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Vysor for iPhone
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Can I use Vysor for iPhone and control it through a PC? I am curious about it because I prefer to see my iPhone’s content on the big screen. If not Vysor, can someone suggest an alternative? Thanks a lot!

Does the above question relate to you in some way or another? If so, you are reading the correct article. With this, we intend to explain Vysor for iPhone and its use.

Also, we explain some great alternatives so you can accomplish the intended task more easily. So, let’s keep reading.

Mirroring is a technique to mirror your iPhone’s screen and controls to another device. Replicating your display on larger panels, such as computer monitors or even smarter televisions, is a straightforward technological process.

Part 1: Reasons to Mirror Your iPhone

Before we go into the details and learn about Vysor for iPhone, let’s learn the reasons for your requirement. That means the reasons why you will want to mirror your iPhone to a big screen.  

Reasons to Mirror Your iPhone

You already know that the iPhone has a plethora of features. Everything from commercial and work-related activities to personal things is available on the cloud-based platform.

That means images, movies, and papers are stored and shared. What to do if you have to give a presentation to a group or stream videos? Of course, the iPhone’s screen is too small for such purposes.

As a result, mirroring is put to use in this situation. You can synchronize your iOS device to a larger display to make your presentation clearer.

Have you ever had to switch between a laptop and an iPhone? If so, you already know how annoying it can be to do so frequently.

Once again, a time-saving treasure is an app that lets you control the phone via your PC. This is exactly when tools like Vysor come to play. In the remaining paragraphs, we will explain what it is.

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Part 2: How Do We Use Vysor?

Now, let’s look at an introduction to Vysor for iPhone. In addition to being a Chrome extension, Vysor is also accessible as an app. View, control, and even operate the phone from a computer.

You can use the Vysor to perform your phone’s functions, including playing games. Also, it helps you run apps and get to your data.

Vysor for iPhone

Free and premium versions of the Vysor application are available for download. In addition to advertisements, the free edition offers a smaller screen resolution and a smaller number of functions.

You can access more advanced capabilities if you’re willing to shell out. For instance, it supports actions such as drag & drop, WiFi connectivity, and more. That said, is it possible to use Vysor for iPhone?

The good news is that Vysor works perfectly on iPhone and Android devices. The remainder of this article will explain how to use this tool.

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Part 3: Reasons to Use Vysor

There is no shortage of reasons for us to recommend Vysor to mirror. Vysor has many uses, from simple tasks like debugging to more complex ones like programming, presentations, etc.

The paid version is always preferable to the free one. However, we should say that it is not a bad idea to give the free one a shot. Using the Vysor app on your iPhone can have both advantages and drawbacks.

This will give you a better idea of the overall functionality and capability of the program.

Reasons to Use Vysor

Advantages of Vysor

Mentioned below are the most noticeable advantages associated with Vysor.

  • Using and installing Vysor is a cinch with this software.
  • With a keyboard and mouse, you can easily control your iPhone.
  • Using this feature, you can share test results with other people.
  • You can connect to a smartphone without using a USB connection using this device.
  • Can I use Vysor on an iPhone? Vysor is accessible on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows PC for iOS and Android devices.

Drawbacks of Vysor

Mentioned below are the most noticeable drawbacks related to this specific solution.

  • It has a low resolution there in the free edition.
  • In the free version, video recording is not possible.
  • In the free version, the presence of advertisements is a major annoyance.

Part 4: How to Use Vysor for iPhone Mirroring

How to use Vysor for iPhone? Using the Vysor app, you may easily control your iOS device from a computer.

You can access your iPhone’s programs, data, and screen mirroring from your computer. Also, it features drag & drop functionality for good.

  • Vysor can be installed on your computer simply after downloading it.
  • Download Vysor from the app store on your phone.

Is it possible to use Vysor on an iPhone? Or is it possible to use Vysor on an Android? In both cases, yes. This means connecting your smartphone to a PC is simple regardless of its platform.


