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Top 15 Strongest Non-Legendary Pokémon


Written by Jack Lin

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Strongest Non-Legendary Pokémon

There may be a lot of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon roaming in the Pokeverse.

However, these are the only Pokémon many of us usually miss out on and later allow other trainers to beat us.

We will research and accumulate a list of the best non-legendary Pokémon that you must check out.

About Non-Legendary Pokémon

Competitive Pokémon trainers have access to some of the strongest legendary Pokémon around their hands. This usually allows them to lose sight of the majority of the Pokémon in the Pokeverse.

However, if you properly look in your Pokedex, there are some of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon that are hard to resist. These Pokémon can not only stand on an equal footing with this Pokémon but also give them a chomping.

Apart from this, there are certain tournaments where trainers have to choose their best of the best.

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Top 15 Strongest Non-Legendary Pokémon

Below is the list of some of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon that you must check out

1. Gengar

Strongest non-legendary Pokémon - Gengar

Gengar has been part of some of the OG Pokémon we’ll have encountered. It was also the only ghost Pokémon we knew about at that time. This Pokémon has some interesting tricks that were one of the reasons for it being one of the favorites. It also has special forms like Gigantamax form and Mega evolution.

Apart from that, this Pokémon also has his hands on Perish Song and Destiny Bond. These tricks do not make him a powerful Pokémon, but one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon. Sadly, it suffered a little loss after other ghost Pokémon got added to the series.

2. Blissey


Unlike any other Pokémon on the list, Blissey was never inclined on the fighting or powerful one. She’s always nurse Joy to help out heal with other Pokémon with her tremendous healing abilities. This Pokémon may look harmless, but actually, one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon you’ll come across.

She has a huge amount of HP and amazing Defence, which has allowed her to take quite a lot of beating and heal as well. However, this Pokémon is quite weak against the fighting-type Pokémon. You can always evolve Chansey to get Blissey which is kind of painful as well. Just in case you get caught in Blissey’s rage, it’ll be quite bad for you.

3. Charizard

Strongest non-legendary Pokémon - Charizard

You can’t No to Charizard being one of the best non-legendary Pokémon that has taken down some of the strongest Pokémon themselves. Unlike any other fire-type, he has his aura that you can’t defy.  However, he’s quite weak against the Rock-type, which is what has stopped him from becoming a legendary Pokémon itself.

This Pokémon is also one of the special Pokémon who has two Mega Evolutions; Charizard X and Charizard Y. Along with that, recently his Gigantamax form has also been revealed. After seeing all this, I don’t think you would wish to drop anywhere near this Pokémon.

4. Metagross


Let’s welcome our first pseudo-legendary Pokémon on this list, the almighty Metagross. He’s a Psychic/Steel-type Pokémon who was introduced in the third generation of Pokémon. This Pokémon also has a Mega Evolution which has made not just an OG Pokémon, but quite fast as well. His okayish speed went to 110 from a mere 70 base level.

However, this Pokémon has quite a lot of anger issues which is also a red flag. He has a spidey-like structure with a supercomputer brain. This Pokémon would rank way higher than this, but due to its predictable nature and exploitable weakness, things become quite easier.

5. Tyranitar

Strongest non-legendary Pokémon - Tyranitar

This Pokémon doesn’t need any type of introduction. It is one of the strongest Dark and Rock-type Pokémon who’s spreading his sandy shenanigans all across the Pokeverse. This Pokémon is so powerful and unpredictable that you may know what he’s up to, but you can surely believe that it’ll be nasty.

It is a darn Pokémon and one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon Pokémon in the whole Pokémon franchise. It has few deadly abilities like Exadrill, which can easily knock out the soul from your Pokémon’s body. However, this Pokémon has its sets of weaknesses as well.

6. Ferrothorn


This Pokémon is one of the most amazing Steel/Grass tanky Pokémon you’ll ever come across in the Pokémon series. It has amazing abilities like Leech Seeding and Power Whipping that can destroy its opponent completely. This Pokémon was originally revealed in the Pokémon Sword and Shield. Apart from being a tanky powerhouse, this Pokémon has to worry about the Mystic Fire.

After his weakness, it became public to every Pokémon. Every single Pokémon who was never able to trouble his super-strong skin now can burn him into cinders. Apart from all this, this is one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon in the whole Pokémon franchise.

7. Shedinja

Strongest non-legendary Pokémon - Shedinja

We all are surprised to see this Pokémon in the list of the best non-legendary Pokémon. He may not look like a powerhouse or intimidating to you or any other Pokémon, but he has some special tricks. This amazing Ghost/Bug-type Pokémon is one of the weirdest Pokémon in this whole gaming franchise. It is equipped with tremendous ability, namely Wonder Guard.

This sole ability makes him completely immune to any kind of attack that isn’t super effective on him. However, this ability is a coin to him, whether it’ll make him invisible or a pitiful Pokémon against his Pokémon.

8. Dracovish


This Pokémon may not look anything special or a threat to any Pokémon. Instead, he looks quite okay with bits equal parts ridiculous and horrifying, but not special. The reason he shares the same spot with other best non-legendary Pokémon is his special Fishious Rend form. That ability is like an ace and becomes two times stronger if this Pokémon enters the arena first.

