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How to Easily Remove Kinemaster Watermark: Best Tools and Tips


Written by Jack Lin

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Kinemaster Watermark Remove

“What is the best option for Kinemaster watermark remove? I have a couple of videos created using Kinemaster and they have a watermark that I should erase. So, if someone knows how to Kinemaster remove watermark, please let me know it. Thanks a million!”

Well, are you interested in learning more about Kinemaster? Adding transition effects, layers, music, audio filters, text, and handwriting overlays are just a few of its many capabilities.

In simplest terms, this video editor is a fantastic one in many ways. So, even novice video editors prefer this option over others.

With that said, we mainly focus on the Kinemaster watermark removal in this article. There are many tools to remove watermarks from Kinemaster, and we intend to explain the best of the rest.

Main Benefits of Kinemaster

KineMaster’s key advantages are its extensive feature set, convenience, and ability to customize. Here are the advantages in full.

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● Recording in Real-time

KineMaster allows real-time recording of audio and video. You don’t have to finish recording to add effects or change the entire video. This software also makes it easier to add several tracks to audio.

● Adjustment Tools That Are Easy to Use and Versatile

KineMaster allows users to change the video’s brightness, saturation, and color in addition to real-time recording. You can create a consistent and calm environment in your videos by adjusting the tools and settings.

● Videos with Several Layers

When it comes to video editing, KineMaster has a plethora of capabilities. Those features allow you to add photos, movies, text, music, and more layers. It’s easy for editors to manipulate the transitions applied to the videos. Then, they can get the effects they desire all in one tool with these helpful capabilities.

KineMaster is a browser mobile video editor that gives you access to many tools. That is ideal for making high-quality and professional-looking videos. You can use this app to put your ideas into practice and make your videos excellent. 

In contrast to other video editing software, KineMaster has been designed specifically for mobile devices.

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Part 1: How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark on Desktop

This part of our article reveals the best applications you can use on desktop computers. These applications are listed after a considerable number of experiments and research.

How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark by Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Apowersoft Watermark Remover is one of the best ways to remove the Kinemaster watermark for free. It has an easy-to-use UI that is suitable even for novices. Watermark removal from videos and images in bulk is the sole purpose of this application.

You can also remove the Kinemaster watermark from your movie by selecting tools. There are many advantages to using this software.

For instance, it comes with the ability to customize the duration of the watermark that appears in the movie. There are also numerous video formats supported, such as MP4 and MKV.

To remove the Kinemaster watermark for free, follow the easy instructions below.

  • As the first step, you should download the application and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, you should click on the option “Remove Watermarks from the video” option to proceed. After that, you will see the plus icon located on the interface. Click on that so you can import a video. In this case, you should import the video that has the KineMaster watermark on it.
Apowersoft Watermark Remover
  • Once you have done that, you can click on the option that appears as a selection tool. Then, you can highlight its watermark with the selection tool.
  • If you see everything in the correct order, just hit the button labeled “Convert.” That will process the image and then save the output video in the local storage.
Remove Watermarks from Kinemaster with Apowersoft


  • It is compatible with many formats of files
  • There is a very simple and convenient interface  
  • This specific app allows you to process batches of videos at the same time
  • You don’t need any professional skills to use it


  • You have only a small number of features
  • It is not free

Part 2: How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark on Android

This section explains the best tools you can use to remove the Kinemaster watermark.

Do you want to remove the Kinemaster watermark using an Android but don’t want to use any desktop application? If so, you can go ahead and learn how to do it. To use Kinemaster, you’ll need to get the activated version.

No watermark appears after editing because this is a cracked version, and you don’t have to pay a penny. Let’s take a look at how to do it step by step.

01. Delete all data from Kinemaster if it is already installed and running on your phone. Uninstall the app after cleaning the data. You need to take this step to get rid of the old files.

You can neglect this step if you haven’t ever installed the Kinemaster app on your device. The only way to get it back is to reinstall the app from your Play Store. After that, you can erase your data before deleting it.

02. Download your Kinemaster APK, a free version that has been modified. Open this link to download it. Install the most recent version of the Kinemaster app that you downloaded.

03. Next, open the program and choose any video you wish to modify. You will not notice any Kinemaster watermark when the video is uploaded.

Remove Watermarks from Kinemaster on Android

It is possible to see in the output video that Kinemaster’s watermark is not visible. After altering the video, you may export it by clicking the Export button at the bottom of the screen.

Export and share Video

Part 3: Cut the Unwanted Parts of Your Video

The Kinemaster watermark can be removed in this manner for free. The watermark logo of Kinemaster is placed in the upper right corner of the movie and can be changed. Crop & Trim Video Editor can help you get the most out of this feature.

Once you’ve downloaded the app from the Play Store, you’ll need to complete a few simple steps.

Crop & Trim Video App
  • You’ll find many options when you first launch the program after installation. Tap the Crop button to see the video with the Kinemaster watermark.
Video Crop App
  • Once a box appears, simply drag it to the desired location on your document to add a watermark. To avoid losing the video’s content, you can move the box horizontally or vertically.
Crop Area App
  • It’s possible to play the cropped video in the app to ensure you’re satisfied with the results. When you’re ready to save the video, click the check icon to begin the procedure.
Cut the Unwanted Parts of Your Video

Part 4: How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark Online

You can use to remove any Kinemaster watermark from a clip with the assistance of an online tool.

You can clip your films to remove watermarks with Kapwing, one of the greatest video editing programs. However, you’ll need a steady internet connection to use it.

The only thing you need to do is follow the procedures that are outlined below. This movie can then be exported in its original format and quality.

  • Open a web browser and type in the website URL you want to visit.
  • Just tap on the “Start Editing” option in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • To remove the watermark, you’ll need to choose the video file in the popup that pops up. To upload a file, click the option called “Upload” and drag it to the desired location.
Kapwing Start Editing
  • You’ll be presented with various video editing options, one of which is cropping. Crop the image.
Remove Watermarks from Kinemaster Using Kapwing
  • You’ll notice a drop-down menu. With the Kinemaster watermark, you can crop out the relevant portion of the video.
Crop Video using Kapwing
  • An option called “Done Cropping” can be located at the base of your screen by tapping on it.
  • Then, the “Export Video” button is located at the top of the page. Download your watermark-free video by clicking on it.
Export Video from Kapwing

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Q1: Can I remove the Kinemaster watermark for free?

A1: Unfortunately, the only official and secure way to remove the Kinemaster watermark is by subscribing to Kinemaster Pro.

Q2: Is the Kinemaster Pro subscription a one-time payment?

A2: No, Kinemaster Pro is a subscription service with monthly or yearly payments.

Q3: Does Kinemaster Pro offer more than just watermark removal?

A3: Absolutely! With Kinemaster Pro, you gain access to premium assets, editing tools, and more.

Q4: Is using a Mod APK safe?

A4: While it’s possible, it’s not recommended due to potential security risks.

Q5: Can I use Kinemaster Pro on multiple devices?

A5: Yes, once you have a subscription, you can use Kinemaster Pro on multiple devices.

Q6: Is Kinemaster Pro worth the investment?

A6: If you’re serious about your video editing, Kinemaster Pro offers numerous benefits that make the investment worth it.


Your videos must be free of watermarks if you wish to post them on social media or your website. The watermark should be removed, whether it’s from Kinemaster or another program. There are several ways to remove that Kinemaster watermark.

We have listed them all so you can select the one that works best for you. Apowersoft Watermark Remover is indeed among the most effective watermark removers for Windows and Mac.

All in all, the Apowersoft Watermark Remover option to Kinemaster remove the watermark easily.



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