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Top Lightest Gaming Mice for FPS and Multiplayer Gamers


Written by Jack Lin

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Lightest Mouse in the World

Are you in search of the lightest mouse in the world? Does it make any sense why you should use a cheap gaming mouse with an expensive price tag?

Keyboards and mice are the main weapons of a multiplayer or FPS gamer. Compromising the quality of such equipment can definitely affect the gaming experience in a negative way.

In case you play different games for some hours, using a light mouse can really be helpful. The primary thing that you should practice is the quick movement in FPS games.

Thus, light mice are specially designed for such purposes. However, one cannot compromise on the quality and other features of a mouse.

Keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with a list of the world’s lightest mice. These mice are perfect for gamers who want both lightweight and performance.

In the market, a few products come with adjustable weights. Here, users can configure them by easily removing or adding weights.

The primary thing that you should consider when purchasing a mouse is its level of comfort in holding and weight.

After conducting proper research, we have listed models with a high comfort level.

Many gamers employ different grip styles, such as palm tip, fingertip, and claw, for enhancing the gaming experience.

So, this is another factor that you can consider while purchasing. A grip style determines the grip and shape of mice. So, gamers can choose mice accordingly.

Top Lightest Mice In the World

Now, have a look at the lightest gaming mice below. Choose the best model depending on your specification and budget.

PS: here are the silent gaming mouse for your reference.

#1. Glorious Model O

Lightest Mouse in the World - Glorious Model O

This model was released some months ago. However, a light mouse is released after the primary version. The weight of this mouse is just 67 grams. Thus, this mouse is known as the world’s lightest mouse featuring RGB lights. Glorious Model O is in the shape of FK1, featuring a honeycomb structure.

Glorious Model O comes in two colors. Several big-tech brands, such as Euro Gamers, ranked this model as the best gaming mouse. The mouse features RGB lights on its sides. Thus, it has an amazing look. The height, width, and length of this mouse are 3.75cm, 5.9cm, and 12.8cm, respectively. The weight of its matte model is 67 grams, whereas the glossy one is 68 grams.

The connectivity type of this mouse is wired and has a 2m long wire. The mouse has a Pixart PMW 3360 sensor with dpi ranging between 400 and 12000. There are six buttons on this model, where 5 are the standard ones, and one is the DPI switch.

However, the model features some cons too. The mouse’s side buttons are good, but they could be better considering its price. On putting high pressure, the mouse’s sides can crack easily. Plus, there are various glorious models; it would be better if it was the stealth one.

With its goodness and amazing features, the mouse is the lightest mouse in the world, having RGB lights. The build quality of this model is quite impressive. Also, the color scheme provides it with an impressive look. While offering aesthetics, the mouse also provides premium features. So, if you are looking for a mouse with premium features without spending a lot, then this is it. Go for this model!


  • It comes with an impressive sensor
  • Extra-long wire with an incredible quality
  • RGB lights present in the world’s lightest mouse
  • Lightweight yet features amazing features


  • The sides cannot take much pressure
  • A bit expensive considering the features it offers
  • Branding would be great if it was a stealth model

#2. Razer Viper Ultralight

Lightest Mouse in the World - Razer Viper Ultralight

Are you looking for the lightest mouse in the world but with better performance? Then, Razer Viper Ultralight is an amazing choice. This could be the world’s lightest mouse and the best one out there. There are two things that make this mouse best than other competitors – lightweight and excellent design.

When buying a mouse, users usually purchase a plastic piece randomly without considering its features and performance. This mouse offers both the accuracy and speed that a gamer looks for. The approximate size of the mouse is 1.51 inches, 4.66 inches, and 2.11 inches in height, length, and width, respectively. The exact weight of this model is 61 grams, whereas its wire weighs around 8g.

Razor Viper Ultralight features 8500 DPI optical sensors. It is possible to change DPI using the DPI switch. This mouse employs Razor Optical Switches, which rate for 50million clicks. Also, users can customize the buttons as per their own choice.

However, there are some cons too. Firstly, you can find a better mouse than this having more features. Also, this model does not feature a wall adapter for the dock. Plus, it employs an inflexible scroll wheel, which many users reported as a negative point. This mouse is for people who like gaming gear irrespective of the budget. This is because it is an expensive product.

While looking for the world’s lightest mouse, it would be wrong to ignore this product. Razer has been producing the lightest gaming mice for many years. This model is the lightest mouse in the world. It is equipped with mechanical switches from Razer. Plus, you are getting advanced features at a reasonable rate.


