24061755
iPhone 1332271975
iPhone 12 Mini22271550
iPhone 12 Pro Max36872080
iPhone 12 Pro28151765
iPhone 1228151765
iPhone SE (2nd-gen)18211340
iPhone 11 Pro Max39692080
iPhone 11 Pro30461865
iPhone 1131101765
iPhone XR29421665
iPhone XS Max31741565
iPhone XS26581460
iPhone X27161360
iPhone 8 Plus26751460
iPhone 818211340
iPhone 7 Plus29001460
iPhone 719601340

Except for iPhone’s SE version, which has a lower price point, all previous models have seen battery life improvements. We’re talking about how long you can use a device before you have to charge it.

However, the term “battery lifespan” refers to a different scenario. It is time for a battery to lose all of its power-retaining ability and have to be replaced.

It doesn’t matter how large the battery’s capacity is; it will eventually lose both lifespan and capacity. You may, however, extend the battery’s life by following a few simple tips and methods.

So, here are some tips if you wonder how to increase the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery.  

Besides, if your iPhone 11 or 11 Pro does not show a battery percentage on your iPhone, you can make use of the effective methods mentioned in this article.

Tips on How to Increase the Maximum Capacity of iPhone Battery?

Here are the tips you should follow to increase the battery capacity of your iPhone.

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01. Control the Brightness of the iPhone

Control Brightness of the iPhone

Check your iPhone’s screen usage if you’re wondering how to extend its battery life. Displays use a significant portion of your iPhone’s battery life. Increasing your device’s battery life is as simple as adjusting your screen’s brightness to “auto” or “low.”

Simply by swiping down from the screen’s upper right corner, you may access your Control Center. When you’re done, lower the brightness bar.

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02. Disable the Location Service of Your Device

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of GPS at some point. Most of the time, GPS runs without any user interaction. That said, only a small number of apps necessitate continuous access to the GPS.

So, you should remember that turning it off will help extend the life of your iPhone’s battery. It’s simple to turn it on and off from the Control Center.

Disable the Location Service of Your Device
  • Open “Settings.”
  • Select “Privacy” and go to “Location Services.”
  • Tap the button to the right and turn it off for all the apps.
  • To turn it off for some apps, tap the respective app and choose one of the options below.
    • Never
    • Ask Next Time
    • While Using the App
    • Always

03. Select a Simple Background with Dark Colors

You may be utilizing a live or vivid UHD wallpaper and wondering how to enhance iPhone battery capacity. Live wallpapers and high-quality, vibrant wallpapers drain your power. Colorful graphics need more pixels.

As Apple’s newer iPhones have AMOLED screens, adopting dark background or dark theme will boost battery life. By changing the iPhone’s background to something dark, fewer pixels are needed to light it up. Battery life will increase.

Here’s how to alter the iPhone backdrop.

Select a Simple Background with Dark Colors
  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on Wallpaper and select a new wallpaper.
  • Go to Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper.

04. Turn off Bluetooth

Turn off Bluetooth

You can also expect a better battery life by turning off Bluetooth. That will save power your device has otherwise spent on establishing a Bluetooth connection.

05. Activate Low Power Mode

Here’s another method to try if you wonder how to increase the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery. Mentioned below is how to do that.

Activate Low Power Mode
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Open “Control Center.”
  • Select “Customize Controls.”
  • Select “Low Power Mode.”
  • Then, you can see the battery icon when you swipe the control panel down. You can simply turn on or off the low power mode by tapping that icon.

Low Power Mode Can Impact the Following Features

  • 5G network connection will not be available for iPhone 12 model
  • Auto-lock feature will be set to 30 seconds
  • It will have a lower brightness on the device’s display
  • The display refresh rate doesn’t go beyond 60 Hz on your iPad or iPhone when in low-power mode
  • Some visual effects will be reduced
  • Synchronization will not be available for iCloud Photos
  • Emails will not be synchronized
  • Background app refreshing won’t be available

06. Connect Your Device to a 2G Network

If you have poor 3G or 4G coverage at home, use 2G. Bad network coverage makes your phone work harder. High network frequency drains the battery. The battery will die faster. iPhone 2G setup.

Here’s how to do it.

Connect Your Device to a 2G Network
  • Go to the “Settings” app and select “Cellular.”
  • Choose “Cellular Data Options” and select “Voice & Data.”
  • Select “2G“.

07. Limit Background Activities

Limit Background Activities

Some programs run in the background and drain the battery. Simple settings can disable background refresh. Go to the option called “Settings” and select “General.”

After that, you should select “Background App Refresh.” Then, you should disable background apps.

08. Disable the Background Activities of Your Mail App

Disable the Background Activities of Your Mail App

Well, disabling your Mail app’s background activities is another strategy to minimize battery usage. To do that, go to “Mail App” and select “Settings.”

Then, go to “Accounts & Passwords.” Select “Fetch new data.” Select “Manual.” However, you should refresh the app manually to receive email notifications again.

09. Update Your Software

If you want to know how to increase the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery, try updating the software as well. When the software is updated, your device will start to perform smoothly.

