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If you are looking to find a perfect solution to the blue screen error code 0x0000000a, then here you will know everything about the error and the solution to fix it here.

BSOD and 0x0000000a Blue Screen Error

In the lives of many, the computer is an essential item in the workplace. It is an essential item in the workplace that has to run 24×7 without slowing anything down for a perfect running of production.

Any errors that slow down will have a negative impact on production as you will try to spend almost half your day fixing the problem.

One of the most dangerous errors on a computer is called the Blue Screen of Death error. This error can give anybody a heart attack because these errors don’t give out any pre-signal before showing up on a computer.

All the Blue Screen of death error (BSOD) errors have one thing in common. Which is the blue screen, but the reason behind each error differs from one to another. All the BSOD errors have different error codes.

That means if you are getting a BSOD error on your laptop and you are getting another one on your desktop computer, these errors will be different.

Here we have one of the BSOD errors by the code of 0x0000000a. Like other BSOD errors, this one is persistent on your computer and won’t go away that easily. 0x0000000a shares the same appearance pattern as other BSOD errors. They will show up on a system out of nowhere.

They will not give any sign of where the problem lies; they will leave with a code. That’s it. To fix the error, you need to figure out where the code belongs, so you can apply the right fix. 0x0000000a is another error code that belongs in the same umbrella term of BSOD.


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What is the 0x0000000a Bluescreen Error?

A blue screen of death error usually pops up during the installation process. It is a Windows startup error. When the 0x0000000a occurs on a computer, you will also see the code IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL below the error code.

So what is behind this error? It could be a basic driver with an incorrect memory address or a problem in the hardware.

But 0x0000000a mostly occurs due to the windows kernel mode using the incorrect memory address. While all of this sounds simple, there are plenty of things on the back that makes this whole process complicated. It is very hard to find out what particular file is causing the error.

In order to find out the particular file that has been causing an error, you have to dig up on the windows local disk to identify the infected file to rectify the issue.

Here Are Some Reasons You See 0x0000000a Code on Your Computer out of a Sudden.

  • Wrong address accessed from Operating System
  • Corrupted driver installed
  • Unupgraded driver issue
  • Hardware compatibility issue
  • Invalid registry database. This mostly happens when the registry file gets corrupted.
  • If you are overclocking your computer, then this will trigger 0x0000000a.
  • Hardware malfunction. But sometimes, when the problem causes hardware malfunctions, it gives out a lot of signs beforehand.
  • Failed installation.
  • Malware infection of the windows files.

These are the reasons that can cause 0x0000000a on a computer. Now that you know the reasons behind the problem, let’s focus on the solution you can try to fix in the next part.

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Fixing the 0x0000000a Bluescreen Error on Your Computer

While the reason for the problem may vary but luckily, so does the solution. There are plenty of people on the internet who have been reporting this error on their computers for a long time.

And many people have helped them with the proper solution to fix the problem. If you are suffering from the error code 0x0000000a, then you are not alone.

Here are some of the methods that you can try to remove the error from your computer.

Method 1: Fixing 0x0000000a by using File Checker

Sometimes using features that come pre-packaged with windows will help you solve a lot of problems without depending on third-party software. All the features that do come with windows can be trusted.

Here in this method, we are going to use one of the essential features of windows – the system file checker to fix the 0x0000000a.

  1. First, you need to open the start menu
  2. Then here, type in Run. Open as administrative privileges
  3. Once you have opened up Command Prompt
  4. Here you need to write – sfc/scannow – then press the enter key.
  5. Then after a few seconds, the scanning process will begin as it will all of your disk drives thoroughly to find the error that has been causing 0x0000000a.

After the scanning process, it will automatically remove all the files that have been infected with errors. If this method doesn’t fix your problem, then move on to the next method on the line.

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Method 2: Fixing 0x0000000a by Updating

One of the reasons you see 0x0000000a on your computer might be an outdated driver if your windows update option is disabled. Then this might be causing the error to appear on the screen.

To fix it, you need to turn the window update back on. So Windows will search for the best possible driver for all of your devices, and the version of windows you are running and downloading installed the perfect driver for it. There is a manual way to fix the 0x0000000a.

Follow the Steps Below to Make That Happen.

  1. Open up the Start menu. For here, type in – Device manager.
  2. Wait for it to appear on the screen. Once it does, find the exclamation mark on a device.
  3. Because this is the clue to an outdated device. Once you find the device with the exclamation mark.
  4. Right-click on it, then hit – Update driver. Here, you can select to download the driver from the internet or from your local drive.
Fixing 0x0000000a by Updating

If it didn’t work out for you, then move on to the next method on the list.

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Method 3: Fixing 0x0000000a Restoring System

If no method seemed to fix the problem for you, then you can try to fix the error code 0x0000000a by hitting the restore system.

So it can go back in time to when the windows version was running smoothly. Hitting restore would erase all the new updates that windows and other third-party software have downloaded.

