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Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Why Do People Need the Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard?

Do you belong to people who prefer a desktop computer to a laptop? Desktop computers are more comfortable with working, digital designing, or coding. Gamers will also find it challenging to play their favorite games using laptops.

So, their first selection would also be a desktop computer. If you are one of those, you may try to have the best and more comfortable parts that form your desktop computer to make it easier to use and to feel more satisfied.

Best Quiet Mechanical keyboards are considered the most used part of your desktop computer. So, you would focus at first on having the most comfortable keyboard as much as possible.

A Brief History Of Keyboards A Quick Primer

The most annoying thing related to mechanical keyboards is the loudness and difficulty of clicking their buttons. It may also be annoying for others if you work with a group of people.

If you have an office with many desktop computers for some employees, the loud keyboard may cause employees to disrupt their attention and reduce their focusing abilities. So, you may start to think about quiet mechanical keyboards.

When you see the wide range of available mechanical keyboards in different stores, you will find it challenging to find the best one in terms of being quiet.

So, we will help you with this topic and introduce some of the best quiet mechanical keyboards to choose from among them.

Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX Black Silent

CHERRY MX Board Silent Keyboard

If you have experience dealing with desktop computers, you may have heard the name “cherry” too many times before. It is popular for its switches, but it also masters the production of mechanical keyboards.

Cherry mechanical keyboards always come with cherry switches. There are many different types of cherry mechanical keyboards, but the cherry MX black silent type is the best one customized for people who prefer quiet keyboards.

The look of the cherry MX black silent is the same as the traditional keyboard look without a fancy style or RGB lighting. This type has different advantages, such as the performance quality, the affordable price, and the minimized sound of clicking its buttons.

The only disadvantage is the size. The cherry MX black silent comes with an 18.5-inch footprint that is recognized as significant even if compared with other full-sized keyboards.

So, if you are looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard without having a limited design space, the cherry MX black silent will satisfy your needs. But if you have limited space or don’t like keyboards of big sizes, you should think about other alternatives.

Unique Features of the Cherry MX Black Silent Include the Following:

  • Noise Reduction Technology: this technology is invented by cherry and used for the Cherry MX black silent keyboard and its switches to provide users with a better experience allowing the MX black silent to be a strong competitor in the segment of quiet mechanical keyboards.
  • Silent Switches: these cherry switches are considered the quietest mechanical switches that are also marked by their long lifespan.
  • USB Plug: Cherry MX black silent is easily connected to your desktop computer for use. There is no RGB or backlit. So, it works directly after plugging it into your computer without the need for any developed drivers for operation.

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Top Quiet Mechanical Keyboard – Matias Quiet Pro

Matias Quiet Pro

Matias is also a strong competitor in the mechanical keyboard industry. Regarding the Matias quiet pro, it is considered a fantastic quiet mechanical keyboard that is primarily customized to meet all requirements of PC gamers to have a better experience. The 104(+4) keys and features of the Matias quiet pro make it the first choice for many desktop computer users.

It also has dedicated volume controls to make it easy for gamers to access media during playing games. What is unique about the Matias quiet pro is its quietness. Some people assume that it uses the cherry switches to be quiet, but it has its quiet mechanical switches that Matias invented. People may think like that because these switches are not as popular as the cherry switches.

However, the Matias switches are considered a solid competitor to the cherry switches.

Unique Features of the Matias Quiet Pro Include the Following:

  • Concave style: you will be pleased and satisfied with the typing experience that you will get from the Matias quiet pro. You will find a fully different feeling from the standard types of mechanical keyboards. If you had used to use flat keyboards, you would almost take to time until you used to type and play games with the Matias quiet pro.
  • Laser-etched: this feature makes the Matias quiet pro stand out from competitors in the long run. While prints of other mechanical keyboards peel off over time, this will not happen for the Matias quiet pro because they are embedded.
  • Comfortable: the keys of the Matias quiet pro are slanted and angled. So, when you use it for long hours, you will find it convenient to use. For office needs, it is also recommended because of its silent nature. So, if you are a manager, keep your employees focusing on work with this silent type of keyboard.

Quiet Mechanical Keyboard – Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical

Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical

There are different mechanical keyboards under the umbrella of the Corsair Strafe series. Some of them come without RGB, while others come with RGB. Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical comes with RGB, but it looks like other versions with no RGB. This keyboard type is considered robust evidence of limitless innovation regarding mechanical keyboards in today’s life.

Depending on the Cherry MX power, the German Corsair Strafe provided major options for desktop computer users, either choosing between six different presets that are proven to have a strong mechanical performance or contacting the responsible department to customize your preferred design.

For so, your skills will reach their highest levels while using the corsair strafe RGB mechanical. Another element that makes this type of keyboard outstand other types in the competition is the cherry mechanical keys with a gold contact.

The on-time operation that makes it easy to bring both the lighting and the sound playback simultaneously is an additional option offered by the corsair strafe by the added power key actions, including macros, individual key remaps, and the combination keypress.

Unique Features of the Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Include the Following:

CUE integration: this is a customized feature in the corsair strafe silent keyboard similar to keyboards with RGB. After installing the CUE on your desktop computer, you will be able to customize your keyboard’s backlighting fully.

The available backlighting patterns include radiant, solid, rain, or wave pattern. You can also configure each key of your keyboard with a specific backlight. All of these are managed easily with user-friendly software.

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Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

The reason gamers always put the Das keyboard for professionals on their priorities list is that the parts of their desktop computer are its fantastic quality that is supported and positively reviewed by most of its users.

