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Trusted Devices List is Not Available – Top 5 Solutions!


Written by Jack Lin

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Trusted Devices List is Not Available

When you see the message “trusted devices list is not available,” you may get frustrated at once.

However, there’s nothing to worry about because this article explains how to overcome this issue easily.

Let’s go ahead and learn everything about it.

Trusted Devices List is Not Available


Apple is known for its impressive ecosystem that comes with user-friendliness. Thanks to this convenience, users are able to access all Apple products with ease.

With this feature, you can use the same Apple ID and access services on various devices. Therefore, data management and accessibility through this feature have become an exceptionally easy process for you.

But the problem is that some individuals face various issues with this. For instance, they say that their trusted devices list is not available. If you have faced the same issue and want to fix it immediately, read the following.

Besides, this blog post aims to provide readers with the best tips on how to remove Apple ID from iPhone and how to remove Apple ID from iPad.

Part 1: What if the Trusted Devices List is Not Available?

There are three things we need to know before we can begin to work on fixing this issue.

What functions might be expected of a reliable gadget? If there is no list of devices, what could possibly go wrong? Why does this happen, anyway?

You can trust a device there on the list.

  • Firstly, it must be logged in with the exact Apple ID as your computer. Apple ID allows you to do various things. For instance, it can acquire a 2FA code, sync your data, download apps, and make in-app purchases. Let’s assume that you select a device in the list of trusted devices. If so, you’ll be able to see its status in the Find My option and iCloud. Also, you can see the information like serial number and IMEI.
  • Secondly, you can’t entrust an iOS device if you can’t view the list. This is where you can see which gadgets have logged in with the Apple ID. Then other issues with your Apple ID pop up, like the inability to sign out of your account.
  • Thirdly, why can you not see the list of trusted devices on your iOS device? Well, we can point out two main reasons for such an issue to occur.
    • Your iOS device doesn’t have an active network connection. Or, you have not allowed the device’s Settings to connect to your cellular or Wi-Fi connection.
    • Your device might experience some bugs or malfunctions in the settings. Perhaps, your device’s system may have an issue with the Apple ID.

Also, let’s discuss what you should do after seeing the ‘Update Apple ID Settings‘ notification & how to get rid of this message effortlessly.

Part 2: Solutions to Try

Now that you know about the “trusted devices list is not available” issue, let’s learn the fixes as well.

In the paragraphs mentioned below, we explain all the solutions you can try to overcome this error.

In fact, there are five different fixes you can try.

Solution 01: Sign Out and Sign In to Your Apple ID

The most convenient method you can consider is signing out and signing in with the Apple ID.

Tap on the option called sign out. If you still don’t see the list of trusted devices, enter the password to proceed.

Then, you should restart the device and sign in with your Apple ID credentials. As you may understand, this is a pretty easy workaround that delivers results for many users.

Solution 02: Check the Network Connection

Check the Network Connection

If the trusted devices list is not available, here’s another solution to try depending on the situation.

When you go into Settings and activate Apple ID, it will immediately begin loading your trusted devices.

What if you notice that those trusted ones are still unavailable? Well, the most common cause of this issue is that your iPhone has a weak or nonexistent network connection.

Check whether or not the internet connection is functioning properly. After that, connect to a Wi-Fi network or activate mobile data on your device.

Solution 03: Restart the Device

Restart the Device

The iPhone’s ability to be restarted is analogous to the master key that may fix a variety of problems. In fact, it eliminates a few nagging problems and makes the iPhone perform more smoothly.

Hence, you’ll need to perform a hard restart on the faulty iPhone and, thereafter, navigate to the Settings app. Then, you can check the list of Trusted devices in the respective Apple ID account.

Solution 04: Reset All Settings

If you still don’t see the list of trusted devices in your iPhone, here’s another solution.

As per this method, you should perform a reset on all settings. You should note that your data will not be erased due to this solution.

This is a very simple process to follow, even if you are a novice.

  • Go to the option called “Settings” and select “General.”
  • Then, go to the option called “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  • Tap on the option labeled “Reset” and go to “Reset All Settings” to proceed to the next step.
  • When prompted, enter the passcode, and that’s it!
Reset All Settings

This can be one of the easiest fixes to address this issue.

Solution 05: Update the Faulty iPhone

This issue might be brought on by an older version of iOS. An earlier iOS version might lack the most recent settings. Moreover, it may be more difficult to troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Apple could also deploy the most recent update to remedy Apple ID issues and more. This is true if the problem is widely discussed and brought to the company’s attention.