Follow the Steps Below to Hit the Restore System

  1. Open Run. by pressing Windows + R.
  2. Here type in control and then press the Enter key.
  3. Once you are at the control panel, make your way to the Recovery Options.
  4. Now open up the System Restore.
  5. Here follow all the guidelines to hit restore windows, then after you are done with that, hit restart.
  6. That’s it.
Fixing 0x0000000a Restoring System

Method 4: Hardware Check-up

Most of the time, infected files on your local drive can cause plenty of errors. Because normally, we don’t clean or defragment your HDD in time.

These errors can build up to a BOSD error that pops out of nowhere without giving any prior signals.

As you know, one of the reasons why you see a 0x0000000a error on the screen is due to a lot of software and hardware reasons.

Before we move to the hardware aspect of the problem, we need to make sure there is nothing wrong with the software elements of the problem.

Here in this method, we will know how to check your HDD for corruption—downloading any file that doesn’t have any security attached.

These files can corrupt data from one file to another in a matter of minutes. Checking the HDD for corruption will help you find the problem faster and erase it from the HDD.

Follow the Steps Below to Check Your HDD for Corruption.

  1. Open up the Start menu.
  2. Here type in Command. Then press Ctrl + Shift key. This will make a dialogue box appear on the screen, asking for your permission. Just hit yes.
  3. This will up the Command Prompt with Administrative privileges.
  4. When you are on the Command Promot page. Just type in – chkdsk /f
  5. That’s it. This will start the process of HDD check-ups right away.
Fixing 0x0000000a By hardware check-up

Once the check-up process finishes, the check disk will automatically remove all the potential errors from the computer. So you don’t have to do anything manually.

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Method 5: Malware scan

One of the reasons behind the error 0x0000000a is the virus. This shouldn’t go underlooked. You can download and install various anti-virus software available online. To fix the problem with your computer. Or you can use the goo.

The old fashion windows defender takes care of the virus for you. With updates, windows defenders can be a pretty powerful anti-virus software on the computer. After all, it is made by Microsoft.

So if you want to skip the hassle of downloading a third-party anti-virus tool, you can always turn on windows defender to take care of the 0x0000000a from your computer right away.

Method 6: Driver Easy

The downloading driver manually can get really hard. Because first, you need to find the right driver that has the problem. Finding that bad driver amongst hundreds of them, then deciding on the perfect version of the driver that supports both the device and the operating system version, won’t be an easy thing to do.

That is why you will need Driver Easy to give you the best driver installation experience without putting any effort into finding the right driver for the device and then going through the installation of the driver on your computer.

While there is a pro version of the app, once you try the free version and you are satisfied with the product, then you can go for the pro version.

Follow Only These Three Steps

  • Download Driver Easy. Install it.
  • Then click on Scan Now option.
Driver Easy
Fix 0x0000000a Blue Screen Error using Driver Easy
  • That’s it. You are done!

Driver Easy will find all the software compatible with your system and install all of them. If the software needs an update instead of installation, Driver Easy will let you know.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: What are the primary causes of the 0x0000000a blue screen error?

The primary causes of the 0x0000000a error include outdated or incompatible drivers, hardware compatibility issues, malware or viruses, corrupted system files, and overclocking settings.

FAQ 2: How can I prevent the 0x0000000a blue screen error from recurring?

To prevent the 0x0000000a error from recurring, ensure that your drivers are up to date, use compatible hardware, regularly scan for malware and viruses, perform system file checks, and avoid overclocking your system.

FAQ 3: Are there any online resources available for further assistance?

Yes, there are several online resources available for further assistance. Websites such as Microsoft Support and Tom’s Hardware provide extensive knowledge bases and forums where you can find solutions to specific issues related to the 0x0000000a error.

FAQ 4: Should I seek professional help if I cannot resolve the 0x0000000a error on my own?

If you have exhausted all troubleshooting steps and are still unable to resolve the 0x0000000a error, it is recommended to seek professional help. A qualified computer technician or support personnel will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue efficiently.

FAQ 5: Can the 0x0000000a blue screen error cause data loss?

While the 0x0000000a error itself may not directly cause data loss, frequent system crashes can lead to data corruption or loss. It is advisable to back up your important files regularly to mitigate the risk of data loss.

FAQ 6: Is it possible to downgrade drivers to resolve the 0x0000000a error?

Yes, in some cases, downgrading drivers can help resolve the 0x0000000a error. If you suspect that a recent driver update is causing the issue, you can roll back to the previous version by following the instructions provided by the driver manufacturer.


Facing a BSOD error on the computer, one like the 0x0000000a is not new in the computers. Many people have faced these BSOD errors before.

Don’t lose hope; there are plenty of things that can be done to prevent the error 0x0000000a from popping up on the computer.

In most cases, an unwanted upgrade to a non-compatible driver version will create these errors on the computer. That is not the only thing that drives a BSOD error; damaged hardware will also lead to the creation of a BSOD error on a computer.

The point is that there are plenty of ways BSOD errors will find their way inside your computer. You need to be well-guarded to let that thing enter your system.


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