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Windows Update Error Code appears when the system is having difficulty connecting to the Windows Update server of Microsoft.

Usually, this error occurs before users can download and install new updates. You will find effective methods to resolve the Windows Update Error Code 0x80072efe.

Know More About Error Code 0x80072efe

Microsoft worked hard to deliver a complete and highly functional email client to users in the form of a Mail application. While this application is quite a decent email client, it isn’t completely free of issues or problems.

The most common problem associated with the Mail application that most users report is the error comprising the error code 0x80072efe. This error is shown every time users try syncing the Mail application with their accounts to retrieve their messages on Windows 10.

The error text displayed to users might state that the reason for this error is internet connectivity problems, even if the internet connection works perfectly fine.

If a user runs the Microsoft troubleshooter for Mail, this troubleshooter fails to resolve the problem and recommends that it could be due to the corrupted Windows Store cache.

Some users who have more email accounts than one connected with the Mail application have reported that all their accounts have been affected, while some users say that only some accounts got affected by the problem.

In all situations, erasing a corrupted email account from Mail, registering the account again, or syncing email texts do not yield positive results. However, you should try these steps out if you have not already.

So, here are some effective fixes that users can use for fixing the error 0x80072efe.

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What Do You Mean by Windows Update Error 0x80072efe?

For downloading and installing Windows updates, the installation of Windows should meet specific criteria so that Microsoft knows that users are downloading the updates to a certified OS copy.

Strangely, this comprises having accurate data and time set on your system. Without accurate data and time details, users can experience the error 0x80072efe.

Users must have a viable internet connection for downloading Windows updates. Virus scanners, firewalls, and other tools installed on their PCs can come in between the Windows Update servers and your system.

Sometimes, just disabling the Windows Firewall could fix the problem. However, you have to switch it on when you are finished.

Solutions to Resolve the Error Code 0x80072efe

Solution 1: Modify the Date and Time

Login to Windows 7 using your account that features administrative privileges. Next, you have to note the date and time on the desktop’s right side.

If these details are incorrect, tap on them, and then select the link saying ‘Change Date and Time Settings.’ Next, you will see the window of Date and Time. Tap on the tab branded as ‘Change Date and Time.’

Resolve Error Code 0x80072efe via Change Date and Time Settings

Simply modify the date and time that need to be accurate and press the OK tab. Next, click OK on the window ‘Date and Time’ and then try to update Windows again.

If this method does not work for you and the timings and dates are correct on your system, try the next solution to resolve the error 0x80072efe.

Solution 2: Switch Off Windows Firewall

To disable Windows Firewall on your system, users first have to tap on the ‘Start’ tab and then navigate to ‘Control Panel.’ From the Control Panel window, choose the ‘System and Security’ option and then select ‘Windows Firewall’ from there to open the Firewall window.

Here, users will notice that their networks are divided into two kinds: one of the types is ‘Home or Work (Private) Networks,’ and the other is ‘Public Networks.’

You have to choose the Private network unless you share an internet connection over public networks in your house. On the Windows’ left side, tap on the link saying ‘Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.’

It will open up the window ‘Customize Settings’ for Windows Firewall. Look for the window section linked to ‘Home or Work (Private) Network Location Settings.’

Turn Windows Firewall on or off

Select the tab ‘Turn Off Windows Firewall (Not Recommended).’ After this, you have to press the OK tab and close other windows if opened.

Now, you can restart your system, and once done, you need to connect to Windows Update again. Many users find that this fix makes Windows Update work again. If this solution works, then remember to turn back on Windows Firewall.

Turn off firewall

If these methods do not work, users have to explore why this error code 0x80072efe restricts them from connecting to the servers of Microsoft — for beginners, disabling virus scanners that they run and examine if the Windows Update tab begins to work again.

Sometimes, the system causes troubles while connecting Windows Update and, thus, face the error 0x80072 error. Typically, a wrongly set date or time or Windows Firewall needs to be blamed.

So, examining the system’s date or time and momentarily switching off resolve this annoying error. If not, watch out for other reasons behind the Windows Update error, like an overeager virus scanner or additional firewall tools.

Solution 3: Clear the Cache of the Windows Store

When people face this error code 0x80072efe and run the Microsoft troubleshooter for Mail, the troubleshooter recommends that the culprit could be the corrupted cache of the Windows Store if it could not resolve the problem itself.

