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Latest & Completed iMazing Review in 2024


Written by Janice

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iMazing review

iMazing Review Summary

Have you heard about the file manager “iMazing“? If yes, you know what we are talking about here. On hearing this term for the first time, one could not resist relating it with the term “Amazing.”

However, iMazing is an amazing file manager for iOS devices. This application is similar to iTunes but much more powerful than that. In this iMazing review, you will learn about this fact on your own.

iMazing allows users to quickly and easily transfer data from one device to another. It lets you move files between your computer and your iPad or iPhone. It even helps you create smart backups and an option for restoring selective backup files.

This feature aids you in importing files selectively after viewing the content in the first place. In short, one can say that managing iOS devices with iMazing is a relief.

In case you are an ardent iPhone user, it is highly recommended to get your hands on iMazing. This amazing tool manages files stored on your iOS device easily and conveniently.

However, if you like iTunes better, you can stick to that one if you do not mind giving some extra time to sort your files. At the same time, others move further on with the iMazing review.

In this iMazing review, learn about the pros, cons, and other special features of iMazing. Let’s start with some of its unique characteristics!

Unique Characteristics of iMazing:

  • With iMazing, you get flexible options for restoration and data backup.
  • This amazing tool lets you quickly transfer files between computers and iOS devices.
  • It allows you to directly export/print call history and messages.
  • iMazing supports drag-and-drop operations and sleek UI/UX.

About iMazing

iMazing was initially known as DiskAid. DigiDNA developed this tool, and the company is an independent software developer. This company came into being in 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland, with the name DigiDNA Sàrl.


In 2014, the company renamed the tool “DiskAid” as iMazing. Later on, DigiDNA released the new version of iMazing, iMazing 2.

This tool arrives with lots of exciting and new features. iMazing 2 is even compatible with iOS 10. The latest version of iMazing, 2.5.3, even features iOS 11 compatibility.

What is iMazing?

iMazing is a management tool for iOS devices. This application works on both PC and Mac systems. It aims to assist iOS users with tasks like backup, managing, and transferring files between their mobile devices and personal computers. It works without the use of iCloud and iTunes.

iMazing works exactly the same as iTunes with no function of media purchase. In addition to this, iMazing is way more convenient and powerful than iTunes. For instance, one can print and export iMessages using iMazing.

Not just that, but users can directly transfer data from their old device to the new one effortlessly. This amazing tool even helps you extract particular files such as videos, messages, notes, photos, call histories, and whatnot from backup files on iTunes.

This is what makes iMazing way better than iTunes. Keep reading this iMazing review to learn a lot of other things related to this software!

Is it Safe to use iMazing?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use iMazing for your iOS devices. This application is free from any adware or virus. Additionally, your computer would not send any risk warning regarding this program. So, iMazing is perfectly safe when it comes to antivirus.

In terms of usability, iMazing is really safe and easy to use. When you erase or delete any content, you will always receive a gentle notification to confirm your action.

Before that, do not forget to back up your files with iTunes for a convenient option. Continue with the rest of the iMazing review.

Is this Amazing Tool Available for Free?

No, if you are wondering whether iMazing is available for free. It seems obvious due to its advanced features when it comes to the management of files. However, users can download this application for free.

One can even run this application on Mac computers to try out its free trial. Using the free trial of iMazing, you can enjoy automatic and unlimited backups. To restore files from the created backups, you must upgrade to its full version.

imazing activation window

In the free version, there is a limitation on data transfer. You cannot exceed the limit set for data transfer among iOS devices. Once users exceed this limit, they need to buy the license to unlock the full version of iMazing.

For a single computer, you get the license for $39.99, while the license is available for $49.99 for two computers. Moreover, you need to pay $69.99 for five computers.

On acquiring the full iMazing version, you can enjoy unlimited access to each and every feature of iMazing. Plus, you can use their 24/7 customer service.

On the other hand, this amazing tool offers attractive discounts of up to 30 percent for professors and students. Moreover, there is a license available for over 300 computers for people who own enterprise-sized businesses.

How to Make use of iMazing?

In the first place, you need to download the application iMazing from its official website. Once done, install iMazing on your Mac or PC. After that, you need to attach your iOS device to your system through a Wi-Fi connection or USB cable.

For the first time, you must attach your device with a USB connection to pair up with the system. Once you go for “trust” the system, the computer will be able to read the data present on the device.

Connect Apple Device to iMazing

Other Special Features of iMazing

Now, read about some of the other special features of iMazing in this iMazing review. This tool is primarily for transferring data, backing up data, importing and exporting, and restoring backups.

Now, we are going to list all of these features in detail. This way, you will know what this application offers and how it helps manage files better. So, let’s move on further with our iMazing review.

1. Restore Files from Backups in a Flexible Way

One can restore files from the latest backup from both iTunes and iCloud. However, there is no option for selecting specific files. You know better than how many times you actually need all the backup data.

Here, you cannot tailor the restoration process. That’s the reason you need something like iMazing. This application gives you plenty of options to restore customized data.

iMazing - Restore Options

With iMazing, you have the leverage to choose which apps and data types you would like to restore.

