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How to Make a Youtube Song As Your Ringtone on Android


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Make a YouTube Song As Your Ringtone on Android

Are you tired of your Android device’s default ringtones and want to know how to make a YouTube song your ringtone on Android?

Many users feel tempted to experiment with their phone ringtones by selecting a unique song ringtone. You might wish to make a track you heard on YouTube your phone ringtone.

There are various applications and services on the market that let you buy ringtones, but why pay when you can get the ringtones for free?

Yes, you read that correctly! Simple techniques exist for simply converting your favorite YouTube music into ringtones.

Keep reading our guide to find out how to make a YouTube song your ringtone on Android.

Why YouTube is the Best Place to Find Ringtones

YouTube is one of the largest libraries of videos, music, songs, and much more, such as movies, all while maintaining video and audio bitrate quality.

Downloading videos from YouTube in any format is straightforward and does not take much time.

Many services are available that help you to instantly download videos from YouTube in any form. And the majority of musicians initially released their tracks on YouTube.

Therefore there is no doubt why YouTube should not be your first stop for ringtones.

YouTube has gradually evolved into the most popular source of entertainment and a repository for every song or music that can be found on the internet.

This makes it ideal for searching for tunes or ringtones to download if you cannot locate them elsewhere.

YouTube’s app lets you enjoy a variety of videos without any issues. But, if you do not have a paid membership or YouTube Music enabled, you cannot stream the music simply while skipping the video.

This also implies that you will not be able to save these soundtracks as native music files for offline listening or set them as your phone’s ringtone.

This might be a problem if you have favorite music that you want to personalize and set as a ringtone on your device.

Although YouTube does not officially enable users to save a video in mp3 format, there are numerous workarounds that allow you to get music or ringtones from a YouTube video.

This is incredibly beneficial if you cannot locate the ringtone on major ringtone portals or other platforms or if the music you are seeking is not accessible for download on other streaming services.

How to Make a YouTube Video of Your Ringtone on Android with Professional Tools

If you have been scratching your head over how to make a YouTube song your Ringtone on Android, you should be aware that creating a customized Android ringtone should be a breeze if you have a simple but efficient application like Online UniConverter at your disposal.

To create a high-quality ringtone using this wonderful site, all you need is a YouTube song link and a good internet connection.

You can also make Android ringtones using locally available formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, M4R, FLAC, AU, and many more.

  • Open the Online UniConverter with your preferred browser, and then select Audio Cutter from the Online Tools menu.
  • Then, go to your YouTube video and copy the URL address. Next, in the Online Audio Cutter, paste it into the search field with a YouTube button. Allow some time for the application to complete loading your video.
  • Upon properly importing the YouTube video, utilize the trim handles to establish a beginning and endpoint for the ringtone. You can also configure the fade effects and then select MP3 as the format for your file from the Save To list.
  • Finally, press the CUT icon to begin high-quality YouTube to Android ringtone conversion. You may now save the YouTube ringtone and use it as your ringtone on your Android smartphone.

2. Using Kapwing

Because YouTube does not enable you to natively download audio from a video, you will need to manually convert the YouTube video to audio format.

Here’s how to turn a YouTube video into a ringtone for your phone using Kapwing:

  • Navigate to YouTube on your Android device and watch videos until you locate the right music to turn into a ringtone. Copy the link from the search bar to your clipboard.
Copy Video URL
  • We will be using Kapwing as an example. It is a free browser-based video editing tool that you can access directly from your smartphone. To simply convert the YouTube video to an MP3, go to Kapwing, choose tools, and then select the convert video tool. In the “upload file” section, paste the URL of the video.
paste the URL of the video
  • Trim the clip to the appropriate length for an Android device. Adjust the track’s ends till your video is around 30 seconds long. If you make it shorter, the soundtrack will loop. To make precise modifications, go to edit video, then timing and enter a start and finish time. To chop off a segment from the center of the video, use the split tool situated above the timeline and eliminate any unwanted bits.
Download and Edit Videos on Kapwing
  • When you have found the ideal ringtone, press the arrow next to Export Video and then select Export as MP3. When your ringtone is ready, choose Download to save it on your device. After you have saved the ringtone, locate it, choose it, and then select Set as ringtone.
Set as ringtone using Kapwing

How to Make a YouTube Song As Your Ringtone on Android Using Third-Party Apps

If you have been wondering about how to make a YouTube song your ringtone on Android, you can do the same using a number of different party-party applications.

These third-party applications make it simple to cut MP3 audio files. We have compiled a list of some of the best Android applications.

PS: let’s figure out how to play YouTube videos backward.


