How to Fix Grayed Out Apple ID: Tips and Solutions


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Best Fixes for the Apple ID Grayed Out

A lot of users complain about how their Apple ID grayed out all of a sudden, and that rendered them stuck out of their iPhones with access loss.

If you are in a similar situation, just follow the tips and solutions that we have compiled together in this article that are aimed to help you with problematic Apple IDs in all ways. Let’s begin.

Causes of Apple ID Grayed Out Issue

Now that we’ve established how crucial an Apple ID is let’s explore why it sometimes appears grayed out.

Account Settings Issues

If you’ve recently changed some settings on your device, that could be the culprit. Sometimes, certain settings may interfere with your Apple ID, causing it to become grayed out.

Software Glitches

Who hasn’t been the victim of a software glitch at least once? These pesky issues can sometimes cause your Apple ID to gray out.

Network Problems

An unstable or slow network connection can also result in your Apple ID appearing grayed out.

iToolab UnlockGo – The Best Tool for Fixing Problematic Apple IDs

Starting with the best is what we have always aimed for when providing you with solutions to your problems. This is the reason why we are going to introduce a tool to you that is, hands down, the best one in the market for fixing the Apple ID grayed out.

We are talking about the iToolab UnlockGo software which has been trusted widely by users around the world for its specialized nature and highly advanced features.

This toolkit has got everything that one can need to fix all types of common lock issues on various iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, etc. So if you wonder how to unlock iPhone 11, just try it now.

Main Features of iToolab UnlockGo that Make It So Amazing:

  • The best part about this iPhone password cracker tool is that it guarantees full data security, which means that the data stored in the device isn’t affected at all during the process of lock removal. No matter what operation you carry out with the tool, no data will be lost.
  • The tool aims for the complete and direct removal of the locks like passcodes, screen time, and other restrictions instead of any temporary bypassing.
  • The tool is effective for the removal of all types of screen locks, passcodes, restrictions, etc.
  • You can delete any Apple ID from the iOS devices with this tool, and that will get you complete control over the device free from the fear of any third-party accessing it unauthorized.

Method of Using the iToolab UnlockGo

Here is the guide that you need to follow to operate this super simple tool:

  • First, download and launch UnlockGo on your computer, and then select the Unlock Apple ID to proceed.
iToolab UnlockGo
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer and then click “Unlock Now.” And then please follow up simple steps on interface to confirm that the lock screen and two-factor authentication is enabled.
Enable Two-factor authentication?
  • Now, you should download firmware on your computer. Just click “Unlock Now”. UnlcokGo will auto unlock Apple ID without a password for you.
Downloaded firmware
  • It will take a few minutes to unlock your Apple ID, once done you will see the following screen. Congratulations, you can now follow the steps to activate your iOS device now.
Activate the Device

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Tenorshare 4uKey – A Great Tool for Deleting Apple IDs from iOS devices

Talking about the highly advanced solutions that claim to fix an Apple ID grayed out cannot be a complete discussion without mentioning an expert tool called Tenorshare 4uKey.

It makes the not-so-easy task of removing the Apple IDs simpler and has been known for delivering successful results for the same.

This tool has been picked by us for you as it works most professionally and guarantees the full security of the device.

Benefits of Tenorshare 4uKey for Fixing Your iPhone:

  • The best thing about this tool is that the cost it offers is much lesser than the other tools delivering various iPhone services.
  • The tool gives the fastest results in dealing with various iOS problems and also features a very high success rate.
  • The operability of the tool is very simple too.

Method of Using Tenorshare 4uKey

Here is a guide that you will need to follow to operate the tool and removing the Apple ID:

  • Finish the downloading and installation of this software on any PC and then launch it. On the main interface of the tool, you will see the option Unlock Apple ID, and you need to click on it.
4uKey for iOS
  • At this point, connect the locked iOS device with that PC, and once the connection is established successfully, hit the button Start to initiate the process.
Remove Apple ID
  • You will now have to simply wait till the tool removes the Apple ID grayed out, and the wait is going to last several minutes. Once the process is over, you will see a notification for the same emerge on the screen.
Removed Apple ID with 4uKey
  • That was about it. Once the problematic Apple ID is removed, you will get the option of making a new one and securing your phone with it.

