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Shiny Legendaries Pokemon

Shiny Legendary Pokemons are Pokemons on infrequent and essential occasions and differ from original Pokemons due to their color schemes. Shiny Legendaries do not differ much in their powers but show a stark contrast in their colors and appearance.

Their rare appearance makes them extremely valuable, and some are even considered to be myths. This article aims to rank the top Shiny Legendary Pokemons of the gaming and the Anime world in terms of their origin and power. 

What are Shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Pokémon are special variations of regular Pokémon that feature different color schemes. They are incredibly rare, with odds of encountering them typically being around 1 in 4,096 in the mainline games. When a Shiny Pokémon appears, it sparkles and emits stars, making them visually distinct from their non-shiny counterparts. Trainers often spend countless hours searching for these elusive creatures to add to their teams.

Shiny Hunting: Methods and Tips

Shiny hunting refers to the act of actively seeking out Shiny Pokémon. Trainers employ various strategies and methods to increase their chances of encountering shiny creatures. Some popular methods include chain fishing, soft resetting, and the Masuda Method. It is important to note that shiny hunting requires patience and persistence, as the odds of finding shiny Pokémon are quite low.

To improve your chances of success, consider using items like the Shiny Charm or participating in special in-game events that increase shiny encounter rates. Additionally, breeding Pokémon from different language games through the Masuda Method can significantly boost the odds of hatching shiny Pokémon. Remember to stay dedicated and enjoy the process, as shiny hunting is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

The Appeal of Shiny Legendaries

Shiny Legendaries hold a special place in the hearts of Pokémon trainers. Their rare and striking appearances make them highly sought after by collectors and battlers alike. Obtaining a shiny legendary is not only a testament to one’s dedication but also a unique addition to any Pokémon team. These dazzling creatures are conversation starters and a source of pride for trainers fortunate enough to possess them.

Best Shiny Legendaries

1. Shiny Arceus 

shiny legendary Pokemon - Shiny Arceus

No other shiny legendaries would have topped the list than the God of Pokemon itself. Arceus is a normal type of Pokemon and a mythical shiny legendary pokemon. It is considered the God of Pokemon. It is famous for being the first-ever Pokemon known to exist and possesses exceptional abilities. And it is also said to be the creator of the Sinnoh region of the North.

Arceus is said to possess the power to create new legendary Pokemon, including the legendary Lake Guardians. This Pokemon also has the ability to shape reality and altering it. Arceus can create or destroy matter in the Universe and has the unique ability to switch into various forms. Its powers exceed that of any other shiny legendaries, and therefore it is also referred to as “the ancient one” or the “Alpha pokemon.”

Arceus is said to have a giant body and is white. It is a quadrupedal Pokemon with a dark-colored belly. It also has a cross, the shape of a wheel on its chest, yellow in standard form. When Arceus uses his abilities to change forms, the wheel demonstrates a color change. 

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2. Shiny Mew

Shiny Mew

One of the rarest shiny legendary Pokemon, Shiny Mew, is a powerful and swift Pokemon. Shiny Mew is a Mythical legendary and is known popularly as the Psychic Master. In its original form, Mew has a pink body that turns blue in its rare, shiny form.

Shiny Mew has large triangle-shaped eyes that are blue in colour. It also has a pair of short arms with edged fingers. This shiny legendary has a bony and furry tail. Shiny Mew is known to have hairy skin, with tiny fur all over the unnoticeable body unless inspected closely.  

This shiny Pokemon is often underestimated due to its neutral appearances and simple attack system, but its simple looks are very deceiving. Shiny Mew has the ability to remain invisible in unwanted conditions. Its DNA sequencing contains genetic codings of all Pokemons, leading to Shiny Mew learning the skills of any opponent in a few seconds.

Shiny Mew has the ability to recreate the skills of any Pokemon and learn their attack and defense skills. Shiny Mew is extremely intelligent and quick-witted and can learn to use the abilities of other Pokemons against them. 

The large-eyed, blue-bodied appearance of Shiny Mew might render it harmless, but it is one of the most influential and intelligent shiny Pokemon.

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3. Shiny Rayquaza

shiny legendary Pokemon - Shiny Rayquaza

Rayquaza is a green-colored, dangerous pokemon that shifts into a sleek black color when it turns into shiny legendaries. This shiny legendary Pokemon has a body resembling a snake, with an elongated and giant body. It has gold patterns that cover the entire black skin. Shiny Rayquaza is a dual-type shiny pokemon with a dragon-type and steel-type body.  Shiny Rayquaza has a long, running body with red-colored fins and small reptile arms with claws. 

 It is known as the master of the Weather Trio Pokemons and represents the seasons. Shiny Rayquaza has the extraordinary ability to fly in outer space and resides above the Ozone layer of Earth. It is often deemed extinct due to its limited appearances before people and arrives at the planet only when needed by the Weather Trio pokemon.

Shiny Rayquaza is an especially strong legendary pokemon and has commendable special abilities to its credit. Rayquaza has the ability to mega evolve itself, with the new Mega Rayquaza having a serpentine body, longer than before, and has a pair of horns placed in a V-shaped arrangement. The Mega Rayquaza also has gold pupils and black eyes. 

Rayquaza has the ability to fly and can often be confused with a meteor in the Earth’s orbit when it flies in the Ozone layer. Shiny Rayquaza depends upon water and meteor material for its survival and derives energy from nearby meteors and matter to mega evolve. 

