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Silent Click Gaming Mice: Reviews and Top Picks for Noiseless Gaming


Written by Jack Lin

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Silent Gaming Mouse

You may have an ordinary mouse serving your purpose fine but have you tried a silent click gaming mouse? These are dedicatedly designed equipment to serve the purpose of noiseless gaming in any environment.

Know all about a silent mouse along with reviews for the top 9 products in this category.

About Silent Mouse

The mouse meant for gaming is built accordingly with suitable technologies and features to meet the requirements. Using a mouse for gaming means a lot of rapid clicks made by the players within a few seconds only.

The result of this is a lot of annoying noise that causes much disturbance to the other people present around. This is why gamers have to make their room separately organized.

About Silent Mouse
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The technological help to prevent this noise came in the form of a silent mouse. We are talking about a special mouse that is built with sturdy, responsive, soft, and yet silent buttons and a scroller wheel. Clicking any of the parts of this mouse doesn’t make any noise due to the high precision technology built.

Benefits of Using a Silent Click Gaming Mouse

Following are some of the advantages that a silent gaming mouse gives over an ordinary mouse:

Better for Shared Gaming Set-up

If you are sharing a room with your siblings or mates, then this mouse is a must need. You won’t be disturbing anyone with the annoying mouse clicking sounds. At the same time, your gaming will continue interruption-free and efficiently too.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Gaming is performed better in an environment that is free of any possible disturbance, even a minor sound. Here, the importance of a silent mouse gets higher as this is one of the instruments making much noise. A silent mouse facilitates properly isolated and indulgent surroundings for the gamers.

Higher Accuracy and Precision Sensitivity

A silent mouse is designed especially for the extra feature of silent working that comes with more advanced technology. Inevitably, these instruments get better at performance and touch sensitivity. The result is a more efficient and smoother gaming experience.

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Top 9 Silent Mice for Gaming You Must Try

In this section, we are going to present to you the list of the nine best silent gaming mice. We have given a thorough review for all of them to help you check if they meet your demands. Rest assured, these mice are going to prove the best partners for your other gaming equipment.

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum silent mouse click
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

This mouse is the top pick for this guide since it facilitates the best and most convenient gaming experience. The mouse possesses the most advanced craftsmanship delivered by the brand ever. There are so many impressive features in this mouse, like the sensitive clicks, lights, sensors, fast scrolling, etc.

The programmable buttons are the best feature as it allows you an enhanced personalized operating experience. You can control the mouse in any way to do any task. The RGB lightings make the mouse appear attractive and bright which completes the game set-up. Another amazing feature is the MPW366 sensor which makes the mouse hyper-sensitive and slides extremely smooth.

You will be amazed by the balanced sensitivity of this mouse that prevents accidental clicks. The scrolling is fast that will help you make moves at the right time. All the features of the mouse indicate its high adaptability for gaming purposes. You can change every setting for a wholesome and efficient experience. This Logitech mouse is going to amp up the looks of your tabletop.


  • RGB lighting system with full customization option
  • 11 programming buttons
  • Smooth and superfast scrolling wheel for best convenience
  • Accuracy maintained with rapid shift feature for changing sensitivity from low-high
  • Long cable for easy usage


  • No color options, only black color available
  • Heavy metal scrolling wheel with cold feels
  • Little bit heavy

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2. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse
VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Giving close competition to Logitech Proteus is the mouse by VicTsing that combines the best of technological specifications. This can be a great choice for you as it is dedicatedly designed to provide the best and most smooth gaming experience. No silent gaming mouse has ever been so good to be able to give so much at such a budgeted price.

The touch sensitivity of this mouse is very high that allowing smooth operation. The most surprising feature of this product is that it has got a USB port despite being a wireless mouse. This indicates its convenience-driven design that allows USB connection when necessary. You can use any compatible USB cable to connect it with any PC. Customizable DPI settings make the mouse even more attractive.

