[Fixed] WhatsApp Notification Not Working on iPhone?


Written by Jack Lin

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WhatsApp Notification Not Working

When your WhatsApp notifications not working on your iPhone, that could lead to some complications and communication delays.

If you are bothered by such an error, you can go ahead and read this article. We have composed this article by explaining the solutions to overcome this issue with ease.

As of right now, there is no messaging app that is as popular as WhatsApp on all smartphone devices. It doesn’t mean, however, that everything about the program is perfect, as there are a number of problems.

The WhatsApp notification not working can be one of the most common issues to face. It can be extremely frustrating, but it can be considered a problem that will be readily remedied. This is particularly true if you follow the instructions in this guide.

In other words, keep reading to learn how to fix the iPhone WhatsApp notifications not showing the issue.

Why Are WhatsApp Notifications Not Working on iPhone?

Mentioned below are the main reasons for WhatsApp to stop showing notifications. If you can identify the causes, you can easily apply a remedy.

So, go ahead and learn if your iPhone is experiencing at least one of the below errors.

01. Faulty Internet Connection

WhatsApp relies on the Internet to transmit and receive messages. No notifications will be sent to the app if there is no internet connection. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

In fact, this is the first thing you should check when your iPhone WhatsApp notifications are not working.

02. Your iPhones Background Data Experience a Restriction

There’s a chance that background restrictions on your phone prevent you from receiving WhatsApp notifications or messages.

This is particularly true if you’re connected via mobile data. The Apps area can be found in the phone’s settings menu. Check your Data Usage permission on WhatsApp.

03. Other Errors

There are other reasons for your WhatsApp notifications not working on your iPhone. For instance, when the phone is in Power Saving Mode, you may not be receiving WhatsApp alerts. It is essential for Android and iOS users to maintain WhatsApp messenger up-to-date.

So, keep the above aspects in mind if you experience iPhone WhatsApp notifications not working.

Besides, let’s figure out how to find someone on WhatsApp without them knowing.

Solutions to Try if WhatsApp Notifications Not Working on iPhone

Well, there are several different solutions if your WhatsApp notifications are not working on your iPhone. We have composed this list based on what we have experienced.

So, you can try those methods if your WhatsApp notification is not working. You don’t have to apply all these solutions. Instead, try one solution after the other until one option works.

Also, the difficulty level of each method, along with the success rate, might vary. So, keep that in mind when you follow these workarounds.

Solution 1: Use iToolab FixGo to Fix WhatsApp Notification Not Working Error Without Any Data Loss

The first solution is to use iToolab FixGo as a professional solution. This third-party solution works perfectly to fix any error associated with your iOS device. If an update is installed, there may be a problem with your iPhone’s operating system or software.

With the update, you’ve recently received the most current iOS version and are no longer receiving notifications from WhatsApp.

However, there is no need to panic, as iToolab FixGo will solve the problem for you. Do you have an iPhone 14 running iOS 16 or an older version? It doesn’t matter, as this tool will automatically update your smartphone to the current version of iOS.

What Makes iToolab FixGo So Special?

Mentioned below are the reasons why iToolab FixGo is the perfect option. These will suggest how excellent this tool is for you in terms of fixing WhatsApp notifications not working errors.

  • It’s completely free, so you can use it to Enter or Exit the recovery model of the iPhone.
  • It can fix any issue related to your iOS device or Apple TV without error.
  • It gives you the option of downgrading iOS 16 to other versions that are supported.
  • This is compatible with any iOS version as well as the devices.
  • Friendly user interface that lets even novices use this application.

Aside from that, Error 4013 as well as Error 4005 may both be fixed with this program. Using FixGo, you’ll be able to make your erroneous iOS devices run faster and smoother.

Using iToolab FixGo, you may fix the WhatsApp notifications not working on your iPhone error with no trouble at all.

Mentioned Below is How to Use This Application and Fix WhatsApp Notifications Not Working on iPhone errors.

  • Immediately after you install FixGo on your PC or Mac, just run it. Click on the option called “Fix iOS System – Standard Mode.” Once done, you should choose Fix Now when logged into the interface.
iToolab FixGo
  • After that, you can save the iOS firmware to a folder on your PC.
iToolab FixGo Download Firmware
  • To complete the process, you should click the “Repair Now” option. That will begin the installation of the new firmware on your device. WhatsApp notifications are now working again on your device.
Fix WhatsApp Notification Not Working with FixGo

Solution 2: Check the Notifications on WhatsApp

Are you having trouble receiving WhatsApp notifications? If so, your iPhone’s iOS settings may have been modified, especially after a recent upgrade. As a result, this app’s alerts may no longer operate at all. You can see if they’ve been activated by following the procedures below.