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4. Ho-Oh


This rare Shiny legendary Pokemon is derived from the Chinese Ta Huan myths about the Phoenix, the immortal bird that rises from its ashes. The name Ho-Oh itself is of Chinese origin. This shiny Pokemon is a dual-type legendary, with fire and flying type. The evolution of this Pokemon from a previous pokemon is yet undiscovered. It is a massive pokemon with a body resembling a Phoenix and has the head of a Peacock.

It has golden and red feathers on its wings and long talons. Its wings are tipped green from the ends and have very dark-colored feet with four toes in each foot. Ho-Oh possesses many powerful and fatal moves, including Fire Blast, Flamethrower, and Sky Attack. It is one of the only Shiny legendaries to perform the ultimate Sacred Fire. 

Ho-Oh causes a prismatic display of light wherever it flies and leaves behind a trail of the rainbow in the sky. Its body glows in seven colors when it flies, and spotting a flying Ho-Oh is recognized as a symbol of ultimate bliss and joyfulness. 

5. Kyurem

shiny legendary Pokemon - Kyurem

Kyurem, an aggressive and rare Shiny legendary pokemon, is a member of the Tao Trio pokemon. It has a dual-type creation, with a Dragon-type and Ice-type body. The legend says that Kyurem was created from the remnants of the original mythical Dragon after its body was forcefully split off into two parts. This Shiny Legendaries is known to have a giant chasm. Its evolution from another original or legendary pokemon is not yet confirmed. 

It has a body entirely made of ice, and it has the power to breathe out compressed, cold air at its opponents. It has a sizeable blue-colored head with bright yellow eyes. Kyurem also has a shiny pair of horns on its head.  It is exceptionally strong and has the ability to control and guide the route of fire and electricity.

The Pokemon myths say that Kyurem originally came to Earth from an icy comet. Kyurem has the rare power to combine and fuse with its members to magnify its powers in a fight. Shiny Kyurem has the ability to turn into two forms: White Kyurem and Black Kyurem. 

6. Giratina


Giratina is one of the deadliest looking Shiny Legendary Pokemons and has an uncommonly villainous design and look. It is a dual-type Shiny Legendaries, with a Ghost-type and Dragon-type body combined.

This legendary Pokemon is the Master of the Creation Trio of Sinnoh, which signifies and represents antimatter. The powerful and antagonistic character of Giratina is an extreme parallel to the life-giving Arceus and his preservatory characteristic.

Giratina, although extremely powerful, was cast out from Earth due to his violent tendencies and destructive and sabotaging behavior. He is now known to reside on the other side of the world in a distorted reality and keeps a check on the Earth from his abode.  

The original Giratina is red and yellow in color, but the Shiny form turns into a blue body with silver designs all over, with a peach-colored belly. Giratina has two horns placed on its head and has quite a serpentine appearance, adding to its dangerousness. Giratina has the power to travel in multiple dimensions and alter its state. It can also alter and control the force of space and time. The most deadly moves of Giratina include Dragon claw, Phantom Force, and Dragon Pulse. 

7. Xerneas

shiny legendary Pokemon - Xerneas

The Xerneas is a gentle Shiny Legendary Pokemon with a Fairy-type body. It is not yet known to evolve from another Pokemon. The original Xerneas has an attractive black body with a long, blue neck and a round blue face, but the rare shiny Pokemon has a white body with a green neck and face that makes it look stunning and attractive.

Shiny Xerneas has a body that resembles a Doe and has four pairs of antlers on its green head. It also has a sleek, shiny, and hairy tail. Xerneas has dark eyes with black-colored pupils.

So far, Shiny Xerneas is the only known Legendary Pokemon to practice the power of Geomancy and decode various patterns and symbols without difficulty. Shiny Xerneas are known to share eternal life, and they sleep for most of their lifetime. Their horns shine brightly in prismatic colors when they’re sharing eternal life.  The most famous move of Xerneas is the Moon Blast and the Misty Terrain.

8. Dialga


Dialga is one of the greatest Shiny Legendary Pokemons and is regarded as the God of Time and Future. It is a powerful pokemon and definitely deserves to be in the top ranking. The infamous legend about this Pokemon is that the birth of Dialga gave birth to the realm of time and marked its beginning.

Dialga is a strong and shiny legendaries and is known for its ability to control and regulate the flow of time, to the point that it can stop the time flow and halt the life processes on Earth. It is a member of the Creation Trio pokemon that represents the concept of Time. Dialga also has the extraordinary power of traveling through time and can access both the future and the past. 

The original Dialga sheds behind its blue skin to transform into a shiny legendary and turns green in color. It has a quadrupedal body with a diamond attached to its head. And it contains fins on both sides of its back and has a strong resemblance to a dinosaur. It is a dual typed legendary, with a steel type and a dragon-type body. It also has a thick and shiny tail. Its most fatal attack moves involve Iron Head, Dragon Claw, and Heavy Slam.


What is a shiny legendary Pokémon?

A shiny legendary Pokémon is a variant of a legendary Pokémon that has a different, often more vibrant, color scheme.

How rare are shiny legendary Pokémon?

The odds are typically 1 in 4096, but various methods can be used to increase these chances.

Can shiny legendary Pokémon be stronger than their regular counterparts?

No, a shiny legendary Pokémon isn’t stronger than its regular version; the difference is purely aesthetic.

How can I increase my chances of finding a shiny legendary Pokémon?

Methods like shiny chaining, the Masuda Method, and soft resetting can increase your odds of encountering a shiny legendary.

Can I trade for a shiny legendary Pokémon?

Yes, trading with other players or receiving one through special events are valid ways of obtaining shiny legendary Pokémon.


Catching a shiny legendary Pokémon is a thrilling experience that every trainer should aim for. These incredible creatures are a symbol of dedication, luck, and the thrill that lies in the heart of every Pokémon game.


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