MP3food is a powerful audio joiner and trimmer that runs flawlessly in any internet browser. It is an ad-free software application that enables standard audio formats such as AIFF, AU, MP3, M4A, and others.

Furthermore, this free service is completely secure because all of your produced files and private details are promptly discarded after they are made. This audio editing tool has received a high rating.



Ringtonemaker, as the title indicates, is a nicely organized and fast ringtone-creation website. You may add any audio track here, including FLAC, MP4, M4A, M4R, and others.

Once you have added audio, you may manually slide the cutting handles to define the start and finish time and the audio volume. Ringtonemaker, on the other hand, only accepts M4R and MP3 as export formats.

how to make a youtube song your ringtone on Android Using Ringtonemaker


Next on the list is Melofania – you may easily create a ringtone using Melofania. You may add MP3, M4A, M4R, or OGG audio files to this ad-supported website before trimming and converting to MP3 or M4R.

Additionally, YouTube videos may be readily converted into Android and iOS ringtones. Melofania, on the other hand, only accepts a restricted number of input and output types. Apart from that, it is a great YouTube-to-ringtone conversion service.

how to make a youtube song your ringtone on Android Using Melofania

Ringtone Maker Wiz

Finally, the Ringtone Maker Wiz allows you to quickly trim MP3 and MP4 files. It is an ad-free site with minimum navigational difficulties.

Once you have added a file, just drag the trim timeline to define the duration of your Android ringtone and then select a destination format.

It can generate AAC, M4R, or MP3 ringtones. Even greater, there is a specific Android app for this utility on Play Store.

Ringtone Maker Wiz

How to Make a YouTube Video As Your Ringtone On iPhone

While it is quite easy to learn how to make a YouTube song your Ringtone on Android, updating the default ringtone on iOS and other operating systems is a little bit tricky.

Converting a YouTube video into a ringtone takes a little more work for iPhone users, but it is well worth it. There is nothing to worry about: Kapwing’s easy technology converts YouTube videos to ringtones immediately and for free, and it also allows you to obtain videos and music from sources other than YouTube for conversion into ringtones.

It is an online-based service that does not require installation; moreover, it is absolutely free, with no registration or subscription fees.

Turn YouTube Videos into Ringtones on an iPhone, Follow the Steps Below:

  • Go to YouTube and copy the address of a video that will serve as your ringtone. The URL will be copied to your clipboard instantly.
Copy Video URL
  • On your Apple device, navigate to Kapwing, then tools, and then the convert video tool. Once you have pasted the URL, the video will be visible in Kapwing Studio.
Kapwing convert video tool
  • Slide the track’s ends to shorten the length or utilize the split tool to chop sections of the track from the center. To make precise tweaks to the length of the video, click edit video and timing.
how to make a youtube song your ringtone on Android Using Kapwing
  • Choose export as MP3 from the drop-down arrow next to export video. Once the MP3 has been converted, it is ready to be downloaded to your phone.
  • In order for the music to be playable with an Apple device, we will need to change the MP3 to AAC. Insert your MP3 file into the Music App library, and select File, Convert and Create AAC Version.
Convert MP3 to AAC
  • Right-click the updated version and select Show in Finder from the menu that appears. Then, instead of m4a, transform the file extension to m4r. Remove the other versions from the library but do not throw them away in the trash.
Transfer file extension to m4r
  • Link your iPhone to the computer, then drop the m4r from the viewfinder to your device in the Apple Music app’s sidebar. Open your iPhone, navigate to Settings, select sounds and haptics, then select a ringtone. The new ringtone will appear first on the list!
Setting Ringtone on iPhone


  1. Can I use any YouTube song as a ringtone on Android?
    • Yes, as long as you download the song and convert it to a compatible format.
  2. Are there any legal issues in using YouTube songs as ringtones?
    • As long as you use the songs for personal use and don’t distribute them, you should be fine.
  3. What if I don’t want to connect my phone to a computer?
    • You can download apps from the Play Store that allow you to convert and set YouTube songs as ringtones directly on your Android device.
  4. Can I set different ringtones for different contacts?
    • Yes, Android allows you to assign specific ringtones to individual contacts in your phonebook.
  5. How can I remove the YouTube song ringtone if I change my mind?
    • Simply go to the ringtone settings on your Android device and choose a different ringtone or the default option.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have helped with your question of how to make a YouTube song your ringtone on Android.

YouTube has some of the greatest songs, ringtones, and music in general, and utilizing the approaches described above; it is fairly simple to set your preferred music from YouTube as your smartphone’s ringtone.

There are several ways to accomplish this, but we have discussed some of the simplest and safest ones.


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