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What Mic Does PewDiePie Use for His Video Quality


Written by Jack Lin

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What Mic Does Pewdiepie Use

Have you already heard the name, PewDiePie? YouTube enthusiasts might have come across this term. It is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels of a famous vlogger, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. The number of subscribers of this channel has crossed 96 million.

The success of the vlogger has nurtured several other newbie vloggers to become fans. Lots of fans like to know the secrets behind the strong popularity of PewDiePie.

What equipment has made the videos more attractive? What mic does PewDiePie use? New bloggers are highly interested, especially in PewDiePie’s microphone.

The present tech-savvy generation has transformed the way of using microphones. For instance, in the 80s, microphones were common only to musicians.

But, in the 21st century, there is increasing use of mics due to the trend of internet connectivity. You can find different platforms that need a quality mic.

What Mic Does PewDiePie Use?

YouTube is the most chosen platform for vloggers. However, without investing in the right equipment, you cannot beat other vloggers.

PewDiePie has created a buzz in the internet world with its YouTube. But, how and why this YouTube vlogger has gained a strong position in the video platform. He has reviewed lots of games and created witty videos for the target viewers. However, he has carefully selected the right equipment while making every video.

His equipment may be very costly. From microphones to headphones and gaming computers, every tool plays a role in creating a quality video. A successful video must be attractive both audibly and visually. PewDiePie has attained perfection in every video. But, what mic does PewDiePie use?

While browsing the internet to learn about PewDiePie videos, you will find a black receiver with a stand. It looks different from previous mic models PewDiePie has used. This model is Rode NT1KIT Condenser Microphone.

PS: let’s figure out how to record Messenger video calls.

What Microphone Does PewDiePie Use For Vlogs?

Condenser Microphone – Rode NT1KIT and other Models

What Microphone Does PewDiePie Use - Rode NT1KIT and other models

Rode NT1KIT is a mic with a frequency ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz. The overall set includes a dust cover and an SMR shock mount. The highly durable, scratch-resistant model provides you with round bass and high frequencies.

It eliminates external vibrations, and that is why it is best for recordings in crowded places.

Other microphones that PewDiePie has used are Neumann TLM 102 and Blue Microphones Spark Condenser. The Blue Microphones Spark includes the noise elimination system and two modes- the focus mode and standard mode. But, the diaphragm is small, according to PewDiePie.

Now, in the case of Neumann TLM 102, there are two finishes- matte black and nickel. PewDiePie has chosen the nickel one for his purpose.

The cardioid mic has a big diaphragm with a sound pressure of about 144 dB. Moreover, it adds a boost to your vocals to reach to 6kHz. You will find a more defined bass and a narrow frequency.

PewDiePie has chosen some other microphones integrated with headphones.

Features and Technical Details about Neumann TLM 102

Neumann TLM 102

TLM 102 is one of the affordable models of Neumann, and this transformerless capacitor mic includes a large diaphragm and a fixed-cardioid polar pattern. However, the design of this microphone is much similar to other mic models by Neumann. It is smaller than the U87.

Neumann has applied a cost-effective way of designing the capsule. Still, it has not made any compromise on the performance. Neumann has not included filter switches and pads. But, you will not find an effect on the audio quality.

The newly created diaphragm capsule can tolerate SPLs up to 144dB. While recording loud instruments, like guitar amplifiers and drums, you can rely on TLM 102. Originally, TLM 102 was a vocal microphone, and the response is 6kHz. The response adds intelligibility and air.

The capsule’s diameter is less than one inch, and it is present in an elastic suspension mount. This configuration helps in avoiding the effect of case vibrations. The grille has a pop screen to obscure the capsule’s view. But the built-in pop screen minimizes the popping issues.

The TLM102 microphone model is available in nickel and black finishes. Moreover, it has a foam-lined box with a swivel stand-mount. The satin black body, combined with the red logo of the brand, has added aesthetic value to the design. A thread adjacent to the XLR housing accommodates the stand adaptor to ensure stability.

Overall, the microphone provides you with perfectly balanced audio. You can try out this model for your vlogging purpose.

Blue Blackout Spark SL Condenser Microphone

Blue Blackout Spark SL Condenser Microphone

The Blackout Spark SL microphone provides you with some onboard controls, like a -20dB pad switch. The pad switch helps in maintaining a proper balance and makes your vlogs successful.

You may feel that the Spark SL mic is an entry-level model. However, while reviewing its usage, you will find it highly versatile.

There is a large diaphragm with a frequency of 100Hz high-pass filter. You will have crystal clear audio.

The Spark SL has a solid metal structure with anodized accents and a matte black finish. This design reflects a modern and highly elegant look. You will find an easy grip while holding the microphone. Moreover, the mic comes with a stylish wooden storage case. The classy case accommodates your microphone safely.

The shock mount also has a matte finish to match the mic’s design. Set up your microphone and start recording the audio. You will have a better and cleaner sound. Furthermore, the mount minimizes the potential mechanical vibrations and vibrations for your movements.

The Spark SL XLR has a sturdy, reliable, and lightweight design. Still, it is best for those who do not like to carry a bulky microphone for their regular vlogging purposes. You will find perfection in both performance and design.

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS – Another PewDiePie’s Condenser Microphone

What Microphone Does PewDiePie Use - AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS

AKG has earned high fame and popularity among audio recorders. This brand is the first to design a remote-controlled, multi-pattern condenser mic. Famous personalities, like Sinatra and Michael Jackson, have used the C12 model. However, the C414 XLS model has several variants.

Check out the features of AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS. You will learn why PewDiePie has chosen it.

The most important thing is that AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS presents you with different polar patterns, high pass filters, and pad shifts. You will find everything you anticipate from a microphone. Cardioid is the polar pattern for the condenser mic.

The cardioid pattern of the microphone records audio while negating input from different sides. Thus, you will record audio from different directions.

Pad shifts are useful features to throw audio towards the microphone. Microphones are always sensitive. The surrounding noises may affect clarity and cause distortion. Therefore, pad shift comes to your help to deal with your audio input.

When the decibel is high, you may apply the pad shift for better control of the input level. You can record detailed audio while avoiding chaos. In the C414 model, there are pad switch options ranging from 6 to 12 dB. Drums and high decibel vocals will be easy to record.


  1. Q: What microphone does PewDiePie use?
    • A: PewDiePie currently uses the Rode NT1KIT microphone.
  2. Q: Are there alternative microphones similar to PewDiePie’s choice?
    • A: Yes, there are alternative microphones available that offer similar audio quality.
  3. Q: Can I use PewDiePie’s microphone for gaming and streaming?
    • A: Yes, the Rode NT1KIT is highly suitable for gaming and streaming purposes.
  4. Q: What factors should I consider when choosing a microphone?
    • A: Factors to consider include budget, features, and specific requirements.
  5. Q: Are there budget-friendly microphone options available?
    • A: Yes, there are affordable microphones that provide excellent performance within a budget.


You have now found the answers to your question- What microphone does PewDiePie use? To sum up, you need to invest in quality microphones and other tools to become a successful vlogger, like PewDiePie.

As vlogging is your profession, it is important to take care of the equipment, including the microphone and camera. Without a quality video, you may receive negative comments from YouTube users. Netizens will complain that the vlogger has used a low-quality mic.

Thus, to become one of the YouTube celebrities, you need dedication. Although you need to edit your video, you have to choose the right gear for audio quality. Video blogging is not easy, and it takes time to reach your goals.

However, you can remove your stress with a brief discussion of the topic- What mic does PewDiePie use?


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