As a result, it will put less strain on your device’s battery. Before updating the device, you are supposed to connect it to a solid network connection.

It should either be your Wi-Fi or cellular connection; it must have enough data. Here’s how to do it.

Update Your Software
  • First, go to “Settings.”
  • Then, go to “General” and select “Software Update.”
  • Choose the latest update.
  • Select “Download & Install“.
  • Plug it into a power outlet if the battery level is 50% or less.

10. Use Wireless Charging and Fast Charging Less Frequently

Check the charging method to enhance the capacity of your iPhone battery. Overcharging a battery is bad. Stressing a battery reduces its life.

Wireless charging generates heat. It is true that wireless charging looks more convenient. However, you are encouraged to utilize the authorized Apple wired connector.

Remove cases, prevent direct sunshine, and charge on a firm surface to achieve a cooler charge. You should never put it on a blanket or cushion that can accumulate heat. 

11. Optimized Charging Should Be Used Wisely

Well, your device is using AI to boost the battery capacity of your iPhone. iOS 13 decreases charging time, increasing battery life.

This option delays the iPhone is charging past 80%. Machine learning on the iPhone activates the feature only when it forecasts a long charging time.

iPhone checks everyday usage to maintain optimal charging backups and battery life. Manual control is also possible.

The function is on when you configure your iPhone or update to iOS 13 or newer. If you must manually activate the functionality, follow these steps.

Turning on Optimized Charging

Turning on Optimized Charging
  • First, you should locate the Settings app and go to “Battery.”
  • Then, go to “Battery Health.”
  • Now, you can see the option called “Optimized Battery Charging.”
  • Just toggle it on or off.

When Optimized Charging is enabled, notifications display on your device’s Lock screen.

You can charge your iPhone more quickly by holding down the “Charge Now” notification. You can select it from the pop-up menu.

12. Choose Wi-Fi Over Mobile Data

Choose Wi-Fi Over Mobile Data

Those who are wondering how to maximize their iPhones’ battery life should also consider this tip. Mobile data usage is on the rise, which is a cause for anxiety on this side of things.

It’s imperative that you switch to Wi-Fi if you intend to increase your phone’s battery life. Wi-Fi is more energy efficient than mobile data when it comes to connecting your iPhone to the internet.

Swipe down from the screen’s upper right corner and open the Control Panel, and then turn on Wi-Fi.

To make use of Wi-Fi, simply click on the Wi-Fi symbol. So, you should know that if you want to learn how to increase the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery.

13. Keep Track of the Temperature

Whether it’s your cat, yourself, or your iPhone’s battery, no one enjoys being subjected to severe temperatures.

This is an important consideration if you’re looking into ways to boost the maximum battery capacity of your iPhone.

An iPhone battery is harmed by both high and low temperatures. Phones can be dangerous to use if you reside or work somewhere that experiences severe temperatures. Keep your phone out of the sun or the freezer if possible.

What Exactly is an iPhone’s Optimum Battery Condition?

Now that you know how to increase the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery, here’s more information about it.

iPhones have full batteries. Apple says 80% is the ideal iPhone battery level. They make sure batteries last a year. The guarantee covers it if the iPhone battery drops below 80% within a year.

Go to “Settings” and select “Battery.” After that, go to “Battery health” so it will display your device’s battery health.

What Will Ruin the Health of Your iPhone Battery?

There are several aspects that might ruin your iPhone’s battery health. Mentioned below are some of those aspects.

01. External/Internal Damages

If your iPhone is dropped or dented, your battery might lose capacity. Your phone may overheat or shut off unexpectedly. Use a silicone or shock-absorbing case to protect your iPhone.

02. Temperature Fluctuation

Li-ion batteries perform better at room temperature. In some cases, 0°C to 35°C may be allowed. In fact, temperature fluctuations or prolonged use over 35°C or below 0°C reduce battery capacity.

03. Usage

How you use the device can also impact its battery capacity. If you do frequent gaming on the device or have higher brightness levels, that can create a negative impact. In addition to that, it is better to avoid using your device when it is charging.


1. Will closing background apps improve my iPhone’s battery life? Closing unused apps running in the background can help save battery life by reducing unnecessary power consumption.

2. Is it safe to use third-party battery-saving apps on my iPhone? It’s generally recommended to avoid third-party battery-saving apps as they may not provide significant benefits and could potentially harm your device.

3. How often should I calibrate my iPhone’s battery? Apple recommends calibrating your iPhone’s battery once every few months to ensure accurate battery life reporting.

4. Can using my iPhone while it’s charging damage the battery? Using your iPhone while it’s charging won’t damage the battery. However, it’s best to avoid resource-intensive activities during charging to promote faster charging.

5. Is it necessary to charge my iPhone to 100% every time? No, it’s not necessary to charge your iPhone to 100% every time. In fact, frequent partial charging between 20% and 80% is considered beneficial for battery longevity.


So, those are the tips for those who wonder how to increase the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery.

If you follow the above tips carefully, you can expect a better battery capacity.

However, over time, the battery capacity of any device, including iPhones, is subjected to decrease.


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