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Resolve Samsung Pay Not Working Error Effortlessly


Written by Jack Lin

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Samsung Pay Not Working

Samsung mobiles feature the inbuilt ability to pay bills on the go through Samsung Pay. Generally, your card information is stored on your smartphone, so you do not have to carry the cards all around.

To pay bills, users must bring their devices close to POS machines. So, all this seems easy and nice until you come across the error Samsung Pay not working on your device.

Undoubtedly, your smartphone would not warn you ahead of it occurs, and thus, you become frustrated due to ill-preparation.

Instead of staying confused, it is best to try some effective solutions to eliminate this annoying problem. So, let’s discuss some of the best solutions for resolving the Samsung Pay not working error on Samsung S8/S9/S10 and other models.

Part 1: Reasons for the Samsung Pay Not Working Error

There are various reasons you come across the Samsung Pay not working issue on your Samsung device out of nowhere.

Behind this problem, there could be some possible reasons, which are listed below!

  • If your smartphone is new, the application’s custom version may notify you about updating the recent version. However, when you try updating Samsung Pay, it might not be fruitful.
  • Samsung Pay might not function when you make errors while entering the debit or credit card information.
  • The smartphone software might have issues that could result in the Samsung Pay not working error.
  • When you visit the Play Store to download Samsung Pay, you will discover that your device is incompatible.
  • Some Samsung Galaxy S10 users complain that the Samsung Pay application is incompatible with their devices.

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Part 2: How to Resolve ‘Samsung Pay Not Working’

If you like to resolve the ‘Samsung Pay not working’ error, many solutions are available. So, have a look at some of these effective solutions below!

1. Samsung Official Tips for Fixing Samsung Pay Not Working

One can try various solutions if one finds that the problem is not that much worse. So, here are several solutions that you can try.

Restart Your Device

When users restart their device, they can try freeing up some memory space on the device. This could be the reason that is stopping your application from working. To fix this issue:

  1. Press the power tab
  2. Find ‘Restart’ from the listed options you come across in your display
  3. Just wait for your device to reach the booth and use the application again
Restart Samsung to fix Samsung Pay not working

Remove and Re-enter the Card Details on Samsung Pay

One could use this solution if you find that you have put in incorrect card details or the Samsung Pay passcode is not working. In this situation, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Samsung Pay application on your phone and choose the Debit/Credit card menu.
  2. Discover the card of which the details are inaccurate and choose it. After it, select More Options and remove that card.
  3. Wait for a few minutes and re-enter the card information carefully without committing an error.
Remove and re-enter Card on Samsung Pay to fix Samsung Pay not working

Reset Samsung Pay

If you think the application is causing the problem, try resetting Samsung Pay immediately.

One requires to get rid of the application data for effecting the reset. Go through the following steps!

  1. Visit Settings and select ‘App Manager.’
  2. Discover and select ‘Samsung Pay’ from the list
  3. Select ‘Storage’ and then ‘Clear Data’ to complete the procedure
Clear Samsung Pay Cache and Data to fix Samsung Pay not working

Upgrade the Smartphone to the Recent OS

If the operating system is outdated or too low, users may have problems with Samsung Pay.

If the application’s swipe-up is not working, follow the procedure below for updating the phone’s operating system to ensure that you can employ the Samsung App hassle-free.

  1. Go to the Settings menu and click on ‘About Phone.’
  2. Choose ‘System Updates’ and allow a few minutes for your phone to look for available updates.
  3. Update the device using the present option.
Update Samsung OS to fix Samsung Pay not working

Verify That Time and Date Settings Are Correct

Several applications do not work, and the time and date on the phone are inaccurate. One such application is Samsung Pay. Resolve the time and date issues, and then check if it works.

  1. Visit the Settings menu and click on ‘Date & Time.’
  2. Slide on display for the auto date and time update
Verify Time and Data Settings to fix Samsung Pay not working

Contact Samsung Support Centre

After trying all the above solutions, you should contact the Samsung support team if you still face the Samsung Pay not working error.

If your phone is still under warranty, then the company will replace your device if it defers all solutions.

2. Fix Samsung Pay Fingerprint Not Working Through ReiBoot

Most of the time, Android applications malfunction because of broken firmware. This problem can even occur with Samsung Pay.

If that’s the case with you, it is best to go with ReiBoot for Android to fix firmware problems. This application fixes all problems and makes all applications work perfectly well.

ReiBoot helps you in fixing all issues related to Android and is compatible with all Samsung smartphones. Thus, using this repair tool, you can resolve the Samsung Pay not working problem.

Special Features of ReiBoot for Android:

  • ReiBoot works with all Android devices running on version 2.0 or later, irrespective of the manufacturer.
  • One can download ReiBoot for Android free of cost. There’s a Pro version available for this application.
  • This application is skilled in handling diverse phone reboot modes.
  • ReiBoot’s user interface is very simple; thus, anyone can use this tool hassle-free.
  • This tool solves over 50 Android system problems, such as Samsung Pay not working, app crashing, and software-related problems.

Steps to Use ReiBoot for Fixing ‘Samsung Pay Not Working’:

If Samsung Pay is not working on your device, you should try ReiBoot as the last option after trying the abovementioned solutions. So, resolve this problem using the following steps.

Step 1: Download ReiBoot from Tenorshare’s official website. Once downloaded, install, and launch the program.

Next, connect your device to the system using a USB cable through USB debugging mode. After this, tap on ‘Repair Android System.’

Tenorshare Reiboot for Android

Step 2: Wait for a while until you come across a prompt. Tap on ‘Repair Now‘ to continue.

Tenorshare Reiboot

Step 3: See if your Samsung model is on the dropdown menu. Next, make sure to enter the device details accurately.

Step 4: Once you have selected the device information, the application will begin downloading the firmware package.

Tenorshare Reiboot For Android

Step 5: Select ‘Repair Now‘ to repair your device after the firmware has been installed on the system.

ReiBoot for Android
FIx Samsung Pay not working with Tenorshare Reiboot For Android

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Samsung Pay? Samsung Pay is a digital wallet and mobile payment service developed by Samsung. It allows you to make payments using select Samsung devices.
  2. Why is my Samsung Pay not working? There could be multiple reasons, including compatibility issues with your device or payment method, outdated software, or app glitches.
  3. How can I update my Samsung device software? You can update your software by going to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install.
  4. Does resetting Samsung Pay delete all my data? Yes, resetting Samsung Pay erases all your data. Make sure you have the necessary information to re-enter your cards.
  5. Where can I use Samsung Pay? Samsung Pay can be used at almost any terminal that accepts credit or debit cards.


Samsung Pay has many upgrades, perfect for different versions of Samsung device models.

If you come across the Samsung Pay not working problem, you need to try out some Samsung official tips for fixing this problem.

If no use, then you can go for system repair tools like ReiBoot for Android. Use these applications only when the other methods do not work.

If your Samsung device is still under the warranty period, you should go to the Samsung support team before purchasing system repair tools.

Otherwise, use these repair tools and get rid of the annoying ‘Samsung Pay not working’ problem effectively.


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