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How Long Does System Restore Take In General?


Written by Jack Lin

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How Long Does System Restore Take

There is no shortage of Windows users who wonder how long does system restore take. In general, it would be handy for any computer user to have a rough estimate on it.

In this guide, we will explain how long does it generally takes and potential issues related to it.

Why Do You Want to Know How Long Does System Restore Take?

Well, in some cases, Windows 10 users want to restore their computer systems due to some reason. As you may have already heard, system restoration does take some time, and you have to be patient.

In some cases, system restore can get stuck due to some errors. In such instances, you might think that the process is going on though it is stuck.

However, if you have a general idea about the duration it takes, that is immensely helpful. Such an idea will help you with detecting if everything is OK with the process. If the process is taking longer than expected, you can assume that is some issue.

After that, you should figure out a solution to the issue. The purpose of this article is to explain how long system restoration take and solutions to try.

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Part 1: How Long Does a System Restore Take in General?

If truth to be told, the time a system restoration take might depend on several factors. To give you a better idea about it, we intend to explain them below.

Do you have a large number of files in your SSD or hard drive? If that is the case, the restoration process is likely to take a pretty long time. To give you an idea about it, you will have to wait about 20 – 45 minutes for the restoration.

In addition to that, the duration might be prolonged if the hard drive or the SSD transfers data slowly.

So, it is safe to say that your restoration process can take about one hour to get completed. If it takes longer than that, that is a red flag.

For instance, if you notice the process is not completed even after 1.5 hours, that is a warning. The process might have been stuck somewhere. That is when you should start looking for possible solutions.

But you don’t have to worry about it much as we have listed the solutions here. In the next, we will explain the remedies you should try if restoration takes longer.

Part 2: Solutions to Try if Your System Restoration Has Stuck

Above, we have answered the question, “how long does system restore take.” Now you have a clear idea about it; you can identify if there is something wrong with the process.

If you see an issue, you can try these solutions to get rid of the error. Keep reading this guide carefully and learn the solutions you can try. Please note that you will not have to try all these methods to resolve the error.

Solution 01: Try Your System Restore in Safe Mode

One of the most basic but effective ways to resolve this issue is to restore the system to Safe Mode. When you’re in Safe Mode, all the additional processes will be closed.

Priority will be given to the system restoration process, so no other process can hinder the operation.

So, if you want to try this method, just go ahead and follow the steps that are listed below.

  • Press & hold it. While holding the shift key, click on the Restart option as well.
  • Now, you will be directed to a new screen where you will see three options. From those options, click on “Troubleshoot“. Then, please click on the “Advanced Options” option as well. You can see an option labeled “System Restore” now. Click on it.
How Long Does System Restore Take? Try your system restore in Safe Mode
  • You can follow the on-screen instructions and restore your Windows 10 system now.

Solution 02: Try Startup Repair

Windows has a built-in feature that can be used to repair your computer’s OS in various situations. If you are experiencing any problem related to the restoration process, you can consider this option and repair it.

Since it is a built-in feature, you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything or installing apps.

Please follow the below simple guide for a Startup Repair and see if it fixes the issue.

  • First, press & hold the “Shift” key on the keyboard. While holding the shift key, you should click on the option labeled “Restart“. You will be directed to a different screen now.
  • Now, you should choose the option called “Troubleshoot” as well.
  • Under “Troubleshoot,” you can find the option called “Advanced Options“. Click on it and then go to “Startup Repair“.
Try Startup Repair
  • This will start the Startup Repairing process on the system and might fix the faulty system.

Solution 03: Perform an SFC Scan

If you cannot perform a system restoration yet, you can try an SFC scan as well. Did you know that system restoration will fail due to corrupted files as well?

If you believe that is the reason behind your computer’s error, you should perform an SFC scan.

This approach can fix those corrupt files on the system and get everything back on track. You can perform this action using the Command Prompt.

