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How to Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Issue With Ease


Written by Jack Lin

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Google Play Store Download Pending

We all love Android phones as they allow us to download and use millions of applications from Google Play. We can try a new application every day for an entire lifetime.

However, what if you suddenly encounter the error Google Play Store Downloading Pending on downloading a new application from the Google Play Store?

It could be frustrating as you can no longer download new applications on your Android phone after facing this problem.

Often this problem arises after you update your smartphone to the latest operating system. But, things can even worsen when you have to download an application urgently while the screen displays the error Google Play downloading pending.

In facing this issue, the first thing that you can do is to blame your device’s internet connection. If you use a public Wi-Fi connection, you will assume that the network is the main culprit.

It does not matter what the main cause is, but you can easily resolve this frustrating error. Certainly, there are various ways to fix the problem.

Here, we will discuss some of the best ways to resolve the error Google Play Store download pending.

Part 1: Things to Do Before Resolving the Google Play Store Download Pending Error

If you come across the ‘Google Play download pending’ error, there is nothing to get nervous about and search for complex methods to resolve this error. Here, you will learn about some incredible methods to fix the download error.

After that, you can begin downloading applications on your phone once again. Before you do so, it is better to create a backup of your Android device.

While you fix this annoying issue, your phone data remains at risk. So, it is better to back up the data by saving your precious data from loss. If you lose your data, you can recover it easily if you already have a backup of the device.

Steps for Creating the Phone’s Backup:

#1: Visit Settings on your device and click the ‘Backup and Reset’ option.

#2: Click on the ‘Back up my data’ tab.

#3: Switch on the backup option. Here, you have to add a backup account of Google, where you would like to save the backup.

Creating the Phone's Backup

Part 2: Two Advanced Methods to Resolve the Google Play Store Download Pending Issue

After you have backed up the phone data, you can go for different methods to resolve the Google Play download pending error.

If you want an effective solution for this irritating issue, then take the help of advanced methods to resolve it. With these advanced methods, you can fix the problem hassle-free. So, let’s begin!

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Method 1: Professional System Repair Tool

Sometimes, errors like Google Play Store download pending could result from software-related issues. It is better to examine and resolve the Android system in the first place.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is an advanced and professional tool for resolving system issues within a few minutes. This tool is designed especially using advanced technology. It is also capable of fixing all kinds of Android issues on tablets as well as smartphones.

When users use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android, they are using an effective and reliable tool to resolve the issues related to Android OS. The tool features the fastest success repair rate compared to its competitors.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android supports all models of Android tablets and smartphones.

Steps to Fix Google Play Store Download Pending:

Follow the steps below to resolve this annoying problem within a few minutes.

1. Download and install ReiBoot on your computer. Launch it and click on One-Click to Clear System Cache.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

2. Wait for it to clear the cached data on your Android device.

Clearing the cached data using ReiBoot

3. Click on Done when the cache is cleared.

Clear Android Cache data using ReiBoot for Android

Special Features of Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android:

  • Millions of websites and users trust Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android all over the globe.
  • The application is easy to use, and anyone can operate it without technical knowledge.
  • The program features the highest success rate for fixing Android-related issues.

Method 2: Restore Factory Settings on Android

To solve the ‘Google Play Store download pending’ error, you must factory reset the Android phone. Please note that this fix will erase all things from the Android device.

#1: Visit Settings and then choose ‘System.’ Next, select the option ‘Advanced Reset’.

#2: Click on the option ‘Factory Data Reset’ or ‘Erase All Data.’

Restore Factory Settings on Android

Part 3: Eight Common Methods to Fix the Google Play Download Pending Error

Now, it is time to learn about some common methods to resolve this error on Android devices. If you want to eliminate this problem using some basic ways, then look here!

Method 1: Examine Data & Wi-Fi Connection

It is possible that there could be a problem linked to your data or Wi-Fi connection. So, first, examine both of these connections on Android phones. For this, visit ‘Settings’ on your device, toggle off, and then on Wi-Fi.

