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So, YouTube to AAC converters enables you to save your favorite YouTube videos in the AAC format.

When your favorite music file, song, or other audio is available only on YouTube, save them in this audio format. This allows you to save your videos for offline playback.

On the internet, there are various software and tools that allow converting videos on YouTube to AAC.

By saving your videos in this audio format, you can listen to them offline on different devices hassle-free. So, learn about some of the amazing YouTube to AAC converters here. Before that, find out what AAC actually is!

AAC, or Advanced Audio Coding, is a file format for audio. This audio format was designed for succeeding MP3. The format maintains better audio quality than MP3 at the same bitrate.

Thus, it significantly decreases the space that the file takes. If you like to download music files from YouTube in the AAC format to your system, it is not possible through YouTube.

To do so, you will require a third-party service or application. Using the YouTube to AAC converters, you can download videos from YouTube effortlessly.

Now, let’s learn about these amazing tools without further ado!

Part 1: Wondershare UniConverter – Best YouTube to AAC Converter

If you are looking for the best converter, then nothing can be better than Wondershare UniConverter. This is the most amazing YouTube to AAC converter present out there.

This tool works perfectly on your Mac and Windows systems. Using this tool, you can convert audio and videos from over 10,000 websites, including YouTube.

With the help of Wondershare UniConverter, you can convert your YouTube videos into AAC format.

Not just that, but you can also convert YouTube videos to a wide range of video and audio formats of your desired quality. Plus, users can even convert a complete playlist if they want.

Wondershare UniConverter supports various features. This includes video conversion in more than 1000 formats, compression, video recording, transfer, and many more.

Now, let’s read about some of its amazing features below!

Key Features of Wondershare UniConverter:

  • This tool allows conversion in 1000+ formats without any quality loss and converts M3U to MP3 easily.
  • It supports batch processing at a fast speed. If you wonder about how to make a YouTube song as your ringtone on Android, this tool can help too.
  • The program comes with an in-built editor for trimming, cropping, cutting, adding effects, and adding watermarks to your files.
  • Wondershare UniConverter supports video recording, transfer, compression, and other features.
  • The tool supports Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10/11 and macOS 10.7-13.

How to Convert YouTube to AAC with Wondershare UniConveter:

This tool makes it super easy to convert your favorite YouTube videos into AAC audio format. To convert your videos with UniConverter, you do not need to have any technical knowledge.

To accomplish this task, go through the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Open Wondershare UniConverter

In the first place, please download and install Wondershare UniConverter. After that, launch this YouTube to AAC converter. From its home interface, choose the option ‘Downloader.’

After that, open the video you want to convert to AAC from YouTube on your browser. Now, copy the URL of that video.

Wondershare UniConverter

Step 2: Choose Download, then Convert Mode

Now, you have to select ‘Download then Convert Mode.’ Next, you will come across a list of devices and formats that the tool supports. From this audio list, select ‘AAC‘ with your desired audio quality now.

Choose Download, then Convert Mode

Step 3: Begin the Conversion

Once selected, tap on the icon that will paste the copied URL of the YouTube video automatically to its interface.

After the program analyzes the link, it will convert your YouTube video to the selected audio format.

Begin the Conversion

Step 4: Locate Your Converted File

Once the conversion process is over, you can easily find your converted audio file. You will find all your converted files under the ‘Finished‘ section.

Tap on ‘Open‘ to locate your AAC file. Then, your audio will be launched on the computer.

Convert YouTube to AAC Using UniConverter

So, this is how you can convert YouTube to AAC using Wondershare UniConverter. The conversion process is quite simple.

You can download and convert videos from YouTube and other social media platforms within a few clicks hassle-free. Just download this amazing tool on your Windows or Mac system.

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Part 2: iTubeGo YouTube Downloader – Another Great YouTube to AAC Converter

There is another tool that you can use to convert YouTube to AAC. This program is known as iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

This tool allows users to convert Twitch to MP3 and convert audio, videos, and playlists to over 20 formats.

This supports formats like M4A, MP3, AAC, MOV, WMV, MP4, MKA, and more. Plus, the software can download various URLs at the same time.

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader enables users to download videos in high-quality (8K/4K/HD) and high bitrate (such as 320kbps) quickly and easily. Now, let’s see how this tool can convert YouTube to AAC.

How to Convert YouTube to AAC Using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader:

Step 1: Install iTubeGo

First, please download iTubeGo and install it on your system. It is available to download on the website of iTubeGo.

This program works on both Windows & Mac computers. Before using this tool, you must download the YouTube media file.

Step 2: Copy the Video’s URL

Open the web browser and go to the YouTube video you like converting to AAC. Now, copy your desired video’s URL.

Copy the Video's URL

Step 3: Choose the Output Format

Next, click on the ‘Download then Convert to‘ tab by opening the software. Choose the output format as AAC and save the settings by tapping on the ‘Apply‘ tab.

Afterward, go to ‘Preferences‘ and set ‘Audio‘ as the download type. Also, choose the bitrate from the given options.

Choose the Output Format

Step 4: Paste the URL

Once selected, tap on the tab ‘Paste URL.’ The tool will then detect the URL automatically. Now, the downloading process will begin on your system.

