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Why Is Spatial Sound Not Working & How to Fix It


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Spatial Sound Not Working

Is spatial sound not working on your AirPods? Many users with the recent AirPods with the iOS 14 firmware face this issue.

Even after trying to forget their devices, they struggle with this spatial audio not working/playing issue.

When iOS came up with its update, people were excited about coming across no issues. However, they continue to struggle with an issue regarding spatial audio.

If you also face this same problem, look for a solution here. Here, we are going to talk about various ways to fix the spatial audio not working issue.

As a result, you can access spatial audio effectively. Now, let’s check out some amazing methods to resolve this spatial audio not playing issue.

Before that, let’s learn why this issue occurs in the first place.

Part 1: Reasons Why Spatial Sound Not Working on AirPods

The spatial sound not working issue can happen for various reasons. Before you begin fixing this issue, it is important to understand why this problem occurred in the first place.

To help you out, here are some reasons why spatial sound does not work with your AirPods!

  • Firstly, you should check the model of your device. This is because the spatial sound feature is available on iOS devices later than on iPhone 7. If your iPhone model is earlier, this feature will not work on that device. Thus, you must ensure your iPhone supports this audio feature.
  • Remember that spatial audio belongs to the elite feature group. That’s why this feature does not function on regular AirPods. So, get AirPods pro if you like to access this feature.
  • Examine if you have installed the firmware properly on your device also whether that firmware supports spatial sound.

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Part 2: How to Resolve the Spatial Sound Not Working Issue

Now, you know why this issue happens. So, it is time to look at ways to eliminate the problem. Have a glance at the different solutions below!

Method 1: Try Disconnecting and Pairing Your AirPods Again

Sometimes, this simple solution eradicates issues like spatial sound not working. Here, you need to disconnect the AirPods. After that, pair them again with your device.

Steps to Fix the Spatial Audio Not Working issue:

Step 1: Open the Case

First, users must put their AirPods back in its case. Now, close its lid. After 30 seconds or so, they need to open the lid again.

Try Disconnecting and Pairing Your Airpods Again to fix Spatial Sound Not Working issue
Step 2: Choose Forget This Device

Next, users need to visit the settings of their devices. From there, choose the icon present next to your AirPods. After that, click on the option ‘Forget This Device.’ Now, confirm your action.

Forget this device to fix spatial audio not playing issue
Step 3: Open the Case

Next, users need to open its lid and keep on pressing the setup tabs present at the case’s bottom. Continue doing so until they come across a flashing light.

Step 4: Reconnect the AirPods

Your device’s screen will guide you further about everything you need to follow. Follow the on-screen steps for reconnecting your AirPods.

Hopefully, you will not struggle with the spatial audio not playing issue anymore.

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Method 2: Try Restarting Your Paired Mobile Device

To fix issues like ‘spatial sound not working,’ sometimes simply restarting the devices helps.

Here, users have to restart all the paired devices. This is the most popular and convenient method to resolve issues related to spatial audio.

Steps to Resolve the ‘Spatial Sound Not Working’ issue:

Step 1: Examine the Bluetooth Connectivity

Initially, users need to examine the Bluetooth connectivity of their devices with the paired ones.

Step 2: Reconnect the Devices

If their devices have Bluetooth connectivity problems, then they should disconnect them.

Once disconnected, reconnect the devices to eliminate the spatial audio problem. Now, check the problem. If it persists, then move on to the next solution.

Method 3: Try Disabling the Automatic Ear Detection

Try disabling the automatic ear detection feature to resolve the spatial sound issue. To perform this action, go through the following instructions.

Steps to Repair the ‘Spatial Sound Not Working’ problem:

Step 1: Visit Settings

Firstly, visit ‘Settings’ on your device and then look for the ‘Bluetooth’ tab. Click on it.

Try Disabling the Automatic Ear Detection to fix Spatial Sound Not Working
Step 2: Choose the AirPods Model

After that, users need to choose the AirPods model they currently use with their devices.

Step 3: Toggle the switch to Off

Now, switch off the feature of automatic ear detection from there. This will successfully disable the automatic ear detection for your AirPods. Now, see whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Disable Automatic Ear Detection to fix Spatial Audio Not Playing issue

Method 4: Reset Your AirPods

The spatial audio not playing problem occurs due to the connectivity issue. Sometimes, the connectivity of your AirPods is unstable with your iOS device. That’s why you come across the spatial audio problem on your device.

To resolve this problem, users can try resetting their AirPods. Hopefully, this can fix this annoying issue.

