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Is YouTube to MP3 Legal? Let’s Sort it Out!


Written by Jack Lin

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Is YouTube to MP3 Legal

Google offers plenty of services to serve you in various areas. YouTube is one of those tools that has become incredibly popular across the globe. It is no secret that Facebook tried its best to grab a massive pie of YouTube’s business.

However, the truth is that Facebook has plenty of work to do to come at least closer. Because of its exceptional popularity itself, there is no shortage of myths related to the use of YouTube.

The majority of these myths are related to the legality of downloading YouTube content. In other words, many users have the question, ‘is YouTube to MP3 legal‘.

In this article, we will answer important questions related to this aspect. However, before that, let’s look at how YouTube operates as a business. Also, we will discuss how Google and other content creators can generate revenue through this.

Whether you use the web version or the app, YouTube offers plenty of content in any niche. These contents range from complex tutorials to silly jokes. Each content available on YouTube has an ID (called Content ID).

Through this element, YouTube can track down the originality of the content on the platform. You may already know that advertisements that appear in YouTube content generate revenue. So, the respective revenue is shared by both YouTube and the original content owners.

Ads on YouTube get millions of views. The content owners get paid according to the number of views the advertisements on their content have. To make it clear, let’s take a look at some examples.

Assume that you have created a YouTube channel and you uploaded a video to it. The video (content) you uploaded will get a Content ID, as described in the previous paragraph. As a result of assigning such a Content ID, the platform can pin down any copyright infringement on your content.

You will get a notification if another YouTube user uses the same video content without permission. Then, you can contact YouTube and request them to take the most appropriate actions.

The content owner and YouTube generate revenue whenever you watch a YouTube video with an advertisement. This is why you should know the correct answer to the question ‘is YouTube to MP3 legal’.

We should straightaway mention that it is possible to download the content available on YouTube. However, the question many individuals ask is, ‘is YouTube to MP3 legal’. That means people want to know if it is possible to download any video content.

As we discussed earlier, it is important to know that pretty much all YouTube videos have copyright protection. In fact, a copyright owner can watch videos on the YouTube platform without paying a penny.

However, just like any other internet-based service, some terms of use are also associated with YouTube. These terms of use define the exact rules and regulations you should follow when using YouTube.

In general, YouTube wants to stop users and external tools from downloading video content on its platform. However, things were not that strict during the past period. Do you still want to download YouTube content?

If so, you must be able to claim that the respective download falls under ‘fair use.’ Nevertheless, our strong recommendation is that you should stay away from copyright infringements and keep troubles away.

The Terms of Services associated with YouTube clearly define that you should access video content for personal use. It further says that the content should be used under their ToS.

When it comes to downloading stuff, YouTube mentions their conditions specifically. It says that you shouldn’t download content unless a ‘download’ or similar button is displayed.

So, in a nutshell, you cannot download a YouTube video if YouTube and the content owner permit you. There are rare exceptions for downloading YouTube-related content, which we will explain later in this article.

Other than that, all you can do is stream the content (view it in real-time). Also, you cannot use any third-party tools to copy, download, or do any other action related to YouTube content.

When viewing videos, you are likely to see several ads within them. However, some individuals use ad-blockers to block all those ads and view videos without disturbance.

However, now you know the whole point of seeing ads on the videos, and some thinking is required now.

By seeing the ads that are displayed, you actually support the content creator and YouTube to earn some money.

If you stop seeing ads through an ad-blocker, you will also stop supporting the content owners. Perhaps that might be the content creator’s main income source.

After all, it doesn’t cause much disturbance, and it is a way to show your gratitude to the content creator. Nevertheless, no one can force you to stop using ad-blockers. You have to decide on that, and that’s it.

The same thing can happen when it comes to converting YouTube videos to MP3. Downloading a couple of videos from YouTube gives you a very slight chance of getting a warning from YouTube.

But, if you download videos on a mass scale, it can impact the revenue generation of the creator.

There is some specific type of videos that CAN be downloaded from YouTube. As per the details we have mentioned, it is POSSIBLE to download videos with the ‘Download‘ button.

It can also be downloaded if a link is available with the respective video. For instance, downloading is possible if you watch a video and the uploader offers a link to it.

YouTube Download Button

In most cases, when you use a smartphone app, you can see a download button for YouTube. This button is located below the video button. This option can be used for offline viewing options, and the video can be seen inside Downloads.

However, this option will allow you to view the video only if the device has an internet connection. Also, the download will remain for 29 days unless you remove it.

This option actually works for most of the videos. Remember that this option doesn’t save videos to your phone’s Gallery or Photos app.

creative commons youtube

In addition to that, there are videos that come with a Creative Commons license too. As a result, you can download, edit, or even reuse the videos by you.

If you want to use a video on a different project, a Creative Commons license will let you do it. However, when searching for the items, you will have to use a Creative Commons license in the search field.

You should use the Creative Commons tag on the videos uploaded if the content is found in the public domain.

Needless to say, you are entitled to download the content you uploaded yourself. As long as the content is yours, it is needless to mention that you can download it.

However, if you experience some issues with that, that can be due to copyrighted content in it.

If not, there can be a pre-approved audio track. In addition to that, errors can trigger if you have already got the video downloaded five times.

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What Are the Alternatives to Download YouTube Videos Illegally?

Now that you know the consequences and other aspects of YouTube downloads let’s see how to download videos. In this case, we will explain a couple of methods to get it done.

Instead of the YouTube app we use every day, we will be using third-party tools. After downloading the videos to your device or computer, you can even share them with your friends. Moreover, you can view all those videos repeatedly without costing any data.

One of the free tools you can use to accomplish the above task is YouTube Red. In fact, YouTube Red doesn’t contain any ads, and it has several other benefits.

Also, it allows you to listen to downloaded videos when your phone’s screen is turned off. Moreover, it works with Google Kids as well.

With this option, you can bypass the security approaches without being noticed. Also, Google hasn’t targeted everyday individual users so far, and you can assume that it will happen in the future.


  1. Is it legal to convert YouTube videos to MP3? Converting YouTube videos to MP3 without explicit permission from the copyright owner is generally considered copyright infringement and may be illegal.
  2. Can I use YouTube to MP3 conversion for personal use? While personal use may be seen as less harmful, it still involves making unauthorized copies of copyrighted content, which can be considered illegal.
  3. What are the risks of using YouTube to MP3 conversion services? Using such services may lead to the suspension or termination of your YouTube account, legal repercussions for copyright infringement, and potential malware or security risks associated with third-party conversion tools.
  4. Are there any legal alternatives for downloading music? Yes, there are legal alternatives such as music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and online music stores like iTunes, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music.
  5. How can I support artists and content creators legally? By using authorized music streaming platforms or purchasing music from official stores, you contribute to the financial support of artists and content creators, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work.


While YouTube to MP3 conversion may seem convenient, it raises significant legal issues regarding copyright infringement and violations of platform terms of service. It is crucial to respect the rights of content creators and copyright holders by exploring legal alternatives for accessing music and audio content. Music streaming platforms and online music stores offer a wide range of options that ensure a legitimate and enjoyable listening experience.


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