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[FIXED] Private Internet Access Not Working on Windows


Written by Jack Lin

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Private Internet Access Not Working

Are you here because your Private Internet Access not working, and you want some solutions? If so, keep reading as we will explain the best solutions to address errors related to it.

Private Internet Access (often called PIA) is a virtual private network (VPN) company. This specific service is well-known for offering a wide range of sophisticated capabilities for users. It has more than 3,300 servers located in over 30 countries.

Also, PIA is accessible for a variety of platforms, like Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and iOS. Moreover, it has extensions for pretty much all the common browsers. It is also available for mobile devices.

Many users, on the other hand, have complained that the program just fails to access their machines. They say that several attempts have been made to connect, and yet they failed.

Another group of PIA customers has come up with techniques that would help them cope with the issue. That’s good, and we decided to compile them and publish them in this article to share with everyone.

Why is Private Internet Access Not Working on Your Windows PC?

Let’s learn the probable reasons why private internet access does not work on your computer. In many cases, your internet connectivity is the one to blame if you experience any issue with PIA.

So, you should check that out in the very beginning. Check if you are properly connected to the internet. Also, you should see if other VPNs are functioning at the moment. If those aren’t the reasons, there are other solutions you can try.

● In Case of an IPv6 Connection Leak

You should try to disable IPv6 to fix this error if it is related to a connection leak. Packet leaks can emerge if IPv6 is installed on your PC.

For some reason or another, PIA developers have not completely addressed the errors related to IPv6. So, address that issue before everything else.

● TAP Adapter

PIA developers claim that some issues can emerge from newer versions of TAP adapter drivers. As a result of TAP adapter drivers, you may experience slowness in VPN services. You can fix this issue by fixing older, more stable TAP adapter versions.

PS: let’s learn more about how to Remove Windows passwords.

Solution 1: Disable Your Computer’s IPv6 Connection if Your Private Internet Access Not Working 

Certain packet breaches have been noticed by certain clients when PIA gets installed on a machine. Those are the machines that have IPv6 activated.

This clearly indicates that disabling IPv6 configurations for the connection may be a viable solution to the situation. Your connections won’t be affected, and this issue may be solved quickly!

  • First, hit the Windows key and R together and bring the Run utility up. Enter ncpa.cpl in the bar of your Run utility. After that, click OK to enter the settings of your Internet Connection. 
  • If not, you may access the system’s Control Panel and perform the same procedure. To change the view, click on the option called Network & Internet in the Category drop-down menu. It is located at the upper right of the window. To open the Network & Sharing Center, click the button to the right of it. Then, Change adapter settings which are found in the left menu. 
Change adapter settings
  • The highlighted network adapter should be selected in its Internet Connection window.
Ethernet Properties
  • Afterward, go to the Ethernet Properties and look for the IPv6. Once you’ve done so, click the OK button. If the problem persists in the system, restart the computer to ensure the adjustments take effect. This should solve the private internet access not working error.
Disable Your Computer's IPv6 Connection if Your Private Internet Access Not Working 

Solution 2: Reinstall the Application to Fix Private Internet Access Not Working

The issue appears to be with the specific edition of PIA running on your PC. To utilize PIA’s VPNs, you’ll need to follow these instructions to guarantee you use the most recent version installed.

  • Open your device’s Control Panel. You can enter its name into the system’s Start menu’s search bar after clicking the Start button. If you’re running Windows 10, you may access the Settings menu by clicking the gear symbol.
  • At the top of the Control Panel window, select the “Category” view. Then click on the option called Uninstall a Program in its Programs section to remove the program.
Uninstall a program
  • To see a list of the applications you’ve installed, open the Settings app and select Apps.
  • Click the option Uninstall to remove Private Internet Access from your computer’s settings or through the Control Panel.
Reinstall Private Internet Access
  • Then, get rid of it by following the directions in its uninstallation wizard.
  • Once the uninstaller has finished, click Finish to close it and restart that PC. After that, you can see whether the login problems persist. Use this link to obtain the most recent version. Install it by running the program and following the on-screen instructions.

That should fix the private internet access not working error.

Solution 3: Downgrade the TAP Driver to Fix Private Internet Access Not Working

Installing an earlier version of the TAP driver may be a practical solution if you experience private internet access not working error.

It works if a newer version is causing Windows users to have connection difficulties or very poor download rates.

Installing a previous version of these drivers will help prevent such problems from occurring with other connection settings.