If that’s the situation, it is quite obvious that removing the cache of the Windows Store is the ideal thing to do. To perform this action, go through the following instructions.

Steps to Resolve the Error Code 0x80072efe:

To clear the cache of the Windows Store, you need to follow the instructions:

  • 1: Press the tabs ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ together.
  • 2: Now, type in ‘wsreset.exe‘ and then press OK.
Clear Windows Store

Solution 4: Enable TLS 1.0 to Eliminate the Error 0x80072efe

Now, it is time to move on to the next solution for eliminating the 0x80072efe error on your computer. So, let’s get started without waiting anymore.

The steps for enabling TLS 1.0 are as follows:

  • 1: First, you have to open the menu ‘Start.’
  • 2: You need to look for ‘Internet Options.’
  • 3: Tap on the search result marked as ‘Internet Options.’
  • 4: Next, navigate to the tab ‘Advanced.’
  • 5: Within the ‘Settings’ tab, scroll down until you come across the ‘Use TLS 1.0’ option.
  • 6: Once you have located the ‘Use TSL 1.0’ tab, you need to enable this option by ticking the box against it.
  • 7: You must tap on the ‘Apply’ option to apply the changes.
  • 8: Lastly, press OK and then restart the system. Once done, you have to check if the problem persists in your system or not.

Solution 5: Register the Computer’s Stock Windows Applications Again

If you could not eliminate the error 0x80072efe with the above-mentioned solutions, try this one out.

Here, you must register your computer’s Stock Windows Applications again. So, you have to follow some simple steps to resolve the issue on your own.

  • 1: Initially, please open the menu ‘Start.’
  • 2: After this, you need to look for ‘PowerShell.’
  • 3: Next, you must right-tap the result branded as Windows PowerShell. After that, tap on the option ‘Run as Administrator.’

Note: If UAC asks you to enter the passcode or confirm your action, you can do whatever you require.

  • 4: Now, enter the following command into Windows PowerShell’s elevated instance and hit Enter.

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage – DisableDevelopmentMode – Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Register the Computer's Stock Windows Applications Again
  • 5: Now, please wait for your command to be well executed.
  • 6: After your command has been well-executed, you need to close the Windows PowerShell tab.
  • 7: Lastly, you have to restart your system. Once your system boots up, you need to examine whether the error 0x80072efe has been fixed or not.


Q1: What is error code 0x80072efe?

Error code 0x80072efe is an issue associated with Windows Update and can occur when there are problems with your internet connection or conflicts with third-party security software.

Q2: How can I fix error code 0x80072efe?

To fix error code 0x80072efe, you can follow these steps:

  1. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.
  2. Check your internet connection and ensure it is stable.
  3. Disable or uninstall any third-party security software temporarily.
  4. Clear the Windows Update cache.
  5. Perform a clean boot to identify and resolve conflicts with third-party applications.
  6. Reset the Windows Update components.
  7. Consider performing a system restore to a previous point.

Q3: Why is my Windows Update failing with error code 0x80072efe?

There are several possible reasons why Windows Update fails with error code 0x80072efe. It could be due to internet connection issues, conflicts with third-party security software, corrupted Windows Update cache, or other underlying system problems.

Q4: Are there any automated tools available to fix error code 0x80072efe?

Yes, there are some automated tools available that can help fix error code 0x80072efe. These tools can automatically diagnose and repair issues related to Windows Update. However, it’s important to use such tools from trusted sources and follow their instructions carefully.

Q5: Can I prevent error code 0x80072efe from occurring in the future? 

To minimize the chances of encountering error code 0x80072efe in the future, you can ensure a stable internet connection, regularly update your Windows system, and keep your third-party security software up to date. Additionally, it’s recommended to avoid installing conflicting or unreliable software that may interfere with Windows Update.

The Bottom Line

So, these are some incredible solutions you can select to eliminate the 0x80072efe error. Here, we have even listed some reasons you came across this error in the first place.

Once you know the proper reason, you can opt for different solutions to resolve this annoying issue. If you are facing the error 0x80072efe, try out these methods one by one to eliminate the problem. Hopefully, this article might help you to resolve the problem.

If you still have some queries or questions related to the error 0x80072efe, then do not forget to share the same in the comment section below.

We will get back to you in no time. Till then, try out these different solutions to fix the error 0x80072efe.


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