The LED backlights in the mouse give a nice lighting setting without any battery usage. The mouse is compact which makes it perfect for small desktop set-ups. The battery backup is also very high due to the lithium-ion battery which also contributes to high durability.


  • Wholly customizable DPI values
  • Fully compatible with all the major OS versions of Windows, Mac, apps, and other software
  • Wireless built makes it suitable for usage anywhere, anytime.
  • In-built energy saver chip for battery conservation and efficiency
  • A full one year warranty that makes it a steal deal


  • Minor connectivity issues can come up.
  • It may feel a little too small for some users to handle

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3. Logitech M330

Logitech M330 silent mouse click
Logitech M330

If you have been looking for a mouse that fits in with your budget easily, then Logitech M330 is the right choice for you. Even with the low pricing, you will be surprised how easy it will fit in with your gaming set-up. The silent mouse click is best for gaming beginners who don’t have much budget to invest in gaming.

The most noticeable thing about this Logitech mouse is its high battery life. You won’t have to worry about having to frequently charge the mouse since it has got an extended battery. It becomes even better with the feature of Auto-sleep that puts the mouse into sleep when not in use. All these features help in highly effective battery conservation.

It is a highly reliable silent mouse with an attractive low profile with various color options to match every gaming set-up. The reduced clicks feature does better with the smooth tracking capability of the mouse so that the performance doesn’t get affected at all.


  • Smooth operation with clicking needs to be reduced by almost 90%
  • Simple operability with easy plugging and playing feature
  • Compatible with wireless connections as well
  • Feature of auto-sleep that promotes higher battery saving
  • Possesses the Quiet Mark certification and name of a highly reputed brand


  • Low profile and fewer lighting features
  • The scrolling wheel tends to lose quality with time.

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4. JNL- 101K

JNL- 101K
JNL- 101K

Out of all the wired mice, you can find, the JNL-101K is hands down, the best mouse ever. This is the right product for all levels of users, like beginners and experts alike. This silent mouse click is the best match for laptops and playing on beds as the mouse glides smoothly on all kinds of surfaces.

If you are a serious gamer, then you must get this mouse as it has got the best and most advanced of specifications. The high DPI and 15000 levels super-sensitive sensor facilitates the most professional gaming experience. The mouse is very simple to operate where you just have to plug in and get on with gaming super fast. The cord has got enough length for allowing usage from a distance also.

Moreover, it has a very sleek profile that mingles with every gaming set-up effortlessly. The scrolling wheel moves super smoothly, and the size of the mouse fits all hands easily.


  • Three levels of adjustment available for DPI
  • A very faint sound of only 33 dB made with the mouse click.
  • Most compatible with the Windows OS
  • Limited color options with grey and black combination
  • High durability and life span of about eight months as reported by the users


  • Both buttons differ in the sound they make
  • Instances of unresponsiveness in the mouse occur frequently.



A wireless mouse is highly convenient, but when it comes to a wireless silent gaming mouse, none is better than VEGCOO C8. It is going to make a great companion to your gaming set-up as it will facilitate a wholesome gaming experience. The advanced features of this mouse allow it a durable performance along with beautiful looks and convenience.

The latter is the strongest point of this mouse as the ergonomic design makes it suitable for all hands. You won’t feel tired even after holding it for long sessions. The appearance of the mouse is also very catchy due to its sharp, edgy look and color scheme. This makes the mouse a top choice for gamers looking to upgrade their gaming equipment set-up.

The strategic location of the charging port in the front part of the mouse is another great thing. You can use it while charging; thus, as the wire doesn’t interrupt, it’s working. The auto-sleep feature of the mouse makes battery-saving possible too. The price of the mouse also makes it a steal-deal.


  • Outstanding appearance with unique aesthetics, exterior, and designing
  • Comfort-driven ergonomic built with a curvy design
  • Color changing LED lights fitted
  • Easy on and off control for the mouse lights
  • Seven different color options available


  • Not much durable as the mouse may stop functioning in some time.

