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Top 11 Voice Changer for Discord


Written by Jack Lin

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voice changer for Discord

Discord has revolutionized communication in the gaming world. However, the cherry on top is the voice changer for Discord. But, what is this exactly? How can it make your Discord experience more fun? Let’s dive into the world of voice changing!

Unpacking Voice Changer for Discord

What is Voice Changer for Discord?

In a nutshell, Voice Changer for Discord is a nifty software application that can change your voice in real-time. Whether you want to sound like an alien, a robot, or even a celebrity, it’s got you covered!

Why Should You Use a Voice Changer on Discord?

A voice changer adds a layer of fun to your interactions, makes role-playing games more immersive, and can provide a level of anonymity. It’s about turning the ordinary into extraordinary!

How to Use a Voice Changer on Discord

Getting Started with a Voice Changer

First, you need to download and install a voice changer software. Remember, pick one that is compatible with Discord and meets your specific needs.

Using Voice Changer with Discord

Once installed, start your voice changer and select your desired voice effect. Now, launch Discord and head over to ‘User Settings.’ Under ‘Voice & Video,’ select your voice changer as the input device. And voila! You’re all set to amaze your friends!

Top Best Voice Changer for Discord

1. Clownfish

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish voice changer may look simple, but the amount of features it packs in is unbelievable. You can customize your voice to sound like anything you want, and the app features a music player to test the audio.

That’s not it, it also features an audio editing tool, where you can cut the audio, mix them up with others and do all kinds of stuff with the file before you send the message to your friend.

And here is the full Clownfish Voice Changer review for your reference.


  • It’s free
  • Supports Windows 10/8/7/XP
  • The setting up part is easy and faster for a non-tech-savvy person


  • Some voices have accents
  • The limited voice in the Girl category

2. MorphVOX


Many people use MorphVOX as their favorite discord voice changer. The app does feature a free version and a paid version for the user. The interface design of the app looks smooth. All the functions you want can be found on the main page, without going around the back.


  • Lower system demands
  • Has a lot of sound effects
  • You can create custom-made shortcuts


  • The paid version is a little steep
  • The interface may look cluttered for some people
  • Installation can get a little complicated

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3. VoiceMOD

Voxal Voice Changer

The possibilities that you will get with this VoiceMOD are nearly infinite. Everything about this app works really well; you can almost do anything on this software, as long it voices changing related stuff. You can change your recorded voice. Plenty of options for the people who are looking for the best voice changer for Discord. Let’s go through what other features you will get with this software.


  • Sounds good
  • Easier to install
  • Easier to get around the functions


  • The paid version is where you will find most of the features
  • It hides the paid version until you download the version.

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4. Voxal Voice Changer


Everything about Voxal Voice Changer is good. And it is easier to use for the beginner who may not ever used a voice changer before. The interface is seamless with all the functions there on the first page, so you won’t get confused picking the one that you want to use.

But most of the features here are locked inside of a paid version. If you want to use any of the features that are behind the paywall. Then you have to buy the paid version. Which is a little bit expensive considering the other options on the list?


  • Less CPU Requirement
  • Easy to understand functions
  • Seamless interface
  • Relat time adds effects to the voice


  • Compatibility with steam is yes and no
  • Filled with ADs, if you are sticking to the free version
  • The similarity in the voices

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5. Discord Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer

One of the best easy-to-use programs on this list. The interface is designed well, with a transparency effect that will make you like the software more. All of the major functions are listed on the main page.

You can use any of them, right away without spending time finding them. The software doesn’t have any website. So you have to download it through a third-party website. Sometimes it will get harder to find this software on the internet. Since it has no official website to support it.


  • Connection is easy
  • Picking voices here is fast and simple
  • Low CPU usage


  • Harder to install
  • Finding ht version that works for you is hard
  • The developer is no longer supporting the product

6. Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer

The interface is simple with this Super Voice Changer. If you are looking for the best lightweight voice-changing tool, then you can’t go wrong with this one. Here you can manipulate the default voice to as many levels as you want.

The setting options pack in a lot of features making this app one of the Best voice changers for Discord available in the market. You spend hours after hours messing in the settings. Once you find the voice that you’d like to use, you can save it for later on.


  • Customization option is always a good sign
  • Saving your setting for the next project
  • Light on CPU power


  • Harder to install
  • Lack of tutorial in the Help option

7. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is one of the best voice changers for Discord but it will cost you money. But it packs in a lot of power for being a voice-changing software. Here you can do almost everything to the voice to make the end product much better.


  • Editing tools. You can chop, edit, split the audio files, and adds pitch sound to make it better. All of this is possible with AV voice changer software.
  • It works with Skype Twitch, steam, and Discord.


  • Way too expensive. By sitting at the price tag of $99.

