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Telegram Without Phone Number

Have you ever wanted to use the Telegram app without a phone number? Many individuals believe it is impossible to use Telegram without a phone number.

However, with some tricky steps, you can make it work without a phone number. Let’s learn how to do it.

Introduction of Telegram

It is true that Telegram is a very popular platform for those who want to communicate safely and reliably. Telegram is known for its security features, so the chances of it are minimal to penetrate it.

When you create a Telegram account for the first time, you are supposed to provide a valid phone number.

The respective Telegram account will be verified using that phone number. However, if you provide a fake telephone number, you cannot get the verification done.

That is because Telegram sends a verification code to that number; without it, you cannot do the verification.

So, in a nutshell, providing a real, working phone number is compulsory to verify a Telegram account.

Why Does Someone Want to Use Telegram Without a Phone Number?

Well, Telegram requires your phone number solely for verification. Some individuals are highly concerned about their privacy and don’t want to share contact numbers.

If you fall into that group, using your contact number to verify Telegram may not be the best practice.

The requirement of providing a personal phone number is a bad approach, according to you. That is why many individuals (including you) want to know how to use Telegram without a phone number.  

Well, the good news is that this security feature can be bypassed even if you are a novice. We will guide you through this process and let you use Telegram conveniently.

Is It Possible to Use Telegram Without a Phone Number?

You cannot sign up for a Telegram account without entering a phone number for verification. Introducing this feature is to prevent automated account creation and activities of bots.

After providing your phone number, you can get either a text message or a voice call from Telegram. That will verify the phone number and make sure that you are a real human being.

Is it possible to use Telegram without phone number?

After completing the verification process, the respective phone number is not required to operate the Telegram account. So, in a nutshell, you need a phone number to verify the account but not to use it.

Telegram has indeed introduced this program for better security. However, exposing their real phone numbers to a third-party platform is a huge concern for some individuals.

If you are among that crowd, you can use the methods explained in this article and start using Telegram. The options mentioned below are free, quick, and very efficient.

Besides, if you wonder how to delete Telegram contacts on Android/iOS/PC, you should check out this guide.

01. Use Google Voice to Telegram Without a Phone Number

You may already know that Google Voice is a telephone service based on the web. It lets you have a new phone number that can be used for both texting and messaging.

However, Google Voice has one downside; your Google Voice number is created under your Google account. So, there is no guarantee of privacy with that option.

This option would be great if you only want to hide your phone number. Otherwise, you will have to search for a different option.

If you are OK with the aforementioned issue, follow the steps below. Then, you can start using Telegram without a phone number.

  • If you have a Google account, you can proceed with it. Otherwise, you can create a new Google account for your Telegram account.
Create a new Google Account
  • Now, navigate to the option called Google Voice. Then, you can either select “Register” or choose a phone number.
Select a Google Voice number
  • Now, you should register it with the Telegram platform. Wait for a couple of seconds so the confirmation code will arrive.
Register Telegram with new Google Voice Number
  • Now, you can retrieve the respective account from Google Voice and enter it in the Telegram interface.
Use Google Voice to Telegram Without a Phone Number
  • Finally, confirm it so you can start using it.

As you may know, creating a Google Account is possible even if you don’t give a phone number.

Even if Google asks for the number, you can skip that step. And, you can find plenty of information on that matter on the internet.

02. Use TextNow to Telegram Without a Phone Number

TextNow is another messaging app that allows you to use a temporary email address. It will provide you with a unique phone number to receive authentication codes.

The functionality of this tool is pretty simple. You only need to download the app on your mobile device and grant the permissions it demands.

Use TextNow to Telegram Without a Phone Number

Then, you should sign up for a Telegram account using the phone number given by the TextNow application.

If you don’t receive that code as a text message, you should wait until the code expires. Then, try once again with the phone call option.

Generally, you will get a phone call within a few minutes, and you can get the verification code. Then, you should just input the code to proceed by configuring the Telegram account.

03. Use Burner to Telegram Without Phone Number

Burner” is another useful app that works as a call-forwarding tool. As per this tool’s function, it temporarily lets you “rent” a phone number.

You can give that number to any individual for whatever purpose. The calls received on Burner will be forwarded to its server. Then, the respective call will be forwarded to the real number.

So the caller will not learn the real number. Also, Burner will not share the respective number with any third party.