6. Razer Lancehead Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Tournament Edition

Razer Lancehead Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Tournament Edition
Razer Lancehead Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Tournament Edition

This mouse is capable of meeting the requirements of both casual and pro gaming due to the highly advanced specs it has got. You will easily get impressed by its looks that incorporate a claw tip design that fits into all hands with style. Moreover, it has an ambidextrous build which means it can be operated with either of the hands.

The silent click gaming mouse runs on razer synapse software that allows it cloud storage and four customizable levels of gaming profiles. The mouse also has got Omron razer switches that make no noise at any click and have the highest sensitivity rate. Its response rate is also outstanding with the 16000 DPI optical sensors that give a resolution accuracy rate of 99.4%.

You can use the mouse with all the major Windows and Mac OS versions, including 7, XP, 10.4, and others. There are plenty of customizing options available for this mouse that allow you to make it suitable for the whole setup. The backlights of the mouse do well enough to amp up the looks.


  • Built-in synapse software for various customizations
  • Very impressive looks
  • Ambidextrous built for all types of users
  • Ergonomic and comfort-driven hold
  • Customizable DPI suitable for all gaming needs


  • Lacks programmable keys
  • It May feel small to some users.

7. FOME I720 Gaming Mouse

FOME I720 Gaming Mouse
FOME I720 Gaming Mouse

If you want a mouse that can be your best friend for everyday use as well as heavy gaming, try out the FOME I720. This is going to be the value deal for you where you get the best features at a lower price. There are no fancy features or looks in this mouse, but it promises the best performance out of all.

For long gaming sessions, this mouse is the perfect option to try. It works on the 2.4 GHz wireless tech that prevents signal drop even at a 30 ft distance. The battery of the mouse is outstanding with a life of 20 months and the power conservation feature. You can continue operating this mouse without any stress due to the ergonomic design. This gets even better with the anti-friction surface tech that imparts an efficient grip to the mouse.

The sound made by the silent mouse click is reduced by 95%, but it’s advanced programming. You may get slightly disappointed with the absence of any lighting in the mouse. However, that’s certainly not a major issue since all the important requirements are fully met by this mouse. Lastly, the price is also going to make your pockets much happier.


  • No noise mouse 95% more efficient than others
  • Extended and reliable battery
  • Cheap price
  • Lightly built and stylish design


  • Limited options for customizations
  • Unavailability of any custom software

8. UTechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

UTechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse
UTechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

If you have been looking for a dedicatedly designed mouse, then try out the UTechSmart Venus mouse. You will be highly impressed if you are going to use this mouse for MMORPG or FPS gaming. It has got the best features and that too at a competitive price. You can perform daily tasks as well as heavy-end gaming with this mouse without any worry of lagging.

UTechSmart has got 18 keys that can be programmed in 5 different memory profiles to get a customizable gaming experience. Another great feature is the 16400 DPI Avago laser sensors that facilitate high accuracy and responsiveness upon every click. The grip customization capability of the mouse is very impressive. You can get your perfect grip with the Teflon feet pad with eight detachable weights.

Now, the availability of 16 million options for the LED lighting in this silent click gaming mouse is something unmatchable. You can make the mouse meet any set-up, and the looks will never disappoint you at all. The button grid of the mouse gives tremendous click sensitivity.


  • Plenty of customization options
  • Programmable keys for high-end operation
  • Ergonomic built of the mouse for ultimate comfortable handling.
  • Highly budgeted mouse with the best features
  • Suitable design and size for all kind of users


  • Lights don’t operate very smoothly.
  • The size may not be apt for smaller hands.

