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Can You Unlock an iPhone with a Picture?


Written by Jack Lin

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Can You Unlock an iPhone with a Picture

“Can you unlock an iPhone with a picture of its owner? Or, is it possible only with the appearance of the real person? What can be the real situation behind this issue? Please let me know.” 


It is true that every user and company takes security very seriously. Apple is one of those companies that put the security of the user in the first place. That is exactly why Apple is trying to add more complex and securer protective layers every now and then.

Face ID

The introduction of Face ID is one of those new security measures introduced by Apple. This feature can be found on devices like iPhone X or newer. Generally speaking, Face ID is a pretty option with decent security strength.

However, there are many individuals who wonder if someone can unlock an iPhone using a picture. In other words, they doubt the security strength of the newly introduced Face ID feature.

So, can you unlock your iPhone with a picture? Let’s find it out.

Part 1: Can You Unlock Your iPhone with a Picture?

Every user is concerned about the safety and privacy of the data stored in their devices. So, it is natural for them to have questions about the reliability of the security measures implemented.

This is exactly why individuals wonder, “can you unlock an iPhone with a picture.” If truth be told, Face ID comes with very strict security measures.

Therefore, one cannot easily unlock a device just by using a picture instead of a real face. So, the answer to the question “can you unlock an iPhone with a picture” is “No“.

Why Can You Not Unlock an iPhone Using a Picture?

According to the claims made by Apple, unlocking an iPhone using a picture is not possible.

In fact, iPhones come with a technology called “TrueDepth” in their camera. This specific technology has the ability to map facial features in a three-dimensional manner. The data gathered through your device’s camera will be matched with the stored Face ID to unlock it.

So, if you use a 2D image (picture) to unlock Face ID, it will not work.

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Now, it’s time to pay attention to some of the questions related to the Face ID feature. This section will clear potential doubts you may have.

01. How Many Attempts Can I Make with Face ID Before My iPhone Ask for a Passcode?

You’re free to attempt and unlock your iPhone using a printed picture. However, after five wrong attempts, you can see a prompt for the device’s passcode.

If you fail to enter the passcode correctly, the Face ID feature will stay disabled.

In some cases, however, you should restart the iOS device and enter the passcode.

02. Is It Possible to Unlock a Face ID when the Owner of the Device is Sleeping?

There’s a little possibility for you to unlock an iPhone through the Face ID when the owner is sleeping.

In fact, the technology called “True Depth” might recognize the owner’s face only when the eyes are open. That said, the chances of success may not be that high in this case.

03. Is It Possible to Unlock an iPhone Using Face ID with No Swiping Up?

Yes. It is possible. There is a simple workaround to practice if you want to do that. This specific method wants you to use your device’s “back tap” option through accessibility.

Once the device is unlocked through Face ID, double-tap or triple its back button without swiping up, this will help you unlock your iPhone without necessarily swiping up.

Back Tap Option

Also, if you are facing the issue of ‘Face ID not working move iPhone lower,’ here are the detailed troubleshooting steps for you to follow up on.

Part 3: Setting Additional Security for Face ID Feature

As you may understand, unlocking Face ID can be difficult with a picture of the face. However, there is little possibility of unlocking the Face ID when you are sleeping.

If you have the same concern and wonder how to prevent that attempt, you may try an extra measure. Below is how to proceed with these extra security precautions.

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and select “Face ID and Passcode.” If not, you can go to “Accessibility” and select “Face ID and Attention” to proceed.
  • You are supposed to toggle on the option called “Require Attention for Face ID“. Also, make sure to toggle on “Attention Aware Feature” as well.
Setting Additional Security for Face ID Feature

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Bonus Tips: Unlocking an iPhone with No Face ID and Passcode

Now that you know if you can unlock an iPhone with a picture or not, we proceed further.

Let’s assume that you intend to unlock your iPhone without the use of Face ID. Also, let’s assume that you have forgotten your passcode. What can you do about it?