8. Audio For Fun

Audio for Fun

When it comes to what you see, here it is going to be a lot. You will get a premium-level interface here. The application Audio For Fun is geared towards Skype. While you can use it for normal use, if you are looking for the best voice changer for skype, then this application will fulfill your needs.

There are two different variations of software available in the market. One is a free version of the app and the other is where you have to spend a lot more to get the app started.


  • Advanced number of tools
  • Free and paid trial options
  • Customized option for better handling of the software.


  • Not the best voice changer for Discord but for skype.
  • The paid version is expensive
  • Discord users won’t get as many benefits out of this app as skype users will.
  • Figuring out the software will be difficult for a lot of users.

9. Voice Changer

Voice Changer

This App is one of the best simplest voice-changing programs on the internet. Making this app one of the best voice changers for Discord. All you have to do is use the microphone through the website, and set the output to the discord system. And that’s it. You are done. This program only works if you have your Discord active.


  • The voices here are hilarious
  • Many discord users prefer this app over anything else


  • have to link it to Discord manually
  • Hard Accents that make the voiceless understandable.

10. RoboVox Voice Changer


RoboVox Voice Changer is one of the best voice changers for Discord that you can get in the market. You can live to record your voice and make changes to the voice in real-time. Like every other app on the list, here you will also get a free and paid version of it. You have to pick the one that suits you the most.

One of the worse things about this app is the download process; here, many scammy websites are pushing a premium version of the app for free to a lot of people. Many of the downloads will crash your computer or start the process of malware on your system. So be a little careful if you are planning to go with this one.


  • There is a parrot function, which will do what you think it’s going to do. It is going to repeat the sentence back to you.
  • You can save and share your voice recording with the click of a button
  • There are 32 different voice options that you will get with this app.


  • Dated interface
  • The paid version is a little expensive, as is nothing but letting you have a better version of the free features.
  • The free service is very limited. They are forcing you to get the paid version.

11. Voice Changer with Effects

Voice changer with effects

You can certainly get more out of this discord voice changer tool. But one of the major problems with this app is that it’s compatible with Discord. Here you have to set the sound output directed to Discord manually.

The app is designed for smartphones. On the computer, it might not give you the exact look that you are hoping to get. The app is clunky and cluttered with unnecessary features on the computer version of it, but the smartphone version of the app is pretty good to use.


  • Packs in a lot of voices
  • You can save a lot of your recordings
  • Easier to understand and get around the software.


  • Lag on changing the voice from one to another
  • Permission to access your external storage
  • Linking with Discord is hard.

Comparison of Table

Here you will see all the Best voice changers for Discord, break it down to what they have to offer for what price, and for what software. If you see your software under the compatibility section, then you can pick that one to be your voice changer application.

The Voice capability option tells you how many voices they have to offer in its package, whether you want more voices, or fewer options are up to you to decide.

NoApplicationsCompatibilityPaid or FreeVoice Capability
1ClownfishSkype, Discord, ViberFree13
2MorphVOXSkype, Discord, Viber, steam, TwitchPaid07
3VoiceModDiscord, Many video games TitlesPaid42
4RoboVox Voice ChangerDiscord (Expect Noise)Paid32
5Discord Voice ChangerDiscordFree19
6Voice Changer with EffectsSkype, Discord,Paid40
7Audio for FunSkype, Discord, Steam, TwitchPaid07
8Voice ChangerSkype, Discord, Viber, steamFree51
9Voxal Voice ChangerSkype, Discord, Viber, multiple video game titlesPaid18
10AV Voice ChangerSkype, Discord, Viber, Steam, TwitchPaid
11SuperVoiceChangerSkype, Discord, WhatsApp, ViedoFree03

Common FAQs on Voice Changer for Discord

1. Is it legal to use a voice changer on Discord?

Yes, it’s legal to use a voice changer on Discord, provided it’s not used to deceive, harass, or infringe upon others’ rights.

2. Can using a voice changer cause any harm to my device?

Generally, using a voice changer doesn’t harm your device, as long as you download it from a trusted source.

3. Does using a voice changer on Discord affect the sound quality?

Some voice changers can reduce sound quality, while others come with noise cancellation to improve it.

4. Are voice changers compatible with all Discord platforms?

Most voice changers are compatible with Discord on Windows. However, the compatibility may vary for macOS and mobile platforms.

5. How to disable voice changer on Discord?

To disable the voice changer, go to ‘Voice & Video’ settings in Discord and change the input device back to your original microphone.

6. Can I use a voice changer during live streaming on Discord?

Absolutely! It can add a fun twist to your live streaming and engage your audience in a unique way.


Voice Changer for Discord is a game-changer, making your Discord experience more fun, engaging, and entertaining. So why wait? Start your exciting voice-changing journey today and let the fun begin!


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