Paste the URL

Step 5: Find the Converted AAC File

After that, go to the section ‘Downloads‘ to find the converted AAC file directly. Or, you can look for the downloaded audio file on your system.

Convert YouTube to AAC Using iTubeGo

Part 3: Some Other YouTube to AAC Converter Tools

Now, have a look at some other YouTube to AAC converter tools. Learn the pros and cons of each one too!

By the way, let’s learn more about how to play YouTube videos in reverse effortlessly.

1 – ClipConverter

ClipConverter is an online YouTube to AAC converter. To use this tool, there is no need to install any software. It can be used directly from the web browser. The conversion process and the interface are pretty simple.

Here, all you have to do is to paste the YouTube video’s URL. Select your file format from the options like AAC M4A or MP3. It supports some video formats too.

With ClipConverter, you can even select the file quality of the converted video or audio. After the conversion process is over, you can save the converted files on your system quickly and easily.

Convert YouTube to AAC Using ClipConverter


  • This tool is available for free with no software installation
  • It features a user-friendly and simple interface
  • The program converts a part of the file or the complete file as required


  • Need internet to function
  • The program supports limited file formats
  • It does not support extra features

2 – Apowersoft Video Download Capture

This YouTube to AAC converter tool enables you to convert audio and videos from different sites, including YouTube.

One can convert a playlist or multiple files simultaneously with this program. Thus, it saves a lot of effort and time.

Plus, Apowersoft comes with an in-built media player. The program supports extra features too. This includes video editing, audio editing, adding files to iTunes, screen recording, etc.

Apowersoft Video Downloader


  • Feature a simple interface
  • Convert videos from different sites to different file formats


  • Come with limited editing features

3 – Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is another free YouTube to AAC converter. It does not feature any malware, spyware, or ads. This program allows you to convert audio and videos from over 100 websites, including YouTube.

The freeware works perfectly well on both Mac and Windows. It even supports extra features, such as an in-built player, conversion, DVD burning, editing, etc.

Any Video Converter


  • Work on both Mac and Windows
  • It supports various file formats for converting YouTube videos
  • Available for free


  • Keep notifying to purchase its paid Pro version
  • During the set-up, additional programs try to install

4 – Freemake Video Converter

As its name suggests, Freemake Video Converter lets you convert videos for free. It supports video conversion from various popular sites, including YouTube.

The freeware can convert files into several file formats, such as MKV, AVI, MP3, AAC, and others.

After converting the files, they get uploaded to iOS and iTunes automatically. It features some additional functions, such as editing, uploading files to YouTube, conversion, DVD ripping, etc.

Convert YouTube to AAC Using Freemake Video Converter


  • Available for free
  • It supports various file formats
  • Feature no limitations


  • Slow file conversion
  • Support limited sites when it comes to saving videos online
  • Do not provide support to Mac

5 – Office Converter

Office Converter is another online program that allows YouTube to AAC conversion. Also, it comes with an option for adding files from Dropbox or Google Drive. However, it supports only 4MB files at the maximum.

Office Converter


  • No need to install any software
  • Available for free
  • This online program features a user-friendly interface
  • It lets you add files from Dropbox and Google Drive too


  • No additional features are available
  • Do not support files larger than 4MB

6 – YouTube AAC

This is another browser-based YouTube to ACC converter. Here, you do not have to install anything. Its interface is pretty simple.

The program can convert YouTube videos to various file formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, and many others.


  • Feature a simple interface
  • It converts files to popular audio and video formats
  • Available for free, and no software installation is needed


  • No customization and editing options are available
  • It processes just one file at a time
  • Need internet to function

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Q1: Can I convert YouTube videos to AAC for free?

A1: Yes, there are online converter tools and software available that offer free conversion services. However, some may have limitations or offer additional features in premium versions.

Q2: Are there any restrictions on converting copyrighted YouTube videos to AAC?

A2: Yes, it’s important to respect copyright laws. Ensure that you have the necessary rights or permissions to convert and use the audio from copyrighted videos.

Q3: Can I convert multiple YouTube videos to AAC simultaneously?

A3: It depends on the conversion method and tool you choose. Some platforms may offer batch conversion options for converting multiple videos at once.

Q4: Does converting YouTube videos to AAC affect the video quality?

A4: No, converting the audio portion of a YouTube video to AAC does not impact the video quality. It solely focuses on extracting the audio while keeping the video intact.

Q5: Can I convert YouTube videos to other audio formats besides AAC?

A5: Yes, many conversion tools and software support various audio formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, and more. Check the available options within the chosen tool.


So, you know now about different YouTube to AAC converter applications. If you want a budget-friendly option, then go for a free online tool.

These freeware tools are basic programs that let you convert your favorite YouTube videos into AAC format. However, they do not come with advanced features.

However, if you are looking for a professional tool, then Wondershare UniConverter is the best one. This tool allows users to convert YouTube to AAC or various other formats in high quality.

Plus, this program features advanced options. This includes conversion, editing, cropping, adding effects, cutting, adding watermarks, transferring, video recording, and more. Plus, the tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

Now, download Wondershare UniConverter and enjoy its amazing features hassle-free!


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