In fact, if you follow the regular methods, you have very little to do in this regard. However, with the assistance of an advanced tool, you can expect success.

The best tool we came across, in this case, is Tenorshare 4uKey. This’s a special tool that can unlock your iPhone if you don’t have the passcode or the Face ID.

To accomplish this task successfully, you should follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • First, you should download Tenorshare 4uKey and get it installed to proceed to the next steps. Open the application and click on “Start,” so you will be directed to the next screen.
Tenorshare 4uKey
  • Then, you can connect your iOS device to the same PC using a lightning cable. Then, in a moment, 4uKey will detect the device. Once the device is connected successfully, you can click on the option called “Next” to proceed.
Remove Screen Lock
  • Download the most recent firmware package. Then, wait for a while so the download will be completed.
Download firmware
  • Once the download is completed, you can select the option called “Start Remove” to proceed. Then, you can begin the Face ID removal process.
Start to Remove
  • At the completion of the password or Face ID removal process, you will be directed to another screen. And that’s the end of this process. Using this method, you can unlock any iOS device if you don’t have its passcode or Face ID.
Screen lock removed

The Functionality of Face ID

There are a variety of hardware variables involved in Face ID. Changes to your face are also taken into account by Face ID. The application of makeup or the development of facial hair are such changes for your information.

So, what if you have a more significant variation in your looks, like cutting off a goatee? In that case, Face ID would confirm your identification by using the passcode prior to updating your face data.

It is compatible with headwear such as a hat or scarf, contact lenses, and the majority of sunglasses. A software upgrade appeared with iOS 14.5 that permitted Face ID to function when you’re using a face mask. However, you had to be using an unlocked Apple Watch. 

Introduction to TrueDepth

If you have an iPhone X or later, the TrueDepth system will recognize your face in any lighting condition. This is because of the built-in flood illumination.

Next, an IR camera will snap a picture. Then, the dot projection technology will scatter more than 30,000 indiscernible infrared dots throughout the scene. The infrared picture and infrared dots are fed into neural networks. Then, it will generate a numerical representation of your face.

How to Configure Face ID?

Here’s how to configure the Face ID feature.

  • Tap on the option called “Settings.”
  • Go to “Face ID and Passcode.”
  • Enter the respective passcode.
  • Tap on “Enroll Face.”
  • Go to “Get Started.”
  • Position your face according to the given instructions.
  • Move the head so the device will scan your head properly.


Q: Can someone unlock my iPhone by taking a picture of me?

A: The chances of someone unlocking your iPhone by taking a picture of you are highly unlikely. Creating a lifelike 3D mask based on a photograph requires significant resources and expertise.

Q: Is Face ID completely secure?

A: While Face ID is generally secure, no security measure is entirely foolproof. Apple continually enhances Face ID’s security features to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Q: Should I use Face ID or passcodes to secure my iPhone?

A: For optimal security, it is recommended to use a combination of Face ID and a strong alphanumeric passcode.

Q: Can Face ID be fooled by identical twins?

A: Face ID is designed to differentiate between identical twins by analyzing subtle facial features. However, in some cases, identical twins may be able to unlock each other’s iPhones.

Q: What should I do if I suspect unauthorized access to my iPhone?

A: If you suspect unauthorized access to your iPhone, you should immediately change your passcode, enable two-factor authentication, and contact Apple Support for further assistance.


Can you unlock iPhone with a picture? Well, we believe that the above paragraphs provided you with the answers.

As we found out, a 2D picture is not enough to provide the required details to your iOS device. This means iPhones come with smart technology to identify the real 3D faces of the owner. This is due to the functionality of True Depth technology.

Therefore, we can say that Face ID is more secure compared to other methods in terms of security features. Apart from that, passcodes too are a secure method.

That said, don’t have the passcode or the Face ID, you can use Tenorshare 4uKey to bypass it.


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