In this full-sized keyboard, innovation played a vital role in making it outstanding from competitors. There is a unique das touch on the top right of this keyboard with an extended area that shows the printed Das logo. When you look under this keyboard, you will find the indicator lights.

An additional option of dedicated multimedia buttons makes gamers so pleased and enjoy listening to music while playing games. Thanks to the attached Cherry MX switches, this keyboard is considered one of the best quiet mechanical keyboards.

Unique Features of the Das Keyboard 4 Professional Include the Following:

  • Dual 3.0 USB: these powerful ports are ten times faster than the 2.0 USB. That makes them transfer data at a breakneck speed that could reach up to 5GB/S. In fact, many people ignore keyboards with USB ports because they may depend on alternative external USB hubs. But these external USB hubs are not as easy-to-access as the keyboard USB ports. Another advantage of having USB ports on the keyboard is saving a lot of space.
  • Foorbar ruler: this feature is related to the design of the keyboard. This ruler makes the design of the Das Keyboard 4 more professional outstand the designs of other mechanical keyboards.
  • Cherry MX brown switches: these mechanical switches enable the Das keyboard 4 professional to be one of the quietest mechanical keyboards that may be totally silent if you add O-rings on their top.
  • Dedicated media buttons: these media buttons are placed well to be a fantastic add-on to the Das Keyboard 4 professional. They blend in with the rest of this keyboard, and they are accessed easily.

These unique features make the Das keyboard 4 professional and attractive for many desktop computer users, but it may be expensive for some users.

WASD Code v2

WASD Code v2

This quiet mechanical keyboard is considered the best type for users with limited desktop space. The standard version is the Code keyboard. Code v2 is an upgraded version that is a little bit different from the standard version. Cherry MX clear switches are the type that is used for WASD code v2.

These types are rare, and they are used only for a few types of keyboards. The stiffer nature of the cherry MX clear switches makes it difficult to be included in many mechanical keyboards. This keyboard is not as quiet as the other types of quiet mechanical keyboards, but it is reasonably quiet.

Unique Features of the WASD Code v2 Include the Following:

  • No-logo: some computer users are annoyed by the big logo printed on their keyboard. In the DASD code v2, the is no printed logo on it.
  • LED-backlit: the LED backlighting, in addition to the attached aesthetic features, is the main reason why the code v2 keyboard is more expensive than other types.
  • O-rings: what is known about the Cherry MX switches is that they enable mechanical keyboards to be quiet, but they are not 100% enough to keep these mechanical keyboards totally silent. So, the O-rings are important to get for the Cherry MX switches to keep the keyboard totally silent. Usually, you will be required to separate by O-rings and then attach them to the switches, but in the WASD code v2, the O-rings are attached with zero additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are quiet mechanical keyboards suitable for gaming?

A: Absolutely! Quiet mechanical keyboards are designed to offer a quieter typing experience without compromising on performance. Many gaming keyboards now come with quiet switches that provide the necessary tactile feedback without the loud clicking noise. These keyboards are perfect for gamers who want to stay immersed in their gameplay without disturbing others.

Q: Can I customize the lighting effects on a quiet mechanical keyboard?

A: Yes, most quiet mechanical keyboards come with customizable lighting effects. You can personalize the backlighting, choose from a wide range of colors, and even program dynamic lighting patterns. This allows you to create a visually stunning keyboard setup that matches your style and preferences.

Q: Are quiet mechanical keyboards suitable for office use?

A: Absolutely! Quiet mechanical keyboards are an excellent choice for office environments. The quiet switches ensure that your typing doesn’t disturb your colleagues while providing a comfortable and satisfying typing experience for yourself. Additionally, the durability and precision of mechanical keyboards make them ideal for professional use.

Q: Do quiet mechanical keyboards require any special maintenance?

A: Quiet mechanical keyboards require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and dusting are recommended to keep the keyboard in optimal condition. Additionally, it’s a good practice to avoid eating or drinking near your keyboard to prevent any accidental spills that could damage the switches.

Q: Can I use a quiet mechanical keyboard with my laptop?

A: Yes, you can use a quiet mechanical keyboard with your laptop. Many mechanical keyboards come with versatile connectivity options, including USB and Bluetooth. This allows you to connect the keyboard to your laptop effortlessly and enjoy the benefits of a quiet and responsive typing experience.

Q: What is the price range for quiet mechanical keyboards?

A: The price range for quiet mechanical keyboards varies depending on the brand, features, and build quality. Entry-level options can start around $50, while high-end keyboards with advanced features can go up to $200 or more. It’s essential to consider your budget and requirements to find the best quiet mechanical keyboard that suits your needs.


Now, all quiet mechanical keyboard types are available for selection. But what should you select? And what will your selection be based on?

Some people may be attracted by small keyboards used for the limited available space; others may be attracted by the designs or the quietest types of mechanical keyboards.

So, there are no specific criteria that make one of the previously explained keyboards better than others. You may rely at first on videos that will inform you about the key features of each type and how they will sound while using.

But the most efficient way that is recommended to follow for better selection is the key sampler. Key samplers are attached to their specific key switches, and they are cheap. You may get them before deciding to buy a keyboard.

They will help you recognize the difference between the variable types of switches used in quiet mechanical keyboards. The type that will make you feel more comfortable should be the type used in the mechanical keyboard that you are willing to buy.

Once you have made your decision and selected a quiet mechanical keyboard, make sure to buy O-rings as an attachment to your selected keyboard. These silicon-based rings ensured their efficiency in stopping the noise that resulted from key bottoming out.

Finally, you can now enjoy your game-playing mania or have a more comfortable and silent working environment.


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