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Verizon WiFi Not Working
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Are you here because your Verizon WIFI not working and you are looking for a straightforward solution? This article features the most feasible methods to address that issue without any hassle.

So, learn the solutions and share those methods with anyone who experiences Verizon FiOS not working/Verizon no internet error.

However, before we go into the solutions, let’s look at some possible reasons. That means the reason why you have Verizon is that there is no internet.

Verizon WIFI Not Working – What Are the Reasons?

It is true that our crew has been required to stay at home and work regularly. So, we decided to use a suitable home network connection. As a result, we decided to go with Verizon FiOS wireless network.

Until last week, we hadn’t had any major issues with it. That means it was functioning perfectly. However, we happened to experience a “Verizon WIFI not working” error. We needed to find the most practical solution as quickly as possible to solve it. That is because you can’t get things done without the Internet today. As a result, we conducted a significant investigation and were able to remedy the problem.

There is no shortage of reasons to address if Verizon WIFI is not working. So, you can go through this section and learn what exactly those reasons are.

If your FiOS Wi-Fi isn’t working, there are a number of possibilities. For example, your Verizon gateway router may be malfunctioning and preventing a functional connection. Verizon’s network might also be to blame.

Another problem is if you use an inappropriate, incompatible network card for your router. On top of that, your ISP might be suffering an interruption or system maintenance.

Top Solutions to Fix Verizon WIFI Not Working

Restart the Router

Restart the Router to Fix Verizon WiFi Not Working

When anything stops working, this is most likely; the first step you should take is to fix it. Consequently, we strongly recommend that you try the same approach. Restarting a router effectively resolves the issue for most of its customers.

Whenever you restart your router, all of the configurations, along with all of the connections, are re-established.

In order to accomplish this, disconnect the router and allow it to cool for some time. Then reconnect the router to the computer. Finally, reconnect to the Internet and see if it works this time.

Besides, are you troubled with the Verizon router blinking white light issue? If so, then this article is for you, as here you can learn some easy fixes.

Reset the Router

Reset the Router

If rebooting the router does not solve the Verizon FiOS/WIFI not working problem, the following action is to reset the router.

It is important to note that everything is restored to its original factory settings when you reset your computer. However, it has the potential to address the situation swiftly.

The procedure is fairly straightforward. You will need a safety pin to complete this task. Placing the pin into the red reset hole on the back of your router will complete the process. This will immediately return your router to the factory default settings.

After that, let the router take some time to restart on its own. Once this has been accomplished, try to connect to an internet connection using your phone or PC.

Also, if you are experiencing the issue of Private Internet Access not working on Windows, here are the top solutions for you.

Check the Broadband or Ethernet Connections

Check the Broadband or Ethernet Connections

You should check the Broadband cable located on your router’s rear side. Then, you are supposed to determine whether it is properly connected and connected correctly. You may think of them as the ones who connect the respective router to your internet connection. 

Additionally, look for any sort of damage or fraying. Finally, make certain that they work in the perfect manner. 

In addition, you must ensure that the respective connections (located at the rear are snugly secured. If this is the case with you, the wires should be replaced with better ones.

These cables, as usual, are also subjected to wear & tear from time to time. If this is the case, you should replace the faulty one with a fresh one.

In addition, there’s no shortage of individuals who ask why Verizon is so expensive. If you are one of them, this article explains it clearly. So, let’s find out the truth.

Change the Location of Your Router if Verizon FiOS is Not Working

In some cases, poor signals also might result in a limited or non-existent connection. This might be due to the fact that the router is positioned a long distance away from connected devices. This can be resolved by moving the router to a more advantageous location with a better signal.

First and foremost, choose an appropriate position for the router. You must also verify that broadband cables can reach all those locations where they are required without becoming strained. In addition, be certain that you comprehend the installation procedure.

The first approach is to become familiar with your router’s connectivity. Also, you should check the many wires that are attached to it. Those are the wires that connect your home to the exterior power source from the outside.

Remove the cables and check that they’re going in the direction you want them to before relocating them.

It is now necessary to reinstall your router after all of the cables have been redirected. It should be checked once the router configures its new position. The gadget should be turned on when all cables have been connected to their designated locations.