  • To proceed, you must ensure that the PIA program is not running. Simply right-click on the PIA symbol in its system tray. That is in the collection of icons toward the left of your Windows clock. You can find it in the lower right corner of your screen. The PIA icon may not display until you click the little button to reveal other icons.
  • When its context menu appears, select Exit from its drop-down menu.
  • First, please remove the driver that is currently on the computer.
  • To launch the device manager option, type “Device Manager” in the search area. It is located next to Start. Or you may also enter the Run utility using the Windows and R keys together. Click OK. If not, hit the Enter key to enter the command devmgmt.msc in the command line box.
  • Find and choose a network adapter from the list. Currently installed networking adapters will be displayed here.
  • Select “Uninstall device” from the context menu. You can see it when you perform a right-click on its TAP Adapter that should be removed. Then, you should remove the networking device from your computer. When requested to remove the device, click “OK.”
Uninstall TAP-Windows Adapter
  • To get the driver that PIA experts have certified should not cause any issues, go to this page. Alternatively, you may be able to discover one on your own. Run it through the Downloads folder after selecting the best one.
Downgrade the TAP Driver
  • Installing the driver is as simple as following the on-screen directions. You don’t need to make any adjustments if you just click Next. After restarting the computer, check if private internet access not working.

Solution 4: Use the UDP Connection with the Following Ports

Some users were able to fix the issue by connecting through UDP on ports 8080, 1194, and 9201.

Well, this only required in-app debugging to complete. Your Internet service provider (ISP) or the Connection to the internet may be to blame if it doesn’t work!

  • Before continuing, you must be sure that the PIA application isn’t linked to a VPN. Simply right-click on the PIA symbol in its system tray. That’s the collection of icons to the left of the clock in the lower right corner of your screen. The PIA icon may not display until you click the little button that appears like an arrow.
  • In the context menu that appears, select Disconnect.
Private Internet Access Connect
  • First, you should right-click and select Settings from the options. Change your connection type from TCP to UDP by selecting the Advanced menu item. It is located at the base of the window.
Use the UDP Connection with the Following Ports
  • Try reconnecting to check if the issue remains after setting the remote port to 1194. Then, you should click on the Save button. If that doesn’t work, try using ports 8080 & 9201 instead of the previously mentioned ones.

Note: Your Antivirus program may be the source of this problem in some circumstances. Because of that, it is strongly advised that you temporarily stop all Antivirus apps. Then, you should ensure that no antivirus or firewall is functioning in the background.

Solution 5: Install PIA Through Safe Mode to Fix Private Internet Access Not Working

If you still experience private internet access not working in error, you can also try this option.

In this case, you’re supposed to hit the “Windows” and “R” keys together to bring the “Run” utility up.

  • After that, enter the text “Control” and hit Enter while Run is open.
  • Select “Uninstall a software” from the drop-down menu that appears. Right-click and remove PIA from this list.
  • We must boot to safe mode after removing the PIA. Take a look at “Update and Security” and select “Recovery” by pressing “Windows + I” on your keyboard. In your “Advanced startup” area, hit the button that represents the “Restart” function to proceed. 
  • For now, you may sit back and relax. Afterward, you must go to “Troubleshoot” and select “Advanced Options.” Afterward, go to “Startup Settings” and hit the restart option. Upon restarting your computer, select “Safe modes with networking.”
Install PIA Through Safe Mode to Fix Private Internet Access Not Working
  • Download and install the most recent version of Private Internet Access from the official website. That should be done after entering the safe mode. This mode can be exited by restarting your computer.


Q1: Does Private Internet Access work on other operating systems besides Windows?

Yes, Private Internet Access is compatible with various operating systems, including macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Q2: Can I use Private Internet Access on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, Private Internet Access allows simultaneous connections on multiple devices, depending on your subscription plan.

Q3: Is Private Internet Access legal to use?

Yes, using Private Internet Access for legitimate purposes is legal in most countries. However, it’s important to respect the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction you are in.

Q4: Does Private Internet Access log user activity?

No, Private Internet Access has a strict no-logs policy, which means they do not monitor, record, or store any user activity or connection logs.

Q5: Can Private Internet Access bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked content?

Yes, Private Internet Access can help bypass geo-restrictions by allowing you to connect to servers in different countries, granting you access to regionally restricted content.


So, that’s what you should do if private internet access not working on your system.

We hope the above solutions will fix the error for good and bring things back to normal. Just try it yourself now.


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