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Delayed Notifications on Android – How to Fix It


Written by Jack Lin

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Delayed Notifications Android

In simplest terms, literally, nobody likes delayed notifications on Android. We all want to see our notifications as soon as possible, so we won’t miss anything important. But in many cases, many individuals experience a delay in notification popups on their Android devices.

So, if you are one of them and looking for a solution, keep reading. This article explains everything you should know about this error.

Once an app notice or an update is received, your smartphone should promptly notify you of it. If you notice any lag in the notification display on your Android device, there’s a problem that should be addressed.

Unless there is a momentary problem with mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity, the delay should not be frequent. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to repair delayed Android notifications.

Notifications are often hidden or delayed by your smartphone in order to conserve energy or reduce data consumption. App alerts may not work properly if certain system settings are changed.

Solutions to Try if You Experience Delayed Notifications on Android 

Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips that can help you restore your Android phone back to getting app alerts. Once you have applied these solutions, you will get your notifications in a timely manner and keep you updated.

Please follow the below in order to address delayed notifications on Android. Let’s go ahead and try these solutions out.

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01. Disable and Enable the Data (Mobile or Wi-Fi) Once Again

One of the most common causes of notification delays on Android and other operating systems is poor network connectivity. It can happen due to an unstable network connection as well.

In the event that you’re using Wi-Fi, turn off your device’s Wi-Fi and then reconnect. Toggle Wi-Fi off, go to Settings and choose Network & Internet. After a few seconds, turn it back on.

Disable the Data (Mobile or Wi-fi)

To disable mobile data, go to Settings and select Network & Internet. Then, go to Mobile Data to turn it off. Take a look at how quickly your notifications are getting to you by turning it back on.

Enable the Data (Mobile or Wi-fi) Once Again

Wi-Fi & mobile data can be turned off from the notification panel or drawer on your phone. To disable Wi-Fi or Mobile data, simply swipe it down using the top region of your screen. To reactivate either of them, simply tap them again.

Disable and Enable the Data to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android

The above steps will refresh your connection and flush away potential errors in it.

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02. Use Airplane Mode to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android

Are you experiencing delays in in-app notifications due to a lack of network access or connectivity issues? If that is the case, try turning off and setting back on Airplane Mode.

You can access the notification panel by swiping down the screen of the device and tapping the airplane icon. Airplane Mode will be activated as a result.

Use Airplane Mode to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android

To turn off the Airplane Mode, simply tap the icon labeled airplane once again. If the notification delay persists or you don’t receive any at all, proceed to our next troubleshooting step. 

03. Remove the Restrictions Run in the Background

If you still get delayed notifications on Android, it could be related to the restrictions applied to the device.

Android sometimes restricts certain applications from using your device’s battery in the background in order to save battery life. There are certain drawbacks to this, such as reduced battery life and a delay in notifications.

At times, you may discover that a particular app’s alerts aren’t being sent on time. Simply put, you will see delayed notifications on Android.

If that is the case, just check to see if the app isn’t being limited in its ability. In other words, check if there are some restrictions applied on the respective app.

Mentioned below are those steps.

  • Tap on ‘App & Notifications‘ in Android Settings.
'App & Notifications' in Android Settings
  • To see every app installed on your device, go to the Apps menu and select ‘See All Apps‘.
See All Apps
  • Select the app that is experiencing notification delays and open it.
Select the app that is experiencing notification delays
  • Select Battery from the Advanced drop-down menu.
Maps Advanced Settings
Toggle the option to restrict visibility in the background
  • Toggle the option to restrict visibility in the background.
Remove Background restriction  to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android
  • To remove the app’s background restriction, click Remove on the popup.
Remove Rdstriction on Android
  • Notifications from the app should no longer be delayed as a result of this.

04. Disable the Battery Saving Mode on Your Device

Allowing Power Save Mode on the device will disable or restrict certain functions of your device. For instance, it may disable the ability to get immediate notifications. Avoid notification delays by turning off your phone’s battery-saving mode.

To turn off Battery Saver, go to Notifications and choose Battery Saver. Then, you should Turn Off Battery Saver. Instead, go to Settings and choose Battery. Then, you should go to Battery Saver and press the ‘Turn Off Now‘ option.

Battery Saver on Menu
Turn off Battery Saver to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android

Hopefully, this will fix delayed notifications on Android errors, at least for a few users.

05. Disable the Feature Called Adaptive Battery

Android’s Adaptive Battery (available in Android 9 Pie and later) is another power-saving feature that can cause notification delays.