Additionally, you can go with restoring the entire device’s data. The iMazing app allows you to recover the same backup on various iOS devices simultaneously.

Using iMazing, you can transfer data types like photos, messages, contacts, app data, bookmarks, notes, and many other kinds of data. However, keep note that the act of restoring backups deletes all the existing data on the target device.

iMazing allows you to view all the data and selectively extract files from iOS backups saved on the system.

This application comes in handy when you no longer remember the password for iTunes. It proves to be a life-saving application if the device gets lost or damaged.

2. Backup iOS Devices in a Smart Way

Using iMazing, you can create a backup of various file types. These types include contacts, photos, messages, voicemail, call histories, notes, accounts, voice memos, app data, calendars, health data, accounts, Apple Watch data, Safari bookmarks, keychains, and preference settings.

However, iMazing does not support backups from the iTunes Media Library. This library includes iBook, iTunes, Ringtones, Movies, Music, and podcasts.

iMazing Cheatsheet
Backup Options

On connecting and trusting your device, you are given options to back up your device now or later. If you go for the option later, you will come across the main iMazing interface.

Here, users can explore their main features. If you opt for the option backup now, you will see several options. For instance, on choosing the option “Automatic Backup,” you need to select the period you want iMazing to create a backup.

Here, one can even set the battery level for performing this task. Users can also schedule backups monthly, weekly, or daily.

iMazing - Bakup Options

For automatic backups, iMazing needs iMazing Mini. This mini-app is a menu bar that backs up the device privately, wirelessly, and automatically.

On opening the iMazing app, you will see iMazing Mini in the menu bar. This mini-program runs in the background all the time.

This app lets users see all the connected devices and their own Wi-Fi or USB connection.

Apart from this option, several other options are available for creating backups. See below what these options actually do for you in this iMazing review!

Backup Encryption

This Apple security trait keeps your data protected. One can enable this feature when backing up the device for the first time through iTunes.

Users do not get this feature in iMazing by default. You need to turn this option on. Once done, you will be able to encrypt backups from any software, including iTunes.

Backup Location

The backup location option helps you to decide where you want to store backups. You can go with the internal drive or external drive. Go for an option depending on your preference.

iMazing - Choose Backup Location
Backup Archiving

As you know, you can create one backup for each device using iTunes. This means your latest backup gets overwritten whenever you back up your iOS device. Due to this annoying mechanism, you are at risk of potential data loss.

To solve this, use iMazing 2, which archives backups differently automatically. In this way, users can avert data loss.

iMazing - Backup Archiving Options
Wi-Fi Connection

It remains on all the time by default. The app automatically creates a backup when your computer and device are connected to an identical Wi-Fi network.

This even allows the system to transfer or browse data to your iOS device. When you set all things properly, you can back up your device by hitting the button “Back Up.”

3. Move Files Between Devices in an Easy Way

Everyone knows how to sync media items from the iPhone to the system through iCloud or iTunes. However, most people do not like the process.

There are times when you like to import some new pictures from your system or your phone. Definitely, it takes a lot of time to perform this task through iCloud or iTunes.

iMazing - Move Files Between Devices

Here, iMazing does work amazingly. Using this program, you can move any kind of data freely among iOS devices. Interestingly, users do not have to use iTunes to carry out this process.

The application saves a lot of time while exporting or importing data between the iOS device and the system. In this iMazing review, read about what all data types iMazing supports in detail!


iMazing supports the exporting of photos but not the other way around. Users cannot import photos using iMazing. You will face a warning like “Not Writable,” where you can read photos but cannot modify them.

All Photos Not Writable
Video and Music

With iMazing, one can import and export video or music files to/from iTunes. You can even choose the desired folder on your device. iMazing allows you to transfer music files from iOS devices to the system. One cannot perform this act with iTunes.


iMazing allows you only to export messages. However, iTunes is not even capable of doing this. This interesting feature comes really handy when you need to print messages for some legal purpose.

iMazing - Messages
Voicemail and Call History

One can export both voicemail and call history using the iMazing tool. With iMazing, the call history is exported in a CSV format.

Books and Contacts

iMazing supports exporting and importing of both books and contacts.


Users can only export notes through iMazing. The application even allows you to print notes. For this, iMazing supports text and PDF formats.

Voice Memos

With iMazing, there is an option for exporting voice memos. However, one cannot import voice memos.


When it comes to applications, iMazing allows users to create backups for them. You even have options to add or uninstall applications. If you like to add applications using iMazing, please note that you can only install apps that you have installed using the existing Apple ID.

iMazing - Applications

With iMazing, you can back up your applications and restore them if you want to. On the other hand, the application will caution you when not providing significant data to that specific application.

4. Transfer Data among iOS Devices in a Convenient Way

iMazing is a great productivity booster for users who just got their hands on a new iPhone. In that case, you like to transfer files from the older device to the new one. iMazing helps you rapidly copy data from one device to the other.

You just have to choose the data types and applications you want to keep. After that, iMazing will do the work for you. Just go on reading this iMazing review.

iMazing - Transfer Options

Before doing so, please make sure you have created a backup of your old device. On wiping out the data, you can restore things selectively on that device.

iMazing provides users with flexible customization options when it comes to transferring files. It allows you to save time while freeing up storage space on your device.