  • Come with advanced features at a good price
  • It is quite comfortable for a low-profile user
  • Come with mechanical switches for enhanced durability


  • Features an inflexible scroll wheel
  • Expensive for its characteristics
  • No wall adapter available for the dock

By the way, let’s learn more about how to become a professional gamer here.

#3. Cooler Master mm710

Cooler Master mm710

It is quite trendy to own the lightest mouse in the world. If you are looking for the world’s lightest mouse, then consider buying the Cooler Master mm710. This is one of the lightest gaming mice present out there. Lightweight mice from Esport are trending, whereas Master mm710 is the best lightweight mouse. This house features a honeycomb structure, which provides strength for handling pressure smoothly.

Along with that, the mouse is available at a reasonable price. Plus, it comes in two colors. Choose the model according to your preference. The height, width, and length of this mouse are 38.3mm, 62.6mm, and 116.6mm, respectively. It weighs about 53 grams, excluding the wire’s weight, while the length of this cable is 1.8m. The mouse is ultralight with defense.

Cooler Master mm710 features a PixArt PMW3389 sensor. This supports 16000 DPI at maximum, while seven modes could be switched easily using the DPI switch. It employs OMRON switches, manufactured in Japan. It lasts up to 20 million taps. The entire body of this mouse is manufactured with ABS Plastic.

With its goodness, we have even noticed some negative things in the mouse when reviewing. Firstly, this mouse’s size is small. If you were using a big mouse before, it might not fit in your hands perfectly. Also, for righties, the shortcut tabs can favor them. However, it is quite hard for lefties to use this mouse. There are limits to saving the settings’ profile in competitive programs. So, this is all about the lightest mouse in the world.


  • It features a lightweight honeycomb-style
  • The mouse has competitive tools for tweaks
  • It offers excellent performance compared to its rate
  • Budget-friendly product featuring all necessary things


  • Bare-bones programs with the mouse
  • The shortcuts just favor the righties
  • The design and shape look dull

#4. XTRFY M4 RGB Ultra-Light

XTRFY M4 RGB Ultra-Light

As FinalMouse began releasing lightweight models in 2018, they are emerging as the lightest gaming mice. XTRFY M4 RGB Ultra-Light even features a solid top and a honeycomb structure. This helps in resisting high pressure. The Ultra-Light model is equipped with sport RGB lights, which can be changed from the mouse itself. So, there is no need for any extra software.

The primary reason why users opt for this model is its robust build without having additional weight. The weight of this ultra-light mouse is 69g, excluding its wire. The wire’s length is 1.8m. XTRFY EZcord loads some grams. The width, height, and length of the mouse are 68mm, 120mm, and 39mm, respectively.

XTRY M4 mouse employs the Optical Pixart 3389 sensor. This supports DPI modes between 400 DPI and 16000 DPI. The mouse’s primary switches are from Omron, which last for 20 million clicks. The mouse uses a UV-coated surface, which makes it dust-free.

So, this model is quite perfect when it comes to performance, features, and price. However, there are cons too. The quality of its cable is poor, which could have been better. Plus, it does not feature software. Today, many lightest gaming mice have competitive programs for controlling and configuring various things. So, this is where you have to compromise. However, many users ignore this fact and go for this world’s lightweight mouse.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • It comes with many customizable RGB lighting options
  • No competitive programs like other lightweight gaming mice
  • It can be used for rapid flicks due to its lightweight


  • The mouse does not have a thumbwheel
  • Switch placement required for some people
  • It needs a tilting scroll wheel

#5. Razer D. VA Abyssus Elite

Razer D. VA Abyssus Elite

Today, Razer holds a significant market share when it comes to computer peripherals. This is true, especially for keyboards, mice, and headsets. This lightest mouse in the world weighs 78g. However, it is one of the most amazing lightest gaming mice considering its performance and price. There is another model from the same company. However, that model is pretty expensive. That’s the reason we chose this model.

The color schemes of this mouse are black with pink and blue stripes, which provide a nice look. The height, width, and length of this model are 1.47 inches, 2.48 inches, and 4.52 inches. Its actual weight is 78g, whereas the total weight is 80g. The mouse’s wire is 1.8 in length. It features three tabs and a wheel, where it does not have secondary controls.

These Razor mice employ Razer mechanical or optical switches. They last for 20m-50m clicks. It is quite an attractive model if talking about its price and features. The mouse’s holding grip is not like other models. Thus, some users may feel it a bit challenging to hold the mouse comfortably. Considering its budget-friendly price, users have to compromise on advanced features that other lightest gaming mice are providing.

Also, the mouse does not have any DPI switch tab on the top, which could be bad for some people. This is because it is quite easy to set up DPI using that button. Many users do not like this model even due to its color scheme or so.