Try establishing an internet connection and seeing if you can obtain stronger signal levels this time. If Verizon WIFI is not working, this can be a handy solution.

Update the Firmware of the Router

Update the Firmware of the Router to Fix Verizon WiFi Not Working

Here’s another solution if you experience the Verizon no internet error. Occasionally, a simple update to the firmware will be sufficient to resolve the Verizon FiOS not working problem.

For example, changing a router’s firmware can increase connection while maintaining the router’s security. It is suggested that you download and install the most recently available updates.

Simply rebooting the router could be sufficient to activate a firmware upgrade on your network equipment. Once the router’s been reset, it automatically rejoins the FiOS network, where the latest update will be downloaded. 

Another way is to use a URL and submit an update request to the server. Open your web browser and navigate to the following address:

Then, you must log in with the username & password that’s also written on the back of your router. To finish the update, you should follow the on-screen instructions.

Check if the Data Limit is Exceeded

Check if the Data Limit is Exceeded

Assume that you have hit your allocated data limit. In other words, your internet use has reached the maximum limit.

In that case, there is a possibility that you will be unable to access an Internet connection. It all relies on the Wi-Fi package that you have chosen for your home network.

When you view numerous movies at the same time, you may find yourself over your data allowance. Alternatively, you might download programs that take up plenty of space. If you exceed your data limit, FiOS does not charge you any additional fees.

Instead, it simply disengages the connection. If you want to remedy this, you should upgrade your data plan. That could be the solution if your Verizon WiFi/FiOS is not working.

Get in Touch with Verizon’s Customer Support

Get in Touch with Verizon's Customer Support

This signifies that you have exhausted all of your options and have come to this point. Unfortunately, there is nothing further to be done but to contact Verizon’s Customer Service for further assistance. Some specialists will get to the situation and provide a solution.

Through Verizon’s Customer Support, you may book a phone conversation with the customer service representative. Give a thorough explanation of the problem. Additionally, you may contact them via their number (which is toll-free), which is listed on their website.

You may also access My Verizon through the My Verizon app on the device. If not, you can do it through any web browser and communicate with customer service. And that’s how to fix Verizon WIFI not working error.

Be sure that you have detached the backup batteries, if there are one, before resetting your device. Following a reset, you’ll be required to input your credentials again on the rear side of that specific device. Aside from that, be certain you have all the information required to get into the account.

Also, when configuring the router, make certain that it is placed in an area with sufficient ventilation. That is because you want the router to remain cool. Lastly, if everything else fails, contact the local service provider.

That is required to determine if you have any difficulties with your internet connectivity. Service interruptions might potentially cause problems with your internet connection.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Verizon WIFI not working. These questions and answers will clear many doubts:

How to Fix Verizon FiOS Not Working Error?

If you experience Verizon WIFI not working/Verizon no internet in error, you can reboot the device you intend to stream.

If not, you can reduce the distance between the router and the device to proceed. Then, Verizon WIFI not working error will be fixed.

How to Unblock a Blocked Verizon Router?

First, you should open any browser of your preference and go to the FiOS gateway through it.

Then, you should go to the option “My Network,” located at the top of the screen. Then, you can unblock any device that is blocked.

How to Access the Verizon FiOS Router?

First, you should connect the respective Verizon device to your internet connection. After that, you should open any web browser. You can then type the respective IP address. To do that, you should use your web browser’s address bar.

After that, you should log in before entering the given spaces’ credentials (username & password). After that, you can easily access the options you wish.

Then, you can manage the router. If you experience Verizon’s no internet error, you may also check if there’s something wrong with these settings.

What is the Verizon Router’s Default Password?

If you are using a Verizon router for the first time, you may want to know its default password. There are three possibilities based on the model of the router.

It can be either “Password,” “admin,” or its serial number. If it’s the serial number, you can easily find it by looking at the rear side of the router.

Important: Changing your router’s default password into a personalized one is always important. Also, you should never share your router’s password with anyone.


So, that’s all about Verizon no internet error. Do you have other questions? If not, do you know other remedies to address this Verizon WiFi not working error?

If so, please let us know. We are always happy to welcome your suggestions.  


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