In fact, the SFC scan isn’t only effective to solve restoration issues but various other errors in the OS.

That said, please follow the below guide to perform a successful SFC scan.

  • Just like you did just now, you should press and hold the “Shift” key. While holding the “Shift” key, just click on the “Restart” button.
  • Now, when you are on the new screen, you should click on the option called “Troubleshoot” as well. Then, choose the “Command Prompt” to proceed so a Command Prompt window will be opened.
How Long Does System Restore Take? Perform an SFC scan
  • When you see the command prompt window, enter the command “sfc /scannow“. Then, hit enter so the SFC Scan will start.
Perform an SFC scan
  • At the completion of the process, the system will run smoothly. You will be able to restore the system without getting stuck.

Part 3: What is the Best Solution to Try if Windows 10 System Restore is Not Working?

For some users, one of the above methods should work without causing any troubles further. However, other users may not be able to get through with it.

If you are experiencing such an issue, you can try a professional software solution. It is true that there are plenty of solutions to try if System Restore is stuck.

However, not all those methods are as effective as they claim.

In fact, some of those methods can even do more harm than good. So, it is always better to search well before using any of those tools. However, to make it easier, we did the research for you and found Windows Boot Genius as the best.

In a nutshell, Windows Boot Genius is a powerful system repair tool that can fix plenty of issues. Many experts consider this tool a must-have for any Windows user.

Now that you have figured out how long does system restoration take, you can start using this tool.

Windows Boot Genius is a very impressive and handy tool that has a superb user interface.

Even if you are a novice user, you can easily use this tool and fix potential issues.

In other words, you can fix various issues with a couple of clicks if you use Windows Boot Genius.

Those Who Wonder How to Use This Tool Can Follow The Steps Listed Below.

  • First, you should download and install the Windows Boot Genius on a computer that already works fine. Then, get a blank DVD or a USB flash drive and insert it into the same computer. After that, you should define the drive from the software and click on the “Burn” option to proceed.
Windows Boot Genius
  • Now, insert the same disk into the faulty computer (in which the system restore is failed).
Windows Boot Genius
  • Now, boot the computer from the disk you have just inserted.
  • Click on the option called “Windows Rescue,” which is located at the top. Then, choose the issue you are facing (from the options available in the left panel).
Windows Boot Genius
  • Now, the software will start to fix the issue. After a while, you can see that the issue is fixed and you can proceed with a system restore.

Also, if you are experiencing the Windows 10 error code 0xc0000098 issue or the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Code 10 Issue, click to fix them easily now.

The Bottom Line

As we believe, the above information will help you get through with issues related to system restoration.

As we mentioned, the most important part is to figure out how long does system restore take. If there is something wrong with the process, it will take longer than usual.

The solutions we mentioned above can be useful to fix the issue without much trouble. However, the professional tool (Windows Boot Genius) is the best solution for all due to various reasons.

It is user-friendly, fast, effective, and highly successful. On top of that, Windows Boot Genius is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, too, in addition to 10.

If you stopped the process in the middle of the restoration of Windows registry values, that could be troublesome. Your computer might become even unbootable.

However, if you stopped the process during the restoration of other files, there won’t be any major issues.

Yes. You can. However, it will direct your system back to the state before proceeding to the system restore.

If your System Restore hasn’t been completed even after 1 ½ hour, there could be something wrong with it. Although the restoration will happen within 45 minutes, the duration may take longer based on different aspects.

For instance, the amount of data and the speed of your SSD might impact the duration. However, if it takes longer than 2 hours, that means a red flag.

In that case, you should use the solution we have mentioned in this guide. So, if you wonder how long system restoration takes, it is about 1 hour on average.

While System Restore is generally safe to use, there is a slight chance that it may fail or cause unintended consequences. It’s advisable to create regular system backups and exercise caution when using System Restore.

To access System Restore in Windows, you can search for “System Restore” in the Start menu or Control Panel. From there, you can follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the restoration process.



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