The Adaptive Battery function delays alerts because it attempts to extend the battery life of your device. It does so by limiting the amount of power used by apps that aren’t frequently used.

Go to Settings and choose Battery. Then, you should go to Adaptive Battery. After that, uncheck the “Use Adaptive Battery” checkbox.

Disable Use Adaptive Battery

That’s basically it. You will notice that the issue is resolved.

06. Disable Your Device’s Data Saver Mode

Apps that use Data Saver can’t transmit or receive data in the background like those that use Background Restriction.

As a result, some app alerts may arrive later than usual on your smartphone. You can remedy this by disabling Data Saver mode on your phone.

After that, you should check to see whether app alerts now arrive on time.

  • Toggle off ‘Use Data Saver‘ in Settings and then choose the option called Network & Internet. After that, go to Data Saver.
Disable Use Data Saver Mode to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android
  • It’s possible to direct your device to grant unrestricted access to data to specific apps. That is rather than turning off Data Saver on all apps. When this feature is activated, notifications from apps that have unfettered data access will not be delayed. Unrestricted data can be enabled by clicking the Unrestricted data button. You should also select the apps that should have access to your phone’s data storage.
Unrestricted data
select the apps that should have access to your phone's data storage

07. Clear Your Device’s App Cache

Are you still troubled by delayed notifications on Android? If so, you can try this option as well. This solution works if the delayed notifications are specific only to a certain app. All you need is to clear the cache of the app.

Over time, pretty much any app on your device gathers an excessive amount of cache data. When the cache data becomes corrupted or overladed, the respective app can misbehave or stop working.

In that case, the best option is to clear the cache, regardless of the app. Mentioned below is how to do that.

  • First, you should go to “Settings” and select the option called “Apps and Notifications.”
Apps and Notifications
  • After that, go to “See All Apps.”
See All Apps
  • You should then select the app that has delayed notifications on Android.
select the app that has delayed notifications on Android
  • After that, go to the option called “Storage and Cache.”
Clear App Cache  to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android
  • You can tap the option called “Clear Cache” so the cache of the app will be cleared.
Clear Cache on Android

08. Check if the “DND” Option is Activated

Scheduled “Do Not Disturb” means that all calls, text messages, and app alerts are quiet for a specific time.

A workaround for this is to disable “Do Not Disturb.” If not, you can use an application to override your device’s default settings of “Do Not Disturb.”

Do Not Disturb may be turned off by going to Settings and selecting Notifications. Then, you can go to Advanced and select “Do Not Disturb.” After that, just tap on the ‘Turn Off Now‘ button.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode

As previously discussed, you can set up an app to bypass the ‘Do Not Disturb‘ notification delay. To do this, simply follow the directions listed below.

  • First, go to Apps & notifications in the Settings menu of your device.
Apps & notifications in the Settings
  • From the ‘Recently opened apps‘ column, choose the app that should be customized. If not, you should press ‘See All Apps‘ to see all of your installed apps.
See All Apps
  • Choose Notifications from the drop-down menu.
Choose Notifications from the drop-down menu
  • To override “Do Not Disturb” for a specific notification category, select it in the fourth step.
Do Not Disturb on Gmail Settings
  • Go to Advanced > Override Do Not Disturb.
Advanced > Override Do Not Disturb
Enable Override Do Not Disturb to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android
  • Even if Do Not Disturb is activated, the app’s alerts will not be delayed.


Q1: Why are my Android notifications delayed?

A1: Android notifications can be delayed due to various reasons, such as battery optimization settings, network connectivity issues, or outdated apps.

Q2: How can I fix delayed notifications on my Android device?

A2: You can try several solutions, including adjusting battery optimization settings, clearing app cache, disabling power-saving modes, and ensuring a stable network connection.

Q3: Do third-party notification apps work better than the default system?

A3: Third-party notification apps offer additional customization options and may provide more reliable and timely notifications, especially if you continue to experience issues with the default system.

Q4: Should I update my Android apps regularly?

A4: Yes, updating your Android apps regularly is important as developers often release updates to address bugs and improve performance, including notification-related issues.

Q5: What should I do if none of the solutions work for me?

A5: If none of the solutions provided in this article work for you, it is recommended to reach out to the app developer or seek assistance from your device manufacturer for further support.


Delayed notifications on Android can be frustrating, but with the right solutions, you can overcome this problem and receive your notifications promptly.

By following the steps outlined in this article, such as adjusting battery optimization settings, clearing app cache, and ensuring a stable network connection, you can fix the issue and stay up to date with all your important notifications.



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