However, you must install the latest iOS version on both devices to carry out the transfer process. Once everything is set up, you need to tap on the “Confirm Transfer” button.

Do not forget to read the warning with the utmost care, as the transfer will delete all the data on the target device. So, create a backup for safety.

Why Choose iMazing for File Management?

There are various reasons why you should go with iMazing for better file management.

In the iMazing review, we will list some important characteristics that make iMazing somewhat special from other file managers.

1. Effectiveness

No other application can beat iMazing when it comes to effectiveness. The program claims to provide all the features of iMazing work perfectly.

iMazing is a powerful device management tool for iOS devices. It works better than iTunes in more than one way. This amazing tool allows you to transfer files freely among computers and mobile devices.

On the other hand, most of the features of iMazing work the same as iCloud or iTunes. The only difference is that iMazing features are a lot easier to use. Plus, it offers some advanced features you would not get with any other application.

2. Price

For various users, price does not matter unless you get products worth paying for. Just like you pay for other products that you use daily, you can even spend some bucks on this application. iMazing offers many exciting features that are convenient and valuable to iOS users.

For iMazing, you need to pay $39.99 as a one-time payment for just one license. Plus, you need to pay to upgrade the version. If iMazing 3 comes out, users will have to pay a certain amount to use that version.

3. Usability

iMazing is quite an intuitive application. It even has a sleep user interface along with well-written directions. This application has a lot to offer.

Despite this fact, users would not find it difficult to navigate through the application. It does not take much time to comprehend each feature of iMazing.

4. Customer Service

As stated earlier, this application is really intuitive to bring into play. If you have technical queries regarding iMazing, there are great troubleshooting articles and tutorials on its official website. If you go through the given information, you will find it comprehensive.

Moreover, iMazing supports 11 languages for both the website and the app. On facing any issues, you can easily contact the support team of iMazing via email.

Best Alternatives to iMazing

No worries, suppose you do not like to go for iMazing for file management! In the iMazing review, we are even listing some of the best alternatives to iMazing.

So, look below for some amazing iMazing alternatives!


It is the topmost alternative to iMazing. There is no rocket science behind listing this option here. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC. Almost all iOS users know about this tool. Most people are even making use of iTunes to manage their devices.

This tool acts as a software hub for everything on iOS devices. iTunes even doles out as a media player. So, you can use iTunes to restore or back up the data on your device.

Tenorshare iCareFone

It is another effective tool when it comes to filing management. It connects iOS devices to the iTunes library without any sync block. This amazing tool allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and music. It is really easy to get hands-on photos and media files with iCareFone.

iCareFone offers a lot of special features. It allows for two-way transfer, where you can transfer files from your mobile device to your computer and vice versa.

With iCareFone, you can send files purchased from Apple and Amazon/Google-purchased. This tool enables you to enrich the iTunes library and share the same on unlimited devices with different Apple IDs.

iCareFone even helps you to manage the device files on Mac/PC smartly. It does so through actions like import, backup, export, edit, delete, add, etc.

This interesting tool supports every media file, including movies, music, podcasts, playlists, TV shows, audiobooks, iTunes, photos, iTunes U, and many more.


As its name suggests, AnyTrans is a tool for file management. This application works for both iOS and Android devices when it comes to management. The main focus of this tool remains on importing/exporting and transferring files.

In addition, AnyTrans helps users copy files from/to other devices. With AnyTrans, you can manage and view backup files of your device. For better and easy management, it integrates well with iCloud.


WALTR2 works for Mac only. Softorino developed this application. It helps users to transfer every kind of media file on their iOS devices from their computers, and that too, without making third-party applications or iTunes.

The best thing about WALTR 2 is that it converts files to usable formats when files are not compatible with iOS devices.

Therefore, you can play and view those files without any hassle. WALTR 2 even supports ringtones, videos, music, ePubs, PDFs, and many other data types.


1. How secure is iMazing?

iMazing is highly secure, using end-to-end encryption to protect your data.

2. Can iMazing work on multiple devices?

Yes, iMazing can be used with all your Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

3. What is the cost of iMazing?

iMazing offers a variety of plans to suit different budgets. You can check their official website for the latest prices.

4. How is iMazing different from iTunes?

iMazing offers more flexibility and control over your files compared to iTunes, making it a superior choice for many users.

5. Is it worth investing in iMazing?

Considering its versatile features and user-friendly interface, investing in iMazing can simplify the way you manage your iOS devices.


Hopefully, this iMazing review helped you a lot in deciding whether to go for this amazing tool or not.

iMazing is perfect for iOS users who are not huge fans of iCloud or iTunes. It works perfectly with the assistance of its impressive features.

With concrete data-transferring capabilities, a smooth interface, and some mind-boggling features, it is really difficult to locate such a value-for-money application.

One cannot find a great deal than this, where you are getting a single license and a five-computer license for $40 and $70, respectively.

So, go with iMazing if you like to save your nerves and time when some inevitable data catastrophe strikes your device.


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