01. Using Vysor for iPhone on a Windows PC

  • The mobile Operating system will request USB debugging authorization when you initially connect.
  • You are supposed to press the button labeled “OK” if you want to proceed. USB debugging must be enabled in the Android phone’s developer options.
  • It takes a few seconds for the Vysor window to cast your mobile device’s screen. That means it will replicate the mobile device’s screen to your Mac computer.

And that’s how to use Vysor for iPhone.  

02. Use Vysor for iPhone on a Mac

Now, let’s learn how to use Vysor for iPhone on a Mac.

You can view it in the Finder when you use Vysor to connect the iPhone to your Mac. Once connected, you may use your computer’s mouse, keyboard, or even the trackpad to control your iOS device.

As a result, using Vysor to connect the iPhone to your Mac is a cinch. So, let’s get started.

  • Connect the iPhone or iPad to your Mac system using a lightning cable. If not, you can even use Bluetooth to connect both. As a one-time procedure, the gadget will show up on your PC.
  • Make sure to enable AssistiveTouch in the iPhone’s settings. As a result, you can use the mouse to control your phone.
  • To utilize your phone from the Mac, you need to see “Vysor has recognized a device.” You can see that message in the notification bar.
Use Vysor for iPhone on a Mac

Part 5: What Other Options Can You Use in Place of Vysor for iPhone?

Below are other options you can use in place of Vysor for iPhone. Tenorshare Phone Mirror is an excellent option with better functionalities than Vysor.

So, learning about these methods would be extremely handy. So, let’s figure out what they are.

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is an exceptionally powerful Mirror app for phones with great features. The features included in this specific application will make mirroring a walk in the park.

With this app, you can mirror all the content on your mobile device to a PC screen. The user experience it provides is incredibly convenient. So, even if you are a novice user, you can use this awesome app.

Tenorshare Phone Mirror

Benefits of Tenorshare Phone Mirror

  • Screen sharing from iOS and Android devices to PCs has never been easier.
  • Using a computer’s huge screen, you may easily control your phone.
  • Playing mobile games or managing social apps on a PC is now a breeze.
  • Mirroring your PC’s screen to a keyboard is a time-saving convenience.
  • Versions of Android 6.0 and higher are supported.
  • iOS 15.1 and later are required for use.

02. AirServer

Another iPhone screen mirroring program, AirServer, allows you to mirror your phone’s screen to various devices.

This app, however, does not have the capability of sending your audio to a different device. Features are listed in this section.



  • Sharing the screen between many computers.
  • Connect the devices with a QR code scanner.
  • High-quality images.

03. 360-Degree Mirroring

An Android and iPhone screen-mirroring app, Mirroring 360, is available in both operating systems. Take a look at a few other things, shall we?

360 Degree Mirroring


  • Amazon Fire can be used with Mirroring 360.
  • It’s possible to link an iPhone to an Apple TV with this app.
  • It is also compatible with Android devices running 5.0 or higher.
  • It is compatible with iOS 9 and higher.

04. Reflector 4

There is an Android version of Reflector 4 available. You don’t need to disengage from the screencasting program to conceal the connected devices.

Reflector 4


  • Take essential screenshots
  • Several devices can be linked together at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Vysor safe to use? Yes, Vysor is safe to use. It only requires standard permissions to operate.
  2. Can I use Vysor on other devices? Yes, Vysor is compatible with a range of devices, including Android phones.
  3. Is there a cost associated with Vysor? Vysor offers a free version, as well as a Pro version with additional features.
  4. Do I need any special hardware to use Vysor? No, you just need a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC.
  5. Can I disconnect my iPhone from the PC and still use Vysor? No, your iPhone must be connected to your PC to use Vysor.


Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned thus far. With the assistance of Vysor for iPhone, you’ll operate your Android or iPhone from a computer.

As instructed in this article, you need to establish a solid connection.  It’s a terrific companion for both work and plays.

However, what if you need an alternative to Vysor for iPhone and enjoy the big screen with no lag?

In that case, the best solution is Tenorshare Phone Mirror. It is a feature-rich application that makes screen mirroring a breeze.


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