How to Remove Apple ID from iPad & Remove Apple ID from iPhone

In this article, we are sticking to solving the many questions and dilemmas faced by iOS users. We cater to iPad and iPhone users, who need to remove Apple ID from iPhones and remove Apple ID from iPad, and are unable to do so.

This is especially so for iPhone users who have bought their devices from previous owners or when iPhone users need to sell their devices and need to erase their Apple ID from their phones. If you can associate yourself with such situations, you have come to the right advisory to solve your Apple ID issues.

We have provided some excellent and easy-to-use methods to remove Apple ID from iPhones and Apple ID from iPad. You can use these methods as a full-proof solution to remove a previously used Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad device and initiate a new ID afresh.

We have also recommended a good iOS third-party tool for your ultimate convenience while following the task.

PS: if you have problems with there was an error connecting to the Apple ID server, here are the best solutions for you.

Part 1: Learning to Eternally Remove Apple ID from iPhone or iPad

Before attempting to remove an existing Apple ID on your iPhone or iPod, you must first be introduced to a remarkable tool called the Tenorshare 4Mekey.

This program is compatible with both macOS and Windows operating systems. This is a very efficient program that can aid you in permanently erasing your data files and Apple IDs without leaving any trace.

The easy-to-use steps below can accurately show you good ways and methods to remove Apple ID from iPhone or iPod devices.

Carefully Follow Them to Learn How to Do So:

1. Download 4MeKey on your computer, and then launch it. And then click Unlock Apple ID.

Tenorshare 4Mekey

2. Connect your iPad/iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and unlock your iPad/iPhone. Then click Trust in a pop-up window on your iOS Device.

3. Click the Next button to unlock your Apple ID.

Tenorshare 4Mekey

4. For devices running above iOS 11.4 with Find My iPhone enabled, you need to sign out of iCloud and turn off Find My. After this, click the Next button to proceed.

Tenorshare 4Mekey

5. Confirm the ‘Find My’ & ‘iCloud’ statuses.

Tenorshare 4Mekey

6. This method allows you to remove Apple ID from the iPad or iPhone easily.

Tenorshare 4Mekey

Except for Tenorshare 4Mekey,  iToolab UnlockGo – iCloud Bypasser is another professional tool to change or delete the iCloud account on your iPhone/iPad.

Part 2: Learning to Remove Apple ID from iPad or iPhone in Settings

Using the Settings on your device to remove an Apple account and ID is among the simplest ways to do so. You must follow the steps below carefully:

1: In your iPad or iPhone device, you must visit the ‘Erase All Content & Settings’ icon from the ‘Reset’ menu, located in the General Settings.

2: You must visit the device Settings once again and choose the ‘Reset All Settings’ option in the ‘Reset’ menu, under ‘General.’

Factory Reset to Remove Apple ID from iPad & iPhone

If you have done this, you can be assured that you have successfully learned how to remove Apple ID from your iPad or iPhone.

Besides, click here to find out how to update Apple ID settings and the full Unlocky review.

Part 3: How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone or iPad in Case of Incorrect Apple ID

If you have the incorrect Apple ID linked to the App Store, prevalent on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily remedy this by following the steps below carefully.

1: You can start by launching the App Store application on the iPad or iPhone device and clicking on the ‘Featured’ icon on its interface.

2: You can go down until the point where you view the particular Apple ID to which the application is logged. You must click on the icon and hit on ‘Sign Out.’

3: Then finally, hit on ‘Sign In.’ Now you can easily log in to your personal account.

Part 4: How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone or iPad on Incorrect Apple ID in Find My iPhone or iCloud

You can also use this method to get rid of the previous Apple account. To use this, you know the password of the existing account. To proceed, follow the steps below carefully

How to Remove Apple ID from iPad & iPhone in Find My or iCloud

1: Firstly, visit Settings on the iPhone or iPad device.

2: Then, hit on the picture and name of the existing account.

3: Now scroll to the base and hit the ‘Sign Out’ icon. You may be inquired about your decision to erase the account from the device entirely. If you are in affirmation, then confirm it.

4: You will need to put in the account password at this point. Type and send it, and you will soon be asked about your preference in keeping some particular data files on your device, which is entirely your decision.

5: Now you can hit on ‘Sign Out.’ Then you can again choose the ‘Sign In’ button to log in, using a different Apple ID.

Part 5: Learning to Remove Apple ID from iPad or iPhone of the Previous Owner

While trying to get rid of the previous account, you may not be familiar with its original password. In such a case, you may have to ask the earlier owner for permission to remove Apple ID from iPhone or iPad remotely.

The prior owner will follow the following steps to remove the Apple account.

1: Sign in to the iCloud website.

2: Visit the ‘Find My iPhone’ menu.

3: Click the ‘All Devices’ icon and select the device from where the Apple ID is supposed to be erased.

4: Then hit on the ‘Remove from Account’ button.

Now you can switch off your device and turn it back up to set your Apple ID.

Bottom Line

These steps are very efficient, and you can easily use any of these to remove Apple ID from iPhone and remove Apple ID from the iPad.

Additionally, the Tenorshare 4Mekey is excellent software that can be used for performing such device functions. It is an efficient program to erase any kind of data on your device.



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