How to Add, Run & Delete Roles in Discord

Do you want to know how to add roles in Discord? Are you looking for ways to manage or delete roles in Discord? If yes, then this is the right place for you.

Here, you can learn how to add roles in Discord easily and effectively. Discord is an easy alternative to TeamSpeak and Skype. This all-in-one text chat and voice tool for gamers is free of cost and safe to use.

You can use it on your mobile device as well as your desktop. With Discord, you don’t have to pay for TeamSpeak servers or hassle over Skype. This article will teach you how to add roles in Discord.

If you’re using Discord with many users, you’ll want the choice to do particular things on this server. Or else, either people will get confused, or you’ll go crazy while managing everything.

Discord has a clever way to set what every user can do on their server. This way, it can be easily as well as quickly managed by you. Discord offers 13 server permissions at present, such as the option to prohibit members from Discord.

It has nine text permissions, such as the option to add members on Discord, and six-voice permissions, such as the option to mute other people on Discord. In total, there are 28 server permissions. However, allocating all these permissions to every user is tedious, even for small server managers.

Therefore, you will have to create specific roles, each with particular permissions. Then, you can allocate one or more roles to every user.

For instance, you can create a role with the name of ‘Thor,’ which can only prohibit people and do nothing more on Discord. Then, you can create a role called ‘Loki,’ which can only converse on Discord and nothing else.

Those who have both these ‘Thor’ and ‘Loki’ roles can ban and chat with other people. However, those who have only one of these roles can access only the pertinent permissions of the respective role.

How to Add Roles in Discord

After creating the roles, you can use these roles across different channels to manage all Discord users.

Therefore, it’s worth your time and effort to create some fundamental roles before having any person on your Discord server. And, if you want, you can add more roles later on.

Besides, let’s figure out how to change your age on Discord.

So, let us take a look at the steps that can tell us how to add roles in Discord:

#1: First, you need to login into Discord and enter your server.

#2: Choose the small drop-down arrow on the right-hand side of the server’s name and click on ‘Server Settings.’

#3: Now, click on ‘Roles’ on the left panel. Here, you’ll see a role with the name ‘@everyone.’

 how to add roles in Discord

#4: Now, you must click on the icon of ‘+‘ displayed at the central panel’s top to add a new role.

#5: Give a descriptive name and color to the role. It’s important to assign a color to the role since it tells users about the roles of other members.

#6: See all 28 permissions and click only the ones you want to link to the role.

#7: Click on ‘Save Changes.’

#8: Do the same for every new role that you make.

So, now you know how to add roles in Discord.

When you assign different permissions to various roles, you make a hierarchy as per your trust. This means you can allocate lower roles to new people and higher roles that come with more permission from people you trust.

To allow a role to a person, you need to do as follows:

#1: First, you need to choose your Discord server and then click on ‘Members’ displayed in the left panel.

#2: You need to choose the small sign of ‘+’ displayed beside the username. After this, you have to choose the role of the menu.

# 3: Do this for every person on your Discord server.

Remember that you can add any number of roles as you like to every member.

How to Manage Roles in Discord

When it comes to managing different roles in the Discord server, it’s quite easy, just like creating them. You can add more roles if you want and change the permissions of every role.

You can just create two roles, admin and user, as per your preferences and requirements related to running your Discord server. Later, you can add more roles as the number of members on your Discord server increases.

On the left panel of the page ‘Roles,’ you’ll see the names of every role you’ve made. Then, you’ll see different usernames on your Discord server with the color of the highest role of the respective user.

This makes managing roles in the Discord server quite simple. Through this, members can easily identify who are admins, moderators, etc., on your server and then act accordingly.

How to Delete Roles in Discord

It’s very rare that you’ll have to delete a role in the Discord server since you have the option not to allow it in the first place.

Nonetheless, if your Discord account is becoming messy with idle roles, then you can always delete them by following these steps:

#1: You must choose the tiny drop-down arrow beside your Discord server. Then, you’ve to choose ‘Server Settings.’

#2: You need to choose ‘Roles’ in the left panel and then opt for the particular role you want to delete.

#3: Now, scroll down. Click on the button ‘Delete [role name]’

How to Delete Roles in Discord

Step 4: Confirm this action by clicking on ‘Okay.’

Permissions of Roles

Permissions of roles are quite important and require research on your part before you get started with them. If you want to see all permissions that you can allow to a role, you can see the Unofficial Discord Wiki.

You have the option to allocate permissions to roles, categories, as well as channels. This particular permissions page on the website of Discord is quite handy for using different roles and assigning different permissions to different roles.

However, you must not go into so much detail regarding Discord permissions and roles. You can just allocate no permissions to one role and all permissions to the other.

It depends on how you would like to run your Discord server. Whether you want to keep your Discord server simple or make it advanced as per your needs and liking, it is up to you.

And it all depends on you. Moreover, the best thing about Discord is that regardless of anything else, you can access all the permissions on Discord as the server’s owner.

Ok, you know how to add roles in Discord and how to Run & Delete Roles in Discord. Just get a try.



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