However, it can also be boosted by his tremendous Strong Jaw Ability. This Dragon/Water Fossil-type Pokémon is quite rare and a one tricky ponyta. Apart from all this, his special ability is enough to make him a huge roundup in the first days of the Sword and Shield game.

9. Snorlax

Strongest non-legendary Pokémon - Snorlax

Here we’re with another Pokémon that’s not only OP but has always been a special pick for various Pokémon fans. This Pokémon has one of the strongest defenses, which are coupled with his tremendously strong attacks, making him a powerhouse. His attacks provide more damage than any walls you’ll see around. It’s also equipped with a tremendous amount of HP.

This best non-legendary Pokémon has some frightening abilities like Belly Drum Snorlax and Curse Snorlax that have made him quite popular. Apart from all this, this Pokémon’s Gigantamax form has also been released in the recent Pokémon Sword and Shield.

10. Scizor


On its first appearance in the Pokémon series Gold and Silver, it didn’t look that good. However, with time and quite a lot of changes in its abilities, he has become quite a powerhouse on its own. With his amazing defense and powerful steel claws, he can break any Pokémon defense. He has abilities like Steel STAB moves, Technician Ability, Bullet Punch in his arsenal. However, he’s quite slow with things, which makes his move predictable and a little easier to dodge. Apart from everything, he’s one of the most intriguing and strongest non-legendary Pokémon that you may want to mess with.

11. Hydreigon

Strongest non-legendary Pokémon - Hydreigon

Hydreigon is one of the simplest Pokémon you’ll see around the whole Pokémon generation. He doesn’t like things to be complicated or stretched around. Don’t be fooled by his simplicity; he has some of the strongest moves up his sleeves that can blast you quite terribly. He believes in putting on a show with his quite stylish choices of specs and moves.

This is the Dragon/Dark-type Pokémon that sometimes may also try the course of physical attacks. He is a threat with his special Dragon Dance set, which is also a little bit too playoff. However, it has tremendously strong STAB moves that’ll punch holes right through your body.

12. Greninja


Talking about the best non-legendary Pokémon, there’s no way we would’ve forgotten Greninja. He’s a silent assassin who’s not only brave but quite fast. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that its amazing abilities have made him quite fearsome between Pokémon’s. He has some ferocious abilities like Super Smash Bros.

No matter which way you put it, Greninja has a very weak defense and can’t defend himself against strong attacks. Overall, he’s one of the strongest and dope Pokémon any of us have come across in any Pokémon series. Especially, his evolution has given him quite a different look than what we saw in the start as Froakie.

13. Aegislash

Strongest non-legendary Pokémon - Aegislash

This Pokémon is one of the favorites of many Pokémon fans. It may not feel any bit of significance, but it surely is Pokémon that you would like to stick around. However, it’s quite rare to see a Pokémon being nerfed by the developers, aegislash is only one of those Pokémon.

Apart from all this, it has a base stat of 140 in its Blade Forme and also 140 in its defensive form. This may not be quite a powerhouse, but if handled properly, it can also stand well against the strongest non-legendary Pokémon.

14. Garchomp


This is one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon you’ll come across in the whole Pokeverse history. After its first appearance in the fourth generation of Pokémon, Garchomp has been quite popular. Not only this, it’s a threat to many Pokémon, and you never wish to mess around with it. It is quite fast, along with titanic HP and very high attack power that can straight knock you out.

This Pokémon is also equipped with tremendous STAB moves that have a huge coverage. It can also cover various issues your team might be boggling with. However, with its Rough Skin, Stealth Rock, and Rocky Helmet, you’re never safe from this Pokémon.

15. Ditto

Strongest non-legendary Pokémon - Ditto

Ditto is a Pokémon that may look simple with its jelly-type structure, but it’s also somebody you shouldn’t mess with. It can copy its opponent stats with a little boost, and all can be thanks to its special Imposter Ability. If trained properly and strategically, this Pokémon can overpower almost every single Pokémon in the whole Pokeverse.

It may not be a legendary Pokémon, but it can fight one on equal footing. However, if you can work on his few weaknesses, you’ll have one of the most versatile yet best non-legendary Pokémon in your hands.


  1. Are there any other strong non-legendary Pokémon not mentioned in the article? Absolutely! There are plenty of strong non-legendary Pokémon out there, each with their own unique abilities and strengths.
  2. Can the mentioned Pokémon evolve? Some of them, like Garchomp and Dragonite, are already at their final evolutionary stages. Others, like Metagross, evolve from previous stages.
  3. Are these Pokémon easy to catch? These are all final-stage evolution Pokémon, so they may be more challenging to catch than their pre-evolved forms.
  4. Are legendary Pokémon always stronger than non-legendary ones? Not necessarily. While legendary Pokémon typically have higher base stats, the strength of a Pokémon also relies heavily on their moves, type matchups, and the strategy of the trainer.
  5. How can I make my Pokémon stronger? Training, leveling up, and using strategy in battles can all help make your Pokémon stronger.

Final Words

From Charizard to Garchomp, we present you with some of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon from the whole Pokeverse series. Even though these Pokémon may not look strong, you should check out their stats before you say something. Additionally, don’t forget to tell us about your favorite games in the comment.


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