Again, this is a nice option from Razer with the budget-friendly tag. The model is designed for those people who like the world’s lightest mouse at an affordable range. However, considering its price, the model lacks some premium features others offer. Such features include the DPI switch tab and other buttons present on the sides.


  • 78g weight, which is quite good
  • Budget-friendly price
  • It lasts for 20m-50m clicks
  • Lightweight with an amazing quality


  • Unattractive color scheme
  • It does not feature secondary buttons, which could be bad
  • This mouse’s holding grip may not sound like others



The design of this lightest mouse in the world is just like that of the Model O. Also; their features are almost the same as this mouse also has a honeycomb style. However, this mouse can handle pressure on both sides and top easily. The weight of this world’s lightest mouse is 60g, excluding its wire. With wire, the weight reaches about 65g. The cable features a 0.01s delay.

Talking about its color, the base is black and features RGB stripes on the sides’ bottom. It uses Omron switches, which last for about 20 million taps. The package dimensions of this product are 2 x 4.5 x 6.2 inches in height, width, and length. Overall, the mouse has incredible build quality. Plus, it comes with all the advanced features of the lightest gaming mice.

As compared to Model O, this model is quite costly for its features. However, the configurations of the user can be saved. Otherwise, this mouse is good in performance, weight, and features.


  • Expensive power cord with a shield
  • A great alternative to others
  • 65g weight, which is best for lightweight gaming mice


  • Expensive than other models
  • Cloud programs could be better

#7. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Lightest Mouse in the World - Logitech G Pro Wireless

Gamers who like something other than the common lightest gaming mice, then they can go for this model. However, you have to pay the price for this mouse. It offers incredible performance, top-notch sensors, and great design. All this makes it the world’s lightest mouse and the best of all. The mouse is available in black color while featuring RGB lights.

Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse has a length, height, and width of 40mm, 125mm, and 63.5mm, respectively. The battery life of this model lasts for about 48 hours when the default lights are enabled. With no lights, it can last around 60 hours easily.

The mouse features sensors from HERO, where the DPI ranges from 100 to 16,000. It supports various modes, which you can change using its DPI switch tab. Also, it has onboard memory that can save around five profiles.

Coming to its cons, the price is pretty high as compared to other lighting gaming mice. The placement of its DPI switch is not great. Plus, its wireless system could be better as several people are not quite satisfied with it.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Premium-quality switches
  • Save different profiles in its onboard memory
  • Great DPI, ranging from 100 to 16,000


  • Pretty expensive as compared to other lightest gaming mice
  • Its wireless system is not that good
  • The position of its DPI switch tab is not correctly placed

#8. FinalMouse Ultralight

Lightest Mouse in the World - FinalMouse Ultralight

When it comes to the lightest mouse in the world, one cannot leave FinalMouse Ultralight. This mouse is better than other lightest gaming mice. This mouse weighs just 47g, which makes it the world’s lightest mouse. It features a honeycomb style and a base in white color.

The mouse’s length, height, and width are 11.6cm, 3.57cm, and 5.3cm, respectively. Its sensor uses Pixart PMW3360 which supports the 3200 DPI. It features four different modes, which are changeable from its DPI switch tab. The mouse uses Omron switches, which last for around 20 million taps.

However, its price is quite higher than other lightest gaming mice. Also, the size of this model is small. So, users, who are used to using large-sized mice, would find it difficult to use. Plus, the mouse is wired, so its portability is not great.


  • Feature a honeycomb style
  • The lightest mouse in the world with just 47g weight
  • Can take high pressure both on the sides and top


  • Its portability is not great
  • Pretty expensive compared to the other lightest gaming mice
  • Small size

FAQs Regarding the World’s Lightest Mouse

When it comes to the world’s lightest mouse, there are various lightest gaming mice available. But the world’s lightest mouse is undoubtedly FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town. This mouse weighs just 47g. Plus, the maximum DPI of this model is 3200.

So, this depends on several factors. However, the Razer Deathhadder Elite mouse is the best, considering its features and comfort level. Other lightest gaming mice are available too, such as Logitech G203 Lightsync.

Yes, the lightest gaming mice give advantages over other players who use heavier mice. This is because it helps in fast flicks. However, look for other features too, such as size and comfort.


So, this is all about the lightest gaming mice. Users who go to purchase a mouse without considering its design, features, and grip can have a bad experience. Here, we listed some of the best and lightest gaming mice. If you are looking for the lightest mouse in the world, go through the recommended products.

Glorious Model O is the world’s lightest mouse as well as the best one. This model is highly recommended for Esport players.

Otherwise, go for Razor Viper if you want some amazing features and quality. So, choose a product depending on your needs and preferences.


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