Use Burner to Telegram Without Phone Number

You can get either a short-term account or a long-term account. Both of these accounts have different features. A short-term plan is ideal for listing items on eCommerce platforms and verifying the Telegram account.

However, you can use a long-term number for any other purpose (you can even keep it as your number). All the short-term Burner numbers are free, but you should pay a small amount to get a long-term number.

So, Burner is generally an ideal option for those who want to use Telegram without a phone number.

04. FreePhoneNum.com

FreePhoneNum.com is a completely free tool that offers you disposable phone numbers.

You can enjoy their temporary numbers easily to verify Telegram numbers or perform any other task. Many users have made use of this platform and found it to be a very effective option.

However, some users have experienced occasional issues with some of the numbers. But even if it fails, you can try a different number and keep trying until one works.

use Telegram without phone number with FreePhoneNum.com

05. ReceiveSMS

ReceiveSMS is another useful platform with useful services. You can use it to verify your Telegram without a phone number, so your privacy is protected.

However, one of the main issues with this platform is that some of its numbers don’t work. So, you will have to try several numbers to verify your Telegram without a phone number.

You will have to spend several minutes finding a phone number that works. Once you have found a number, you can easily get verification codes on it and verify Telegram.

use Telegram without phone number with Receive SMS

By the way, let’s explore our detailed guide to uncover if you can track a TextNow number, with legal and practical steps to trace unwanted calls and messages.

06. Using a Friend’s Phone Number

If you have a trusted friend or family member who is willing to help, you can use their phone number to create a Telegram account. During the registration process, simply input their phone number, and with their permission, complete the verification process.

Once the account is created, you can log in and use Telegram on your device without the need for your own phone number.

07. Using Telegram Desktop

Telegram Desktop is a version of Telegram that runs on desktop computers without the need for a phone number. By downloading and installing the Telegram Desktop application, you can create an account and use Telegram directly from your computer.

This method is particularly useful if you prefer to use Telegram on a device that doesn’t have a SIM card or if you want to keep your mobile number private.

Privacy Tips to Consider

Well, if someone gets your phone number, they can contact you regardless of location. That means it exposes you to the entire world.

However, the phone number is not the only data that expose you. Aspects like your email address, Google account, etc., can reveal your identity to the public.

In addition, others can get to know who you are through your device’s MAC address. The MAC address is unique to every device, and you cannot change it. Your MAC address is likely to be stored in your network.

So, you are not entirely secure when you are connected to a certain network. In that case, you will have to use a specific program to change the MAC address.

Two-Factor Authentication

Last but not least, enabling your Telegram account’s two-factor authentication is highly recommended. Otherwise, the chances for someone to access your account are high.

That is because someone can spoof your phone number and try to log into the Telegram account. They may access your private information and may even delete the messages.

Well, this means that you should keep that temporary number activated all the time to access the account.  

Delete Your Account

If you use a burner number, it is supposed to get recycled at some point or another. Then, it will be pooled back as an available number so any other person can get it back.

Therefore, if you abandon that Telegram account, be sure to delete it. Otherwise, someone else can use your account and pretend to be you.


  1. Can I use Telegram without a phone number?
    • Yes, you can use Telegram without a phone number by utilizing virtual phone numbers, landline numbers, temporary SIM cards, or other methods.
  2. Are virtual phone numbers safe to use?
    • Virtual phone numbers can provide an added layer of privacy, but it’s important to choose reputable services to ensure the security of your data.
  3. Can I use Telegram on a device without a SIM card?
    • Yes, you can use Telegram on devices without SIM cards by using Telegram Desktop or other alternative methods mentioned in this article.
  4. Is it possible to create a Telegram account using a friend’s phone number?
    • Yes, with the permission of a trusted friend or family member, you can create a Telegram account using their phone number.
  5. Are there any risks associated with using third-party apps for Telegram registration?
    • While some third-party apps may provide alternative registration processes, it’s crucial to select trusted apps to protect your privacy and security.


Using Telegram without a phone number is possible through various methods, providing you with the flexibility to safeguard your privacy or use the app on devices without SIM cards.

Whether you opt for virtual phone numbers, landline numbers, temporary SIM cards, or other alternatives, it’s essential to choose methods that align with your privacy preferences. By following the outlined techniques, you can enjoy the benefits of Telegram while maintaining control over your personal information.


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