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Why Does YouTube Keeps Pausing & How to Stop It?


Written by Jack Lin

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Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing

Have you been noticing that your YouTube stops playing often? But perhaps you have no clue as to why Youtube keeps pausing. If that is so, you have come to the right place.

Day after day, over 5 billion clips are viewed on YouTube — it is the globe’s most popular video streaming service, and it functions remarkably well most of the time. Of course, like with any website, there are occasional issues.

One of these issues is the random or undesired pausing of clips on YouTube. This article will answer the question of why YouTube keeps pausing and provide solutions for the same. Keep reading!

Continue reading to find out what more you could do to prevent YouTube from halting. But before we dig in, let’s know why YouTube keeps pausing.

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing?

YouTube’s main goal is to make money, which they achieve through selling advertisements. However, if your website does not deliver a pleasant user experience, it will be difficult to sell advertisements.

That is why YouTube strives to develop functions that help in making streaming on the app “enjoyable” “Auto Pause” is one such function, which instantly stops video streaming if you have been idle for a long while a clip is playing.

This is supposed to be a useful tool if you become sidetracked or need to leave a crucial video. However, it is extremely infuriating while listening to songs or atmospheric sounds. There is also no specified time limit for when auto-pause will be activated.

Rather, YouTube activates this function when it recognizes that you have not engaged with your device in a considerable amount of time (typically after, say, 45 minutes).

Video pausing occasionally is rarely a reason for alarm. But, if the problem occurs frequently, it may necessitate more inquiry. Your YouTube video may halt for a variety of reasons, ranging from YouTube’s default settings, as already mentioned, or browser issues to an outdated application or a sluggish Connection to the internet.

Let us go through the causes of why YouTube keeps pausing in further detail. Following that, we will go over the procedures to take to resolve the problem, regardless of its root cause.

Problems with the Network

Your YouTube clip can halt if your network connection is disrupted. It is possible that the clip is lagging or that there is currently a server fault.

Unless the video has been entirely downloaded, the app’s in-built system stops it whenever there is any connection outage.

PS: let’s figure out how to play YouTube videos backward and how to convert YouTube to AAC with ease.

Problems with Browsers

Aside from internet troubles, some browsers might trigger YouTube clips to halt. Cookies and cache files can create a problem.

It is unusual, but this does occasionally happen: if your internet browser’s cache happens to be overflowing, you have a lot of open tabs, or it is broken, you can have trouble playing YouTube videos.

Additionally, certain extensions may also prevent the content from playing correctly.

YouTube Errors

YouTube is not immune to technological flaws or glitches. If you are certain that there’s nothing malfunctioning on your side, visit YouTube’s Help Center or perhaps the Known Issues section for any current platform-related issues.

Remind Me to Take a Break Is On

Are you using YouTube’s newest function, “Remind Me to Take a Break”? If this is the case, it is possible that it is one of the causes why the video stops at a specific point.

Headphones Could Be the Source of the Problem

Although it is not a typical occurrence, it should not be completely ruled out.

Occasionally, headphones that do not fit correctly inside the headphone port may halt the video on YouTube, and the clip will remain paused unless you plug them back in. This generally occurs when you’re using a high-dia-headphone.

Fixes For The Auto-Pause Problem

Now that we thoroughly addressed the reasons why does YouTube keeps pausing? Let’s discuss the fixes for the same.

Improve Your Bandwidth

Believe it or not, it will fix the majority of your issues, including the vexing YouTube crashes and pauses. When you upgrade to greater bandwidth, the YouTube videos shall load significantly quicker, ultimately eliminating buffering.

Any connection speed of just under 500Kbps is insufficient for streaming YouTube. If the WiFi or mobile internet speed falls into this group, it is necessary to upgrade to greater bandwidth.

The amount of data required by YouTube varies depending on the quality of the video. Not only does data usage vary with production values, but so make network speed demands.

Hence, get yourself an upgrade if you wish to stream countless YouTube videos without any disruption.

Deactivate Your ‘Remind Me to Take a Break’ Feature

If you happen to have a tendency toward binge-watching clips on YouTube, you may have requested YouTube to tell you to have a short break every now and again.