  • Select WhatsApp in the Notifications section of the Settings menu.
  • Allow Notifications and Sounds are now enabled.
Check the Notifications of WhatsApp

Hopefully, your WhatsApp notifications not working on iPhone errors are gone by now. However, if the notifications are still not working as expected, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Solution 3: Perform a Force Restart on the iPhone

After all other options have failed, restarting your iPhone is the only way to get WhatsApp working again. Press the Sleep/Wake button and hold it for a couple of seconds to proceed.

Be sure to release it when you see your Apple logo appears on your screen. You’ll need to hold its Volume Down & Power buttons until your iPhone restarts. This is applicable if you’re using an iPhone X or later.

As a result of a restart, the applications running on the device will be stopped and started again. That will allow you to experience a smoother experience on the device as well as the apps. In many cases, force restarting the device is the best remedy to fix minor software glitches.

Force Restart iPhone to Fix WhatsApp Notification Not Working

Solution 4: Reinstall WhatsApp After Uninstalling It from Your Device

Did you know that it is also possible to reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone to resolve notification issues? However, you should first make a backup of all your messages and data in case something goes wrong.

This’s also true if there is an update that causes problems again (it can, in some cases, cause glitches).

Creating a backup of WhatsApp is exceptionally simple. And having a complete backup of your WhatsApp conversations is a very smart move for various reasons.

In case of losing your device or experiencing issues with your current installation, backups are handy. So, create a backup right now, even if you don’t see any errors.

Solution 5: Check the Network Connection

If the problem with the WhatsApp notifications not working on your iPhone persists, you can reset the network settings. Check out the steps below if you want to use this method.

  • You may find this information by going to the General setting under settings.
  • Select the Reset Network Settings” option from the Reset menu by pressing Reset.
  • Enter your iPhone passcode to finalize the process.
Reset Network Settings

Solution 6: Reset the Settings

WhatsApp alerts can be reactivated by resetting the iPhone’s settings. Please follow below simple guide to accomplish it.

  • Press the button labeled “General” in the Settings menu on your iPhone to access this feature.
  • After that, please select the “Reset All Settings” option from the Reset menu.
  • That’s it. You should confirm the action by entering the device’s passcode at this specific point.
Reset All Settings on iPhone

Solution 7: Restore Your Device Using iTunes (Please Note That You Will Experience a Data Loss)

By restoring your iPhone with iTunes, you can fix the problem of WhatsApp notifications not working. Make a complete backup of your phone’s data before continuing.

It would help if you did it because the phone will reset to its factory default settings following restoration.

Also, you should delete any apps you’ve installed or save data like photographs for later use.

Please find below a simple guide to take:

  • To begin, plug your iPhone into your computer using a USB cable. Open iTunes after that.
  • You may access your Summary tab by clicking the Restore iPhone button on the left.
  • The data on the device will be erased as soon as you confirm the action. The device will be reset to factory defaults using this technique.
  • Install WhatsApp on your iPhone, and you’ll get notifications once more.
Restore iPhone Using iTunes


Q1: Why am I not receiving WhatsApp notifications on my iPhone?

There could be various reasons for not receiving WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone, such as incorrect notification settings, software glitches, or outdated versions. Follow the steps outlined in this article to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Q2: How do I enable WhatsApp notifications on my iPhone?

To enable WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone, open the WhatsApp app, go to “Settings,” select “Notifications,” and ensure that the “Allow Notifications” toggle is turned on.

Q3: I have updated WhatsApp, but I still don’t receive notifications. What should I do?

If updating WhatsApp did not resolve the issue, try restarting your iPhone, clearing the app cache, or reinstalling WhatsApp. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to WhatsApp support for further assistance.

Q4: Can I customize the notification sound for WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Yes, you can customize the notification sound for WhatsApp on your iPhone. Open the “Settings” app, go to “Notifications,” find WhatsApp from the app list, and select “Sounds” to choose a custom notification sound.

Q5: Will resetting all settings on my iPhone delete my data?

Resetting all settings on your iPhone will not delete your data; however, it will reset your personalized settings, such as Wi-Fi passwords, wallpaper, and notification preferences.


Now, you can fix the WhatsApp notification issue on the iOS device. We have discussed those aspects in the preceding sections. We recommend iToolab FixGo if your WhatsApp notifications are not working on your iPhone.

This specific tool helps you overcome many iOS errors without any difficulty. That is exactly why we consider FixGo as the best way to fix iPhone WhatsApp notifications not working.

That said, if you have further doubts related to WhatsApp notifications, please let us know.


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