Users using mobile data need to switch off and on mobile data. Check if the error persists.

Check Wifi to Fix Google Play Store download pending

Method 2: Eliminate your Google Play Account & Add it Again

People still coming across the annoying ‘Google Play download pending’ error need to follow this method. There are chances that the problem could be with the Google account.

So, you can try removing the account and then adding it to check if the issue goes away.

#1: Visit Settings on your device and click on ‘Sync.’ After that, select the ‘Google’ option.

#2: Next, select the option ‘More.’ Here, you will find the ‘REMOVE ACCOUNT’ option.

#3: Remove your Google account and re-add it. See if the problem gets fixed.

Remove Google Account to fix Google Play Store download pending

Method 3: Update Google Play to Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Error

Another reason for the Google Play Store Download Pending error could be the outdated version of the Google Play Store. One has to update Google Play before you download any new application from the store.

Method 4: Enable Download Manager

For downloading applications from Google Play, you have to ensure that the Download Manager is enabled on Android devices.

To perform this action, follow the instructions listed below.

#1: Visit Settings and tap on ‘Apps.’

#2: Under the tab ‘System,’ look for the ‘Download Manager’ option and click on it.

#3: Switch it and see if the Google Play Store is working fine now.

Enable Download Manager

Method 5: Start Your Device Again to Solve Google Play Store Download Pending Issue

You can try this method to resolve the Google Play download pending error. It is the easiest method to resolve issues on Android devices.

#1: Firstly, press-hold the Power tab and switch off your smartphone.

#2: After several minutes, switch on your device.

Restart phone to fix Google Play Store download pending

Method 6: Switch Off Auto-Updates

Another simple way to fix the error Google Play Store download pending is by switching off ‘Auto-Updates.’ It will stop the Play Store from updating applications in the background.

#1: Visit the Google Play Store and click on three lines to open the menu.

#2: Next, click on ‘Settings,’ and after that, select ‘Auto-update Applications.’

#3: Choose the option ‘Don’t Auto-Update Applications.’

Switch Off Auto-Updates

Method 7: Reset Application Preference

If the above-mentioned methods do not work, try this solution. It will resolve the ‘Google Play download pending’ error quickly.

#1: Visit Settings and then choose ‘Installed Applications.’

#2: Click on ‘Menu’ in the right corner and select the ‘Reset App Preferences’ option.

Reset Application Preference

Method 8: Clear Cache and Data for Google Play

The Google Play Store’s cache memory sometimes prevents applications from getting downloaded.

#1: Visit Settings and choose ‘Storage.’

#2: Tap on the ‘Google Play Store.’

#3: Click on the application ‘Force Stop’ and, next, clear data for removing cache and data. Whenever you open the Google Play Store, you need to sign in to your Google account.

Clear Cache and Data for Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why are my app downloads stuck on “Download pending” in the Google Play Store?

A1: The download pending issue in the Google Play Store can occur due to various reasons, including network connectivity problems, app preferences, cache and data issues, or even system glitches.

Q2: How can I clear the download queue in the Google Play Store?

A2: To clear the download queue, open the Google Play Store app, go to “My apps & games,” navigate to the “Downloads” tab, and cancel any pending or paused downloads.

Q3: What should I do if my device shows a poor network connection in the Play Store?

A3: If you have a poor network connection, make sure you are connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network or have a strong mobile data signal. You can also try restarting your router or switching to a different network.

Q4: Will resetting app preferences delete my app data?

A4: No, resetting app preferences will not delete your app data. It will reset app permissions and preferences to their default settings.

Q5: Is a factory reset the only solution if none of the other methods work?

A5: A factory reset is considered a last resort if all other methods fail to fix the download pending issue. However, be aware that a factory reset will erase all data and settings on your device, so it should be done with caution.


Now, you know the advanced and basic methods to resolve the error ‘Google Play Store download pending’ on your Android smartphone. All of these methods will help you in fixing the error.

The most effective solution is to go with Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. So download this repair tool to fix the Google Play download pending error, or Google Play services keep stopping.


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