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What Happens After 10 Failed Screen Time Passcode Attempts?


Written by Jack Lin

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What Happens After 10 Failed Screen Time Passcode Attempts

“Does anyone know what happens after 10 failed screen time passcode attempts?

I forgot my passcode and tried only a couple of times with no luck. Should I keep trying?

Should I go to an Apple Store? Please help. Thanks in advance!

iOS Devices & Its Screen Time

It is no doubt that Apple devices are a popular choice among individuals across the globe. They are used by people from youngsters to seniors. We all know that anyone can view anything through the internet today.

Also, modern-day devices come with virtually limitless possibilities. So, things have become so exciting, specifically for kids of young ages. While this may sound awesome, it is parents’ responsibility to keep track of what they are doing online.

When it comes to monitoring and controlling the online activities of your kids, innovative tools are required. Apple’s Screen Time is one of those solutions you can try.

The purpose of this article is to explain what this feature is and one of its common issues. In fact, we intend to discuss what happens after 10 failed screen time passcode attempts.

Besides, in this post, our team explains what an iCloud DNS bypass is and the best solutions to remove an iPhone lock with it in simple steps only.

Introduction to Screen Time Passcode

With Apple’s iOS device’s Screen Time function, app activity may be monitored and restricted. You can keep your digital lifestyle in check by setting time limits on your use of things.

For instance, aspects like social media and games should be monitored. Parents may keep tabs on their kids’ app usage using this function.

And that ensures that their kids aren’t wasting their time at home using their iOS devices. In fact, Screen Time works as a management tool. This feature locks down when you change its settings using a passcode.

Screen Time’s Content and Privacy Restrictions and individual app time limits are protected by a secret passcode. If a particular app’s time limit has expired, you can extend it with the passcode.

Screen Time Passcode

Also, any iPhone user should know how to remove the Screen Time passcode in case of an emergency. Here are the best solutions for you.

So, What Happens After 10 Failed Screen Time Passcode Attempts?

In general, the passcode for screen time should work properly. However, there can be some issues pertaining to the passcode if you forget it by any chance.

If you forget your password, you will usually do the guesswork and try some passcodes. However, if you don’t enter the correct passcode, you are likely to see error messages.

For instance, if you enter the wrong passcode once, you will see the error message “1 failed attempt“. If you reenter a wrong passcode again, the same message will appear saying “2 failed attempts“.

Likewise, you will see that the error message appears with the corresponding number as you enter the wrong passcode.

What Happens After 10 Failed Screen Time Passcode Attempts?

You already know that you get an error message if you enter the wrong passcode. Well, what happens after 10 failed screen time passcode attempts? What consequences may you face in that case?

The good news is that you don’t have to worry much about getting locked out. Also, such an error will not erase any of your data.

If you try to enter a wrong passcode constantly 10 times, you will experience a temporary, minor restriction. As per that restriction, you will not be able to enter the passcode again for 60 minutes.

What you should notice, however, is that the interval following a failed passcode attempt gets longer after each try. So, if you fail several times in a row, you are likely to face a long “wait time.”

What Happens After 10 Failed Screen Time Passcode Attempts?

Have You Totally Forgotten the Passcode for Screen Time?

If you have forgotten the passcode of your screen time, there are some solutions for you to try. Below sections will explain these steps.

Solution 1: Reset the Passcode of Your Screen Time with No Data Loss on Your Device

It is always possible to use an external application to reset the passcode without causing a data loss. However, you are supposed to choose a reliable application as there are plenty of fake tools.

One of the best tools that can do this job effortlessly and accurately is Unlockit. This is an excellent passcode removal tool that can bypass your device’s security without any hassle. One of the most impressive things about Unlockit is that it unlocks your device’s screen without losing any data.

That said, mentioned below is how to use this tool.

  • First, you can download Unlockit on your PC and get it installed to proceed.
  • Then, you should connect the respective phone to the same PC using a USB cable.
  • You can select the option called “Settings.” Then, go to the option called “Find My iPhone” and disable it.
Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker
  • After that, you should open Unlockit. Then, select the option called “Remove Screen Time Passcode.”
Remove Screen Time Passcode
  • Thereafter, you can select the option called “Start” on the screen of “Unlockit.”
Start Remove Screen Time Passcode
  • That’s basically it. Give it a little while so a message will appear saying that the unlocking is successfully completed.
Screen Time passcode removed
  • Now, you will see that the passcode for Screen Time is erased on your iPhone.

If you want to use this application, you can purchase it for a period of one month. The cost will be only 29.95 USD.

Solution 2: Reset the Passcode of Your Screen Time with a Restore

Here’s another solution if you want to reset the passcode of your screen without a third-party tool. In this case, you will have to restore your device to its factory settings.

With that said, this method is very different from the previous one due to one particular reason. In fact, this method will erase all the data. So, it is highly recommended that you back up your files before proceeding to a factory reset.

Mentioned below is how to perform this solution.

  • First, you should ensure that all the files are backed up correctly on your iTunes account.
  • After that, go to the “Settings” option and select the iCloud profile name.
  • Then, select the option called “Find My.” Then, go to the option called “Find My iPhone.”
  • After that, disable the option called “Find My iPhone.”
  • Then, you should use a USB cable to connect iTunes and your phone.
  • Select the application called “Restore iPhone“. At this stage, iTunes will perform a check to find potential backups you may have.
  • As the final step, you should select an available backup so you can restore from it. This will happen once the firmware is installed. Make sure that you select the recently created backup.
Reset the Passcode of Your Screen Time with a Restore

Once done, the passcode for screen time will be reset. As a result, you will have unrestricted access to the apps. A new PIN can be generated for you as well. Get the new passcode down on paper and store it where you can easily retrieve it.  

Solution 3: Use the Apple ID and Reset the Passcode

Now that you know what happens after 10 failed screen time passcode attempts, here’s another alternative. As per this method, you should use your Apple ID.

  • First, you should go to the option called “Settings” and choose “Screen Time.”
  • Select the option called “Change Screen Times Passcode.”
  • You can either change the passcode or turn it off.
  • Enter a new passcode if you need to.
  • Then, you should enter the credentials of your Apple ID.
Use the Apple ID and Reset the Passcode

That’s it. As a result of this, your passcode for the screen time feature will be changed or deactivated. This method is suitable for those who don’t want any third-party applications.


1. Can I recover data from my iPhone after restoring it to remove the screen time passcode?

No, restoring your device erases all data and settings, so it’s essential to regularly back up your iPhone to prevent data loss.

2. What happens if I continue to enter incorrect screen time passcodes after the device enters lockdown?

Continuing to enter incorrect passcodes after the device is in lockdown will prolong the timeout period and increase the chances of permanent data loss during the restoration process.

3. Is there a way to avoid restoring my iPhone and still regain access after the screen time passcode lockdown?

No, the restoration process is necessary to remove the screen time passcode and regain access to your device.

4. How can I prevent forgetting my screen time passcode in the future?

To prevent forgetting your screen time passcode, consider using a secure password manager to store important passcodes or creating memorable passcodes that follow best practices for security.

5. Are there any alternative methods to restore my device without using a computer?

No, connecting your device to a trusted computer and using iTunes or Finder is the standard method for restoring an iPhone after a screen time passcode lockdown.


So, that’s what happens after 10 failed screen time passcode attempts. As you can see, there’s nothing drastic about trying to enter the passcode too many times.

However, if your passcode is totally forgotten, you can use one of the above methods to reset it. As per our experience, Unlockit is a very handy solution to complete this task successfully.


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