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“My iPhone keeps displaying an “unable to verify app” error message whenever I try to open the app. I even tried to resolve it by restarting the device, but it didn’t work. Can anyone please tell me how to fix it? I am really frustrated. Thanks in advance!”.

There is no shortage of queries if you visit an Apple-related help forum online. Have you come across the same issue and looking for a way to fix it? If so, you have just landed on the correct article.

We will explain how to get rid of “unable to verify app” issues quickly and easily. So, keep reading.

What Triggers the “Unable to Verify App” Issue?

As per the Apple infrastructure, the apps that are located on your App Store are verified. As a result, you will be given permission to sign in to those apps easily. Since those apps are verified and certified by Apple, there is no issue whatsoever in logging into those apps.

However, there are some other enterprise apps and third-party apps that won’t be recognized by iOS as certified apps. Therefore, iOS will generate various error messages when you try to install those apps.

For instance, the system will generate a message called “unable to verify app”. However, that is not the only reason behind this issue. If the internet connection is not strong enough, the same error message can occur. Regardless of the reason, however, there are methods to address this issue. The rest of the paragraphs tell you how to get it done.

PS: if you are experiencing issues like Apple ID verification failed, here are the best fixes for you.

How to Fix the Unable to Verify App Issue on Your iOS or macOS Devices?

In this section of this article, we explain how to fix the unable to verify app issue on your device. We explain the solutions to address both iOS and macOS-related issues. So, you can go through the guide and find the answers.

Fixing Unable to Verify App on Your iOS Device

First, let’s learn how to fix this issue on an iOS device. We explain how to get it done using a couple of easy methods.

  • First, you should close the Settings app on your device. In order to get it done, you will have to double-tap on the Home button. Then, you should find the settings app and swipe up the Settings app. This method will ensure that the app has vanished.
  • If the above method doesn’t work, you should try refreshing the device and see if the issue is gone.
  • Another practical method you can try is to restart the iOS device and see if it works. With this easy method, you can get the device back to its normal status. In fact, resetting will solve various minor glitches that are related to loading or memory problems. Many individuals consider restarting to be the solution to fix various minor glitches associated with iOS devices. Also, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t require any special skill or downloading a tool. So, if you come across unable to verify app issue, just perform a restart.
  • Resetting your network settings is another effective way to resolve the unable to verify app issue. By doing so, you can fix potential errors associated with the network. In order to get it done, you can follow the steps that are mentioned below.

First, please go to the “Settings” on your device & then go to “General“. After that, you should go to “Reset” and choose the option called “Reset Network Settings“. Then, you should confirm the action, and you will be asked to provide the passcode.

Fixing "unable to verify app" on your iOS device

● Update the OS

There are many users who experience the unable to verify app issues due to an erroneous update. If this has happened to you, the fix, obviously, is to update the device. To get it done, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

First, you should head to the “Settings” app and then go to “General“. Once you have done that, you can go to “iPhone Storage“. Then, you will see a long list of options.

Just scroll down until you get to iOS 15. Then, tap it and click on the option called “Delete Update“.

Fixing "unable to verify app" on your iOS device

Moreover, are you trying to install an Enterprise app? If that is the case, the best fix is to contact them and get the issue fixed. In many cases, they can fix it without a doubt.

Fixing Unable to Verify App Issue on macOS

Are you trying to utilize an app on your Mac, but it is not signed and notarized? If so, you are most likely to get an “unable to verify app” message on the system. In fact, the not signed and notarized apps can make your computer severely exposed to various threats.

In that case, your computer and your personal information will be in danger. As a result, your privacy will be completely vulnerable.

However, if you trust the respective source, it is OK to override the privacy security on a temporary basis. Mentioned below is what you can do in order to minimize the potential for security issues.

Is the doesn’t install because of an unidentified developer, or it is not notarized? If that is the case, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the option called “System Preferences” and then go to the “General” tab as well. After that, you should go to the “Security & Privacy” option.
  • Then, you should choose the option called “Click Open Anyway“. This option will enable the system to install the app regardless of the consequences.
Fixing "unable to verify app" issue on macOS
  • Now, you should go to “Open” once again when you see the confirmation box.
Fixing "unable to verify app" issue on macOS

Well, the respective app will get saved now. Once you have done that, double-tap it so it opens in the future just like a regular app.

Besides, what if your iCloud is unable to load storage info? Don’t worry, here are the possible reasons and solutions for you if your iPhone storage is not loading.

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Lost App Data Using UltData?

In many cases, you tend to lose app data due to various different reasons. If you have faced such an unable to verify app issue, that can be devastating. For instance, you will lose WhatsApp contacts and chat history. If that is the case, you should not panic.

In this case, you can use a special software tool called UltData – iPhone Data Recovery. You can use this software to retrieve the data. This special tool is designed to help users to recover their valuable data regardless of the cause.

To make it easier, we explain the steps in the following guide. You can go through this video and learn how to recover your lost data from your iOS devices. The main advantage associated with this app is that it doesn’t require any jailbreaking to be done.

Mentioned Below is How this Tool Can Recover Lost Files

01. Once you have downloaded the software and installed it, you should connect the faulty iPhone to the computer.

02. Then, you should select the items you intend to scan and recover. If not, you can simply select them all as well. After selecting them, you should choose the option called “Start Scan“.

UltData – iPhone Data Recovery

03. Once the scanning is completed, you should select the app files that should be recovered. If not, you can even select them all.

UltData – iPhone Data Recovery

04. Now, you can check those files that can be recovered. Just click on the option called “Recover“. Then, you can choose to recover those lost files either to a computer or even to your device.

UltData – iPhone Data Recovery

If you have followed the above steps, recovering the lost files is very easy. If you compare the other available tools, you will see that UltData is a very impressive option.

So, that’s how to fix the installation process if you have come across the “unable to verify app” issue. You can use those methods to overcome issues related to both iOS and macOS devices.

So, if the same issue occurred in your device, don’t run to a technician. Instead, try the methods we have mentioned and learn how to get it done.


Here are some frequently asked questions for your reference so you can get a better idea about it.

Well, the truth is that you cannot stop Mac security from scanning your application. However, if the “unable to verify app” issue occurs, use the above methods and fix it.

If the “unable to verify app” issue appears related to the mail app, it can be due to security reasons. Also, many times, it can happen due to wrong proxy settings or passwords as well.

If you experience an issue something like” unable to verify app” the reason could be an unstable internet connection. If not, it can happen due to an untrusted app developer.

In that case, just go to the “Settings” app and change the date to a value before 2012. Then, restart the device and see if “unable to verify app” is solved.


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