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Doctors belong to one of the busiest professionals when it comes to assorted professions. The lives of doctors revolve around emergencies by an hour dealing with cases of death and life.

Due to this, there is an ongoing trend of electronic reports and prescriptions, saving them time and many lives.

To generate electronic prescriptions, doctors need electronic signatures. These electronic signatures can be generated through doctor signature generators, online tools that generate secure and legally binding e-signatures.

One can get signature generation tools and websites for almost free of cost or at minimal charges. However, it is important to go for full-fledged software that generates signatures and takes good care of problems related to your documents.

You can create your signature in your handwriting within seconds with signature generators. Doctors can sign any prescription or report with their e-signatures generated using signature generators.

On the other hand, you can even sign legally binding files on your mobile phones and save them to the cloud to quickly track and access them.

Part 1: What is a Doctor Signature Generator?

If you are unaware of a doctor’s signature generator, read on. A doctor signature generator is a tool that most doctors and other professionals use to generate an electronic signature.

These generated signatures can then be used for PDF files. It is effective as it saves all the trouble of scanning, printing, and faxing documents.

It is not a difficult task to create e-signatures with the help of doctor signature generators. You have to draw your signatures on the portal using your mouse as a marker. These signature generators are perfect for marking your signatures in your handwriting.

But before choosing a signature generator tool, you have to pay attention to specific points.

If you are looking for a friendly doctor signature generator for yourself, you have to keep certain things in mind. Some of the essential points are listed below:

  • Please ensure that your signature generator produces legally binding doctor signatures.
  • In order to save time, go for a doctor signature generation tool that is quick and hassle-free.
  • Please ensure that your signature generator comes with other functionalities like sending or securing documents along with signature generation.

Part 2: 5 Best Doctor Signature Generators

There are various choices available regarding a signature generator for doctors. We understand that going for one out of so many options becomes difficult.

To make your search easier, we have listed some of the best doctor signature generators you can use. The top five doctor signature generators are as follows.

1. Wondershare SignX

It is a perfect doctor signature tool that works well for busy schedules doctors. What makes it on our list of the best doctor signature generator is its utmost simplicity and outstanding performance compared to other tools in the market. With its signature generation, Wondershare SignX offers a wide range of impressive features.

With Wondershare SignX, users can generate signatures within a few seconds and sign numerous documents. After that, you can share these documents with any friend or colleague. So, you can perform all these functions with just this best DocuSign competitor tool.

Additionally, you can create a backup of your important documents on the cloud. This doctor signature generator secures your files with the help of encryption 256-bit AES and even stamps them for more credibility. Every signature generated with SignX is secure, legally binding, and pretty artistic.

On the other hand, you can perform all these functions with your mobile phone and sign & send documents to anyone on the go hassle-free!


Unique Characteristics of Wondershare SignX:

  • It supports multiple users at a time.
  • It creates and stores templates that can be reused.
  • Send bulk documents to multiple signers.
  • It supports legally binding e-signatures.
  • It can be used to upload your own signatures & remove signatures from pdf.
  • Send real-time notifications on the device.

2. SignNow

This doctor’s signature helps you when you are in the utmost hurry. Yes, you heard it right! SignNow is an online tool that suits all needs of doctors. It is a simple doctor signature tool that works within a few seconds.

All you need to do is upload your documents to the portal, type or draw your signatures on your docs, and the work is done!

signNow doctor signature generator

With SignNow, you can even ask your patients to sign their docs if needed. You have to download these PDF files on your computer, or you can mail them straight away to anyone you need.

3. SkySignature

This doctor signature generator is known for its two impressive features. One is its ironclad security that cannot be tampered with anyhow, and the other is its web-based cloud service that allows you to browse your documents anytime, anywhere.


SkySignature offers two levels of security, one for users and the other one for your documents. With the help of this tool, you can generate any e-sign and use it on your documents with quite ease.

Apart from that, SkySignature offers a lot of features to handle PDFs. You can also convert PDFs to other formats and edit them wherever possible. Now, all of this is possible through its mobile application, so you do not have to worry about having a laptop.

4. HelloSign

HelloSign comes with various features, along with being a doctor signature generator. This software is a perfect solution for designing documents. The generated signatures are secure and legally binding, created with this fantastic tool’s help.

HelloSign doctor signature generator

HelloSign is suitable for signing documents such as contracts that must be signed and sent to multiple parties. It is beneficial for doctors, as sending documents to patients is quite easy due to its impressive features.

5. Online Signature Pad

It is one of the most familiar tools with doctors as the Online Signature Pad works precisely the same as normal pads for prescriptions.

It is an effective yet simple solution for doctors as an Online Signature Pad creates signatures within a few seconds. This doctor signature tool is perfect for doctors who always remain in a hurry.

Online Signature Pad doctor signature generator

It even allows you to change the font, size, color, and other small details in your signatures. You can draw your real signature on documents with the help of your mouse.

However, it comes with a drawback, i.e., it needs a Silverlight plugin to work. So, you have no choice but to install it.


1. Can doctor signature generators be used on mobile devices?

Yes, many doctor signature generators have mobile applications or are web-based, allowing doctors to generate signatures using their smartphones or tablets.

2. Are doctor signature generators legally recognized?

In most jurisdictions, digital signatures created using doctor signature generators are legally recognized and accepted for medical documentation purposes.

3. Is it possible to create a handwritten signature with doctor signature generators?

Yes, doctor signature generators provide customization options that allow doctors to create signatures that closely resemble their actual handwritten ones.

4. Are doctor signature generators HIPAA compliant?

The top doctor signature generators prioritize security and privacy, often incorporating HIPAA-compliant measures to protect patient data.

5. Can doctor signature generators be integrated with electronic medical records?

Yes, many doctor signature generators offer seamless integration with electronic medical record systems, allowing for streamlined documentation processes within healthcare organizations.


Now, you know what a doctor’s signature generator is. You can look for the perfect signature generator for yourself from the various options listed above.

However, if you are looking for other functionalities rather than just a normal signature generation app, Wondershare SignX is the right option for you. You can secure your documents to the Cloud to preserve them for later purposes.

It generates legally binding signatures. It is not only for doctors, but anyone can use this professional electronic software to generate their signatures electronically. What are you thinking now? Just go and download Wondershare SignX NOW!


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