Also, to know more about it, here is the full 4uKey review for your reference.

dr.fone Screen Unlock – The Most Reliable Solution for iOS Devices with Apple ID Issues

If you prefer the tool that you are using to fix your iPhones to be reliable, then we have got the best option for you here too.

Let us introduce you to the software named Dr.Fone Screen Unlock which has been trusted by a lot of users around the globe for the reliable services it provides.

Advantages You Het with using dr.fone:

  • You get both the services of unlocking the iPhone as well as removing the passwords of iCloud activation locks on various kinds of iOS devices.
  • You can unlock the problematic Apple ID on your device in just a few seconds and clicks.
  • There is practically no screen lock that this tool cannot bypass.
  • You can use this tool in cases of forgetting the password of the lock screen or when you are dealing with any second-hand device that has come locked with an old password that you don’t know.

Note: If you are willing to use this tool for bypassing the Apple ID on any iOS device, you can do so only on the device running on iOS versions 16 and earlier. For this purpose, the tool is compatible with selected iOS versions only.

Method of Using Dr.Fone screen unlock

  • The first step involves downloading and installing the software on any PC by visiting the official website of the software. After that, launch the app, and you will be on the main interface of the software. Here, click on the button Screen Unlock.
  • After the above step, you will be redirected to a new interface where you will have to click on the option of Unlock Apple ID to proceed with the Apple ID removal.
Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)
  • Now, you will be required to provide the password of the locked iPhone for unlocking the screen. Tap the button Trust following that as the PC will be permitted to go ahead with scanning the data stored on the connected locked iPhone.
Trust the PC
  • You will have to now reset all the iPhone settings stored to move ahead with the unlocking of the Apple ID, and all that needs to be done for that is to follow the steps that will keep appearing on the screen one after another.
Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)
  • Once this is done, the phone will restart, and the software will automatically prompt the unlocking process. It will take some time for the unlocking to get completed, and you just have to wait till then.
Unlocking Apple ID with dr.fone
  • Soon, you will receive a notification about the completion of the unlock process on the main interface of the screen. Check if the device is operable now and if the Apple ID grayed out is fixed.
Fix Apple ID Grayed Out with Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)

Note: The only drawback of using this tool is that it doesn’t offer data security and will remove all of the data stored on the device while unlocking the stuck Apple ID on the device. Thus, we advise you to always keep the data of your phone backed up and especially before opting to use this tool.

The Easy Manual Method of Fixing Apple Id with Screen Time Passcode

You may think about seeking tech support from the Apple team directly upon seeing the Apple ID grayed out. However, there is an easy trick you can try before that, and here are the steps for that:

1: Open the Settings of your iPhone.

2: Select the Screen Time option.

3: Click on the option of Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Fix Apple ID grayed out with Screen Time Passcode

4: Enter the passcode.

5: Select the option Account Changes.

6: Slide the switch to Allow.

Fix Apple ID Grayed Out with Screen Time Passcode

Note: This method requires mandatory password entry and if you don’t have it, get the help of the tools that we discussed above.

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Method of Using Apple ID for Resetting Screen Time Passcode

For people using iOS devices with versions 13.3 and above, you can use the Apple ID to reset the passcode of your Screen time restrictions. Follow the steps given below:

1: Launch the phone settings.

2: Select the Screen Time option.

3: Click on the option Change Screen Time Passcode.

Change Screen Time Passcode

4: Now, tap on the option Forgot Passcode?

5: You will now have to enter the details of your Apple ID.

Forgot old screen time Passcode

6: Set a new passcode for your screen time lock.

Now, you can fix whatever Apple ID issue is there on the device by following any of the suitable methods given above.

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  1. Why is my Apple ID grayed out? There can be various reasons, including changes in account settings, software glitches, or network problems.
  2. How can I fix a grayed out Apple ID? Try checking your network connection, updating your iOS, resetting all settings, or contacting Apple Support.
  3. How can I prevent future grayed out Apple ID issues? Regularly update your iOS and ensure you always have a stable internet connection.
  4. Can Apple Support help with a grayed out Apple ID? Yes, Apple Support should be able to assist with this issue if you can’t resolve it yourself.
  5. Does updating iOS fix the grayed out Apple ID issue? It can, as updates often include fixes for known bugs.


These were the best solutions that we gathered to help you fix your Apple ID grayed out. Carefully go through the services offered by the tools and select the one that serves your purpose rightly. Make sure that the data stored in your device is safely backed up as lock removal processes generally affect it.


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