When activated, the YouTube application’s ‘Remind me to take a break’ option will automatically halt the video at a predetermined period. If you don’t want to be disturbed by it, go on and deactivate it.

  • Open the YouTube application on your smartphone and navigate to App Settings by tapping your profile symbol in the top right corner.
  • Navigate to the General tab and deactivate the option beside ‘Remind me to take a break.’
Deactivate Remind me to take a break to Fix YouTube Keep Pausing

If this had been the case, the YouTube videos would no longer pause.

Upgrade The YouTube Application

Some individuals generally disable the auto-update feature in their google play store.

Furthermore, people are often too reluctant to upgrade it since all downloaded videos would be deleted from their smartphones. They are most likely unaware that it might cause faults in an app.

Furthermore, they may not have large enough internet data to upgrade it. If that’s the case, please figure out what you should do next. Check that you are using the most recent version of YouTube.

Look for YouTube in the “Apps” section of your device’s settings and see if an upgrade is available. Depending on your device, you may also go to the Google Play Store or App Store.

Upgrade Youtube App to Fix YouTube Keep Pausing

Turn Off Your Antivirus Software

Third-party applications or plugins may interfere with your YouTube experience. If the antivirus program or another application flags YouTube for risk, you may be unable to continue the video.

Turn off any software you suspect is interfering with overall YouTube viewing, particularly the antivirus application.

Restart Your Device

The fact that our smartphones or computers can run many applications in the background is perhaps the finest feature. However, these background applications and operations can occasionally cause conflicts and problems like this one.

As a result, you may try resetting your gadget to shut everything and then retrying YouTube to check whether it works properly now.

Disable Auto-Pause

When YouTube stops a clip and prompts you to know if you wish to “Continue watching?” the Auto-pause function is activated. There is absolutely no way to turn off auto-pause on the YouTube application.

No smartphone will display the feature to deactivate the Video pause pop-up on the YouTube app. This deactivating function is only available on your PC.

You may disable this functionality by installing a plugin. Numerous options are available, but not many are compatible with all browsers. For instance, Chrome and Firefox users can use “AutoTube – YouTube nonstop.”

Read the instructions to setup AutoTube on your browser:

  • By selecting “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Firefox,” you may install the AutoTube plugin.
  • Select “Add extension” to continue.
Install AutoTube Extension
  • The plugin will instantly load, and you can now view YouTube videos without auto-pause.

Beside, learn about the difference between Standard YouTube License vs. Creative Commons.


Q1: Why does YouTube keep pausing even with a fast internet connection?

A1: YouTube pausing with a fast internet connection can indicate other issues such as network congestion, insufficient cache size, or problems with your device or software. Refer to the respective sections in the article to troubleshoot these factors.

Q2: Are there any browser-specific solutions to stop YouTube from pausing?

A2: Yes, updating your browser, clearing cache and cookies, and disabling conflicting browser extensions are browser-specific solutions that can help resolve pausing issues on YouTube.

Q3: How often should I clear the cache and cookies of my browser?

A3: Clearing the cache and cookies once every few weeks or whenever you experience buffering issues is recommended. It helps create more space for temporary video storage and enhances overall browser performance.

Q4: Can background apps on my device affect YouTube playback?

A4: Yes, background apps consume system resources, which can impact the performance of YouTube playback. Closing unnecessary apps can free up resources and ensure smoother video streaming.

Q5: What if the solutions mentioned in the article don’t resolve the pausing problem on YouTube?

A5: If the issue persists, you can try using a different device, switching to a different browser, or contacting YouTube support for further assistance.

Ending Remarks

YouTube may be a great learning resource. However, what if it is not playing properly? It is never fun to have your video on YouTube pause out of nowhere. The good news is that this is a simple problem to solve.

YouTube is a trustworthy streaming site, although it will delay and lag when there is a problem with the broadband connection or when the content size is too large.

However, most of the time, the issue is caused by the auto-pause option, which can be quite frustrating since there is no direct way to tweak those settings, especially not on your smartphone.

Other than that, YouTube stops if there are network problems or a huge traffic volume. In this article, we have listed all the possible answers to the common question of why YouTube keeps pausing.

To discover whether network difficulties are driving YouTube to halt, check your internet connection and ensure you have a strong WiFi signal. Happy streaming!


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