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9. Roccat Nyth Silent Gaming Mouse

Roccat Nyth Silent Gaming Mouse
Roccat Nyth Silent Gaming Mouse

For a mouse that can perform its best with the most number of gaming genres, Roccat Nyth is the perfect option. Comfort and accurate sensing are the two strong points that are enough to make it a top choice. You may have to exceed your budget a bit, but what you will get will be worth it.

The mouse has three customizable settings for the DPI that is based on the Laser sensor 12000 technology. You can expect the accuracy rate of the mouse to be very high. You can easily swap between palm grip and claw grip by switching the two magnetic panels of the mouse. 18 buttons come with the mouse for customizable programming, along with a carry case for proper storage.

You may not find the feature of 3D printing capability in any other mouse than this one. It is quite interesting to have a mouse whose parts you can build yourself or download from a library. The silent clicks of the mouse are best suited for RPG and MMO gaming. If you want a mouse that is not high profile but promises a decent performance, this is the perfect option.


  • Exceptionally advanced customization for different gaming set-ups
  • Made for comfort-driven operability
  • Highly compatible with plenty of gaming set-ups and genres


  • Bugs may affect the software sometimes.
  • Small buttons on the side that can be hard to click sometimes

Working of a Silent Mouse

A silent click gaming mouse has no-noise features that are better than an ordinary mouse. Here is some info on the technological features of a silent mouse:

Echo Chamber

An ordinary mouse can be seen having a hollow space in its base, which is also called a keyplate. This part is primarily responsible for the sound made by the mouse upon getting clicked. An echo is created that further enlarges the resultant sound intensity. A silent mouse lacks this hollow place due to which there is no sound.

Rubber Switches

A silent mouse has a rubber switch, unlike the plastic switch in an ordinary mouse. Rubber does better with higher flexibility, softness, and thickness. All these qualities of rubber facilitate further noise absorption and lesser sound generation.

Plastic Gliding Feet

The gliding feet of a silent mouse are made with lumber plastic, unlike the ordinary mouse that has regular gliding feet. Lumber plastic is smoother that allows friction-free gliding and no sound thereby.

Working of a Silent Mouse
UTechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a silent gaming mouse reduce noise?

Silent gaming mice incorporate noiseless switches that provide the tactile feedback of regular switches without the associated clicking noise. These switches are designed to minimize or eliminate the sound produced when pressing the mouse buttons, allowing for a quieter gaming experience.

2. Can a silent gaming mouse match the performance of a regular gaming mouse?

Yes, a silent gaming mouse can deliver comparable performance to a regular gaming mouse. Silent gaming mice are engineered to offer the same level of precision, responsiveness, and sensitivity as their non-silent counterparts. They provide excellent performance while minimizing noise.

3. Are silent gaming mice suitable for all gaming genres?

Absolutely! Silent gaming mice are suitable for all gaming genres. Whether you’re playing fast-paced first-person shooters, immersive role-playing games, or real-time strategy games, a silent gaming mouse can provide the precision and control you need without the distraction of loud clicking noises.

4. Can I use a silent gaming mouse for everyday tasks?

Yes, you can definitely use a silent gaming mouse for everyday tasks beyond gaming. The noise reduction feature makes it ideal for environments where quiet operation is desired, such as offices, libraries, or shared spaces. Silent gaming mice offer the same functionality as regular mice, allowing you to navigate websites, work on documents, and perform other tasks with ease.

5. Are silent gaming mice more expensive than regular gaming mice?

The price of a silent gaming mouse can vary depending on the brand, features, and overall quality. While some silent gaming mice may have a higher price tag due to advanced technology and additional features, there are also budget-friendly options available. It’s essential to assess your requirements and budget to find a silent gaming mouse that strikes the right balance between performance and affordability.


A silent gaming mouse offers several advantages for gamers seeking a quiet and immersive gaming experience. With reduced noise, improved concentration, and enhanced precision, a silent gaming mouse can take your gaming performance to the next level.

By considering the key features and doing thorough research, you can find the perfect silent gaming mouse that suits your preferences and gaming style.


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