To reset the AirPods, users have to disconnect their AirPods. After that, they have to reconnect once again.

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Method 5: Try Updating the Firmware of Your AirPods

If the firmware of your AirPods is not updated, you may face the spatial audio not working issue. It is important to update the firmware. Otherwise, it can become an obstacle between the spatial audio and you.

So, fix this problem by updating the firmware of your AirPods. To perform this action, go through the instructions given below.

Steps to Resolve the Spatial Sound Not Working Problem:

Step 1: Visit Settings

In the first place, users have to access the ‘Settings‘ of their devices. From there, press the ‘Bluetooth‘ tab.

Step 2: Tap on ‘i’

Now, look for your AirPods version. For this, tap on ‘i‘ present next to the name of your AirPods. Here, you can check the exact version of your AirPods.

Step 3: Update Your Firmware

If the version you come across is not 3A283, it is best to update your AirPods firmware. To update it, users need to put their AirPods back in their case.

Next, place the AirPods near your smartphone. Now, the firmware update will be installed automatically into the AirPods.

Now, examine if you are still struggling with the spatial sound not working problem.

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Method 6: Update Your iOS Devices to the Recent iOS 16

Another possible reason spatial audio is not working could be the earlier iOS version running on your iOS device. Remember that the spatial sound feature only works with devices running on iOS 14/14.1/14.2/14.3/15/16.

So, users need to update their software to enjoy this feature. To do so, follow some simple steps below to install the recent software update.

Steps to Resolve the Spatial Sound Not Working problem:

Step 1: Visit Settings

Firstly, visit ‘Settings’ on your iOS device and tap on ‘General.’

Step 2: Select ‘Download and Install’

After that, tap on the ‘Download and Install’ option to update your device’s latest iOS version.

Update iOS System to Resolve Spatial Sound Not Working

Method 7: Repair Spatial Sound Not Working on AirPods Using ReiBoot

After trying all the solutions mentioned above, if you still face the same problem, this is it! You should try a professional tool to resolve this frustrating spatial audio problem. This tool is called Tenorshare ReiBoot.

This incredible utility can help you get rid of all the issues related to iOS, including the spatial sound not working problem. Tenorshare ReiBoot is so simple to use that even a newbie can operate it hassle-free.

To enjoy the spatial sound feature on your device, use ReiBoot now. Fix this annoying issue by following the instructions listed below.

Steps to Resolve the Spatial Audio Not Working Problem:

Step 1: Launch Tenorshare ReiBoot

In the first place, users need to download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot. After that, launch this program and connect your iOS device to your system using a genuine USB cable.

Tenorshare ReiBoot
Step 2: Select ‘Standard Repair’ Mode

Users must choose the ‘Fix Now‘ tab and start ‘Standard Repair‘ to fix the spatial audio problem.

issues that Reiboot can fix
Tenorshare ReiBoot Standard Repair
Step 3: Keep Following the Instructions

Follow the on-screen instructions if the program does not detect your iOS device. By doing so, your device will enter Recovery Mode.

Enter Recovery/DFU Mode
Step 4: Download the Package

After that, users need to download a firmware package. Choose the path for downloading and then download the package.

Download Firmware
Step 5: Fix the Problem

After a while, your iPhone will be successfully fixed. That’s it! You will no longer come across the spatial sound not working problem on your iOS device. Now, keep enjoying the spatial audio feature on your iOS device.

Fix Spatial Sound Not Working on AirPods with ReiBoot


  1. What is spatial sound? Spatial sound creates a three-dimensional auditory experience, enhancing the sense of immersion in a digital environment.
  2. Why is my spatial sound not working on Windows? There could be multiple reasons like outdated drivers, incorrect sound settings, or software bugs.
  3. How can I fix spatial sound issues on MacOS? You can check your sound preferences, ensure your hardware is compatible, and update your MacOS software.
  4. What are some proactive steps to avoid spatial sound issues? Regularly updating your software, checking your sound settings and ensuring hardware compatibility can help avoid these issues.
  5. Is spatial sound essential? Yes, spatial sound can significantly enhance the auditory experience, making it more immersive and realistic.


So, this is how you can fix the spatial sound not working problem on your devices. All of these methods are quite effective.

Try these methods one by one until you find the best solution for yourself. In some cases, this spatial audio not playing issue can occur due to some iOS bugs.

If nothing works for you, then professionally deal with this issue. Use Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix all issues related to iOS, including the spatial audio problem. Download it now!


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