As a result, you ought to install the most recent version of iOS on the iPhone. Go to the Settings menu and search for any available Software Updates.

iPhone Settings
Update the Faulty iPhone

By the way, can you unlock an iPhone with a picture of its owner? Actually, iPhone Face ID comes with very strict security measures; let’s learn everything about it.

Part 3: A Solution to Try if the Sign-Out Option is Disabled

There are some users who say that their Sign Out option (for Apple ID) is disabled (greyed out). This issue is often associated with the “trusted devices list is not available” situation.

So, what is the best solution you can try in this case? Well, the most recommended solution is to use Tenorshare 4uKey. This tool can become of immense assistance if your Apple ID credentials are forgotten.

Below is how to use this tool.

  • First, download Tenorshare 4uKey through their official website and install it on a computer. Then, open the program to see its main screen. Click on the option called “Remove Apple ID.”
Tenorshare 4uKey
  • You can connect the faulty iPad or iPhone to the same computer with a lightning cable. Click on the option labeled “Start Remove.” This will begin the process of removing Appl ID.
Remove Apple ID
  • Now, 4uKey will remove the Apple ID. However, at this stage, Find My iPhone must be turned off. Otherwise, you should ensure that the 2FA or screen passcode is entered when prompted.
  • Download the firmware package as guided by the application.
Download matching firmware
  • Tap “Start Remove” so the respective ID of your Apple account will be erased.
Start Remove Apple ID
  • This process will take a couple of moments. Then, you can configure your device using the screen passcode.
Active Lock

In addition, in this article, let’s discover comprehensive solutions to the ‘Last Line No Longer Available on iPhone‘ error. Uncover the causes, effective fixes, and maintain optimal performance.

Part 4: Adding or Removing Trusted Devices

Well, the issue where the list of trusted devices was unavailable has been fixed in the above paragraph.

What’s the procedure for adding a device or removing it from the list of Trusted Devices? If you add trusted devices to your Apple ID, you can use their capabilities. However, if you remove it, it will no longer be synchronized with your Apple ID.

  • To trust a specific Apple device, just sign in to your Apple ID using the correct credentials. Then, provide the given verification code on any of the trusted devices.
  • If you want to remove a trusted device, just select it from the list of trusted devices. Then, tap “Remove from Account” (it appears on a new page).
Removing Trusted Devices
  • Once you remove the devices from an Apple ID, it is possible to sign in again using 2FA.
  • That said, this device might contain login information related to the Apple ID. So, it will ask for a sign-in once again. If you want to remove that device, just erase your iPhone from the Apple ID.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Why should I use the trusted devices feature?

The trusted devices feature offers convenience and enhances the user experience. By designating certain devices as trusted, you can streamline authentication processes and enjoy automatic logins. This feature saves time and eliminates the need for repeated verification, especially for frequently used devices.

FAQ 2: Can I trust all my devices?

While you have the flexibility to trust multiple devices, it’s important to exercise caution and only designate devices you trust. Adding unsecured or unfamiliar devices to your trusted devices list can pose a security risk. Ensure that the devices you add are secure and belong to you or trusted individuals.

FAQ 3: I’ve followed the solutions, but the trusted devices list is still not available. What should I do?

If you have tried the recommended solutions and the trusted devices list remains unavailable, consider reaching out to the device manufacturer’s support team or community forums for further assistance. They may have specific troubleshooting steps or insights into the issue you’re experiencing.

FAQ 4: Can I transfer my trusted devices list to a new device?

The process of transferring a trusted devices list to a new device depends on the specific device, operating system, and software you are using. In some cases, you may need to manually add each device to the new device’s trusted devices list. Consult the device’s user manual or support resources for detailed instructions on transferring the trusted devices list.

FAQ 5: Is the trusted devices feature available on all devices?

The availability of the trusted devices feature varies depending on the device, operating system, and software version. While many modern devices offer this feature, it’s essential to verify device compatibility and software support before expecting its availability.

FAQ 6: Can I remove devices from the trusted devices list?

Yes, you can remove devices from the trusted devices list. Access the settings or security preferences of your device and locate the trusted devices section. From there, you should be able to manage and remove devices as needed.


If the trusted devices list is not available, you can easily try any of the solutions mentioned above.

As you can see, there are many reasons for this issue, but our solutions can address them all.

In addition to other solutions, you can consider Tenorshare 4uKey if your Apple ID passcode is forgotten.



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